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  1. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    I know he included a crap load of info, including details about previous girlfriends etc. He might of mentioned more but I thought that was strange so I remembered it LOL. Not being an Aussie myself, he hasn't discussed many details with me since I can't help him, I just know general chit-chat level details. He is not but I am. I plan on just printing to a PDF file and giving the files to him on USB. He watches movies so clicking on a PDF to read it is in his wheelhouse. That way he will have all the latest 'official info' Thanks to both of you for all the info. I find the difference compared to US immigration interesting and will pass everything on to him. - Steve
  2. FOREX Currency Trading

    One big difference, on the exchange you can decide which way to make your play - then do the opposite and win. I don't recall a bet at the track like 'give me 100 on #5 to lose' LOL
  3. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Ok, let’s see if I have this down correct… 1st is apply for Partner Visa (same thing as Spouse Visa?) which I believe is what he already submitted. He can expect approval in 11+/- months. (They are not in a hurry to go to Australia so no need to get the visitor visa) Once granted they have to move to Australia in ??? months or the Visa expires. She has to be living in Australia for 2 years before eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. Any time out of Australia stops the clock and she can not be out of the country more than 179 days/year (in country more than 6 months/year). Once Permanent Residency is applied for, approval can be 17 to 37 months (I assume this clock does not stop when out of the country?). Then the 4 year clock for citizenship starts. Is this time frame continuous or does it also stop while out of the country? A good immigration lawyer is Down under Manila based, he only handles Australian visas. Simplified timeframe: 1+/- year for approval of Partner Visa application. 2 years in Australia (plus any time spent out of the country) to apply for Permanent Resident 1.5 to 3 years for approval of Permanent Resident 4 years in Australia (plus any time spent out of the country) to apply for Citizenship ??? for approval of citizenship *cannot be out of the country for more than 179 days/year* What is the link? As long as the information is not scattered all over I can print the page to PDF and give him the file on a USB drive
  4. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Ouch, hopefully he dosnt get bit, or trapped like that. Only time will tell.
  5. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Right, that bouncing back and forth requirement is the biggest thing he is confused about. He already has $10,000 Australian Dollars in the process, kinda too late to stop now.
  6. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Not sure I see an answer to this part. During the 5 years, can they visit the Phils, how soon, for how long? The beginning of that is similar, they have been together 6 years. Like me, he knows the risk but is willing to give it a shot anyway (much more expensive shot for an Aussie than an American). I can tell you more about how I came to that decision next time we meet in person.
  7. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    He did not ask me since I am American and would not know, nor did he ask me to research, nor does he know I posted the question. He is one of the good guys so no, he is not using me. We have been together when he was asking other Aussies what the current rules were and heard several different (some stupid) answers. I asked here not only for him but figured some of our Aussie members would be interested in the answers also.
  8. Aussie immigration rules for asawa?

    Here is everything I know. He does not have internet where he lives so researching involves trying to use phone downtown or at a friends house, also he is not so computer literate. He has also been here long enough to know actual experience trumps what a website says so he has been asking around but gets conflicting answers. That is why I asked here for him. He paid a service in Dumaguete $10,000 Australian to do the initial application for his wife, It was submitted 2 weeks ago. His questions are once approved (they have gotten her a visitor visa in the past and she has been there several weeks/months, im not sure, and returned with no problems so they do not anticipate any now) and they move to Australia... How many more steps are there for her to get citizenship (passport). What are the fees for each step. How much time does it take between steps. *Probably the biggest question that concerns them - Does she have to stay inside Australia? How often and how long can she come visit the Phils without messing up her application(s).
  9. An Aussie friend of mine in working on an immigration visa to Australia for his wife. He has the application and small fortune fee part figured out but keeps getting conflicting information about what happens once they arrive in Australia. How long does it take to qualify her for citizenship, does she have to stay in Australia a certain amount of time before she can come back here to visit, how does time spent here affect the time required to apply for Aussie citizenship, how many and how much are the fees still to be paid after they arrive up to the time she gets her citizenship?
  10. Tomorrow National day of protest???

    After some more reading it looks like tomorrow is not a national holiday.... unless you work for the government or are a student. Hope no one is making a special trip to the BI tomorrow, you might find a locked door.
  11. Tomorrow National day of protest???

    So tomorrow protesting is allowed, it is not a holiday but no "office work" and no school. What exactly is meant by "office work"? Any idea? So the US Embassy seems to have gotten a little too excited on this bulletin then.
  12. Anyone have more information on this? Today at 4:31 PM United States Embassy Manila, Philippines Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Protests Expected Near U.S. Embassy September 20, 2017 The U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that the Philippine government has declared Thursday, September 21, 2017, as a National Day of Protest. Demonstrations are expected to take place throughout the country.
  13. Has anyone bought a linear refrigerator?

    Big expense up front and what is the likelihood the linear version will save more than p80,000 in electricity usage over the 'standard' type inverter? Sounds like a big price to pay for bragging rights, which seems to be the only benefit at the current price point.
  14. ECC new requirements

    The Dumaguete office told me the same thing before I went last December. Fortunately the BI officers at the airport do know they can issue for 6-12 months.
  15. ECC new requirements

    Yup, very much the 'It's my way or the highway' rules/laws are seen as suggestions for local offices and officials then decide what they want to do.