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  1. Help

    First of all, if you took a picture of the document was it saved as a pdf file? If it was a picture should be jpg, bmp,tiff or some such file. You can edit those with pc paint. Pdf's are secure documents and very hard to edit unless you have a pdf editor. Just retake the photo and make sure you save as jpg file type. Send that to your desktop pc and edit with pc paint. If its a text document, then send to email and open on desktop.
  2. Rats above the ceiling, we have cats that go up there to kill the rats. Now we have the patter of cat feet chasing the rats up above.
  3. heath insurance

    If your address is showing here in PI when you file your US taxes....you will not pay cuz your out of the US. Its one of the questions(TurboTax) asks for if you lived in the US.
  4. Phone Home

    One method I use is Skype phonecall. You can dial most phones with Skype credit for about $0.02 a minute. But if you have to call 800,866... some companies will not accept if there is no callerid. You can put in a callerid in Skype. If you want to receive calls, then buy a phone number from Skype. Cost is only . $50 per year which includes voicemail if someone calls you and you are not online. You can get the number with about any area code in the States. So, calling and getting calls are no problem now.
  5. Western union

    My question is, CAN you send money to yourself while you are in the PI? Some services don't like that. Can you send to yourself (VPN, so it looks like you are in the US). In other words (sender and recipient) same person? Also bank to bank dollar account PI?
  6. Wanna Start Learning Cebuano?

    Wow, thats a good list!. I'll have to add these. Thanks!
  7. OK, thought I had better start learning some Cebuano now. Here is a list of the basic words that I got started on. If you have some useful ones, I will add them to my list: English Phonetic Cebuano Hello Haalo Halo Welcome. Ma-aayung paag-aababot Maayong pag-abot Good morning. Ma-aayung boontag Maayong buntag Good night. Ma-aayung gabee-ee Maayong gabi-i Good bye. paanaameelit Panamilit How are you? Kaamoosta kaa? Kamusta ka? I’m fine, thanks, and you? Aako ma-aayo, salaamat, Ako mayo, salamat, ug ikaw? Og eekaw? I’m pleased to meet you. Naleengaw ko saa aatong Nalingaw ko sa atong panagkita. Panaag-keeta Thank you for your help. Salaamaat saa eemong Salamat sa imong tabank. taabank My name is _______. Aakung paangaalan see_. Akong pangalan si ____. Black eetom Itom Blue aasul Asul Brown Taaboonon Tabunon Grey aabo-hon Abohon Green berDay Berde Orange kaaheyl Kahil Purple moRaado Morado Red poolaa Pula White pootey Puti Yellow dalaag Dalag Big daako Dako Deep laalom Lalom Long taa-aas Taas Narrow sigpet Sigpit Short (height) haamoo-bo Hamubo Short (length) doo-ol Duol Small, little gamaay Gamay Tall taa-ass Taas Thick Tambok Thin Niwang Wide Lapad Round Lingin Straight Tulid Square Kawdro Triangular Triyanggulo Bitter maapaa-it Mapait Fresh lab-aas Lab’as Salty paaRaaton Paraton Sour aaslum Asslum Spicy poono saa panaakot Puno sa panakot Sweet Tam-is Bad daa-otan Daotan Clean Hinlo Dark ngyit-ngyit Ngitngit Difficult leesod Lisod Dirty hoogaw Hugaw Dry oogaa Uga Easy saayon Sayon Empty hoorot Hurut Expensive maahaalon Mahalon Fast toolin Tulin Foreign laang-yaw Langyaw Full poono Puno Good ma-aayo Maayo Hard (firm) gaahee Gahi Heavy boog-at Bug-at Inexpensive Barato Light (illumination) Suga Light (weight) Gaan Local Local New bag-o Bag-o Noisy Banha Old (things) kaRaa-aan Kara-an Old (about people) teegoolang Tigulang Powerful gam haanaan Gamhanan Quiet heelom Hilom Right/Correct Sakto Slow Hinay Soft Humok Very laabee-gaayud Labi gayud Weak looyaa Luya Wet ‘baasa Basa Wrong/Incorrect saayop/deli saakto Sayop / Dili sakto Young baataa Bata Few / Little gamaay Gamay Many / Much daag-haan / labeehaan Daghan / labihan Part paaRtey’ Parte Some / Few oosaa kaa / deli daag-haan Us aka/ Dili daghan Whole teeboo-ok Tibuok FOODS and Sanitation Food paag-kaa-on Pagkaon Can dee-laataa de-lata Cup taasaa Tasa Fork teeneedoR Tinidor Knife kootsilyo Kutsilyo I added the attached file for your own use. Please add and I will update my list! Thanks! EnglishPhoneticCebuano.txt
  8. What happens when dogs inbreed

