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  1. How hard is it to get US residing Filipina tourist visa in Europe (under PH passport). Turns out France and Italy are in the cards later this year for me and I wonder.
  2. We had a nice coffee machine at my old job. It was the cockroaches taking up residence inside that did it in.
  3. There is sublingual put a little tab under your tongue. I don't know whether or not that gets around the inability to absorb...but it avoids the GI tract. It's available here in the US, don't know about the Ph.
  4. OK you can vote and run for office. Speaking from a strictly rational perspective, that isn't a very valuable benefit. And now you get taxed globally for the pleasure of throwing your little piece of paper in the box.
  5. It's called hypergamy, and it's the base survival "mating program" in the female brain...find the strongest male possible...if a better one comes along try to switch. For the male, it's rounding up as many females for mating as possible while minimizing personal commitment...and they don't necessarily have to be the best because quantity trumps quality.
  7. Other than the passport, why would they want to get US citizenship (and I admit the passport can be a pretty big deal)?
  8. In war, killing people is secondary to accomplishing an objective. What Hitler was doing was genocide--killing Jews WAS the objective. Big difference.
  9. Apples and oranges. Hitler did not deploy chemical weapons.
  10. Seriously, however, it makes little sense to me for Assad to have broken out the nerve gas. He is winning. He doesn't need it. He can stack up the bodies using more conventional means. And using it brings reprisals. Maybe I am crazy but something doesn't smell right.
  11. I am just going to leave this right here....
  12. At least the losses weren't too steep...and a valuable lesson was learned.
  13. I wonder how much I need. I am 43 and the money is rolling in. I almost don't want to retire...making it is too much fun.
  14. Just take some lead fishing weights and make a necklace out of them with thick mono. But beware too much of a good thing!
  15. Well it won't be for the women that's for sure. *ducks and runs*