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  1. Saw this post yesterday in the news about a well meaning law that will be difficult to enforce.
  2. Queenie O.

    Philippine Ambulances

    Going from here in the province heading to Cebu City, the sirens blare with lights flashing all the way. When my husband had his motorcycle accident almost two years ago, the only ambulance available (not already in use from two towns) was really a glorified multicab, but to the driver's credit, he made pretty good time and people seemed to stay out of his way. I see many drivers in Mandaue and Cebu City though, fail to pull over and yield to ambulances, and the drivers often have to do their best to go around them. Why aren't there more driving safety rules posted around roadsides and city streets? I know that most laws are not followed, but over time maybe it would serve to educate some who are unaware. A general lawlessness in many instances in the Philippines bothers me at times, but a lack of educating the general public on what could/should be expected might be helpful. As Mike just said, oftentimes you see fast vehicles trying to follow close in the path of the ambulance. I guess a fast way of overtaking the traffic.
  3. Queenie O.

    Homesick for good Pizza

    JGF--Cebu Appliance Center seems to have some to choose from. Maybe you can check them out.
  4. Queenie O.

    Homesick for good Pizza

    JGF--I think that you should invest in a small electric or convection oven. You would get a lot of use out of it, and it doesn't take up much counter space. My son in South Korea had one, and used it all the time.
  5. Queenie O.

    Homesick for good Pizza

    Hi Intrepid, I can give you the recipe that I've used/adapted for years. I sometimes make a whole wheat pizza dough, but for most of the time it's this one from my Italian bread book called The Italian Baker by Carol Field. I found a Chinese active dried yeast here, called Eagle brand works great for me that I found at at SM Hypermarket and S&R in the baking products aisle, so it's probably found in many areas. Keep it refrigerated to keep it fresh over time. It comes in different sized packages. I knead my dough by hand, but if you have an electric mixer you can use that. About 1 TBS. or a little less active dry yeast Pinch of sugar 1 1/3 Cups warm water (not too warm as to kill the yeast) 1/4 Cup Olive oil (extra virgin is best but regular olive oil is fine too) 3 3/4 Cups all purpose flour (I splurge at S&R for Bob's Red Mill unbleached organic flour 5 pound bag, but local White King all purpose flour works fine too.) 1 1/2 tsp. salt Stir the yeast water and sugar into a large mixing bowl and let it stand for about five minutes until foamy. Stir in the oil. In a separate bowl mix the flour and salt together, and add it about a cup at a time to the water and oil mixture in the big bowl. As you go beat the flour with a big spoon until it gets too stiff to handle and then just knead it all together by hand for about 8-10 minutes until it's smooth and satiny. Instead of kneading it on a kitchen surface, I just do it right in the big bowl, and it works fine that way. Shape it into a ball, and lift it out for a minute. Lightly oil the bowl, and return the ball of dough back to it. Roll it around to get the oil lightly coated on the dough ball. Cover with plastic wrap, and a clean dish towel, and let rise till double in size about 1 hour. Flat it down. I usually use two medium cookie sheets that this recipe makes enough for. I sprinkle some corn meal onto the cookie sheets, but a little olive oil will do if you don't have any corn meal. Flatten the dough section on a piece of plastic wrap ( lightly dusted with flour) with your hands or a rolling pin. Stretch it out and shape it with your fingers onto the cookie sheet or pizza pan. You can add your sauce, cheese and toppings right away, or you can let the dough rise again on the sheets covered with a dish towel about 20 minutes if you want a thicker crust. I bake each pizza for about 18 - 20 minutes in the low rack of the oven, (a pre-heated oven at about 350 degrees)but keep an eye on it to avoid burning the crust. The cheese should appear melted. Tell me if I missed anything. Try this recipe guys, and see what you think!
  6. Queenie O.

    Homesick for good Pizza

    I know I know Scott.. Maybe I could make a pizza for you guys!
  7. Queenie O.

    Homesick for good Pizza

    I know that the post is about finding a good local pizza place, but as an alternative, with the many imported ingredients found here in the supermarkets and S&R, you can make a great pizza to your liking at home, given that you have an oven.:)
  8. Queenie O.

    Car Emergency Kit

    Seems like a good idea Jake. For myself, I write a small acrd and keep it in my wallet/purse that tells mine and my husband's blood type and contact info in case we both should be in a car crash and are both affected.
  9. Hi Kurt, Since moving here permanently, we've done most of our banking at BDO. We have a peso and dollar account, and a BDO Visa Debit card for international online purchases. Usually you get an account at a particular bank branch, and that will be your go-to location. If you go to another branch in a different location you will be charged 200 pesos for a transaction fee. I believe that it's good to get friendly with the bank manager and assistants early on, as they can remember you and help you to expedite your account if needed.
  10. Queenie O.

    Rain, rain, go away!

    Sorry about that OMW. Long stretches of rain can be a downer, and frustrating when students miss school too. I hope you folks get a break soon.
  11. Imagine. It seems from memory I read in the newspaper that that some high end subdivisions in Banawa had been hiding places for some Chinese nationals also who were involved with some fraudulent activities.\ in the past. Maybe it's a place to keep a low profile for a while..
  12. Queenie O.

    Philpost to the USA

    In the past year we've sent some birthday cards and correspondence from Bogo City and Mandaue and Cebu City Philpost main post offices.offices. You can send a registered piece of mail for 100 pesos, and you can track it up to the US gateway online. They give you a receipt with a tracking number to check. Haven't had any problems mailing to South Korea and the US. It takes about two weeks for mail to reach the East coast of the US in our experience. Mail in the past sent from our local town post office snail mail rarely made it, but this registered way has been successful. I think 100 pesos is a great deal, and has been helpful for us. Of course like everything it's a gamble I suppose with very sensitive mail, but it has been a convenient reliable way to mail greeting cards to family and friends from here. StevJo--Not sure , but probably you could send a SS letter through Philpost, as long as you kept track online to see that they received it.
  13. Queenie O.

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    This post's comments seemed to have stayed more on the topic of tipping while living here. I'd also like to hear more comments about how spending power might bring about a sense of freedom or satisfaction. Do you agree with Bows's statement in his post?
  14. Queenie O.

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Well, as far as I know it's the employer in the Philippines, that decides on this pooling of tips, not necessarily the workers. That may or may not be to their liking--I'm not sure.
  15. Queenie O.

    Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    I understand what you're saying JJ. It's not really a fair system at all. Morale could go south very quickly. I have some good friends (an American couple) who once were hired on as jazz musicians for a short term contract gig on a cruise ship to Costa Rica. After they finished their contract they were so disillusioned at wages, living conditions, food etc. That they gave up to ever use those types of employment as another means to support themselves as musicians. Of course many Filipinos and other groups of staff members don't have another choice.