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  1. PaulB

    Casino Junkets

    DDraig I did get the payment. On time and into the bank. I have actually invested more since I started the post. Paul
  2. PaulB

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    They box it in a wooden crate. Jollygoodfellow happy to have a frame or two if you are ever in my neck of the woods!! Actually my wife is the hustler!
  3. PaulB

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Sent 3 boxes, pool table and Mac computer from Abu Dhabi and no lists required. Just the address on the box. Sent them on 14th May 2018. Paul
  4. PaulB

    Why Do You Live Where You Live?

    I live in Quirino Province. My wife is from there and prefer the Provincial life. Paul
  5. Hi all Fonts of Knowledge, I was sat back thinking about what I believe are the main points to surviving as an Expat in the Philippines and have drawn up the list below. I don't mean never walk close to shop doorways, How to start a business, what to look out for when buying land etc. but I mean attitude and mindset. What would you add? Love the Girl and not the Place! I fell in love with my Wife in Abu Dhabi and not in The Philippines before we decided to settle. Gain respect and Loyalty from your Asawa's Family. I don't mean pay them I mean, eat, live, sleep like them and never look down on them. Never flaunt your wealth. If you can, employee some family. They never ask me for money. Treat everyone with respect, from a street kid, to a Congressman. Don't get involved in local politics. Keep your opinion to yourself. Abide by The Philippines Laws. You will ALWAYS be a visitor. Maybe you will be there 20 years but always a Visitor. Invest and put your roots down where you feel safe and supported by others. You may be fit today but nobody can tell tomorrow. Have a Plan B. Just in case. Don't try and change the Philippines. You change to fit in. Keep up to date with local news. Be one step ahead just in case. Never live above your means to keep up with the Jones. Be yourself. Remind yourself, everyday, why you are in The Philippines and not your home country. Be grateful to be allowed to live in The Philippines. If not then Leave. Adapt to Philippine time and Processes. Count to 10. Be patient and don't compare to your home country. If so. Go Home! Get insured and insure your Asawa. You will sleep better! Spend your time productively and not staring into a bottle. You can do that back home! Drive as if everything wants to kill you. Keep your wits about you and be street smart. Never make a Filipino lose face. Visit your local Captain and say hello. Treat him or her to a coffee. Visit your local Police Station and maybe take them some food. Don't miss things you don't have or can't get. Embrace those you can. Remember your not on the Moon so stay in touch with people. Join the Best Forum you can. This one! Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated. No matter how high up you may feel you may pass the same people on the way down The Most important. Enjoy LIFE in the Philippines. Thats the points I have. Anyone else have a nugget of wisdom or ten? I look forward to hearing from you. Paul
  6. PaulB

    Getting Started Wish List

    I heard on the News the other day that Puerto Galera is next on the list after the Boracay Closure and clean up. Could have a major impact. Paul
  7. PaulB


    Dear Fonts of All Knowledge, I received the below and as I am just 53 years old it makes me feel a tad older. My question is do you think I could wear it and use the Senior Citizen Queue in Robinsons?? Just Planning Ahead. Paul
  8. Mr. Kiwi I agree with a lot of people on this thread. The cost of importing, the danger of treading on others toes and the fact that actually, and this is just my belief, the Philippines biggest secret is The World looks at it as a 3rd World country but it is in fact a Tiger economy due to expand at double the World bank predictions for the Civilised World. Farmers can and will buy equipment locally and I am afraid you won't be able to compete. Now if you have machines that can stop rice Cartels and illegal imports then you will be rich. Just my point of view. Paul
  9. PaulB

    Massages with a happy ending

    saw this in a hotel in Baguio city.
  10. Etihad fly Manila to Abu Dhabi and you can get a lay over here in Abu Dhabi and buy me a beer or ten! Paul
  11. PaulB


    All Just saw the below on Facebook. Have you every been in the "Busog Ako" situation? What would you have done? For me I love Lechon except eyes, ears, brain and ass hole! Paul
  12. PaulB

    Why Play Games?

    Sometimes it is best not to play all your cards at once. In other wards don't pay for everything at once. Drip feed your income and make yourself eventually invaluable. If she loves you it won't matter how much you spend or what you give her. Just a thought. I did it this way and have been very lucky. Paul
  13. PaulB

    Update on American hanging

    Why doesn't she just give the money to the children he abused? Nobody seems to be talking about them. Paul
  14. PaulB

    Casino Junkets

    We got our 8% a fe days early. That being said I await the next.
  15. PaulB

    Questions about Davao

    Dr. Problem is my standards might not meet yours. if you are going to live there and need such information, because it is so important you, you should do the leg work. You would not buy a car without test-driving it I am sure. The Philippines is all about being there, making the decisions, some right, some wrong, but still going on because in your heart it is where you want to be. You have been bitten by the Philippine bug and it has taken over your heart, body and soul. Deep I know but that is how i feel. It is how I get up every day, go to work, and I am sure there are many more bitten expats out there too. Just saying. Paul