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  1. I always go to Subic, Olongapo, iCove hotel or you can go to Wild Orchid or Camayan Beach. Lots to do and good prices too. My own house is too far from Manila being 13 hours away! Good luck.
  2. Dear All. Well I have succumbed to building a pool at our Philippines House. I have looked at a lot of options such as Fibre Glass pool, in ground cement and tile pool or an above ground pool. I looked online at prices for the above ground option and in the Philippines they were very expensive so I bought one here in the UAE and have had it shipped over. It cost me Php 30,000 to buy, Php 7,000 to ship and another Php 5,000 for all accessories. Php 42,000 so far and I have also accounted for Php 80,000 for decking around the pool and lights installation along with small outside shower. In total it should cost Php 122,000 to complete this project and i will have a 16 feet by 9 feet by 5 feet deep pool Steel Pro Swimming pool with filter, magnetic lights, decking and planters surround. I would love to hear from anyone else who may have built an above ground pool and their experiences. I went for above ground as cheaper but also we seem to have a lot of frogs and i can imagine the pool being full of them! If anyone is interested I will show the odd picture now and then of our progress. Kind regards one and all Paul
  3. Hi There's a Chance It's a pleasure to be of any use. How was Santiago City for you? I have a small restaurant there (no name as don't want to advertise on here) and also a Frappacino Concession in the Robinson's Mall. I like the city as have a bit of everything. My house is around 25 minutes from the city near Aglipay. Let me know if you need any help in settling into the area. Paul
  4. Philippine bound

    Mogo51 All the best with the move and I am sure the UP'S will be bigger than the DOWN'S. Would be great to hear how it goes now and then. I have my infrastructure in place but not made the move full time yet. Love to hear how it all goes. I am almost your next door neighbour give or take a couple of hundred Kms!! If you fancy a knees up at Christmas my house is your house as I will be there for 3 weeks. Aglipay, Isabela! Please remember the rest of us working towards our dreams whilst you LIVE yours. Especially if you have a bad day. A Bad Day here in the UAE is a really bad one. Paul
  5. Living your dream

    Steve Just my two pennies worth and i know this will not suit everyone but might you. What I have done is planned to get all the expensive costs out of the way before I move full time. House, furniture, Businesses, pool, car etc. This means when I get there full time it is just living costs I need to worry about. For anyone who has not jumped yet but wants to I would recommend this. Work seems so much nicer knowing it pays for our future in the Philippines. just a thought. Paul
  6. Intersting Article on BBC Website. Better start to learn the words! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-40415778#_=_
  7. Drinking in the Philippines and the risks?

    I too drink it straight with a glass of water and you are right no hangover. Cut lip and fractured nose but no hangover!
  8. Dear Fonts of all Knowledge. I used to drink rather a lot of San Mig Light whilst visiting my home in the Philippines. I have decided to train myself on Emperador Light so I could fit in with the "Pass the Glass" social drinking the rest of the family follows. All was going well until Thursday night here in the UAE when the long Eid holiday started. Seems when I drink San Mig light sometimes my brain wouldn't keep up with my legs but with Emperador Light my legs can't keep up with my brain. Stood up to say goodbye to some friends in our house and fell Ass over tit. Luckily my face took the brunt of the fall. I have since taken precautions as I set about my second bottle tonight! What is your tipple and have you faced any associated dangers with it???
  9. Hello from General Santos City

    Welcome I am up North in North Luzon. Paul
  10. Philippine Retirement Authority

    AlwaysRt i have my ACR Card for residency but was just wondering about the other series on offer. Paul
  11. Hi All I heard on ABS CBN today about the Philippine Retirement Authority, designed to assist with the entry of Overseas retirees into the Philippines. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this department or maybe even used them. Seem to be a lot of services and support on offer. Interested to hear any feedback or experiences. http://www.pra.gov.ph/main/retiree_services?page=1 Paul
  12. Learning Tagalog

    Mark I taught myself with books and CD's in my car. CD's more effective especially with pronunciation. Also I watch Philippine news programs and have picked up bits. I would say I am 60% in understanding, 50% in speaking and 80% in reading. I am still in UAE so 2 more years before retirement and hopefully will bridge the gaps. I actually enjoy speaking and understanding the language, especially the shocked expressions when I do. Paul
  13. G Sat TV subscription

    SonJack Can I ask what channels you get on your dish. UK ones? Paul
  14. A vasectomy, have you got it done yet?

    Mine can share clothes!
  15. A vasectomy, have you got it done yet?

    I had 4 children. 32, 28, 26 and 24 and 6 Grandchildren but one has passed as a Angel. My ex-wfe and my New wife are okay and I have told my children we will have a family and they accept that. How about you all? have you had to do the same? Paul