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  1. Uhmmmmm no. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-517821/British-man-facing-jail-adultery-Filipino-woman-asks-Why-wont-Foreign-Office-help-us.html
  2. Has anyone heard of Itechie Televisions?

    I got this one, Itechie 55" FHD LED TV Black F-5500. Picture and quality is fine.
  3. Has anyone heard of Itechie Televisions?

    I have one, my only complain is the audio, it sucks! you need to look for a good speaker for it.
  4. most cities, municipalities in Mindanao right now are normal, except for Marawi city which is on high alert. this pictures are not mine btw
  5. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/05/09/asia-pacific/crime-legal-asia-pacific/massive-child-webcam-sex-bust-philippines-reveals-rising-abuse-worldwide#.WRF-k0V97IU
  6. American filmed offering to buy baby

  7. Sad day here in Junob (Dumaguete)

    May her memory be a blessing.
  8. Philippine Brand LTE Phones

    Cherry mobile flare s is pretty good for a PH brand phone. But don't expect similar experience with their customer service center.
  9. Expats, what best Filipino hangover cure?

    Salabat/Ginger Tea works for me. then drink tons of water or just make sure to rehydrate yourself, you can also try diarrhoea treatment sachet.
  10. Ham, not frozen

  11. Shocking Filipino witch doctor story

    Boxing champions are now using it as an energy drink.
  12. Fresh Veggies!

    Thank god Via Buda is only 2 hour drive from Davao and Bukidnon is 6.
  13. So, is this a scam?

    The next time something like this happen make sure to video record it(secretly). Lineman's are not allowed to ask for any payment, their only job is to check the meter, then report to Davao light if their's tampering of meter. But I got another bad news for you, this kind of scam happens everywhere in the PH, and its not just foreigner, even locals get victimized by this scam.
  14. Hit Man

    Actually a lot of Filipino's right now including anti Duterte are laughing at him or should I say that most of the Filipino's right now thinks that the senate hearing was a clown show. Even Robredo expresses that Matobato's statement should be taken with a grain of salt. Former lawyer of Richard King's family slammed Delima for involving Duterte on the case of Richard Kings' murder. The only person in that senate hearing that impressed me is Ping Lacson, the rest are CLOWNS.