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  1. Just called him again and it is not listed on the PRA website, however it is available to ex UK servicemen, as his was approved last year. He did not serve anytime in the Philippines. From what he has told me they will not offer the 'expanded' visa and you need to ask at the PRA offices.
  2. Just called him and it is called a 'expanded special courtesy SSRV visa' and he deposited 1,500 dollars.
  3. It is open to UK citizens. A friend of mine who only spent a short time in the army was able to obtain a courtesy visa.
  4. Good luck for taking the step of setting up your new business. The hurdles you come across doing business here in the Philippines will become easier with time.
  5. When it comes to stories like this, i tend to have a wait and see attitude. As far as i can see the house bill has only be submitted and there has been no decision on if or when this idea will be implemented. There must be thousands of these bills floating around congress that are never passed. The anti dynasty bill has been around for as long as i have lived here, but never seems to be passed or rejected. My all time favourite is the bill to declare Adobo as the national food
  6. The initial article was written by Rappler. The same group of online journalists came up with supposedly 7,000 plus extrajudicial killings that spread like wild fire throughout the world. They have never explained how they came up with that figure, so whenever i read stories like the one above i tend to see it trying to discredit the democratically elected present. PS The queue's at the airport are no different from any other time that i have been at the airport.
  7. Thanks Jack a very interesting read Were those wives Filipina's living in the Philippines, who had never lived in the UK?
  8. Nope thanks Did you notice the wording on the countries outside the UK? Do you know any wife's of deceased Brits who are receiving money from the British government? I did inquire at the embassy a few years ago on someones behalf and basically was told they get naff all. Also none of my retired British friends with kids receive any type of child support form the government, whilst the guys from across the pond are getting around 40,000php per child monthly.
  9. Would be interesting to here from JP
  10. I looked at the Bereavement package and all it seems to cover is wife's or husbands living in the UK. Unless your wife is a UK citizen or living in the UK at the time of your death, she will be entitled to nothing from the British government. The same would apply to any children you have living in the Philippines. Sadly i have seen a few cases over the years when the husband hasn't been totally honest with the wife and has lead them to believe they are entitled to some of their government pension when they die.
  11. I have never heard of the British government helping dependents of a British citizen here in the Philippines. Can you give me more details on where i might find the information? Over the years i have known a few Filipinos who have lost there foreign spouses and the only government that seems to really help the dependents living here is the American.
  12. We're doomed i tell you, doomed!
  13. Ditto....
  14. IMO North Korea wants to be perceived as a threat, however it is all propaganda for domestic population control. I certainly wouldn't change any future plans or lose any sleep over a bampot leader.
  15. Yes, the topic is prepaid credit cards, but my answer was to Gratufeld as he seems to think that you cannot get a 'credit card' limit here in the Philippines. Do you only use reloadable prepaid cards here in the Philippines? On my Philippine issued debit cards backed by MasterCard it has ATM debit card written on the front. On my Philippine issued credit cards there is no reference to whether it a debit or credit card.