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  1. Hi all I know there a quite a few Ex-Servicemen on the forum so I would like to ask your advice. I bought a great new full face snorkelling mask as per below picture but the problem I am having when wearing it is that it contains so much air that when I dive under the water the mask once to pull me back to the surface. I am happy with the snorkelling on the surface and the mask is awesome but just not sure what I should be doing to minimise the bouyancy in the mask so I can stay under water a while. The adds show people under water but I pop up like a cork. Any suggestions (clean and useful) appreciated. ! Floaty Paul!
  2. Steve The world becomes a smaller place everyday and my advice would be to rise above this. Don't let them see they have gotten to you. A smiling face will make them so uncomfortable and uneasy as it won't be what they expect. Just my view. Paul
  3. Our condolences and may her legacy and passion for life live on.
  4. Dave The guy used to work for me when she conceived and we celebrated the birth of HIS Son together. He has never denied he is the father so a little bit different than your case. He was okay with everything until he went to work in Africa where he met the new lady and all support stopped. I think that is a little different then your case and hence why I asked the members for advice. I would not be part of a "witch hunt". Hope that clears that up. Paul
  5. Dear Members I have just caught up with a Filipina lady, in the Philippines,who I knew a long time ago who was with a British guy for 6 years and has a son by him. he went to Africa to work and took up with an African lady and has abandoned the lady and son. She was asking me if she is able to apply for any child support as he gives nothing towards the upkeep of his son. Do any members know if she was to approach the British Embassy would they be able to guide her on what to do or is there anything else she can do to try and get support? She knows where the guy works in Africa. Any advice greatly appreciated. Paul
  6. I lost my house to my ex wife in the UK so I don't see the difference just for the Philippines? In my reckoning you should be planning for the relationship to work and I believe regardless of any legal support you may have if you split from you Asawa you won't get anything anyway.
  7. I have followed this thread and great information contained within. I have one query though and some of you may think I am being naive here. if you are married why not let your wife buy the land?If you are married then you must have trust in your relationship so cut out all the legal loophole methods and let her buy it. My wife has bought all of our land and the land our house sits on and now I am a resident she has added my name to papers. I am not sure what protection this offers me and frankly I am not bothered as I trust her and Love her and feel very happy and secure with what we have. Just a thought. Paul
  8. Good luck if you are going to try and sort paperwork at the Embassy in UAE. It took me a year. I am based in Abu Dhabi, married to a Pilipina and now have my 13a Residence status. It was a painful, long but very much worth it, journey. Good luck. Paul
  9. I paid for some land, through my wife, Php 100k and we never go the title deeds. I took it through Barangay Captain and got it all plus interest. Worth trying there first. Paul
  10. Mine is 5 years.
  11. Same here in Abu Dhabi. A grey day!
  12. I live in Aglipay in Quirino Province. Nearly next door LOL!! Santiago is our closest city and I like it there. 30 minutes to a nice busy city and 30 mins back to peace and quiet. Paul
  13. I am a UK Passport holder and had to do it TWICE, once in UAE and once there.
  14. All Thought I would share a few pictures from our last trip back home. We just had our garden landscaped and was pleased with that. Also met Mrs. Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen and the Former President of the Philippines, Fidel V Ramos who was a lovely man who kept trying to touch my six pack! Mr. Administrator If the pictures take up too much space please feel free to remove anytime and any of mine.
  15. Allan I applied for my 13a in the Philippines Embassy Abu Dhabi. I did all medicals etc. in Abu Dhabi but when I arrived in Manila to get the ACR card I had to do them all again. I am not sure how painful the process is in the Philippines but to be honest if you ensure you get all the requirements in order up front and "go with the flow" it will work out. No point in fighting against the system. I am now a proud owner of the ACR Card and just got back to Abu Dhabi from he Philippines Annual reporting which took 2 minutes (you need to report within the first 60 days of the year). Again a smooth process here. I would say one thing though and that once you have your 13a it costs Ph 2,888 to leave the Philippines the first time in the year and Ph 2,170 each time after. Good luck and remain chilled no matter what. Paul