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  1. They say once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action. Four top-of-the-line warships out of service due to navigation/ship handling errors, all in the same command: 1/31, Antietam; 5/9 Lake Champlain; 6/17 Fitzgerald; 8/21 John S. McCain.
  2. Now they are "pausing" the Navy to investigate what's going on. https://www.wsj.com/articles/navy-begins-broad-review-of-collisions-with-10-sailors-still-missing-1503329812 In fairness, these are some of the most crowded and difficult waterways in the world.
  3. Same thing is happening in some cases with commercial pilots..too much trust in technology such that basic flying skills erode.
  4. Barcelona


    I got two of those brooms these days. We picked up another one just yesterday Ems hates the long handled American ones. I have to say, they pick up the dust remarkably well. Great on light stuff. Not so much on heavy.
  6. USN destroyer this time. WTF? https://www.yahoo.com/news/rescue-efforts-launched-us-warship-235957673.html
  7. Barcelona

    My friend, I've done a fair amount of research. Religion in Ireland was just a mask for a political and ethnic identity situation. As for Bosnia/Serbia, Africa, areas of India, Myanmar, etc, the only common denominator is right in your post--Islam. As for the rest of your post, no amount of education changes the basic nature of humans. Humans are religious animals. Education will not change that. Kill the old faiths, and there will be new ones. The Marxists tried to kill the old faiths in lands they took control over, smashing churches and temples, and then, guess what-- Marxism became the de facto religious belief. For many carrying a label of "nonbeliever" today, their politics is their religion.
  8. Barcelona

    You're as bad as the Muslims. Fact is, most get along OK except one. I've yet to fear a hijacking bombing or vanning in the name of Jesus Moses or Buddha, nor worry about that Sikh behind the counter or Hindu either acting in the name of their religion.
  9. Our wives /partners

    My Em seems to have a good head on her shoulders and has run businesses. Also trusted with money handled barangay finances honestly. That and plus her family calls her kuripot.
  10. Barcelona

    I didn't know it was still the holy month of RamaVan. Vehicles are a tactic, not the source of the problem. That's like saying the US in the1940s fought a war against surprise naval attacks. The Spaniards spent the better part of a millenium driving these people out. It took just a couple of decades of idiot leftist government to let them back in. The problem isn't vans. They have to go back.
  11. For all we know that child could be over 10 years old. All it takes is piece of paper. Or maybe the child is under 7...but compelling reasons. Piece of paper. Seems like some expats are the sort that run from a fight. If the dark side of the moon were accessible, perhaps they'd go there. Or board a rocket ship and set the controls for the sun. The heart of the sun. Only losing losers lose before losing.
  12. Blessed are the peacemakeres yea indeed.
  13. I feel your pain. You may not have legal options. The odds against you are maybe a million to juan. But you have rights that transcend the law. Unlike some who think inside the box, you have other options. There are always other options. It depends on how important this is to you, your risk tolerance, and testicular fortitude. I am no legal expert here. But as I've learned with latin america, odds in turd world countries can be tipped by a proper show of re$pect to the relevant authorities. You have your dignity as a man and a father that must be respected and defended, if that's your choice. Therefore there are other options. Filipinos are experts at these things. I don't need to go into detail. Some might consider to go native an option. People like to feel safe. As the pope once said, "who am I to judge?"