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  1. When To Begin Taking U.s. Ss Payments

    Thank you for getting the right information for the OP with the link you provided. I assume you're still in the States in that you did the online application. I was already living here in the Phills when I took my early pull at 62. I just emailed SS at the embassy in Manila. They called me back within an hour and took the info over the phone. I then opened a US dollar Social Security account at an approved Philippine bank. My first deposit was there right on time. I must commend the gals working at SS in the embassy. They really know their stuff and are extremely kind and helpful. Even just the other day I had a question on SS and they got right back to me Great people
  2. When To Begin Taking U.s. Ss Payments

    I'm going to guess here. You can usually take an early pull on your SS starting at 62yrs old. Until you turn 65, SS will deduct one dollar for every two dollars you earn or get from any source. That would be my guess as to why the penalty. Best thing to do for accurate information is to contact Social Security directly. If already here in the Philippines contact SS at the embassy at This Link.
  3. Yep, that's me from the other site as a moderator. Am enjoying exchanging PM's there and hope you have a good time in Angeles and Subic.. I still like the Swag in Manila. Rooms are way different than they use to be and the rest of the place looks like a 5 star hotel. Angeles Swag? I agree it's junk. Different owner and it really shows. Gene
  4. World to end this month. Drink up

    Great post Mike. The only time we fail is if or when we quit trying in life. I too feel that living here helps us to feel better and in turn live longer in most cases. The very fact that there is far less stress. Driving is another issue though. It really is a fool's game anywhere in country. Weather on a single motor, car, or anything else; it's the one you don't see that will get you. Riding a motor is the most dangerous form of transportation anywhere in the world. However, adding a side-car eliminates the need for balance and if "running lights" are added will increase visibility of your unit especially at night. I drove buses and 18 wheelers for years but like you, I realize that at 65yrs old my see, recognise, and react time is slowing down even if it doesn't seem so. I find that increasing my following distance at any given speed and remembering to keep the eyes moving as well as checking mirrors is the best thing. Our changing and declining health as we age is something that we are expected to pass through and experience. It too is a great teacher and refiner. Remember, the knowledge and things learned here, we take with us.
  5. World to end this month. Drink up

    Good Morning Queenie, I think all of us have good and bad days. That starts just about the moment we are born and continues through life. For better or worse, this is life and is what we have to deal with. Naturally for most of us (me included) there are far more days behind us than there are ahead. That's the way it's supposed to be isn't it? All are born and all must die. Our birth is an automatic death sentence. What's important is what we do with the time that we are allotted. Decisions we make shape our lives for good or bad and we must live with those decisions. I moved here to the islands in 2003 to get married. Problem was that the company I had worked for went under and so went the retirement. I arrived at the Manila Airport with only $700us dollars to my name. That's all, that it. My wife worked and continues to work a full time job. But for the first ten years or so we lived on just under $2us dollars (2) as that is all my wife earned at that time. Rough and difficult time to be sure considering we had no aircon and she was already raising a niece and nephew at the time. But we stuck with it; laughed and cried together and made the best of things until my other retirement from the US kicked in. Today we still have to be careful as we are now raising our four children. But it is the difficult times that we remember most. Not as difficult but as a time that brought us together and help us to build our marriage. They are times filled with good memories of times shared and places we went. We are only here on earth for a season. What's important is to look forward to each day as we age. Regret in coming here? No, no way. It has been the best part of my life and I would not change it. Like many others, I'll die here and that's okay. In the end we all die. It makes no difference where we die; but rather how we live and love and how we help and serve others along the way. “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. … All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable. … It is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire.” —Orson F. Whitney
  6. World to end this month. Drink up

    I have a feeling that the future or end of the world is a lot more difficult to predict than those people think. Granted, we are in the last days but this could or is likely to continue for much, much longer. Most important thing is to do good and enjoy life - today for we can not prevent the inevitable end whenever it comes. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not just endured.
  7. A great honor!

    Amen... Reading these posts it makes one wonder why there is no one to help all these people. We all moved here for a "better" life to to enjoy our retirement and in the process get a daily view and reminder of how the other half must exist. Sad failure for mankind when Christ's final injunction to us was to "Love one another AS I HAVE LOVED YOU." What happened? Will it ever change?
  8. Boy what a change in this weather.

    Yep,,, April and May in Luzon and most of the country. Humidity is high every day of the year ranging from mid to upper 50% to 100% when it's raining. Takes years of getting use to and a good air conditioner for sleeping
  9. Missing Wife

    Good ones boys, keep em coming...
  10. I use a CKK brand phone. That is the complete name, CKK. It's a Philippine made smart phone and bought it at SM Clark. I bought the CKK Duke 5. It has a 6 inch screen and IMO just as good as an I-phone or any other name brand. Extremely fast, good photos, and never a problem. Brand new it costs P3,200. Definitely not a bad price for such good quality.
  11. The Last Roundup

    I think when I get done using a catheter I'll never want to see another one even if it's a Playboy bunny to put it in-Hahaha! I thought you were over in or around Mabalacat. Shocking to hear you're in So Cal. I spent my childhood and young adult living in N. Hollywood - Close to Burbank Blvd and Whitsett Ave. Went to N. Hollywood High and eventually drove the RTD Bus out of the Van Nuys division. Also worked for PSA and Holiday Airlines at the Burbank Airport and LAX. My dad worked for and retired from Technicolor at Universal. Really a small world for sure. Anyway thanks for the replies. Always good to hear from you for sure. Nephi
  12. The Last Roundup

    Tell ya what. After all the years I worked for the airlines in the States and the way I love flying; that almost 15 hour flight from Manila to LA or San Francisco is just about the only thing I miss about the States. Nephi
  13. The Last Roundup

    Hi Jake, I was glad to do it because when it caught me by such a surprise-cost wise, I thought it could happen to any of us and would be a good idea to share the issue. Yea my daughter is my pride and joy. I have four others that are great as well but she is the one that is drawn to medicine and the like. She doesn't do the catheter as she has not been trained; plus at her age I don't think it would be a good idea. She does plenty including the IV injections and pressure points on or around the prostate area when needed. Several years go I went in the hospital with liver issues and extreme pain. I was told by my Dr then that I'd be in the hospital for at least 4 days, maybe more. She spent the night awake with me in the hospital bed and next morning the problem was gone and I went home after only overnight in the hospital. Found out later that she is empathic, a medical empath. Never thought such a thing was possible but time and again with me and others it has proven to be a fact. Even the doctors could not figure out how I got well overnight.That and with her medical abilities she'll be a fine doctor. You did your own catheter ? Not me-no how-no way---not ever! Was bad enough and embarrassing enough just having a female nurse do it at the hospital. My wife was by my side but still not what I'd want to do again. Thanks again Jake for sure. I think you live close to us if I'm not mistaken. WE ought to get together when I get all this junk out of the way. Nephi
  14. The Last Roundup

    It's a real eye opener living here at times. I've been here 14 years and still I get surprised at things. The only consolation is imagining how much all this would cost back in the States even with some insurance. I guess all we can do is our best and try to deal with the rest..
  15. My chair project today.

    That's cool and something I'd use on our patio here. It's amazing how just a little re-work on something can make all the difference.