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  1. Which TV?

    Whoops, hit return by mistake, We bought the 50inch Devant. We have been happy with that until we had a lightning strike, and the TV quit working. Called Devant and got a technician out and brought all the boards out with him. Got the tv working again in less than an hour. No pay, happy with the service. 1.5 hours out of Cebu city in the Province!
  2. Which TV?

  3. Must be local in your area. Cebu side west still going strong. No delays noticed.
  4. Another earthquake today at 09:36 here in Cebu. Seems it was a 2.1 out of Ormac but felt it here in Cebu. Watching TV, felt the chair moving back and forth for about 3-4 sec.
  5. How To Plan For An Unexpected Medical Emergency

    I can report for Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu. I had surgery a couple months back and was unprepared for the surgery/expense. I was in the hospital for 5 days. The total cost @P175000. They won't let you leave the hospital until the bill is paid. Since we were not prepared for the total amount(money to be transferred from States). They do take credit cards or cash. Since I didn't have enough on departure, we signed a promissory note to be paid in 2 weeks and they held onto our debit card from the States. So, if no medical insurance, they will require a deposit up front @1/3 estimated cost. (Dr, Surgeon, Room, Specialist are all separate charges.) It takes about 6 hours to check out of the hospitals because of all the separate charges! Of course billing not computerized! Most expenses were relatively cheap, the medications/solutions were much cheaper if you have SO purchase from Pharmacy across the street. So for future, will get some health insurance for the unexpected. Although you may still pay immediately, then get reimbursed later. With insurance, deposit not required, and if balance not totally paid, they may forgo a promissory note.
  6. Then you can get PLDT Fibre where available. I'm in a small town(Mainggit) near Balamban Cebu. They offer upto 1 GB. We purchased the 50 Mbit, unlimited for P2899. Uploads at 56 Mbit, downloads @70Mbit. I believe the first 6 months is at half price. Customer service not the best. After we got it installed for a week, then it went down cuz of construction in Toledo(workers accidently cut underground fibre). Customer service was contacted several times, they did't know what was wrong and gave us BS, and said would be working by the end of the day. Had to contact SO's cousin that works for them to get the real story. And after the 5th day, still no contact from customer services that it was finally repaired. I just happen to notice the red light on fibre modem(LOS loss of signal), went out. Tried a connect and bang right back in.
  7. I've been hearing this for a couple months! Is this true or is a fake news article. http://tv-bbc.com/ky-philippines-favored-in-trumps-immigration-war-as-he-approves-30-days-visa-free-travel-policy/ My research shows that this may not be true, or to good to be true. Anyone know more on this issue? It would be great not having to file a visa for my Asawa on a visit back to the states!
  8. Antenna Mounting Hardware

    Another quick fix is find some threaded bolts 6-8 inches long. Cut off the head of the bolt so just have a threaded bolt. Bend around mast so you now have a threaded U-Bolt. Cut a piece of metal(drill 2 holes). Install plate with a couple of nuts. Walah! Threaded U-bolt keeps mast from turning!
  9. Anything new in pipeline

    You might want to check. I live @ 10KM from the town of Toledo in a little province area by the ocean, and I was about the 4th person to get the fibre installed.
  10. Anything new in pipeline

    Finally got great Internet connection in the Province of Cebu near Toledo. Had 3.5 mbit connection thru cable modem but it would vary greatly depending on internet cafe usage. Sometimes could only get a couple kbits per second to 3mbits after midnight, so most downloads had to happen in the early morning hours. Cost about P3500. Now PLDT Fibre is here with upto 1gbit! Signed up for 50Mbit plan for about P1899. Now internet blazingly fast. Speedtest shows 51Mbit download and 72mbit upload. Around 15X the speed at less than half the cost. Heads up guys!
  11. Went to S&R Cebu yesterday. Found tortillas(made by S&R in the bread section. Also found large jar of Mayonnaise (Kirtland Brand), get this 0 grams sugar! Unlike all the sweet philipino brands here. Got a little pastrami, beef, now making the best sandwiches here!
  12. Ham, not frozen

    I second that. i make my own ham in a brine solution with various spices. Store in fridge 3-5 days in brine. But i also use pickling salt(its the pink salt found in local stores they use for sausages, longinisa etc). Great ham steaks and ham sandwiches, yum! Very easy!
  13. Have you tried Remitly.com. Transfers from US to Phil is only $3.99 for transactions upto $6000 a month or upto $3000 per day. Deposit at many locations and usually only takes 10 mins for the transaction to complete. Been good to me.
  14. Same here. Sent 12 boxes BB status. As long as everything was listed, no additional duty or taxes. From tools to foodstuff, metal detectors and canned food. No additional costs paid.
  15. As I was lounging around, thought I would open some boxes I packed 3 years ago when I came to Cebu and retired from California. One of my hobbies was using a metal detector around beaches and parks. So thought I would tune up my detectors (Whites MXT for rings/coins and GMT used for gold nuggets and such). I checked the internet for detecting in the Philippines and only saw license requirement if you are hunting treasure, else public lands(beaches) are permitted, private land with permission. My brother-in-law has some land in the foothills that has strange Japanese marking in stone and has an unexplored cave nearby. I know about being cautious cuz some areas might be booby-trapped. I found some documents for Japanese markings here from WW2. I will be checking that area soon. Anyone have any experience in this area. Also, I live in Cebu and looking for some nice sandy beaches nearby. On the western side it is pretty much rocks for beach. Not a good medium to detect thru. Any detectorists out there I can converse with? Today after tune up and new batteries, tried out the field in front of my house. Walking along I had about 15 kids helping out to dig the spots. Alot of bottle caps, but for 1 hour I did manage to find P19 in coin. Kids were impressed! Just need to find better location.