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  1. I just noticed the previous topic was closed. Please feel free to delete my prior comment if you wish.
  2. Are Filipinos Racists?

    I heard that once or twice in the Phils. Doesn't bother me in the least. I don't think they mean it in a derogatory way for the most part, so if isn't said to give offense, then why should I take offense?
  3. Automobile attack in London. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4958398/Car-mounts-pavement-outside-Natural-History-Museum.html I feel for the victims, but to extend the logic, perhaps they should consider banning assault taxis in addition to acids and knives.
  4. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    Indeed, a lot of us here in our countries have seen what happens to our friends. And sometimes it is us, personally. To marry a woman is to basically put your life in her hands. From the behavior of women here (80% of divorces are initiated by women, women are favored with custody and often a good man is shut out from the family he loves, and 2/3s of male suicides are divorcees,) it's seems a poor risk to take. It definitely influences our decision-making when it comes to women.
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    This is called hypergamy...women, by nature, will tend to try to get the highest status/provisioning man they can get. The Philippines are a poor country, so Filipinas perceive foreigners as more wealthy and able to take care of them. Women assess a potential mate on a wider range of factors than men do, and they are weighted differently. Men are driven to a much larger extent by the appearance of a woman than a woman is for a man. It's not to say that a man's looks do not matter, they do, but they are one factor among others, and they are weighted differently in a woman's mind than they are for a man's. A woman's "hindbrain" is wired to find a mate that will be able to provide for her and her offspring, and give them a strong chance at survival so they can pass on their genes. Fertility isn't such a big factor, since males of our species often remain fertile into a much later age than women. The male "hindbrain" is wired to seek fertility, so that he can pass on offspring. What men consider beautiful in women is tied to their fertility. That's why men tend to favor young women, since they are more fertile, and they also tend to find more pleasure in such a woman. Therefore, for males, youthful appearance has a beauty of its own. Women know this, which is why they try so hard to make themselves beautiful and youthful looking. Men know what raises their own potential, which is one reason why men try to raise their status in various culturally appropriate ways. Because, let's be honest, if it wasn't for women, whether to get one or to keep one, we'd be a whole lot lazier. Nothing in my post is meant to denigrate the nature of women or men. That's just how we are. That's just the biological nature of us humans. It's hundreds of thousands of years of evolution at work in how men and women choose mates. That's the sexual/mate market everywhere in the world: women seek comfort (provided by status and wealth), men seek pleasure (through beauty).
  6. Right to bear arms.

    http://jewscanshoot.com/2015/10/16/the-warsaw-ghetto-uprising-armed-jews-vs-nazis/ Another eyewitness described the confusion in the German ranks: “There runs a German soldier shrieking like an insane one, the helmet on his head on fire. Another one shouts madly ‘Juden…Waffen…Juden… Waffen!’” [“Jews…weapons!”] Eventually, the Jewish forces began to run out of ammunition. The Warsaw Jews, like the Jews throughout Europe, were unable to produce their own ammunition. There was little “gun culture” among European Jews of the 1930s, so few Jews had the equipment for “reloading” — the home manufacture of ammunition. In contrast, hundreds of thousands of American families own the machine tools used for reloading; home manufacture of ammunition is legal everywhere in the United States. Stymied in house-to-house fighting, the Germans began to burn the ghetto to the ground on April 22. The Warsaw Ghetto fire was probably the largest urban fire in Europe since Nero’s fire in Rome. On April 23, Himmler ordered SS Major General Jürgen Stroop to finish things quickly, and Stroop promised to complete his job that same day. But he could not. That day, a poster appeared in Warsaw in which the Jewish Fighting Organization assured the Christian Polish resistance that the Jews would never surrender. The poster promised, “You have seen and will see that every doorstop in the ghetto is and will continue to be a fortress. We may all perish in the struggle but we shall not surrender….Long live the brotherhood of weapons and the blood of fighting Poland! Long live Freedom! Death to the murderous and criminal occupants.” [Ber Mark, “The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,” in “They Fought Back,” pp. 120-21.] On May 16, Stroop reported that the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw “no longer exists.” Himmler ordered a celebratory event: blowing up a beautiful large synagogue which had been built in 1877. The explosion could be felt all over Warsaw. Yet on that very day, Jewish fighters carried out more attacks in Warsaw. Fighting continued until July. Some Jews managed to hide in the ghetto until August 1944, when they joined the Polish uprising that month. The Germans suffered over a thousand casualties in the first week of fighting alone. The Germans had to spend more time subduing the Warsaw Ghetto than they did conquering the entire nations of Poland or France. https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=16599538532304446493&q=kozinski+doomsday+provision&hl=en&as_sdt=2,33
  7. Right to bear arms.

    Godwin's law doesn't always apply. Since you already opened Wikipedia, look up the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
  8. Are Filipinos Racists?

    In my experience, people from Asia are more openly racist than Western types. Personally, I prefer someone who speaks his or her mind rather than someone who hides it.
  9. Right to bear arms.

  10. Right to bear arms.

    So you know nothing about guns, Steve. Is it possible your opinion could be less than well imformed?
  11. Right to bear arms.

    Yeah I am sure Hitler disarming the Jews saved lots of lives too. Castro killed thousands of people, and drove millions out of the country, and thousands of people died trying to leave. But hey, at least he got the guns. Now Cuba is a poor shitty place with few human rights where women have to whore themselves to foreigners to survive. Most of you people are totally ignorant if what happened in Cuba..you just see it as a cheap vacation. As for rising up, go look around at other places. The Russians with jets tanks and bombs could not subdue the Afghanis in the 80s. All they had were hand held weapons. Neither can we without their consent. And that's just one example. Your point isn't valid, historically.
  12. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    Some of you guys have no style.
  13. Right to bear arms.

    There's a buying craze on those bumpfire stocks now. People think they will be banned. Worth their weight in gold. WTB Bumpfire stock. Will pay up to $2000. Just kidding they are still under $500 for now. http://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?Keywords=bumpfire&Sort=13