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  1. Hi All (Wise Men and Women) On our way to Philippines on Monday and was just wondering if anyone has any tips on changing USD to Peso. I have always changed in the Airport NAIA but when getting the dollars today, here in the UAE, the Pilipino lady said the charges are higher at the Airport Banks. Any advice appreciated! Paul
  2. Bluesmart Suitcase

    Lucky I sent the damn thing back!!
  3. Jack Thank you for answering and for giving it as it is. I did think as much. I guess it will now be a matter of "Lets see hoe it goes". At least I know he prefers to be in the Philippines the UK so this should help him be calm. He does have a sister in the UK who has been helping clear things here in the UAE but I don't think he wants to be a burden on her when he is married already. I will continue to look at ways to help him if I can. Thanks again and I am glad you recovered well as it also gives me hope for him. Paul
  4. Dear Forum Members I am looking for your valuable feedback and advice on behalf of a friend of mine. As you may know I work in the UAE and one of my ex-pat friends here recently had a stroke. This friend is married to a Filipna and has a house in Pagasinan. His company have now stated he must go home as he has had the 3 months off sick and can't return to work. He can't go back to UK as he can't get his wife a visa without savings and a job so the company will send him to the Philippines. the advice i seek is basically 3 fold: Can he get Therapy in Pangasinan? He is physically okay now but he has trouble remembering and speaking. Can he claim any benefits from UK whilst in Philippines as he contributed to National Insurance for 23 years? As he will have no income should he go to the UK to seek what support he can (maybe i will go with him to support if his wife can't) and then return to the Philippines? It is tragic as I really do not think he will be well enough to work again and at 52 years of age I am not sure he can get his UK pension. I believe all this moving will happen in the next couple of weeks so any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Paul
  5. Lots of them installed here in the UAE so I think a lot more sun here (2 days of rain a year avg) so I hope will be okay there. Might have to go and get it from a neighbours garden if a typhoon hits!
  6. What is happening to the Forum?

    Fellow Members I am sometimes amazed at people who say they are being bullied online and in a similar fashion to content of some posts within this forum. For me the control lies in my hands (or eyes). If I don't want to read something I won't so no need for anyone to determine what I should or shouldn't read. That sits with me. I believe the forum is a great place to share experiences and learn a lot so long may it continue and if I see something I am not interested in I shall skip on to the next useful post. Congrats on trying to please everyone. For me I am a happy bunny and have benefited time after time from the forum. Thank you. Paul
  7. Yes we have sand filter and chlorine rinse system. All included.
  8. Beer is in Fridge and Emp Light in cupboards under. Got some hendrix Gin on its way too. Merry Christmas!
  9. Hello oh fonts of knowledge I thought I would share the Pool Installation and Garage conversion to home bar. All ready for our arrival for Christmas and New Year. We opted for the above ground pool option and shipped this from UAE. Total cost for pool, shipping and installation Php 35,000. We also decided to convert the garage to a bar area as we have bought a Chevy Trailblazer and a bit of a squeeze to fit in the garage. I think now, along with the 6 Kabayan boxes sent, we are now ready for Christmas and New year. Only got to survive 11 more work days. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and if you are passing mine feel free to join us. My home is open.
  10. Jake The new era has sand in their shoes instead of mud but I wish you all Thanksgiving. For me, as a Brit, it means thank you that bullet never hit me or my mates. We can all adapt that day to be one where we are thankful to still be here. Just a thought. Paul a true Pom!
  11. "Frozen Shoulders" (can't sleep all night)

    Queenie I go to the gym every other day (to fight off old age)and my left shoulder really hurt as I lifted. I realised it was because I was sleeping on that arm so before bed I put on some tiger balm and Hey Presto my shoulder was good but i could not see a thing as the Tiger Balm got on my pillow and in my eyes!! A good cure in the hands of an idiot. Bit like North Korea! Paul By the way to the aged population of this forum, lifting weights keeps the metabolism working. i do 25 minutes intense work before work and I am cooked. Just a thought!
  12. Budakhan To find his location ask the girlfriend the location to send money Western Union. Tell her they need to know the pick up location. Once you have this you can ask the Embassy for help or perhaps even look to the local church in the area. DO NOT SEND MONEY. Paul
  13. ECC Confusion

    I did all my paperwork and medical in Abu Dhabi but had to redo the medical in Manila and did all in one day in Manila. Just the card took two weeks to be ready for collection.
  14. When 1 Family Member Becomes 6

    My first trip to the Philippines after meeting my wife to be and I told her to arrange a long weekend in Batangas with her family. When we arrived in Manila there were 3 minibuses with 41 people in waiting!! I knew many but those I didn't I found out were neighbours or friends. Best holiday ever though. We had great fun. I was never aware you get 12 people in a hotel room but we did and they all brought food and drink too. Great time but never again! Paul
  15. Holding a grudge

    I was a Police officer for 13 years dealing with the revolving door of domestic violence every day. Sometimes it is impossible to help someone unless they want to help themselves. Also for some people the thought of having to move out, have no roof and no money is a harder punch then the punch itself so they stay in the revolving door of violence. Just my thoughts. Paul