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  1. You should start the process before you move to the Philippines. Get the police clearance and the proof of pension certified by the Philippines Embassy/Consolate before you leave your country. You will need a letter from the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA) before you can open a bank account and wire the required funds. Contact Maria Rose Villa Baranda with PRA and she will help walk you thru the process. mariarose.baranda@gmail.com
  2. I have the SRRV Classic Visa and I have my SS check deposited directly into my Bank of America account, then I transfer funds from BOA to BDO Bank in the Philippines once every few months.
  3. What is 'Available' here

    It blows my girlfriend away when I buy two of the giant packages of pampers and two of the 950p2 kilo baby milk formula packages at S&R. We walk out of there paying 8,000p - 10,000p with very little food.
  4. Is this Normal

    This calls for a round of Red Horse and guess what, you're buying. I usually buy the first round which costs around 500p - 1,000p and after that there on their own. You will also be expected to buy snacks for the kids so be sure to have some, 20p, 50p and 100p notes because they almost never bring you any change. For larger groups I like to take them out to eat at Mang Inasal where everyone can eat for under 150p a head with tasty chicken and unlimited rice. http://www.manginasal.com/menu/
  5. I loaded Philippines maps onto my Garmin GPS, and I get a lot of driving on road messages. It's also restricted because businesses don't list street addresses in their advertisements or on google. It's more like we're located in the XYZ building, not at 3605 friendship highway like in the US.
  6. What is 'Available' here

    So the 500 unit 325mg aspirin that I pay $4 - $5 for at Walmart will cost me 1,200p - 1,500p at the local pharmacy.
  7. What is 'Available' here

    Where do you get cheap generic 325 mg aspirin like you find at Walmart back home.
  8. What is 'Available' here

    Warm Jalapeno cornbread and cold milk is to die for.
  9. What is 'Available' here

    You can get a lot of things if you don't mind paying 2-3 times the US price. I recently paid 500p for three small cans of Gillette shave cream at S&R in Dau, while the larger 12oz can would have only cost me $1.25 at Walmart in Houston.
  10. The PRA has case workers who will help you with the process free of charge. Maria Rose Villa Baranda should be able to help you with all your questions. mariarose.baranda.gmail.com
  11. Growing Rice #2

    In the US (Louisiana) after the harvest they flood the rice fields then use the fields as crawfish ponds. It's my understanding that the crawfish eat the stubble that they can't harvest and that the rice fed crawfish taste much better that the swamp grown crawfish. I've always wondered why they don't do something similar here as Asians love crawfish and they probably command a higher price than rice. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/06/us/in-louisiana-farmers-use-rice-fields-as-crayfish-ponds.html
  12. Western union

    I chose to bank with BDO at the SM Mall in Angeles, figuring there would be a high probability of that branch having US$ when I wanted to make a monthly withdrawal than some of the smaller locations.
  13. Western union

    I have a US$ account at BDO and a bank of America account in the States. 1) Deposit a paper check, pay a $5 fee and wait 28 days for my money to become available. 2) Wire transfer Dollars and pay a $40 - $50 fee and wait 4 days for my money to become available. 3) Xoom and World Remit will convert the Dollars to Pesos for a small fee with a minimum wait time, but then BDO translates the Pesos back to Dollars because I do not have a Peso account.
  14. Western union

    I tried using both Xoom and World remit but neither would transfer money into my US$ BDO bank account. They all want to translate from Dollar to Peso so that earn that extra commission from the translation rate.
  15. Western union

    What kind of fee do you pay for this service?