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  1. I used to stock Zithromax because every so often we'd get a sinus or ear infection, and it seemed to really get rid of it fast. Those antibiotic meds are now prescription only. I've never had much luck with OTC meds, so I don't stock them. It has helped me to take a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water at least once a day to keep my system more alkaline and less acidic that might feed an infection. It seems to work for me--I had a cold lately and always in the past it would turn into an infection, but this time it just ran it's course and was gone. That's if I tend to limit my sweets intake too. As far as diarrhea meds go--that's a great one to stock, as well as making sure you have an ACE bandage around or ice pack it you need it. On a similar vein, as far as a first aid kit goes, ever since we had our house built, we always had a well stocked kit around in case one of our workers got hurt. A pet peeve of my Filipino husband, is how if a road accident here occurs, often Filipinos will not assist their fellow citizens, and will just stand by and wait for a policeman/ ambulance to show up. Twice since we've lived here, two young teenagers had spills on their scooters outside our house. We helped them with minor first aid, and my husband drove them home, and returned their damaged bikes home for them. My husband says that while living in the US, he observed that most people will help out without thinking twice, and he wants to set an example like that here. A first aid kit for your place is a good thing to have around if you or anyone that you know needs it.
  2. I'm in the same situation as you Intrepid. I get along pretty well with my husband's family and extended family, and know neighborhood friends but they don't really relate to me on too deep a level. Living out in the province there are not too many foreigners living in my area, and sometimes the ones that you do meet are often couples and not really anyone that I can really connect with. Being that I'm a woman it's harder for me to meet up with other foreigners and be just "one of the boys" for a bit. I find Facebook a way to stay in touch with family and friends, but often we're not on the same wave length anymore. I go there less and less. I read replies here from people that I find quite sensible and approachable, and wish that many of you were close local friends. I know that you're all spread out and not just down the street though. Where are you? Also admittedly I'm rather an introvert, and tend to like my own time, with socializing in smaller doses. My husband has always been my best friend, but living in the Philippines, he is after all a local Filipino, and can't always understand where I'm coming from. I'm hoping that over time living here, fate will connect me with at least one friend that will fill that empty spot that I feel sometimes, and make my experience living here all the richer. I'm just not sure how it will happen..
  3. Thanks for being here too Gratefuled, and the kind words that I appreciate a lot.
  4. I check in at least once or even twice a day because I always like to see what's new with you all on the forum on any given day. I really enjoy the camaraderie here and often feel that you guys at times are the closest and a barometer of life's happenings here. How I feel on any given day doesn't really affect whether I post more or less, but I always like to read most everything that you all have to say. Sometimes if something comes up for me that I think others might relate to, I'll post it, or if I think I have something to contribute or say, I'll like, or make a comment. I just like the idea that you are all out there, and that you might understand, and have things to share that I can relate to. I'm also counting you guys that don't always post every day. I just like the thought that you might all be tuning in and are part of the group. Sorry to hear that you've been bothered with pain AlwaysRt.
  5. Jack--Are those what you Brits call" bangers"?
  6. I think that policy will change too Ram, to include North Korea. It makes sense to me too.
  7. Maybe he was rebelling and sympathizing with the treatment of gays in Iran. Being wealthy he must have felt that he was more protected and insulated.
  8. I think I read that he stopped over for a quick visit on his way to Hong Kong to begin a study program abroad. It's sad what happened to him, but I think that it was foolhardy of him to stop there in the first place. What possessed him to impulsively grab that banner, we'll never know. Naive and inexperienced I guess, and it cost him his life. Travel anywhere requires common sense and having your wits about you, let alone when venturing in to dangerous or unwelcoming places.
  9. Yes Jack--I suppose we're due for a cleaning too. I 've been taking out the filter and washing it under running about every ten days lately, because it seems a lot of tree pollen wafts in and gets caught by the filter.
  10. It's really hot and humid here in Cebu right now, as it has been since May. I'd say it's quite hot from May to October here in the province, with the other six months quite decent and a couple when you don't even need a fan running. I think that because we're on the water, at certain times there is a breeze even on a hot day that is pleasant. Having visited the Florida Keys, as a New Englander it was the hottest outside of the Philippines that I've experienced. I think those of you from Florida would have no problems with the weather here. I equate the hot dry season months as my "winter", and something I tolerate until the cooler and more pleasant rainy season arrives. May and June are the hottest months here. Being outside and catching a breeze is the best, if I can, as well as getting up early to make the most of the cool mornings before real sunup. My husband likes to swim to cool off, but I'm not really into swimming that much, as the sun is brutal. Otherwise it's fans/turbo fans all over going off and on all day. We sleep all through the dry season with aircon at night, and if the morning/afternoon gets unbearable like it has lately. I'll retreat to the bedroom with the aircon for a spell.
  11. I've eaten snapper and grouper here. In Cebu red or ruby snapper is called maya maya. That's my favorite here cooked escabeche style, or right off the grill!
  12. I love the Ritter dark chocolate mint bars.. I've gotten those at SM Hypermarket in Mandaue..
  13. I'm not knowing about the fine differences in Cadbury chocolate here, but it all tastes good to me and also the way I remember it tasting in the States. Hershey's chocolate bars and Snickers M&Ms all taste different to me here because a lot are manufactured in China it seems. The taste is really sweeter and flatter than the imported brands. That's why when in S&R I really like to splurge on imported chocolate from the US and Europe. I'm a candy freak, so it's a thrill to find not just a lot of different brands of chocolate, but candy orange slices, Almond Roca, and the caramel bulls eye candy and sometimes licorice. Cost wise I can only buy within my budget, but it's fun to choose my favorites within reason of course. We used to bring a lot of chocolate bars with us during visits to share with family and friends, but I think that the differences were not obvious to them. They just liked the "smell" of the packaging and the idea of being remembered.
  14. Don't feel bad Mark, anyone who has noticed in many of my posts, I am just the biggest idiom user ever! I can't help myself either, but also I've always liked playing around with words and phrases. Idioms are truly lost on Filipinos in general, but any Filipino who is a student of the English language always seems to want to know and understand as many idiomatic phrases as they can. It's really a cut above just speaking the formal language, and anyone who learns them has come far. (here I go again!)
  15. JGF I just noticed that new category the other day. I'll have to post something sometime..