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  1. The hardest part of the tourist Visa is getting up and going to the BI office. Nothing daunting about it at all and you can extend up to 36 months. Take a minimum 1 day vacation out of the country and come back for another 36 months. Marry a Filipina and you add 12 month free Balikbayan Visa Waiver. Have to enter the country together and exit within a year or convert to a tourist visa after a year. The 36 month max rule still applies. OR you can go the permanent resident spouse visa route. If you are a military veteran the SRRV deposit drops to 1,500usd.
  2. AlwaysRt

    Acclimatize, of not?

    haha yes, your neighbor in Sibulan. While it sometimes just comes up in conversation (so no big deal) others I have talked to seem to think they deserve a medal and mention they don;t have aircon every time they see you. Those are the ones I was thinking of who seem to be "bragging about it".
  3. A couple possibilities come to mind. 1)the code is referring to a 2 meter setback from the property line while the articles are quoting the 12 meter width of the road right-of-way. In this instance, building in the road right-of-way means you are not only violating the setback requirement, you have built over the property line. 2)the code is setting a minimum setback but the local government had increased the setback from 2 to 12 meters in that area.
  4. AlwaysRt

    Acclimatize, of not?

    I wonder how many of 'them' bragging about not using aircon, either up the mountain or on the beach with shade trees and windows on 3 or 4 sides of the house, would be in a position to brag if they were your neighbor? Some areas in 'Dumaguete Metro' are much hotter than others and not every house/apartment has the same breeze or shade.
  5. AlwaysRt


    Sell and ship what to where? The answer to your question is no, I am using what I have. I asked for clarification so I could help you source the parts you want. I ordered mine from Manila. The battery is made in the US, the inverter/charger is made in China but from the same factory as the US branded version.
  6. AlwaysRt

    Tremendous Towing Power!

    I don't know which is stupider... people who still don't know youtube videos are better full screen 16:9 vs a tiny 9:16 strip in the middle of the screen - or - pulling behind an idiot dragging a u-haul so when the u-haul breaks open they run into all the crap and wreck their own vehicle.
  7. AlwaysRt


    This is a pic of a UPS I 'built' with a standard computer UPS in front. The blue box is a 170 amp hour battery, the grey box is a 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter/charger/AVR, the brown box is the UPS I replaced. The setup runs my 65" TV with soundbar, laptop, wifi router, and 18" floor fan for over 8 hours. I see no reason to mess with the cost, noise, maintenance, and taking the time to decide going outside to setup and start a generator. Low power I'm good, power surge I'm good, no power I'm good... The unit switches to battery power in a few milliseconds - so fast the TV does not even blink. When the power goes out during the day I don't even know it. If I wanted to power more devices and/or have a longer duration, I would add battery(ies) and solar to keep them charged.
  8. My fire protection here is.... I rent. If the house burns down I will rent a different one...
  9. AlwaysRt

    USD or PHP for credit card purchases

    I recently purchased 2 one-way flights for a friend (who doesn't have a credit card) and his wife from Sydney to Dumaguete on Cebu Pacific. The difference between charging AUD (pesos wasn't an option, I guess because the flight originated in Australia - even though I purchased the tickets from in the Philippines. Shout out for all the dumb ass programmers out there who have things make (the wrong) decisions for us.) and USD was just over USD35. I have found that with my particular banking methods, letting my bank/credit card company make the conversion is always in my best interest. HOWEVER, I do know people who have cards where the opposite is true _ so each individual has to do their own math or run their own test purchase.
  10. AlwaysRt

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Oh darn, I never get to hear the good stuff....
  11. I know 1 American that got a quota visa 3 or 4 years ago. He said his impression is while the quotas seem low, the requirements are difficult enough it is unlikely anyone is ever denied because the quota was reached.
  12. AlwaysRt

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

  13. AlwaysRt

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    Pretty sure I never had more than 6... ummmm 8..... ok maybe 12 at one time LOL
  14. I see people bringing water on all the time. What cruise line are you talking about? There is no Silver level on Royal Caribbean I am aware of (nor Carnival). Not theoretical - I have seen it happen many times. Twice with people on the dock as the ship sailed away. Kids will enjoy Carnival or Royal Caribbean kids programs (started cruising with mine when youngest was 3 and she LOVED it). You will love 1/3 the cost of Disney cruise fares.
  15. Has there been any more actual facts or findings that it was indeed a suicide? Everything I have read seems very vague and I can't help but wonder if it was indeed suicide - or another... ummm 'adult activity gone bad' accident.