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  1. Not too bad Steve, just sitting here in my hospital bed, leg is very swollen and obviously painful, but hoping to go home tomorrow, much prefer to convalesce at home. Let the long healing process begin again, Lol.
  2. There is a new mall in Duma? Where is that Steve?
  3. Hi Ron, It sounds like you have quite a challenging trip ahead of you on this occasion, not only for yourself but for the time you will also spend with your mother. I lost my mother to Alzheimer's 4 years ago last month and it is truly a desperately sad and unforgiving illness, people don't get to see the trauma of such a debilitating disease unless they have walked that path. So, I hope you wont take offence my friend if I encourage you to enjoy every moment together that you can grasp. Have a safe flight and remember to keep in touch with all here at PEF.
  4. Tomorrow morning (Valentines Day) I face the next and hopefully last major hurdle in my quest to get my a**e over to the Phils. I will be on the operating table at 8am to have a Total Replacement of my Left Knee. I had hoped to be in the Phils last summer but found out in the spring time that I would have to have my Right Knee replaced which I subsequently did in July. I then had a further 5 months off of work to recover and rehabilitate and went back to work just a week before Christmas but when I went for a check up with the surgeon in the Autumn my plans to be in the Phils were put on hold yet again with the news that I would need the other knee done as well. So, tomorrow I have a date with the same surgeon and another 5 months of slow painful recovery but then ..... I finally get to kickstart my life again and to be honest....... I can't wait, bring it on.!!.
  5. Ah, thank you my friend, feeling more globally educated now, Lol. Hope you and the missus are keeping well.
  6. Steve, Being a Brit and a cockney at that I aint got a Scooby Doo what you are talking about !! Explanation??
  7. Good Luck Snowy. Wish you all the best and great success on your future in the Phils. Gonna be about 5 months behind you so appreciate the excitement and anticipation of your move. Enjoy this new chapter in your life.
  8. I had an implant done here in London 5 years ago, cost £2,200 (about $2,800). Could have cried at the cost but the implant is excellent, glad I had it done.
  9. Thanks Don for reposting. Been struggling to donate all week through Paypal but just managed to donate now through this new link, paid direct through my MasterCard, much simpler. Appreciate your time and effort on this.
  10. I tried to make a donation earlier today but Paypal wouldn't complete the transaction. I will try again in the morning.
  11. Me too. Tragic news.
  12. Kev, Is any brand selling a sugar free loaf yet (as you would buy in the UK), last time I was there I was trying to eat the Gardenia Wholemeal, supposedly less sugar, but still made me gag! I ended up buying a sugar free baguette most days for downstairs in Lee Plaza.
  13. It should be about June I hope, when I came back from Dumaguete in March I was limping badly, serious pain in my Right knee, by July it was so bad I had a total knee replacement and actually just returned to work yesterday, 5 months to recover. However, the Left knee has gone the same way now, serious pain, I will go back under the knife again at the end of January for another total knee replacement, hahahha, lucky me huh? NOT! So, allowing 4 months to heal, I will then hand in my notice at work after 29 years with the same company and walk away, kinda scary but exciting also, its weird starting out again late in life, but many others on here have done it so its gotta be worth the risk...... hasn't it?? Gulp. And then we can share a few San Migs with the others outside Coco's or Why Not, hahahah, cant wait!
  14. Yep, I got that one Dave. A similar situ for myself actually, my intention is if possible to commit to 2 years on that budget before loosening the reins on other funds. Like yourself, a budget for 'Y' to know about and a budget for Noime to know about, Lol. Hope you and 'Y' are keeping well my friend.
  15. Steve, A great post. Very specific information. My plan is to work on a budget of about £1,000 UK per month, which equates to about 60,000 Peso (ish). This will initially include about 10,000 Peso on rent for a studio (Hermagina again, Lol) until I find a suitable house in Bacong or Valencia. This sum will not include my health insurance, I will allocate that separately. I was looking at some of the sums of money some members have quoted and was starting to get a bit nervous about whether I was kidding myself if I could get by on 60,000 Peso. Your post is very reassuring my friend. As Jake would say...'Triple like', Lol.