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  1. You are on a 13a aren't you? There is a flat fee for 13a which is higher than the fee for those on a Visitor Visa. You only have to pay annual reporting fee vs extension fees but they get you when you exit the country. Positives and negatives for everything.
  2. I got the impression the ECC amount changes based on length of stay. He figured out how many months I had been here that trip, then went to his calculator before giving me a price.
  3. Phil Post Package Process

    My way of simplifying the process is instead of a street number (which I do not have anyway - don't know why, didn't ask, just thought 'it's a Philippine thing') I put my cell phone number. That way my phone number is part of my address and is never (not yet anyway) left off and the Valencia PhilPost office easily recognises my 0917xxxxxxx Amor Street address as a Globe phone number and either calls, texts, or both when I have mail. Has worked a couple dozen times now. Also has worked with several shipping companies.
  4. ECC new requirements

    My BB Privilege understandings are: If you leave the Phils within the one time frame no ECC or Travel Tax is due The one year + out of the country requirement is not enforced (and may have been removed) so regardless of how long or short you were out of the country you will get the BB Privilege as long as you return with your wife. If you stay in the Phils longer than 12 months you need to start Tourist Visa extensions. Maximum renewals as a tourist will be 24 months (your 12 months BB Privilege counts in the 36 month max allowed stay). Tourist ECC will be required and available at the airport from 18-24 months (the normal 6-12 month Tourist requirement plus your 12 month BB Privilege time). Tourist ECC will be required from full BI Office (like Manila or Cebu, not a satellite office like Dumaguete) from 24-36 months stay.
  5. p1,210 (710 for the ECC plus 500 Express Lane Fee)
  6. Sitting in NAIA Terminal 3 waiting to board my flight to Singapore. Been in country 9 1/2 months this trip. Entered immigration for international flights, and straight to the cashier (furthest window to the right). Handed him my passport, ACR card, boarding pass, and told him I needed to pay for my ECC. 3 minutes and 1,210 pesos later I was done. Sent me to the crew immigration window, again no waiting. Got ECC and cleared immigration in 5 minutes. Smooth as silk once again.
  7. Tourist visa getting harder?

    Kinda sounds to me like a Working on a Tourist Visa issue vs a Tourist Visa issue. Maybe you should retire (occupation retired) and take up selling in the UK as a hobby?
  8. It has been a while since I read the law here so I will go with 99.99% yes. Example, do visitors to the States get Social Security Retirement (senior) or SSDI (disability) benefits or discounts? Might get discounts from individual businesses but not from the government. I do remember looking to get a disability card when I was living in Hong Kong but same thing, citizen only.
  9. While it is common in the Philippines to be able to 'get things done', like getting the ID you are asking about, it does not mean it was acquired legally. While it is true some foreigners have the ID, it is reserved for Philippine Citizens only. Companies can give discounts anytime they want but the ID is subsidised by the government.
  10. What motorcycle?

    Depends what you mean by "travel around and haul some gear". How many hours you plan riding on one trip? How much is 'some' gear? I sold my Kawasaki Rouser 180 and bought a Honda XR150 last year - EXCELLENT decision. Especially when I changed the sprockets back to the original XR125 setup (16/51 vs the new 17/49 teeth). Puts the shift points back to exactly where they need to be and increases 'usable' torque by putting you in the sweet spot of the power band. If you "need" something bigger I would go for the Honda CRF250. I looked at it and liked it, however the XR150 is just the right mix of light weight and enough engine for the Philippines. At 83,500 pesos cash price it is about 1/3 the price of the CRF, making the XR150 the 'Bang for the Buck' winner by a mile.
  11. Hotel required in Angeles City, Luzon.

    Sorry my friend, 5 lashes for still not thinking in pesos
  12. That is what I suspected but never hurts to ask
  13. Tourist Visa Info at BI Dumaguete

    I have another friend that got a 6 month a couple days before you got back. Seems once the express lane fee returned so did the ability to process 6 month extensions.
  14. Terminal 2 on the way to the international gates . When you get to immigration ask the guard which is the cashier so you can pay for your ECC. Took me about an extra 3 minutes when I went through last time. Can anyone answer this question for Cebu airport? We are flying Duma to Cebu on the way to Singapore. I have not been to Mactan before and will need to pay travel tax for my wife (need directions), then ECC for me (need directions). Or I can start another thread if Dave the Great barks those orders LOL.
  15. Everytime I have gone 1 hour seems more than plenty. Last time was September 2017.