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  1. So far we have had good runs with PAL. When we fly Manila-HK-Frankfurt-Tallinn(Estonia) with Lufthansa (PAL doing the Manila-HK leg). We showed up at the airport 6 hours before (checked out of hotel and went) and asked if we could have our flight changed to earlier to make sure we had enough time in HK to make the connection. Original was 1h 20min and with the earlier flight it was over 4h. They just called the manager, she had a look (made sure there were free seats for the earlier flight) and said sure no problem :D. Just keep your cool and be polite. Its allways fun in the Philippines ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.
  2. Haha. I know right! AllwaysRT but since they allowed such a short stopover on one ticket, its their job to rebook us to a new flight from Manila to Iloilo. Me and Anne had a talk and we will wait until its one month before the flight. If they havent changed the flight again, she will call them (she will arrive to the Philippines over a month before me) and ask them if they are sure about the 20min connection time they now gave us or if they want to rebook our flight with a bigger stopover :D. The ticket we have is Puerto Princessa-Manila-Iloilo on one ticket. They allowed the 20 min connection with their flight change. Its totally them saying that 20min connection is enough and they will rebook us if delayed. If it was two seperate tickets, then id be worried (if both flights leave on time, theres no way in hell we will make it even with handluggage). Im going to print the flight change email out just incase they wont change the flight before hand and we miss the connection. Shows clearly we had over 3h connection before the flight change and after only 20mins.
  3. We have a connecting flight with PAL on one ticket. They were the ones that changed our connection time from just under 3 hours to 20 minutes. They are fully responsible. Since its just a week sidetrip to Palawan, we dont plan to check in any luggage anyways.
  4. I wonder how meny more flight changes will PAL do before our flight in 3 months. So far they have managed 6 changes in a month. With the last change they gave us a 20min connection time in Manila between our Palawan-Manila and Manila-Iloilo flights :D. I dont think we will make it :D.
  5. There are APPs for your phones with offline maps. Works fine without mobile data. No need to buy a GPS unit .. I have been using app on my ipad. You just need to download the maps for the area your going to visit (download thru the app). So far its been all free.
  6. Theres plenty of places in the world where you can get robbed or killed Bruce (even close to our home citys). Pretty sure theres plenty of turists around Puerto Princessa and El Nido. Im not to worried. I look like a bum when traveling anyways. Theres bigger fishes for them to catch :D.
  7. Sister in law had 5 or 6 phonecalls with PAL. Asked for a hotel - No. Asked for rebookig - No. I guess finally they were to tired of talking to her and did rebook us thru Manila with a 2 hour layover for free. Not my favorite airport, but atleast the plane arrives and leaves at terminal two, so i guess ill be okey :D.
  8. We have our holiday all booked (Anne and Karl are going for 2 months and me for 3 weeks - all i could get off from work). Allways prefered PAL over Cebu Pacific if the prices were similar or a little more. Since Phil grandmom voulentered to take care of Karl for a week, we booked flights Iloilo-Cebu-P.Princessa and return the same way. We were very excited to finaly explore Palawan together.... That will be by far the most "we time" we have had for 1.5years haha... That was all until today. Originaly on our way back we had a 40min layover in Cebu, but today i got an email. Instead of midday flight they freaking changed our connecting Cebu-Iloilo flight to 18 hours later (6am next day). Im pissed off as ??????. Do you guys think there is any point to let the sister inlaw call PAL? They could have rerouted us thru Manilla if the flight we had was canceled. Worse case scenario anyone up for a brew or 5 end of september in Cebu ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚??
  9. I wrote a invitation letter saying that my mom will host us during our stay and will cover all the housing costs while we are in Estonia. I had her print the letter out, sign it, scan it and then i printed it out. She also scanned her passport and i added that aswell. Norwegian embassy was happy with that and did not require a official invitation letter.
  10. Is she working? Should be quite easy if both of you are working and traveling together. I dont think you can apply for the visa in a random Schengen Area member embassy tho. You have to apply in the embassy of your main destination (if you visit more than one country, then in the one you will stay longest). Our application in Norwegian Embassy (Cebu) was real easy. Both of us were unemployed (i just finished my job in Australia and she gave birth to our son). Got the turist visa approved in 2 days. We were not married, but had a son together.
  11. Last time i bought a ticket to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia from Manila (think it was Airasia). Worked out to be under 30USD.
  12. They let you choose a max % drop on the rate. If the rate drops more then your okey with by the time of the transfer, then they will return your money. I had mine set at 1%.
  13. Used to for both Phil Airlines and Cebu Pacific + booked thru Airbnb and ATMs gave money out and it was accepted in both SM and Robinsons. I just gave my Aussia drivers license with the card (it had "Prepaid" in the name spot) and had 0 problems. Just make sure its either Visa or Mastercard (not the debit or electronic versions or American Express) and you should be safe.
  14. Lets just say that the suction was good :D
  15. I had a Australian Commonwealth Banks prepaid Mastercard with me last time i visited (lost my "real"card a few days before and that was the only thing i could get in a short notice). As long as the card had money on it, it was welcomed in every ATM or shop that accepted Mastercard. It worked evey single time i used it.