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  1. Manofthecoldland, I've been here in Cebu for over 3 years now. I noticed my bank and some services don't work outside of the US because your IP shows you are in the Phils. I use a desktop app called Hideallip (do a search under Google). What this does is change your IP to most any country. For the US, there are over 40 IP's that you can choose from. What this does when you check your IP (whereami) , its shows for instance you are in Arizona. Even shows on Google maps where you are. Now Banking thinks you are in the States, even Hulu and News feeds work fine.
  2. Thanks Dave, I was thinking along those lines myself, having tried many different services, each has had a problem with either denying or canceling during transfer. And when I get one to work, yeeeh! Next one may not! Still trying to find the best service with the least problem. So far, worldremit most so far.-
  3. Strange Health Conditions

    Thanks for the reply Queenie. Haven't heard if any locals, having problems, maybe they are acclimated to this bacteria. Like those in Mexico, can drink the water, but foreigners can't. Wife going over to the water district to see if any problems. Good idea for antibacterial soap, will see if we can find. Thanks
  4. Have you or your family has/had strange illness's such as skin conditions, upset stomachs, virus in the blood requiring antibiotics? I had a strange abscess on my neck that grew to the size of a half apple on the neck. No insect bite, no perforations of the skin. Even the doctors were puzzled. Had to go to hospital for 4 days to drain, scrape out abscess, antibiotic drip. Started to investigate around to find the source. We drink only bottled water, but house water comes from the local district. The water source is n artesian source near the mountains. Since we take showers with that water. I did a test and found a high bacterial count in the water. Don't know if the problem is with the water or in the pipes. They use steel pipe at the house. I noticed a black mold in the toilet growing. Pulled off the shower head and it also had a black mold/algae on the inside. I suspect all the pipes have this mold/algae inside. Started pricing of a whole house filter that might contain mold/algue. Found at Ace, have large sand tank that filters out most objects with automatic back wash. That is connected to an external tube that contains large tube UV that kills bacteria. The whole setup will run over $1000. Anybody else using a water treatment for the whole house?
  5. Thanks for the reply BobP. I asked Western Union the reason for the denial. They hemmed and hawed a few times, then said it could be various reasons, Very vague. I think it may be the amount($3000), although allowed, it may be scrutinized a little closer. I'll try again with a lessor amount of a $1000. Could that be it?
  6. Ok, I have tried Remitly, Xoom, Western Union, Transferwise, and each service has created problems upon sending. Either I get intense scrutiny for various ID proofs, major delays and ultimately denied the transaction. Western Union I tried debit, denied. Then I try bank to WU agent. After 2 days then denied for no apparent reason. Checked with my bank, was not denied by them. Transaction was pending at bank. WU the denied transaction. Tried sending from self in US and receive by self. Remitly don't like that. Even tried from wife to me, then me to wife. Denied! Can use ATM with no problems here. Just hate paying the three associated bank charges on the ATM. In most transfers with the other services been trying to send $3000 from the US. They usually get denied. Finally got one to work only by sending $1000 with World Remit from wife to brother-in-law. There has to be a better way, and I think one of you expats has got the right combo of service. I am currently looking at XE, and Ria for transfer. So wise ones, which do you use? Bank to Back Debit to self Debit to wife Bank to cash? Could it be sending larger amounts kick off problems (+$3000) or keeping transfers to $1000? I haven't found the best route yet! What do you do?
  7. Kickass Torrents offline

    Piratebay is still down, just checked. Try EZTV for tv programs and RARBG for tv,movies and all others. Limetorrents on occasion works great!
  8. Pun for the day!

    And maybe this old one.
  9. Here is the litters had in the previous year.
  10. When I arrived here 3 years ago, I tried to bring my two dos from the States. They were Chihuahua/Pug mix. Got all the paperwork done/vet vaccinations and such ready to leave. Got transport cages and proper signage, was ready to go, then denied by airlines,saying they could not transport over the summer months after I checked with the airlines on what was needed. They neglected to say anything about transport over certain months. Bummed out about them, and dropped off at sister to take care of since I already had tickets. Arrived in Cebu, without my pets and feeling a little down. Saw the number of stray cats and dogs here and thought well maybe I could rescue a few dogs. Checked into the local breed (askal) and learned they are a very intelligent breed a very hearty health wise. So found a male and two female pups to take care of. Had a minor problem with red mange ( common with with most dogs here, thats probably why the local dogs look soo scabby and loss of hair). Now I fed them a mix of dog chow with rice and did most of the vaccinations. The two females of course got pregnant at the same time and kept them in a large dog run. These dogs figuered out how to climb an 8 foot chain link fence. Had to put sheet metal up to prevent the climbing. Then they learned how to jump against the wall and spring off over the fence. Amazing escape artists. Then they delivered a couple of litters. Now had 11 puppies! Nothing quite enjoyable then sitting down with 11 puppies all jumping up and licking you! Anyway, a couple of puppies were still born, probably caused by jumping/falling over the high fence, but the alive ones were very health and pudgy! Too many dogs to care for, had all but three pups adopted away to Filipino families and friends. I think because of their diet of dog chow they grew very large and healthy. They are twice the size of the local askals, and very dense and sturdy. About the size of large German Shepherds. The locals are afraid of approaching our house because of the size of the dogs, so they make a great burglar alarm day/night. No one gets in that they don't see on a daily basis! The diet they are given makes them grow very large here, yet they are very gentle pets. Never bitten anyone, just deep barks to those that do not live here. but since they are large, outside people just don't like to be near. The only problem is, these dogs like to chase and kill chickens, especially stray cats! I haven't seen cats around here in the last year. But their temperament and friendly expressions to the owners are one of the best I have seen. They talk to you and cuddle, and have the most amazing facial expressions. Learn tricks very fast, house broken in just a couple of days. One of the best dog breeds I've ever had. So what happened to all the other puppies that were adopted? By year latter, they were all dead! Filipinos I don't think know how to take care of pets here. Some cage them in too small cages and are not let out very often. Or they are just feed scraps and maybe rice( as most stray dog here). I never seen anyone else hug and pet their dogs like we do. Most I know can't afford to but decent dog food or care for them properly. This may be a western thing, but animals are not treated well here sad to say!
  11. Yes it is possible. In my case, I went to the private school my son was attending here in Cebu. The school was only 3 miles from the house so was very convenient. I noticed they had an IT department but would appear not taken care of very well. I went to the principles office and talked with her about volunteering time there assisting with there issues. She was very pleased given my experience with computers and networks and welcomed my help. She immediately put me in touch of who was in charge of the IT dept( another teacher). I assisted with some software builds and repair many desktops. I was able to set my times and what projects to be involved in. They welcome any assistance that I could provide them!
  12. Which TV?

    Whoops, hit return by mistake, We bought the 50inch Devant. We have been happy with that until we had a lightning strike, and the TV quit working. Called Devant and got a technician out and brought all the boards out with him. Got the tv working again in less than an hour. No pay, happy with the service. 1.5 hours out of Cebu city in the Province!
  13. Which TV?

  14. Must be local in your area. Cebu side west still going strong. No delays noticed.
  15. Another earthquake today at 09:36 here in Cebu. Seems it was a 2.1 out of Ormac but felt it here in Cebu. Watching TV, felt the chair moving back and forth for about 3-4 sec.