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  1. Waiting for a plane

    Dave, Although I am of course feeling your pain at being ****ed around this morning by overzealous officials there is nearly always an upside to such news............ and this is it......... Noime is delayed in Cebu and cannot get back here to Duma so I will just have to go out on my own tonight and find something to do to take my mind off of the situation!! Hahahaha. Safe flights my friend.
  2. A new gift

    Hmm, very informative Steve. Maybe you wanna hit the edit button my friend, Lol.
  3. As you know it was Noime's birthday yesterday, she said she felt the earth move several times!!! ok, ok , I exaggerated, she might have said it moved a little bit for a couple of minutes lang.
  4. Another Newbie Introductuion

    Hi Ron, That was a nice intro, interesting also. Welcome to the forum, you made a good choice. There are many knowledgeable members here from all over the Phils so if you have questions for sure somebody will pipe up with an answer. Good luck to you and Gina.
  5. Hmm, all this is making me a bit nervous about my impending situation. Noime and Myself are cohabitating here in Dumaguete but after Xmas we will look for a 2 bedroom place to live so that she can bring her 6 year old son to live with us. By taking on the role of a stepfather am I breaking the law? I am not looking to get married in the foreseeable future so am I getting myself into hot water by taking on this role?
  6. Well, I have been formally retired now for 15 days and its feeling good. I have now reached my destination of Dumaguete, I got into Manila at about 1AM Saturday morning, lashing with rain. Got a cab over to Makati and spent Saturday there catching up with friends and trying to avoid more heavy rain showers, even managed to catch some streamed footie in a bar, actually my own team of Westham United, that was a bonus as I cant even get to see it live on TV at home. Took an early morning flight out of Terminal 3 today (Sunday) to Dumaguete, flew with PAL, all good as we left on time and arrived early into Duma, it was definitely a better experience than flying over with Cebu Pacific which I did for the last two years. I had already rented a studio since last month as I knew I was coming out but was just unsure of the date, Hermagina Apartments. I stayed there last year and the year previous but just short term as I was on holiday then but of course it is all so different now, I am here to stay. Tomorrow we will begin shopping for the many items we don't buy when we are on vacation, microwave, toaster, fans, rice cooker for the missus, etc etc lol. Its a nice feeling I am enjoying at the moment, I have read articles on here over the past year about retiring and how people consider what it will be like in taking that big step, i.e. retiring and relocating to the Phils, in particular money worries and will it ever be enough etc. For me personally I did a couple of private messages on here to forum members that I have met and trust and got a breakdown on what I would need per month on a reasonably tight budget and I consider that to be good information. I don't have any family back home in the UK and apart from giving up my dog it was an easy decision for me, I have nobody to miss and apart from a few friends nobody is going to miss me so therefore no emotional ties back home tugging on the heart strings. I am totally committed to my new life as an expat, its what I want to do and the Philippines is where I want to be, sure there will be bad days and maybe even bad weeks at times but not really a major problem, I had plenty of them back in the UK as well! I think Dumaguete is a good starting location as there is a nice little group of forum members already here, a bonus of that is that there is a wealth of information amongst them, many collective boots on the ground so to speak Lol, but I do believe that the Phils is worth travelling and exploring and over time we will begin to do so, initially it will be to explore the whole of Negros and hopefully as we gain confidence and experience we will venture out further and explore much of the Visayas. I would like to maybe get out to some of the more remote islands that have less foreigners and see if it will bring different experiences, I mentioned before in a previous topic that I would like to do some voluntary work in the community, perhaps to try and give back a little where some help is needed. So, tomorrow Noime and myself will start chipping away at an ever increasing shopping list and we will start to slowly build our new life together here, it is a new and exciting chapter in my life, actually to be truthful it is a new chapter in our lives not just mine. Regarding finance, I have what I have and it will have to be enough, life is too short to stay at home any longer worrying about it, the time to live is now, I am newly retired and I am a new expat in the Philippines. What more could a person want?
  7. Well, I finally got there. Saturday 30th September 2017. Retirement Day. 4 months short of 30 years working for British Telecom (BT). No more working outside in all weathers, no more dragging through the London traffic in my BT van. Today I woke with a smile, to be honest since I had my retirement confirmed 2 weeks ago my own little world has been a happy place to be. In the past 4 years since my ex broke our marriage life has been challenging and to be honest, often quite lonely. BUT THAT WAS THEN AND NOW IS NOW!! I am SO looking forward to the next chapter of my life. I truly cannot wait to be in the Philippines, to meet Noime again, its been 1.5 years since we were last together. I know that there will be challenging days ahead, after all it is the Phils, Lol, but in my opinion it's far better to have them challenging days relaxing in the sun on the beach or amongst friends having a beer or two on the boulevard. I was in Dumaguete last year and also the previous year, I have a few friends there already plus I also count our own forum members living there as friends, hopefully the friendships will grow in strength. Steve (Always RT) was living a couple of doors away from me last year at Hermogina Apartments and I also had the pleasure of meeting DaveH, Jack and Kev for a beer down on the boulevard, I am really looking forward to meeting them all again asap, plus I believe Davewe has also joined them. Hopefully the boys monthly meeting will have grown from 3 to 6, Lol. There has only been one big negative in this move for me, I had to give up my dog Smudge, an adorable old Cocker Spaniel I had since he was just a puppy, he will be 13 years old next week. Very sad.... but it is what it is, it had to be done. We all know the old saying "Is a glass half empty or half full?" Well, for me today my glass is overflowing with joy, bring it on. The Philippines and all that it holds, good and bad will be my new home. Can't wait to be there!!!
  8. One Year Ago...

    Hi Mike, Thanks for sharing that here on the forum. I will begin my own personal adventure to the Phils in about 4 weeks from now, I will have a one way ticket (plus throwaway of course), my intention is to stay forever but who really knows. Maybe it will help me as I have nothing here in the UK to return to, no close family left now. From what I have gathered in my time here on the forum is that location and neighbourhood/neighbours can be the deal breaker, get it right and you stand a fair chance of dealing with the many challenges that come along. Good luck to your wife with her exams next week, and further good luck to you and your family.
  9. Renting v Owning

    Wow Ron, there aint no flies on you mate, Lol. New car and now a new house, well done mate, very pleased for you and your missus, you sound really happy, I hope it all works out for you, you certainly seem to be a man on a mission, Lol. Congratulations.
  10. What about the ferry option from Manila? Not a good idea?
  11. Within the next few weeks I will be arriving in Manila with 2 x 23kg suitcases, 7 kg hand luggage and my laptop. I think on Cebu Pacific I am allowed 1 x 20kg baggage in the hold. What are my options of getting my luggage to Dumaguete? Over to you my learned friends, all help and advice appreciated.
  12. Good post Snowy, very interesting reading. A job well done, congrats.
  13. New Mall Opens

    So where is this new mall? Can anyone give a known landmark that it is close to?
  14. Filipino driving licence.

    Nice one Snowy, Good news indeed. I went to Puerta Galera 2 years ago, I feel a return visit might be in order, Lol. Congrats.
  15. Mogo'a update 1

    Ron, Come on mate, Spill the beans, Lol. We all need this info. Glad things are going well for you now.