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  1. Not trying to get one over on the BI, just doing my part in the game they have set up, and yes, would just do it again. The point of the exercise is an effort to know I am financially able to leave and not be a burden on the Phils. That is reasonable and I have no problem meeting that requirement. With the extension ability up to 36 months, continually asking for another ticket that will not be used is somewhat silly and they know it. (this is getting drug out because my wife keeps interrupting me and I am loosing my thought) Nits are like no-see-ums, little aggravating bugs. I was just making fun on a play on words, not insinuating anything about you at all. Sometimes typed communication does not canvey the correct message.
  2. He said tourist visa to EU for a Filipina residing in US (US Green Card Holder? Wanting Tourist Visa to France and Italy)
  3. and what decade errr century will that be? Same same if I am asked and they want me to produce one at extension - which is extremely dumb since you are hitting a constantly moving target. I plan on getting a 6 month in June and maybe one more before we take a trip together and come back Balikbayan. *Edit - Now that I read what Dave posted "Then he's gonna do it again You are nit-picking here, my friend." Yup Dave, you're right.... and hate them nits, can't see them and make you so itchy
  4. I was willing to first say must be computer error, if that didn't work do the same again. Buy ticket from Expedia right there in NAIA, show the website and email the ticket was purchased. Go home and cancel again.
  5. I was not asked by anyone this time. St Louis probably did not because I had a layover in Chicago, Chicago did not probably because they normally do at check in but I arrived just a few gates away so just walked gate to gate since my bags were checked through to Manila. This was unusual as I am normally asked at check in at every other airport I have flown to Philippines from. I had booking number, confirmation number, ticket number, itinerary, and paid receipt showing how much I paid from Expedia. Has always been accepted before. The only thing I did not have was a boarding pass, way way too early for that. edit - for clarity, my onward ticket cost of $0 = $215 for ticket - $215 after cancellation. I purchased a real ticket from expedia on my credit card, then canceled it for a full refund.
  6. Ya know, many people have this same experience. What I have never seen is anyone ask the question: IF the license plates are stuck in customs because of some legal junk, how do plates suddenly appear after a magical 2 years????? They either have plates or they don't so apparently LTO DOES have plates, they just don't feel like issuing them. ACTIONS speak louder than words....
  7. So.... what you are saying is, at least for entering with Balikbayan stamp, it has always been Situation Normal All Filippine Utopia????
  8. Yes, Philippine (or any other Country) citizenship is renounced as part of gaining US citizenship. However, it is a fairly painless process (but a process that needs doing) to reacquire PI Citizenship and be dual US/Philippine Citizen.
  9. Just got back yesterday from the States. (as I reported elsewhere) I once again bought a Manila to Hong Kong ticket 54 days out while at the Saint Louis Missouri airport on Expedia, canceled it after 'documents check' in Chicago at the gate waiting to go to Beijing. Told immigration at terminal 1 in Manila I had a flight in 54 days and would like to extend visa to 59 days. Had it in 15 minutes. Onward ticket cost $0
  10. Call Lloyds and tell them you found the card in the street, you have the info for them to 'verify' you actually have it so they are almost certain to put it on fraud hold at least.
  11. Here is the link to the people you need to talk to for an Expanded Courtesy SRRV visa
  12. Had a 6am Saturday 8 April flight from NAIA Terminal 1, did not open check in until 3am and people started queuing at 2:15. I waited slightly more comfortable in a chair until 4:30 and stood in line for 10 minutes to check my bag. Several immigration lanes were open, was 4th in line so took about 5 minutes. Return flight arrived NAIA Terminal 1 at 12:30am Thursday 20 April, made it to immigration and was about 5th in line. Would have been less than 5 minutes this time but I asked for 59 day Tourist Visa as I was handing over my passport. 15 minutes later I had a 59 day Visa, cost just under p3,000, immigration queue was empty by then, walked over to the carousel and quickly found my luggage as there was only 6 or so other pieces besides mine. Leaving and returning through NAIA Terminal 1 I found no issues at all with immigration. Only real irritation was waiting for the airline to open check in to check my bag and the resulting herd of passengers swarming the queue (didn't mention airline as they were all doing the same thing). Onward ticket to Hong Kong in 54 days was again purchased on Expedia at my return flight originating airport (in this case Saint Louis, Missouri) before checking in. A couple hours later, layover in Chicago, Illinois), I canceled the ticket (taking advantage of Expedia's free cancellation within 24 hours policy) after clearing 'docs check' at the gate for the Beijing portion of my trip. In Manila immigration only asked me about my departure date because I asked for a 59 day Visa. Apparently I answered '54 days' fast enough they didn't even verify by asking to see the ticket (I would have showed the booked email, not the cancellation email of course).
  13. The worst part is getting to Manila and back to Dumaguete. I leave from Manila tomorrow morning at 6:30am which means I have to go to Manila this afternoon. 12 hour layover. The rest of the trip isn't too bad. 5 hours in Beijing and 1 hour in Chicago. I made the Duma-Manila reservation separately, layovers were better ticketing round trip from Duma but started nearly double the price. So... for $600 I will deal with the long Manila layovers.
  14. I have a round trip leaving tomorrow Manila-Beijing on Air China then United to Chicago then Saint Louis, be back on the 20th. $670 on Expedia all in.
  15. Did you think about buying an annual policy and then canceling it once your trip is over. Every insurance policy I have had the need to cancel I was given a refund of the remaining premium.