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  1. My Wife wants to Drive the car!

    When I was a Police Officer we always swore by a book called "Roadcraft" my advise would be get the book and make sure she reads it. Paul
  2. Beer & Coca-Cola???

    When I was a youngster i thought I would be trendy when ordering a drink underage so ordered a Baileys Shandy! the barman looked at me funny because of course Baileys is cream and when you add lemonade it curdles! i had to drink it and went back to larger! Paul
  3. All Thank you for the great answers. This is my reason for being on this forum. You get first hand, lived it, been there, knowledge and experience. I am thinking I might work an extra month here and go Solar! more expensive but reliable and ongoing. Thanks all. Paul
  4. The right fit

    Marine You can get clothes in any market or Mall but hopefully you will only be wearing them for a few hours a day! Nudge, nudge, Wink, Wink. Have fun and go with the flow. Paul
  5. Sweating

    Gerald A Good question. They actually dry out because of the heat. You never feel wet under arms or anywhere, it soaks it up and drys out. Check it out on their website. There other manufacturers too. I think one is called Thomson Tees. Paul
  6. Sweating

    Fellow Members I thought I would share my feedback on a product that has really made me feel more comfortable in hot climates. Over the years working in Abu Dhabi my job requires me to wear a suit and tie and at the same time have to spend some time outside the office in the heat and humidity. I used to suffer from the odd sweat patch on my shirts and therefore I thought surely someone must have suffered the same and come up with a solution. I searched online and found vests and even underwear that actually blocks the sweat from reaching your clothes. I bought some vest tops and underpants and not only did they work, they were comfortable and increased my confidence in the heat. These are not sweat wicking products, they soak up the sweat stopping it from reaching your clothes. There are a lot of options but I bought mine from Sweat-Shield in the UK. Now these are not cheap but last longer then normal vests and also they mean my shirts don't get stains under the arms so they too last longer. I am sure I am not the only one to have suffered in the heat so I wanted to share my experience. I have no affiliation with this company but one more reason i wanted to share this is I also use them in the Philippines when I am wearing dark T Shirts and Shorts and they are awesome. No sweat marks anywhere. I intend to stock up with more and keep in the Philippines, unless of course any of you have seen them or similar there already, as won't wear anything else now. All the best. Paul
  7. Stage 2 of Relocation to Philippines

    JJ Thanks for that. We have lived in the UAE for 10 years and dogs have been here all their life. It does get very hot and humid here too. We have two great cooling jackets that also help. Paul
  8. Stage 2 of Relocation to Philippines

    Mick Thank you. I work for Etihad Airways and they will fly on one of our flights to T1. Thank goodness! Paul
  9. Stage 2 of Relocation to Philippines

    Terry Great advice talk you. I will definitely let you know how it goes. Paul
  10. Dear All Stage 1 completed when ACR Card done, house built, car bought and business open and now in the process of arranging Stage 2 of relocation which consists of shipping my wife and 2 dogs back to Philippines and I will follow in 12 months or so. As this is our first time shipping dogs I was going to ask for advice and tips from anyone who may have already done this. We are shipping a big Golden retriever and a Saluki from Abu Dhabi to our house in Isabela. I am paying for a vet to arrange from our house to Manila and then the wife will collect at airport ,as she is on the same flight, and take home.The flight is overnight so we hope they will sleep. I have the IATA travel crates and the dogs are currently getting used to these as we have put their beds inside so they sleep in them overnight and this is going well. We will add a water dispenser in each crate and freeze this so the water melts gradually, I will also put a T shirt from me and my wife in the crate so they can smell our scent and a couple of toys too to keep occupied. I have also got some puppy pads so if they pee it can get soaked up. i would appreciate any tips or advice from any of you wise members, that would make the trip less stressful for the dogs. The funny thing is, as I work for an Airline, my wife ticket is 6000 Peso but the dogs are 180,000 Peso!!!! The good thing being part of the airline is we can both go back and forward until I retire full time next year. I look forward to hearing from you. Paul
  11. Old 55 Sounds Like a Plan!! I will have to be there to ensure your beer is cold and the pool and women hot. I am afraid it could take at least a week but I will take care of all expenses as long as we end up with the right generator! Paul
  12. Dr. Thank you for your reply. Problem is I am lazy!! I can't turn all appliances upside down for that data. I am hoping someone can just tell me! Oh and I am in Abu Dhabi so is a bit of an issue! Thank you anyway and by the way i respect your answers in all posts. Learning a lot from listening (reading) to you. Paul
  13. Dear Fonts of all Knowledge! I have searched and found some good articles on Generators but I am very confused about what size I need. I am looking to buy and pay for all the big ticket items before I retire (54) next Sept to my home in the Philippines. I feel I have bought the expensive items such as: (In expense order!) Wife House Kotse Business Home Bar I feel the next big thing is the Back up generator so I was hoping someone out there might have more electrical knowledge then me, who can barely put the plug in, to tell me what size generator I need to power a fridge freezer, 3 AC units, 12 lights, CCTV system, TV and decoder and Internet? Also is it a job a local electrician could do to connect an Automatic transfer switch so it comes online when Brown out kicks in? Also is there a Wattage issue? Any help appreciated. Paul (sorry loved the emotions tonight as it is EMP Light Night here!! Abu Dhabi Thursday is Friday if that makes sense)
  14. deportation of foreigners

    Name me any country that actually WANTS unruly expats who believe they can do whatever they want. I don't know of any it is just that the Philippines have the balls to kick them out. Good for them! Paul
  15. Freinds

    Philippines prisons don't have internet. Just saying!