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  1. Eddie1

    English Breakfast

    The 'Howzat Sports Bar' in Makati, Manila is a great bar to visit. As JGF mentions, the English breakfast is readily available there, I always eat there whenever I am in Manila. Its only about 300 metres from Burgos Street which is a fun place to visit particularly for 'newbies'.
  2. Eddie1

    Where to eat?

    OMG, heaven! Perhaps we could have the next forum meeting at your place, maybe about 10am?
  3. 3 weeks ago I went to the LTO here in Dumaguete to ask what was required to convert my UK Driving License to a 5 year Philippine Driving License, was told come back with your Passport, ACR card and UK Driving License. I went back the next day with all the requirements but expecting all the hurdles/bullshit once they realised that I am on a renewable tourist visa (think its called a 9A), but no, nothing was mentioned, I was just told to go next door for a medical and a drug test, well an hour later it was all done, paid my money, given what I thought was a receipt and was told to come back in 20 days time which was today. About 2 weeks later I found the receipt in my wallet and after actually putting on my glasses and reading it thoroughly I realised it wasn't a receipt, it was actually a temporary paper copy of a 5 year license. Wow, was that it? Where was all the questions about length of stay, rental contract, tourist visa etc.? AND why did I have an appointment this afternoon at the LTO? The answer to that is that just 20 minutes after my appointment time I walked out of the LTO with a PLASTIC 5 year Philippine Driving License!! Yep, I am a very happy chappy this evening. All in all a really well organised experience, nice one Dumaguete LTO.
  4. Eddie1

    Am i lucky or unlucky

    Please excuse my bluntness Steve but just tell them to F**k Off.
  5. Eddie1

    Mash- star David Ogden Stiers dies

    Thanks for the post JGF, in my opinion Mash is one of the best shows ever on tv, I never get tired of watching it. Once he settled in Winchester was a class act, a great addition to the programme.
  6. Eddie1

    Getting Fat(er) and Happy(er) in Dumaguete

    Now now Dave, remember that waistband, small portions, lol.
  7. Eddie1

    Is this Normal

    Just because you can, why should you? I agree with Lou49, if they are expecting you to foot the bill then it should be at Jollibee. Also I would set a limit on the number in advance, ok they might still turn up in numbers anyway but at least its best to try and control the situation. Jollibee for the hangers on and an exotic restaurant for you and the new missus. Good luck and enjoy your visit. Stay safe!!
  8. My advice is to change the 20% tip to a 20 peso tip. Tipping big might give you a feel good factor at the time but in reality it causes more problems for the expat community.
  9. Eddie1

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    I am happy to just go with the flow, however if pushed I would suggest just keeping it as normal and I will be there for the normal meeting in March. Whatever is decided is OK with me.
  10. Eddie1

    Hotel required in Angeles City, Luzon.

    Hi Brett, Thanks for that, I will check it out. When are you heading back this way, what's your plan?
  11. Looking for a decent hotel for a couple of nights in Angeles, any recommendations? Looking to pay about £50 / $65 per night.
  12. Well its been a while without the Dumaguete sign but tonight on the boulevard they had the grand opening of the new sign, the new catchy DumaGeTmE. Definitely not as good as the old sign.
  13. Eddie1

    ATM Networks

    OK, well I have managed to find an ATM that is 'Link' friendly. It is the BDO by the Bell Tower in Duma. It only has a maximum withdrawal of 10,000 peso at a charge of 250 peso, not ideal but at least it is a start whilst I try and locate other banks that are 'Link' friendly. Thanks guys for your input.
  14. Eddie1

    ATM Networks

    Oh B******s!!!!