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  1. Aro, from what I could find on Google, I think that vials of B12 could be purchased at Mercury Drug and other reputable pharmacies in Cebu, but you'd need a doctor's consult and a prescription. Many general practice/internist doctors at Cebu Doctors' Hospital or Chong Hua Hospital could probably help your girlfriend get the vial and inject it for her.
  2. On a similar but different thread, we brought some snorkeling equipment with us in BB boxes. Something for anyone settling here in the future to include in their boxes if they think they might get some use out of it Ours are like Not so old China hand suggested.
  3. I've had trouble finding sweet bread and butter pickles and sweet relish, so I've made them pretty often. If I do score a jar somewhere, I'll still buy it. I've made a couple of batches of mayonnaise, but was not that satisfied with it. I'll spring for the real thing of various brands whenever I see any, and lately I've been able to score a few jars of Miracle Whip at SM Hyper, so that was a coup for me!
  4. Hi Steve, Yes SM Hypermarket in Mandaue City Cebu also sells quite a few Tesco products. I've been lucky to pick up many baking spices lately that were unique and fresh. Last week I was able to find Tesco brand cardamom seeds that I can use to make Swedish bread at Christmas! All part of my ongoing hunt for new items.- Tesco does have some nice ones.
  5. Sorry to hear that news Jack. Condolences you and your wife and family. She led a full life that's for sure! In spite of her struggles, I'm sure she witnessed many happy times too. I'm sure she'll be sorely missed.
  6. Hey Old55, I've been meaning to get over there--Thanks for the 'heads up"! It's refreshing to find authentic ethnic foods here made by the people who know the true way it's made. In many places around the world, people have settled and made restaurants. Here in the Philippines, not so often, so it's not always very authentic. I hope that they stick around! Queenie
  7. Sounds like a great sauce JessDaddy! Best of luck with your business venture. We just got a new grill, so maybe I'll get around to ordering some soon. Queenie
  8. Mogo--I'm hoping to get to Vietnam one of these days too. Enjoy your trip.
  9. Not to go on about it but back in the eighties here in the Philippines, even families with the poorest children in the province figured out a way for their young children to attend school. The Philippines used to put more emphasis on education than they do now. Now in the province, I often see children that regularly don't attend school for reasons of helping the family or just plain carelessness on the part of parents. There is no law here that says children up to a certain age must attend school. I'd rather be the ones encouraging or celebrating any milestone in education for kids here be they rich or poor. I party for a child moving on in school makes more sense than the many fiestas that people waste money on.
  10. JP--sadly, listening is a lost art among so many all over the world IMHO.
  11. I'm always amazed how different missionaries of many different religions here, seem to pick up the dialect in their assigned areas so quickly. I guess they have good training beforehand, and because they have the zeal and they are driven to get their mission across within the time of their term, the language seems to come easier to them, because communicating is such an important part of what they do. Even as a Peace Corps Volunteer in community service/ Health and Nutrition, Visayan was taught to us in small groups by native teachers from our assigned islands in country. Even so, not everyone really tried learn it. Language was not as important at that time to finding out what your job would entail, as it was more" flying by the seat of your pants." I really feel that the desire to learn for whatever reason one might have, will be a big factor in whether you pick up some of the language or even more. Anyway, it seemed so interesting to me at a local restaurant recently, to hear a German missionary maybe in his mid- thirties speaking Cebuano really well to the restaurant staff. I thought--here's this German guy speaking, and not knowing any German language, I could still understand what he was saying. Strange but interesting. Just an observation of mine..
  12. Yeah Virginprune, but that's just a nickname, there's no name for a woman who has the same name as her mother here or in English. Back when I was a kid in the States, you would sometimes hear someone called "Junior." I don't think that's heard too much anymore.
  13. It sounds silly, but by watching Tagalog movies and dramas, I've been able to pick up enough Tagalog to understand quite a bit, although speaking Tagalog after Bisaya is much different. They speak slowly, and over time you start to pick up words and conversation. Being a native Rhode Islander in the US, we have a more New York/New Jersey hard nasal accent, so Cebuano is easier as it's louder and uses more words that are easier to pronounce. Tagalog is softer and more breathy, which I think I'd have trouble with. Now areas where they mix languages, I think I'd really have trouble. Of course nothing beats listening and learning from native speakers around you. Every area even in different places in one island might have nuances that are different.
  14. Gratefuled-- "Boy" is the local name/version for "Junior," someone with the same name as their father.
  15. Good luck in your ongoing search OMW. We've had that same situation at times with people who come to do a job for us. No real means of support, but still reluctant to do the work, even though it wasn't very difficult or challenging. Maybe because a couple were distant relatives...