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  1. Washer spin dryers

    I have a top of the line Electrolux steam washer and dryer and I even added a tank less water heater to the laundry area so that the girlfriend could wash with both hot and cold water. I think she washes everything on the simplest settings so the steam feature is probably wasted but at least it's there if I decide to wash a load on my own.
  2. Washer spin dryers

    My girlfriend loves the Electrolux washer and dryer set that I brought from the US and use it every week. In fact, I'm not sure if I could get them to wash clothes in a bucket again. Again it took a little training but now they do all the laundry without any assistance from me except buying the supplies.
  3. ATM Networks

    My BDO card will allow me to withdraw 50,000p in a day, but only in five 10,000p transactions. I'm not sure of the logic of this unless it's to maximize the BDO transaction fees.
  4. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Last night I gave a 50p tip on a 450p pizza. Service wasn't anything special but it was New Years and it was my change from a 500p note. You could see from the expression on the waitress face that it was more than she usually got. In fact the place was empty so that might be the only tip she got all night.
  5. Philippines Driving License

    When I converted my Texas drivers license in Pampanga (Dau) the medical portion consisted only of an eye exam. I have been waiting for over 4 months for the plastic license, but it only took around 45 minutes and 850p to get the paper license.
  6. No doubt they employ some of the best and brightest that the Philippines has to offer.
  7. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    On the other extreme, when I have a dispute with the server about charges on the bill, my usual response is "No problem, I will just take it out of your tip" and I leave nothing and walk away.
  8. Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I usually tip 20p for my morning breakfast, and up to 50p for a more expensive dinner with good service. In my opinion 200p is half a days wages and probably overkill. I also tip 10p for the guy who helps me park my SUV.
  9. I lost a ball

    No but I was tempted to just finish my beer and walk out the door.
  10. I lost a ball

    I was al La Bamba's last week drinking my first beer when the waitress brought me someone else's change. It looked like they paid with a 1,000p note.
  11. Changing Dollar's to Peso's

    I exchanged USD $1,000 yesterday at Norma's in Angeles City and got 50.35. If the airport rate is close to that figure, go for it, and if not just change a small amount and look for a better rate away from the airport.
  12. If your bitcoin account suddenly disappears who helps you get your money back?
  13. Desk top Computer

    I bought a refurbished 6th gen HP desktop just before heading to the Philippines. Looking at Lazada prices for desktops I'm glad I did since their prices are crazy high.
  14. Hotel bookings online.

    Priceline and Expedia control most of the online travel websites so it's no surprise that most of the hotel prices are the same no matter which online site you use. http://www.expediainc.com/expedia-brands/
  15. Hotel bookings online.

    What does the Priceline Group own? The Priceline Group is the world's leading provider of online travel & related services, provided to consumers and local partners in over 200 countries through six primary brands: Booking.com, priceline.com, KAYAK, agoda.com, rentalcars.com, and OpenTable.