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  1. I've heard that term used in Thailand; never heard it in the Philippines, only tricycle, tricycad (or cycad), or trike. I think he has his countries confused (among many other things). I live in the Tampa area, love to run into this character. I could have happily lived a thousand lifetimes w/o hearing that name again.
  2. I only visited Bacolod once, more than 6 years ago. Stayed at the O Hotel, very nice. Depending on age of child they will charge extra but only 2 or 300 pesos. It's near everything, I would definitely stay there again. Best water pressure I ever had in the Phils. Reviews are still pretty good. Agoda has the price of the better room at $27, not bad. The suites are much more and not listed on Agoda. They have airport transfers, can't remember how much. Never been to the other 2 places.
  3. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    Not a bad guess. It's actually around 0.1%. Interesting that the Hawaiian language was banned in schools and govt after it was made a US territory. But that's no excuse, get off your lazy butt kēia manawa (now)!
  4. As noted philosopher Mike Tyson said, " Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".
  5. OP, I don't know what your FIN should be. Prior to retirement I spent countless hours running and re-running the numbers until I was SURE I had it all figured out. Read a lot of expert advice on expat forums, all of it along the "this is what I do" line. After I came to the Phils my life changed so much it's completely unrecognizable to what is was before. All my budget plans are as useful as a politician's promise. You don't mention medical insurance and costs, if you stay in the US you better plan for medical needs; in the Phils, of course, it's FAR cheaper but quality is certainly a consideration. It's good to plan, you should do it. I'm reminded of an old Yiddish expression, " Man plans and God laughs".
  6. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    My wife is from Masbate where they speak Masbateno, somewhat similar to Tagalog. When she worked in Cebu City she had to learn Cebuano. When we moved to Argao (2 hours south) she had great difficulty understanding what the hell they were saying because the Cebuano had so much slang and shortened words and the educational level, in general, was lower. When native-born citizens struggle to communicate in one region of their own country to the next something is seriously wrong. Learning the language is on the bucket list of every new foreigner. Rarely happens but I wouldn't call it "laziness". There are other priorities. Eventually, through a kind of subliminal osmosis, you will be able to communicate with just about everyone. Takes about 20 years.
  7. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    Many an expat (and would-be expat) has "committed" to this, I would wager not 1% achieve any degree of real fluency, although I met many who thought they did. Many reasons: the hundreds of dialects and sub-dialects, no real rules re: grammar, the fact that almost all foreigners are retired (at least temporarily) and learning anything new requires diligence and discipline. Regardless of intent, most expats last 5 years or less so you're learning a language that is confined to one region of a small country most people can't find on a map. I put some considerable effort into it at first, by the end I could usually pick out enough words to know what was being said but having a meaningful 2-way conversation of more than a few words, forgetaboutit. Not trying to dissuade or discourage anyone from this noble endeavor though, it passes the time.
  8. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    You shouldn't have been charged the extra p500 since the 3 person occupancy had been paid in full to Agoda. I didn't mean to say otherwise. That's a screw-up by the front desk. Reading some of the recent TripAdvisor reviews the clear shower glass has been made frosted in all, I presume. Guess they got tired of reading comments about how odd it was. Appears that things have gone downhill since I was last there. Thanks for the u/d.
  9. Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete: A Review

    Could be, it's been 2 years or so since my last visit. I am (very thankfully) a former hotel restaurant manager so I don't expect much from a hotel restaurant. I did eat the included breakfast and it was adequate. The hotel website lists the p500 for extra bed, maybe Agoda was misinformed. The extra charge for additional occupants is something they all seem to do, having more to do with the Filipino culture of stuffing as many as they possibly can into the smallest possible space. Both lifts were working during my visits and I stayed on the 8th fl so that's something I would have noticed. Absolutely no excuse for having 1 person on the desk during peak time. Unacceptable but sometimes emergencies happen. The strangest thing about the rooms is that there is a glass partition in the shower facing into the room so anyone in the room can see you taking a shower and vice versa. It's visible even if the door is closed as I recall. Although there are coatings on the glass at strategic heights that block the view for "privacy". Never seen anything like that in any hotel room. My first thought was that if you were ...uh less than well-acquainted with your guest, you would have a view of what they were doing at all times. Didn't apply in my case but that's the only reason I can see. Thanks to whomever moved this into it's own topic. Mod Note: That would be me, I meant to make a note on the thread but forgot so, You're Welcome.
  10. Just curious, why? I stayed there 3x and liked it a lot. Except the beds are rock hard, hardest I ever slept on. If you drive they have a large underground parking lot w/guard so no worries parking.
  11. I was referring to when you are there looking for the house but you know the situation. Nothing to fear on the forum; except maybe that "Jack" guy, looks like a rough character from the photos.
  12. "Good" is relative. I think you mentioned you have a medical background. Manila has some good hospitals but living outside the city and getting to one quickly in an emergency is impossible. Ambulances with screaming sirens and lights are largely ignored. Outside Manila the hospitals range from adequate to primitive, most in the latter category, imo. Before you plunge head first I would suggest you consider living in the Phils part-time and see if you like it. Rent. And don't tell anyone you have the budget you mentioned in the earlier post. Seriously.
  13. Uber ad with boxes

    Targeting all Asian cities.
  14. Uber ad with boxes

    That's Bangkok. Great commercial, great idea. Very talented people.
  15. The guy I know has a price list on the website of travel and expense fees to various cities and islands in $US dollars. Luzon is by far the most expensive and likely far more than you would be willing to spend. Angeles has the highest concentration of foreigners in the country. Looking for an old foreigner there would be like looking for a needle in a haystack if you don't have an address or at least a barangay.