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  1. Angeles is probably the 2nd biggest Whorehouse in the world and they go after some poor little freelancer just trying to make a living.
  2. Field’s Avenue, otherwise known as Walking Street, is at the centre of a world-famous red light district in Angeles City. Despite the “flesh for cash” trade being so openly conducted, prostitution remains illegal in the Philippines. It is not known why CIDG agents went to such lengths to target one particular woman, in one specific bar. A bar girl working in the Walking Street red-light zone in Angeles City has been arrested on suspicion of prostitution. The 32-year-old ‘guest relations officer’ at X Music Club was nabbed after an elaborate entrapment operation with the help of a Korean man. Although Angeles City’s Barangay Balibago is known worldwide as a destination for sex tourism, prostitution in the Philippines is nonetheless illegal. Despite this, Walking Street — Field’s Avenue — is famously unabashed about being a centre for the trade. It is unknown why the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) decided to target the particular working girl, a native of Catbalogan, Western Samar, or that specific bar. The operation, which was led by Superintendent Lito Patay, officer-in-charge of the CIDG Region 3, was launched shortly before midnight on Wednesday, November 16. http://philippineslifestyle.com/bar-girl-arrested-prostition-angeles/
  3. Eating to much

    Last night my girlfriend's 4 year old son was eating rice with a tablespoon and had it piled so high he couldn't fit the spoon in his mouth. Could it be that young Filipinos are taught to eat fast or go hungry.
  4. Asean Summit(s)

    The Q is entering Clark coming from Balibago but may be less now because people know to stay away
  5. Asean Summit(s)

    Yes that's the side gate I was referring too. I live just down the street at Villasol Subdivision, and pass it everyday taking my girlfriend to work. Usually the Q is 5 or 6 cars long, but when they are having drivers open their trunks for inspection like the last few days the Q can be a kilometer long.
  6. Asean Summit(s)

    Entering and leaving Clark via the side gate on Perimeter has had traffic backed up all week. One night there must have been 20 - 30 heavily armed soldiers just standing around watching as they opened car trunks. The other big problem is trikes exiting Perimeter and using subdivision roads to get around the checks then trying to get back on Perimeter after the side gate, Good news is that the extra security doesn't seem to have slowed the club action on the street.
  7. Judging by the number of trikes on the road in Angeles it's safe to say you can't always get where you want to go on the 8p jeepneys. Why not run the numbers again substituting trikes for Jeepneys
  8. Back a week and its rice

    I bought two 10 kilo bags of rice last week and about half of it is already gone.
  9. Hopefully by publicizing that the Philippines has the slowest and most intermittent internet connection speed in the world, Jack Ma will shame the Duterte Administration into lighting a fire under Globe and PLDT executives asses to upgrade their systems.
  10. Thank you Captain Obvious! Now do something to fix it. Last May, cloud service provider and content delivery network Akamai Intelligent Platform reported that the Philippines has the slowest and most intermittent internet connection speed in the world. President Rodrigo Duterte earlier threatened both PLDT and Globe with new competition from China if their services do not improve. http://www.philstar.com/business/2017/10/25/1752372/jack-ma-tests-internet-speed-philippines-not-good
  11. Kids Monthly Allowance

    Dave you're making this way too complicated. I was talking about my girlfriends kids who are 5 and 6 and are now living together in my apartment. I will worry about when to stop somewhere down the road. I also would like suggestions about what chores you require them to do to earn the allowance.
  12. Do you give your spouse/girlfriends kids a monthly allowance to teach them how to handle money. If so, at what age do you start and how much do you give them.
  13. When Newfoundland declared war on the US

    Been there done that!
  14. House Rendering Drawings

    Go big or go home!
  15. Subic Bay Condos

    It hate it when they won't disclose the price. “Our pricing will be very reasonable, and will be competitive with prices in Manila. We know the challenges here, but with around 1,000 companies now in Subic, as well as those in Clark, we basically have a captive market and we believe the project will be sustainable in the long run,” Uy said.