    Inbreeding can cause a host of problems with new borns. From still births to various sickness before the first year. I had 9 puppies that were inbred a couple of years ago. There was 1 still born, 4 we gave away to neighbors. The ones we gave away died before they were a year old. Don't know if mal treated We kept 4 puppies(1 male 3 females) We have had them for over 2 years now. All the females grew up strong and loving and are a joy to have. Their only problem is they chase cats, kill them, then partially eat them! We don't have a cat problem from the neighbors anymore! HaHa! The male is the same with minor shakes. Learned that may be due to inbreeding. In all, we lost about half, but the ones that survive are just as caring and sweet as properly bred dogs. So not recommended, but accidents happen.
  9. Landers vs S&R

    Finally went to Landers in Cebu, Past 3 years have always gone to S&R for most of my USA foods. Well Landers is very similar. The membership(online) is at half price at P400. With that can get free haircuts, fuel discounts of P1-P1.5, which is something S&R does not have. Very clean facility, and the staff was very helpful! Even going on a Thursday, there were not many people around so checkout was very quick with no waiting in lines. The product selection was varied such as S&R, even some of the products were the same. Landers also carries the Kirtland brand which is the Costco, S%R brands. The meat selections were better than S&R currently carries. We prefer to buy beef in blocks and take home to cut and freeze in zip locks. The food court was very busy. Maybe cuz we were there around lunch time. Checking the food court items were very similar to S&R with a few differences in salads and such. Although they both have products different from one another. I think from now on, I will go to Landers first, and what I don't find there, go to S&R to finish what I couldn't find. I haven't compared yet price differences, I'll do that next month for like items. So for my vote, Landers gets a 4 out 5, S&R about 3 out 5. Will be adding more info next month!
  10. Overstay

    Got kinda update on overstay. Myself 5 months ower Son 7 months. Didn't think would be issue. Thought maybe pay P500 per moth as per above for each month over due plus the extension fee. Figured it would be . P32,000 for the both of us. Well I was a little wrong! Seems there is a magic date of 6 months overstay! After that, you have to file additional papers with photos, lawyer to verify, letter to commissioner to give reasons why the overstay(medical in my case), then the papers are to be forwarded to Manila for approval, possible trip to appear in person in manila, and possible additional fines, and possible blacklist and/or deportation. Looks like this is going to be a long day at BI. Already in the 3rd hour. Checked online (google) blacklist if you refuse to pay, or play the ugly american(complain and fight). Our papers were put on the bottom of the pile. Was talking with one of the Immigration guys on break. He met with us out in one of the cafes. I knew this was going to be an under the table deal coming . Since this could take days and possible travel to Manila, sat and talked with him. The Government charge was P35,000. But to get it done today was going to double my costs. Luckily I had enough on hand, but took all I had. He came back and wanted an additional P5,000. I said sure if you put it on a card! I knew he wouldn't, because it would leave a paper trail. So got passport visa's up to date and home we go. If you are in Overstay, the lesson is, do not go beyond 6 months!
  11. Manofthecoldland, I've been here in Cebu for over 3 years now. I noticed my bank and some services don't work outside of the US because your IP shows you are in the Phils. I use a desktop app called Hideallip (do a search under Google). What this does is change your IP to most any country. For the US, there are over 40 IP's that you can choose from. What this does when you check your IP (whereami) , its shows for instance you are in Arizona. Even shows on Google maps where you are. Now Banking thinks you are in the States, even Hulu and News feeds work fine.
  12. Thanks Dave, I was thinking along those lines myself, having tried many different services, each has had a problem with either denying or canceling during transfer. And when I get one to work, yeeeh! Next one may not! Still trying to find the best service with the least problem. So far, worldremit most so far.-
  13. Strange Health Conditions

    Thanks for the reply Queenie. Haven't heard if any locals, having problems, maybe they are acclimated to this bacteria. Like those in Mexico, can drink the water, but foreigners can't. Wife going over to the water district to see if any problems. Good idea for antibacterial soap, will see if we can find. Thanks
  14. Have you or your family has/had strange illness's such as skin conditions, upset stomachs, virus in the blood requiring antibiotics? I had a strange abscess on my neck that grew to the size of a half apple on the neck. No insect bite, no perforations of the skin. Even the doctors were puzzled. Had to go to hospital for 4 days to drain, scrape out abscess, antibiotic drip. Started to investigate around to find the source. We drink only bottled water, but house water comes from the local district. The water source is n artesian source near the mountains. Since we take showers with that water. I did a test and found a high bacterial count in the water. Don't know if the problem is with the water or in the pipes. They use steel pipe at the house. I noticed a black mold in the toilet growing. Pulled off the shower head and it also had a black mold/algae on the inside. I suspect all the pipes have this mold/algae inside. Started pricing of a whole house filter that might contain mold/algue. Found at Ace, have large sand tank that filters out most objects with automatic back wash. That is connected to an external tube that contains large tube UV that kills bacteria. The whole setup will run over $1000. Anybody else using a water treatment for the whole house?
  15. Thanks for the reply BobP. I asked Western Union the reason for the denial. They hemmed and hawed a few times, then said it could be various reasons, Very vague. I think it may be the amount($3000), although allowed, it may be scrutinized a little closer. I'll try again with a lessor amount of a $1000. Could that be it?