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  1. Hawaii Beauties?

    Bows--even I can appreciate these vintage Hawaiian beauties! Tough call I'd say..
  2. Mactan dentist

    That may well be true Dave. I've tried both inside and outside and in the province too, with mixed results. As you mentioned in your first post, we might all seldom agree on which one might be the best. It could be a combination of reasons too.
  3. Mactan dentist

    Hi Goldbrick, I don't have any specific dentist suggestions for Mactan, but you might want to check the local malls in Mactan to see if there is a reputable dentist clinic to your liking. Most mall dental clinics appear to be more advanced and cleaner than a clinic one might along the road. Otherwise, Mike J had a good suggestion. I can say that the dental clinic that we go to at J Centre Mall in Mandaue City, Armor Dental Clinic, has been a good choice for my husband and I. That's where the Bureau of Immigration is, so if you might need to go there, you could possibly try this clinic too. Mandaue City is closer to you in Mactan, and not affected by a lot of the activity related to Sinulog in January.
  4. One foot at a time.....

    In Miami FL, body parts wash up on the shoreline all the time.
  5. How I love my refrigerator

    True JGF, but at least the gasket will be sealed. It's true about ManofColdland's repair observations. We have a very large General Electric refrigerator purchased in 2007, that lay idle in our house in Borbon, and only operated during yearly visits until we finally moved to Cebu permanently. It has had it's share of repairs because of that, but now is our faithful ref that continues to serve us well. The repairmen that have worked on it acquired the spare parts, and labor has been cheap. My husband is handy, and one time replaced a part purchased on Manalili Street in Cebu City where all parts are found. A reliable ref is a big desire for we expats I would think, along with freezers and aircons. I think that MOCL will still be able to experience cold (ref) on his move here!
  6. Strange Health Conditions

    Just a baseline-- Safeguard brand should help Rod..
  7. Strange Health Conditions

    Wow Rod--that situation really sucks. Haven't heard of anything similar here, or that filter system, so can't help you. Mold in general is a tough thing to eliminate, especially with the buildup that you're talking about. If you own the house, the filter might be your only/best option. If you rent, you might have to move to an area with a different water source. Have you spoken to any of your neighbors to see if they share your issues? Maybe the local water district could look into it in case there is some sewerage leak going into or near that deep well. Do you use an antibacterial soap or dish soap when bathing or washing dishes? That might help some in the meantime until you figure out your best options. Sorry that you have to deal with that troubling issue. I don't think any of us expats ever take water for granted, but the ability to have safe water is a must.
  8. New Peso Notes

    Jumper, from what I've read in the Cebu Sunstar lately, JGF is right. Many of these banknotes are coming out in the near future, or are already out in circulation now. They are just changes and enhancements as he said, and are not replacing any existing peso bills. It seems that from time to time the Philippines change their banknotes to reflect National heroes, new presidents etc. This is not something new for them. FYI there is also a new 5 peso coin coming into circulation, or already out now.
  9. Whinge (Moan of the day) any day I guess!

    Me too SonJack! Oh well not so for you after all..
  10. The Filipina and aircon (Filipino even)

    Over time my husband adapted to the long cold winters in New England, but neither of us liked them. We mostly run fans around the house here during the day, and it doesn't get too hot during rainy season here. At night we always sleep year round in medium aircon with a light cotton quilt, because it makes for comfortable and quiet sleep. It's true Jack--many Filipino relatives can't stand aircon when riding in our vehicle, and overall none of them really like aircon in our house or even a fan on them! We always like fans going most of the year, and I don't like getting warm. I know that I've acclimated some, but will never truly get used to the heat like the locals.
  11. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    JGF--with Christmas almost here, I'd be with with Eartha if I had a similar "Santa Baby" like hers!
  12. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Brett- if a gal is no longer desired-I would think it would be along the lines of "Step aside, all bets are off". if all these individual residences/condos are owned by the man, and all vehicles are leased.
  13. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Jack--I meant to say their "only" stepping stone to success.
  14. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Well Jack-- from hearsay, many have decent schooling as part of their perks, One might hope dream of a college degree or be enticed by potential future glamour model/acting type job in return, as long as one's looks, young age and appeal hold out long enough. Others might be introduced to another similar type situation with an equally well off man. Many I imagine are just glad for the immediate money and perks. Not so sure how "easy" it is to do though. Potentially, one could go back to reality, and that is reminded to them as part of the situation.
  15. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Yikes is right! Not sure how much is required by each woman--might be more of an ego/status thing, but you never know..