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  1. I have a friend who knows a LTO fixer in Olongapo. He was able to get a Class 5 Crane Operator License without really knowing how to operate a 30T Crane.
  2. No, because I have the SRRV Classic Visa and am retiring here they waived the 1 year wait rule.
  3. On of the first things I did when arriving was get a Philippines Drivers License and buy a used SUV. The license conversion process took around an hour and cost around 800p. I bought a 2008 Toyota Fortuner which I drive every day. The thing that make driving difficult here is the roads are narrow and Jeepneys stop to take on passengers every block or two, Trikes making U Turns in front of you, and Scooters passing you from both the left and right side. Again a bunch of stop and go traffic at low speeds so no big deal. If you come from a small town with no traffic it may be a shock but coming from Houston I find it easy to get around.
  4. My girlfriend is from Tarlac so we go there at least once a month. The place is totally "Dead". Do an Agoda search for hotels in Tarlac and only four or five property's pop up before they start listing the hundreds of Angeles City Hotels. If you want to live in some type of burg then at least find a place on the water.
  5. I will double check next time I'm in S&R. I know you can get US Beef at Prime Choice in Clark but it may cost more than S&R. https://www.primechoice.ph/
  6. This might help! https://www.finditangeles.com/
  7. Happyhorn52

    Pool Table Room

    A swim up bar would be a nice touch.
  8. It's my understanding that PureGold owns S&R so I'm not surprised that the PureGold duty free isn't a lot cheaper than their other stores.
  9. S&R in Dau is a Costco type store with mostly American products. You can get US beef (Montana Brand) but it will cost you. You also have the large SM Hypermarket store inside the SM Mall with a mixture of US, European brands, as well a Filipino merchandise and smaller PureGold stores all over the place. There are a few Duty Free shops on Clark but they offer no real savings so I don't shop there. Costs for Western products are much higher than in the States because of the Duties the Philippines Government puts on the imported products. Bring toiletries as they are expensive here. Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines so there are hundreds of good but not great restaurants here. European, Australian, Korean and American places all over town as well as hundreds of Filipino restaurants. Hard to find a good hamburger here because most places either use Australian or local beef and it just doesn't taste the same. Burger King has one of the best burgers in town and they just opened a new Chilies in SM Mall and there is a TGI Fridays in Marquee mall. You can get fresh California milk at S&R but expect to pay more than in the states.
  10. My guess is that any housing inside the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone would be prohibitively expensive as there are few houses on the base and most will be grabbed up by people working for the Corporations inside the Zone.
  11. I believe the Friendship area has a mixture of gated and non-gated communities. I live in Villa Sol which was once gated but is not now. It's a secure area with people walking up and down New York Street at all hours of the night. There are a lot of older (Built 1990's) American Style Houses in the area. I pay 20,000p month for a large two bedroom apartment with large enough bedrooms for my King Size Furniture and with a Clothes Washer and Dryer connection, and covered parking for my SUV. I also have a master bath connected to my bedroom and a balcony so I can watch planes take off and land at Clark which is about 5km away and an easy drive. it's a 6 apartment unit with an on site caretaker so you could say we have security.
  12. Happyhorn52


    I live in a two story apartment with thick concrete walls. My speed is fine but the WiFi signal is weak in the downstairs rooms. Where do I place the repeaters or inline adaptors to boost the WiFi speed downstairs?
  13. You never know if you Antivirus software works or not until you get a Virus then all you know is that you have been paying all those years for basically nothing.
  14. I live in Angeles City in the Friendship Area. 1) Converge is the top internet provider and yes they have Fibre in some areas including Friendship. http://www.convergeict.com/fiber-x/ 2) Some people prefer to live in the Entertainment District (Walking Street) to be near the girls and other like to live a little further out and party when they feel a need. We have several large Malls including SM and Marquee so there is plenty to do here. 3) Globe and Smart are the two main cellphone providers and 4G is available. 4) Angeles Electric Power is your electric provider and we get scheduled outages because they are replacing hardware on the transmission lines in my neighborhood. 5) I don't think they have a city wide water system. I get mine from Lago Water Works.
  15. Spent half a day trying to get rid of the Chrominio Virus. Uninstalled all of my free Antivirus software like Spybot, Adaware etc and it finally went away. I used Norton for years and it really didn't work so now I use whatever is available free. If I get a bad virus I can get it fixed at my local computer shop for the price of a years subscription to one of the paid sites. http://www.2-remove-virus.com/de/chrominio-message-center-virus-entfernen/