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  1. Postal Service

    Yes, if I had a lot of mail I'd probably do that - currently, i don't get much so no big deal. I don't drive and office is a 45- minute trip each way so I'm not inclined to pick up mail unless I have to. As an aside, two of my banks don't accept a PO box as a postal address. Coincidentally, I got a letter yesterday which took only 13 days to arrive - happy days!
  2. Postal Service

    Mail going to the UK from here seems not too bad. In the opposite direction, variable to be kind. I don't think anything has been lost ( but how would I know for sure) but the problem seems to be the postman/ post office sits on mail until there are a few to deliver so it's pot luck. I'd estimate 4-5 weeks from UK to here. LBC is an alternative, but at circa 3000 php to send a letter to the UK it's expensive.
  3. Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Yes..it is. That's why I posted it.
  4. Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Even if it were true, which isn't necessarily the case, that so-called advantage can quickly become a disadvantage. In any country, including our own, people throwing money around can become unpopular very quickly - and poor! As others way more experienced than I have said, enjoy but not overtly.
  5. I'd be surprised that an office can issue a 13a but not renew - surely the initial issuing is more complex than the subsequent renewal. Yes, i know this is the Philippines but still.
  6. Naysayers...can't stand them.

    I'd agree with most of that. I put myself in the 'normal' category - when I'm feeling good with life in general, I see the blue sky and the warmth of the sun - when I'm not on top of the world, I feel the sweat and dann humidity! Wether we like it or not, or agree with it or not, the Philippines is a place where those without any knowledge of it have an instinctive negative attitude towards. I know what I know, see what I see and feel what I feel and choose to remain - warts and all. Realistically, if i had a better option I'd take it - who wouldn't? But I don't and that makes me happy enough to stay.
  7. IRS, filing first time from Philippines?

    Not directly related to the OP but I'll offload here anyway - I work here so I need to do an annual return. It's an 11 page document, but most pages are left blank. Not so difficult. But... ( of course there's a but) 1- on submission of the electronic return, an email is supposed to be sent by BIR with 2 hours. 2 weeks later I'm still waiting! Response - it's a busy time. Yes, so why say 2 hours when it's not going to be. Another example of the pretence of efficiency IMO. 2- i mentioned it's an electronic return. Yet i have to print off 3 copies (11 page document remember) and submit it to the local BIR! Why, why, why! 3- Apparently, the BIR won't issue a refund of overpaid tax. Despite having a box to tick requesting it. So, they will issue a tax credit for the next year. The next year I will be overpaid again, and that will result in another tax credit to add to the 1st - and so on to the end of time. It's a great place to live until you have to deal with the system!
  8. Naysayers...can't stand them.

    It would be interesting to know what the 'return rate' for people moving to other countries is. We seem to have established that figure as 50% within 5 years (IIRC) for here. We all have a vested interest in proving the Naysayers wrong, it would be good to have some numbers to back that up.
  9. Is it a good idea?

    I do online teaching. It's not going to bring in much unless you are willing to put in the hours. 100-150php an hour is an estimate so you can do the math. And you'll pay 8% tax on your income. You'll need reliable internet and power or you'll run into problems quickly. You'll also need a bank account and a TIN. It's all doable, but not as simple as it seems if you are going to do it for an income.
  10. Bedroom air con size

    Another point is the options are hardly many - for a bedroom it's likely to be a toss-up between .75 and 1.0 HP. I really doubt it makes any significant difference. And if you choose an invertor (more expensive but likely to be cheaper to run) you start at 1.0hp anyway. My main point was an underpowered unit will be a waste of money as it won't do the job.
  11. Bedroom air con size

    Always best to go over than under size, yes it costs slightly more to buy and to run but a waste of money installing a unit that doesn't do the job.
  12. Success or failure as an expat.

    It's good advice, absolutely. But for many, it's not enough to get along and compromise and they want to see some progress in changing attitudes for the benefit of firstly themselves, but also their kids who might be living here.
  13. I think we can all understand where Notright is coming from, at least I hope we can. I think he is right in principle, but principles don't get you anywhere, especially here in the Philippines. As has been said, this place is not for everyone, and the 50% (for arguments sake) return rate prove that. Another way to look at it, perhaps if more of us - expats/locals - were willing to make a stand, then in time things would change. I can imagine the old hands shaking their heads and smiling at that comment, but it's just another perspective. Grin and bear it doesn't work for all, and actually doesn't really work for anybody but it's what we do to get by and live our life in peace.
  14. Moving abroad

    As far as I'm aware, you are required to advise banks, certain Gov departments (DWP/Tax) if your current address and correspondence address. If you are not a UK resident, you may not be eligible for certain benefits and types of bank account. Of course, you can adopt the "They will never know" attitude. Mostly, they won't - until they find out. Then you could be in trouble. It's worth the time to notify them in my opinion.
  15. It's very stressful dealing with anything from afar, with time differences and phone costs. The best advice is to get yourself set up with Skype calls -.it's easy and incredibly cheap, around 50p for a 30 minute call IIRC. I can see why it's been 3 months - 2 payments returned (Nov and Dec) so hopefully the Jan makes it. The good thing is the cause has been identified and rectified so it should be ok from here on.