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  1. Good post Snowy, very interesting reading. A job well done, congrats.
  2. New Mall Opens

    So where is this new mall? Can anyone give a known landmark that it is close to?
  3. Filipino driving licence.

    Nice one Snowy, Good news indeed. I went to Puerta Galera 2 years ago, I feel a return visit might be in order, Lol. Congrats.
  4. Mogo'a update 1

    Ron, Come on mate, Spill the beans, Lol. We all need this info. Glad things are going well for you now.
  5. Trip Report

    Not sure I agree with that comment RBM, your trip reports have always been very interesting and this one was no different. Like Mike B, I also used Google maps to follow your trip, I would certainly like to do a similar trip to that in the near future. Out of interest what is it you dislike about Sipalay? I haven't had the pleasure of visiting it yet. Anyway, a good report, seems that all that read it enjoyed it and health permitting hope that you manage to give some more road trip reports soon.
  6. Bank Deposit Fee

    Does the cheque method work for UK pounds as well? Are their any Brits doing this?
  7. The Eagle has landed (Mogo that is)

    Glad you arrived safely Ron, looking forward to hearing about your journey from Thailand. Hope you and your missus settle into your new life in the Phils quickly and easily, in the meantime enjoy your swimming and don't forget to have a SML after. All the best mate. Eddie and Noime.
  8. Happy Birthday AlwaysRt

    All the best on your birthday Steve, hope you have a great day! Best Wishes, Eddie and Noime.
  9. Cooking "for" your partner

    Pan fried garlic buttered shrimp, masarap. It would cost you an arm and a leg in London but in the Phils, cheap as chips! Lol.
  10. Do Expats Develop an Onion Skin?

    Steve me old mate, That's called a pavement here, we aint got sidewalks in the UK, Lol.
  11. Within about 3 months from now I will have left my home and job here in the UK and finally arrived in the Phils to continue the next stage in my life as an expat. I guess like many people we wonder what we will do when that day finally arrives and how we combat potential boredom, after all when you are retired I am guessing all days just feel like a Sunday? I have a few interests that I would like to explore, I am a poor swimmer so would like to spend time improving my swimming and then hopefully take Scuba lessons and enjoy diving in what must surely be some of the best dive sites in the world. I also have an interest in Martial arts and that has been my main hobby here in the UK for the past 20 years or so and I am looking into the possibility of learning the traditional Philippine martial art of Escrima/Arnis to give me another time occupying hobby which I might be able to infuse with my own knowledge of Jujitsu. However, above all else I would like to spend some of my time in a Volunteering capacity, it doesn't have to be immediately, I will have plenty to occupy myself on my arrival and for some considerable time afterwards but eventually I would like to volunteer my time to help others (by that I mean Pinoy, not driving the forum members home from a heavy session at the 'Why Not' bar, Lol.). So, for the forum members that are already doing this type of thing or to others that have had previous experience in this field.. How do you start? How do you get your foot on the ladder? Is it through local churches or even a Rotary Club type of organisation? What are your experiences? How do/did you get involved? For me personally I want a hands on type of voluntary work, maybe (but not exclusively) helping out at an orphanage or assisting children/adults that have sight/hearing/verbal problems where they could just do with an extra pair of hands at no cost. I am not looking to build a project from scratch like forum member Bruce has done with his excellent work on Samar but just to give my time and assistance. It doesn't matter what island it would be on, I will be starting off living in Dumaguete as I have stayed there previously and have a few friends down that way including some of our own forum members, admittedly if I could find what I am looking for on Negros Oriental that would be a bonus. So, over to you guys and girls, what information or ideas do you have?
  12. London terror attack

    An update on my previous post..... Good News for Once. Today I was walking my dog as before and I saw the uncle of the guy who was stabbed in the Borough Market Terrorist Attack. He said his nephew has just been released from hospital albeit he is still having on-going treatment. He was stabbed in the throat, sliced across the throat, stabbed through the front of his body which penetrated his lung and he also has a large slash across the abdomen. Unbelievable that he survived but he did. I think anybody that lucky should be purchasing all my future lottery tickets from now on, Lol. Seriously though, thank goodness he came through it.
  13. Do you still eat Western food?

    Hi VP, Good post, now how about starting some cookery lessons for those of us who aint got a Scooby how to cook! Lol. Either that or you might be getting a new neighbour anytime soon.
  14. Tower fire- Passing the buck UK style

    Sky News at noon , UK time. One Filipina listed as still missing in the tower block. Named as Ligaya Moore. If moderator thinks it is inappropriate to name the person, please delete.
  15. Dave, You have taken the time to compliment 'Bows00' on his wonderful post however I feel I have to compliment you on your post, its one of the best I have ever read on here, a very honest and enlightening post as to how it was for you and how it is for you. I think that as I am only a few weeks away now from my new life in the Phils that perhaps your words had more of an impact on me, I can certainly identify with some of the feelings that 'bows00' wrote about as I am also flipping between emotions of trepidation at what I am leaving behind and also the excitement of what lies in front. However, all said and done I found your post reassuring. Many thanks my friend for sharing that with us.