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  1. Just another consideration - if you're income is in GBP you will need to keep a cautionary eye on exchange rates. The 12k budget 2 years ago would now be around 10k just based on exchange rates.
  2. hk blues

    Android boxes internet TV

    You can get a 42" LCD smart TV for around 25k depending on brand etc.
  3. hk blues

    Time and the Filipino.

    From my experience, it's more a lack of desire/ability to plan and be organised that's at the root of the problem. They tend to know the goal but don't plan how to achieve it. In terms of time, an example would be leaving home at 3pm for a 3pm appointment without any allowance for the time to get to the appointment from home. I've always been very time conscious so it's a challenge. On the plus side, it's getting better - I'm slowly adapting rather than them getting better!
  4. hk blues

    A burning question

    Like many things here, the law is just for guidance, kinda just advice that you may or may not take!
  5. hk blues

    TRAIN Tax Reform

    It's true that the impact of the new taxes will hit the poorer more, but it should be partly balanced by the fact their income tax is reduced. We are seeing here what is the case everywhere that has taxes - stating the obvious but the rich and the poor pay the same but the rich have more money to offset increases. The problem is likely being exacerbated by those looking to take advantage by increasing prices way beyond the required amount to compensate for the tax increase.
  6. hk blues

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    Everything you say is correct as far as I'm aware Snowy, but isn't life too short to go to such efforts for a speeding fine. Unless it's more serious than we imagine.
  7. hk blues

    The other half

    I think she may be exaggerating for emphasis, in the same way that you were (I hope) when you said you can't understand brummies, scousers and geordies. My job in a previous life involved travelling all over the UK and rarely did I have problems with accents. That said, although I'm Scottish, I'd have to agree the broad Glaswegian accent would be up there with the Geordie in terms of difficulty. My pet hate here is the mixing of English with Tagalog/other dialects in the same sentence - totally illogical.
  8. hk blues

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    If she's there then surely that would solve the problem? If You've done the crime, pay the fine as they say.
  9. hk blues

    TRAIN Tax Reform

    The basic concept was to reduce/remove income tax liability for the poorer and increase for the richer. To balance the books, taxes increased on some goods ans services. In theory, the richer will he harder hit as they earn more and consume more. In theory...
  10. hk blues

    speeding in uk returning to philippines

    I'd get someone to open the letter and pay any fine due. It's not worth the hassle to try to avoid the penalty IMO.
  11. hk blues

    Budget help

    The bigger the budget, the bigger the expenses perhaps. I imagine most people spend up to their budget but few can afford to go over too often - if they can the budget isn't really a budget IMO.
  12. hk blues

    Budget help

    I guess there are 2 ways to look at a budget - 1) Calculate how much you think you will spend and live within it (or not) and 2) Calculate how much income-savings you have and live within it (no choice not to for this method.) I'm an option 2 guy - I have finite income and infinite opportunities to spend! I'd say the key thing is to build a buffer that will withstand inflation/exchange rate variations and the other things that throw spanners in the works.
  13. hk blues

    Items from your old life

    Thanks for the heads up Jack. I know how sticky things can get with tax so I've always played it down the line. I'm 53 so a bit away from State Pension, but I'm aware that when (or should I say if) I come to get it, I will need to go through some hoops to avoid tax issues. As I say, I've played it down the line so am as sure as anyone can be that i've done all I can to avoid the difficult questions - including not renewing my driving licence as a licence is, as you correctly point out, only available to UK residents. Which I guess is where I came into this discussion. Anyway, appreciate your advice.
  14. hk blues

    Items from your old life

    As neither the UK nor the Philippines (for foreigners) operates a global tax system, it is relatively simple to stay within the regulations with regard to offshore banking. A little suspicion is healthy Jack, and I appreciate your concern based on your own experience, but sometimes things really are as simple as they sound.
  15. hk blues

    Items from your old life

    Thank you for the confirmation. Your explanation is exactly as I understand things. I'm always a little unsure why a UK resident would choose to have an offshore account as the major benefit - tax-free status of the interest paid - is lost but I suppose the individual might have opened the account when they were non-resident and just kept it going when they returned to the UK. No gain, no loss I guess.