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  1. I wrote a invitation letter saying that my mom will host us during our stay and will cover all the housing costs while we are in Estonia. I had her print the letter out, sign it, scan it and then i printed it out. She also scanned her passport and i added that aswell. Norwegian embassy was happy with that and did not require a official invitation letter.
  2. Is she working? Should be quite easy if both of you are working and traveling together. I dont think you can apply for the visa in a random Schengen Area member embassy tho. You have to apply in the embassy of your main destination (if you visit more than one country, then in the one you will stay longest). Our application in Norwegian Embassy (Cebu) was real easy. Both of us were unemployed (i just finished my job in Australia and she gave birth to our son). Got the turist visa approved in 2 days. We were not married, but had a son together.
  3. Last time i bought a ticket to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia from Manila (think it was Airasia). Worked out to be under 30USD.
  4. They let you choose a max % drop on the rate. If the rate drops more then your okey with by the time of the transfer, then they will return your money. I had mine set at 1%.
  5. Used to for both Phil Airlines and Cebu Pacific + booked thru Airbnb and ATMs gave money out and it was accepted in both SM and Robinsons. I just gave my Aussia drivers license with the card (it had "Prepaid" in the name spot) and had 0 problems. Just make sure its either Visa or Mastercard (not the debit or electronic versions or American Express) and you should be safe.
  6. Lets just say that the suction was good :D
  7. I had a Australian Commonwealth Banks prepaid Mastercard with me last time i visited (lost my "real"card a few days before and that was the only thing i could get in a short notice). As long as the card had money on it, it was welcomed in every ATM or shop that accepted Mastercard. It worked evey single time i used it.
  8. I have gone to The Vape Room in Cebu. They should have a shop in Manila at the Green Hills Town center. 200-250 pesos per bottle expensive? Well you wont get quality EU or US made juices with that money. I vape us brand called Halo and once i started using that, i dont even want to touch cheap Chinese shit. Taste difference is huge and the premium brand liquids dont make my throat hurt like the cheap crapp does.
  9. When me and the wife bought a breast pump for her after our son was born, the people in SM insisted we test it in the shop. Wife wasn't keen on testing it in the public and As i was just wearing a sleevless "wife beater" i got my boob out and tested it right there in the middle of the shop. You should have seen the shop clerks faces ???.
  10. But thats not how things work here. Most Filipinos take the Jeepny even if the walking distance is 200-300meters.. I was allways surprised how my wife wanted to take the Jeepny in Cebu IT town when we went for lunch or dinner. The restaurants were 1 minute Jeep ride or 200-500meters awey. I allways insisted on walking :D.
  11. If high speed internet is important to you, then the first thing you should enquier about when looking at places is the Internet. Is not like in the west where you can just get pretty much any connection aslong as you pay. Internet is slow and limited. We had 2mb Globe connection in Iloilo (lived only a few kilometers from the center) and that was the "best" we could get. Its was okeyish for the first 50gb and then dropped to 1990s speed. Apparently that was all that was availabe in that area. Roxas is quite small and secondary city in Philippines, so i think it will be harder to find a good reliable connection.
  12. Clean public toilets in The Philippines? Pictures or its not real!
  13. Bohol Vantage resort. Amazing views from the restaurant and your own private balcony. Far from the beach tho (10min bike ride), but the views are awesome. Hotel itself was in a very shiny condition 1,5 years ago. Owned by German if i remember correctly. Cost/what you get ratio in Alona beach was quite shit in my eyes... Roads are quite good and not that much traffic. A bike is a good idea to see the island.
  14. There probably isn't (atleast not much). I agree with what JPbago said.
  15. Washing it wont help it much as the car would look the same in less then 100kms. The joys of living in a cold climate i guess :D.