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  1. Wanna Start Learning Cebuano?

    Well, I was trained in Binisaya through Peace Corps, and have been speaking locally for a long time. I see inaccuracies and some mispellings and Tagalog words that are not used here in my area of Cebu. Yes some might be regional.
  2. Wanna Start Learning Cebuano?

    Yes Dave--and not to be too critical, I'd say about 1/4 of this list is incorrect, or not really accurate in Bisaya. Just sayin--best to check with a speaker who can help to correct or clarify.
  3. This is a little old now, but the most recent follow-up to KC's post. More updates will follow over time I'm sure. http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2018/01/22/alegria-road-accident-had-7-casualties-not-9-earlier-reported-585205
  4. Screening Vine/bush Recommendation

    Intrepid---having spent all my life in New England before moving here, I was content in gardening in a short summer season but was used to working with plants that I was familiar with. When I first started gardening here, I got into researching and learning the names and habits of many new tropicals, and how they grew here in my area. I thought that in the continuous heat and warm seasons, everything would just grow without effort all the time! That's not always the case, and It has been trial and error, but satisfying to try to learn to feel comfortable in making a tropical garden here with some confidence and success. I think that gardening here is a great hobby if one has the space and interest. I think you'll enjoy it too. Let us all know how you're coming along!
  5. Screening Vine/bush Recommendation

    That's right Intrepid--those are other names for this vine. It's a member of the Thunburgia family, just like the Black Eyed Susan vine. That's a tropical too, but I haven't seen it growing here yet. I'd love to grow that one here. It took a while to find the seedlings for this vine, but once we did, it didn't take that many plants to get growing and to establish itself. The seedlings were about six inches tall, and I think that they were put in about every three to four feet or so. The nursery might be able to tell better about that though. Earlier I went out back there to see how it had been growing in all the heavy rain we've been having. I remembered that a while ago we had trained it onto our "bahay Kubo" or native cottage over there, and it has now climbed up on the netting of the thatched cogon grass roof! It's another vine that can easily be pruned to reign it in over time. I like the mixture idea!
  6. Cebu Sunstar newspaper just arrived--they are now stating that there are still only 7 people dead. So much for accuracy, but some good news anyway.
  7. Screening Vine/bush Recommendation

    Hi Intrepid, A vine that I haven't mentioned before, but makes a showy vine that grows best a on the support of a trellis, is called Bengal Clock vine. I have a white variety that grows on the inside of our front cement wall clinging to nylon netting. Once the vines are established they'll send down secondary flowering vines that are full of flowers. They come in white, and two shades of purple and pale violet that I've seen here. The flowers are quite big and showy, and this vine of mine blooms continuously rain or shine through the year. You might want to try this one!
  8. Screening Vine/bush Recommendation

    Very pretty Mike! Yes they are not really invasive like some wild varieties, and can be quite showy in just a short time. My favorite is my pole bamboo, which was a little pricey, compared to others, but one plant in the ground by my front door has made a beautiful showy specimen with unique leaves in about three years now. My jade bamboo stayed small for a few years, while growing in a pot. Once placed in the ground beside the front wall, it now towers up above a nearby coconut tree! I don't mind though..
  9. Screening Vine/bush Recommendation

    I agree Mike--bamboo can make an airy swaying privacy cover , and it's just very peaceful to look at. Once bamboo is out of a pot and set in the ground, many varieties will branch out and tower way up. I don't mind that, but it is remarkable how many different bamboo varieties can really get quite tall! Bamboo in many forms are one of my favorites in the garden. Many pretty varieties here are Jade bamboo, Pole bamboo Chinese, and Buddha Belly bamboos.
  10. Yes Gator--I read that the driver's airbag was what saved him. There are conflicting news reports, but one said that the death toll had risen to nine people killed.
  11. Red Red wine!!!

    Hi Paul, Three red wines that are quite reasonably priced and that I like are Adega de Pegoes (Portuguese) Vino Fontana (Spanish) and Dona Elena (Spanish). I don't know much about wine, but just what I like. I mostly drink wine with a meal at home, so a simple red or white table wine appeals to me. It's heartening to me that there are so many varieties of imported wines and liquors available in the Philippines now. Mostly at a premium price, but if you look around, there are many decent priced wines and liquors to be had. Emp Light and other local liquors just don't do it for me.
  12. The family grows

    Nice pups Jack! I would have liked one, but one puppy in the family here is enough.
  13. Thanks Clermont, I'll try to post some more over time too. Good thought about possible fires--I suppose on windows, in any jungle garden like mine, that's a potential hazard. I'll have to keep an eye on smokers who visit.
  14. Yes Reboot--I've seen a lot of these Hoyas in FL on YouTube. That Hoya carnosa is a beautiful one! Back when I was a Peace Corps living in a rented house in town, there was one of these growing all over the front window box. They looked and felt like fancy flower cake decorations. I'd like to find that one to grow here in the yard too.
  15. That's very true Intrepid. The vines do add to cooling insulation and shade. I wanted a kind of "cottage style" look to the house from the front, and I think that these vines have helped with that. Free standing or mounted metal or wooden trellis structures are another good way to maintain vines as you say.