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  1. brmpipes

    Possible House Build

    Maybe so , but I don't swim so well and dislike boats lol. Second floor it is.
  2. brmpipes

    Possible House Build

    A second floor is more expensive but gives you a place to move stuff during unusual flooding.
  3. I wonder if this is a way of taking the power away from the already cash rich. The younger people have always said the world is unfair to them, now the younger are looking for ways to become rich through other means.
  4. brmpipes

    Chewing Tobacco In Iloilo.?

    I was able to find skoal cherry in SM mall in Iloilo just before I left. It was 340p per tin. Yes it was older stock ,but got me through the long flight back to Vancouver. I had typed this all before I left Philippines, but of course internet went down and couldn't post. Couldn't believe It when I came across it. Life is good.
  5. brmpipes

    Chewing Tobacco In Iloilo.?

    I will check the duty free shops for it. I was almost sure I saw a Tabasco shop in the international part of manila airport.Not sure if it is still thier. Thanks for all the replies.
  6. brmpipes

    Chewing Tobacco In Iloilo.?

    I DON'T EVER spit with skoal or copenhaghen. Red man is a different beast though lol.I just like a little in my lip to take the edge off the flight. I just use a ecig now but won't try it out on the plane.maybe I can find some nicoret (sp) gum at the drug store in sm mall.
  7. brmpipes

    Chewing Tobacco In Iloilo.?

    WELL MESSED UP THE THREAD TITLE. Hell now I'm yelling. Need help soon.
  8. Às the title states anywhere to find Redman or skoal in the city?.I'm dreading the long flight back to Canada at the end of this month without something for the flight.Don't want to end up in jail lol. ANYONE?
  9. brmpipes

    Electric Cost

    I will run the ac on ultra low setting and sleep naked with a thin cover over me. Its the best birth control ive found yet when I am at the inlaws house.
  10. brmpipes

    Joint Bank Account

    If you have a wife, she will take care of that for you lol.
  11. brmpipes

    How Much Could You Live On? One Month.

    I started a medical clinic in Borocay about 7 years ago with a brother in-law. I have averaged about 1000000 pesos a year over this time. I have not moved to the Philippines yet, as I'm still trying to get the wife onboard with my plan. I do however go back every year for about 2 months . I have also bought 3000sq meters of land around Pototan outside of Iloilo for a future residence. I plan on having a budget of no more than 40000 pesos a month. It has had some ups and downs but all in all its been been a good ride. It is possible to make money in the Philippines if one chooses . Good luck to everyone that is their now and living my dream so to speak.