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  1. Funny how where to live and what is important is an individual choice but many family members and friends will insist their way is the only correct way, even if they have never been here. Politely ignore them is wonderful advice.
  2. Your post sparked a memory. Seems in the last month or so I read in a forum somewhere Duma to Cebu busses, both with and without aircon, have become overloaded recently. Many people standing in the isles with various body parts intruding on passengers in the isle seats. Anyone taken the trip lately to be able to confirm or deny? Maybe the ferry is the way to go?
  3. It amazes me how many people build their 'final' house at the beginning of retirement that has all bedrooms upstairs. (keyword STAIRS) As in, 'as I got older my knees and hips started bothering me. Now I sleep in the recliner because I can't climb the STAIRS to go to bed'. This is FANTASTIC news!!!!! I estimate my new house will cost 50,000 pesos. What?!?!?! real price is double? ummmmm OK! wooooo hooooo
  4. and always best when those endings are happy....
  5. Nope, thanks. I was just going to let him know about price and duration of bus and ferry each way. Sounds like that ferry is your preferred route unless the timing doesn't work? Won't know his timing until he is looking at flights. He will be coming from Thailand.
  6. He might, but has been traveling 19 years (currently in Guatemala) and is much richer in time than he is cash. For him it is less about convenience and more about price.
  7. Sorry, must have 'happy' fingers, excited to type today. To answer your question directly, NO.
  8. I have a friend thinking of flying in to Cebu to come visit in a few months. I never have quite figured out the trip options between Cebu and Duma but know many have gone back and forth several times. What are the bus and fast ferry options? One better than the other? How long do they take and how much is a ticket? Which way do you recomend him traveling from Cebu airport? (I feel like this has been discussed often but it never has sunk into my brain)
  9. True, however the President also falls squarely into the category of "just because he shouldn't, doesn't mean he won't".
  10. So that could lead into since the only local 'experts' would be the inexperienced workers there. They would also be tasked with supervising themselves. Sounds like it could end up in a blind leading the blind situation which would be inherently unsafe.
  11. I would think since they do not have current experience to draw from that they would also contract with Westinghouse to stay and run it, not just install and leave. Switching to a molten salt reactor has different challenges but eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic mistake (can not explode, can not meltdown).