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  1. ...and if you would like only a partial opinion (instead of a full impartial one) I will be happy to provide that!!!
  2. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    So you are saying the Philippine Constitution places English as a secondary language vs one of the two official languages? And government forms etc are in English for practice? Does that mean the Philippine Constitution itself if just a practice document since it is written in English?
  3. Instead of explaining where your 'facts' are off, maybe it is easier to explain what I did on my last entry. In April 2017 I had a return ticket in May which I canceled after checking in at the departure gate in the US (but before takeoff and received a full refund from Expedia). On arrival in Manila I asked the immigration officer for a 59 day Visa BEFORE I handed over my passport. I was sent to the office and had the 59 day in about 20 minutes. I went to the Dumaguete BI office 14 days before expiration and applied for a 6 month extension and ACR card. I received my passport back in a week and the card was available in 2 weeks. I have not gone back again yet as my extension does not expire until December. (ACR card is required for a stay over 6 months so had to be issued with the 6 month extension)
  4. Since there is no harm, I feel like I am Saudi, Cherokee, Aboriginal, Alaskan, Norwegian. I thank everyone in advance for assisting me in my delusion. Reparation and oil revenue checks can be sent directly to my bank, please don't forget the 50 years of backpay I am owed. I will stop by and pick up my passports as I require them for travel.
  5. It is branded 'Tins', never heard of it before but when cooked it tastes like... bacon. Also says 'Another quality product by Belcris' so might be their own brand?
  6. I get the Honey Cured Bacon from Belcris, have it several times a week. p320 per kilo package. (Will be enjoying some in the next few minutes, I am checking the forums as I wait for it to be cooked)
  7. Asean Summit(s)

    well I know how "i" spell it LOL
  8. China 72 Hour Visa-Free Transit

    I have been through Beijing a few times. Never had a problem, only 'issue' I ever had was putting up with security at the x-ray machine once. Gave me attitude and riffled through my backpack (I had lots of different electronics and chargers in it) during an especially busy time, shortly after a 'westerner who knows their rights' episode. Only that once, every other time was normal get in line, wait, this way please. Usually have enough time to eat and get a massage (expensive vs Philippines, still cheap vs US at about $20 for an hour if I remember right)
  9. China 72 Hour Visa-Free Transit

    I flew China Southern last April and had no complaints, if I had to come up with something it would be the food. Seating and schedule was fine, no difference from my connecting flight with AA except for better looking crew who bowed occasionally.
  10. ECC Confusion

    It is very difficult, might not even be possible to keep a topic pure. Case in point, what do you mean "It is true you can't get a regular ECC at the airport"? I got an ECC at NAIA last December after being in country as a tourist for 11 months. Are you talking about after being in country 12 months you can't get it or are you saying the 6-12 ECC is no longer available for tourists? So immigration at the airport (which one?) was adding BB and tourist time together, treating him as if he was in country for 17 months while Cebu and FB offices were only counting the tourist time?
  11. Brown outs

    The battery Dave and I have is the 170Ah version of the Northstar Blue+ made in Missouri https://www.northstarbattery.com/product/nsb-100ft-blue
  12. Brown outs

    I know it goes for at least 6 hours, there has been a couple longer brownouts since I have had it but I spent the day around Dauin both times. I don't really want to artificially test it, yes unplugging it would work, because it would be my luck the power would go out at the end of the test and I would be SOL - then I just might start looking for the thermite or at least whack it with my Ka-Bar LOL
  13. Brown outs

    I have a problem testing my ups system runtime. I am not going to stay up all night just to check the duration of a brownout and during the day I often don't know when there is one. For example, my wife just told me the power went out over an hour ago so she can't cook breakfast. Since it is daytime I had no lights on and had no clue. It doesn't seem to be too big of a negative not to be able to tell the power is out, except that I don't have a start time to measure my battery duration.
  14. Brown outs

    Do you remember about how much 'not cheap' is? I have about p16,000 in my setup. A 170Ah deep cycle AGM communications rated (think cell tower backup) battery and a 1,000w,/3,000w surge pure sine wave inverter. Brownout or even low voltage, it automatically switched from AC to inverter, when AC comes back on it automatically switches back to AC and charges the battery. TV does not even blink and completely silent.