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  1. Don't we all?
  2. If it's beer, I'll have the Red Horse! Otherwise, Tanduay or Emperador is fine. Some of that San Miguel gin with coconut water works fine too....although the most shitfaced I've gotten in the Ph was on tequila...
  3. Now I don't care where you're from, but that, right there, is funny.
  4. Benjamin Franklin's own son sided with the British. His father basically disowned him.
  5. I don't have that problem, her parents were born about the same time as mine. But her nanay died giving birth to her younger sister, she was just 4. Her step mom died of kidney failure in 2002. So her tatay just runs around town with lady friends, now. The kids try to keep him under control (there's 7). They refused to give him my old Samsung S5 would only encourage him with those female "chat mates." No mother in law problems for me, although her tita might as well be. She seems to be the one who runs the pamily.
  6. So she's been here a month and I've learned a few things. #1 My 2 kids adore her. She's great with them. My 7 yo daughter follows her around like a puppy...and she does arts and crafts with her (it's summer and school is out). Her own mother does not do that. I try to be a good dad, but I'm not a mom. When she plays with them it is like she's a kid too. That alone makes her worth her weight in gold. #2 I've got dozens of plants sprouting. Everything from those hot little Filipino peppers (seed sneaked in through customs) to lemongrass. She goes out every day to tend to a garden she has always wanted. I lend the muscle to set things up (built some raised beds), the funds to buy supplies, (seeds soil pots) and leave her to do whatever she pleases. #3 I took her to Vegas last weekend for her birthday. I figured she'd love the glitz and glam....but no. We spent the weekend seeing national parks in the there's something we really have in common. Vegas is full of attractive Filipinas...but they're nothing like her, to be honest. She's quite conservative. She was rather shocked. But it's full of Filipino restaurants, which made her feel happy after almost a month. Too many days of of Kano food is too much to bear...and there's no rice at the table! Something that doesn't happen at home.... #4 She can occasionally become as withdrawn and self absorbed as I. After 20 years with my ex-wife, who was the opposite, I am not sure how to adjust. I'm used to being harassed when absorbed by a book, or just a train of thought.
  7. It was 105 degrees F at 9:30 at night in Vegas this past weekend. 115 during the day. Now that's pretty damned hot.
  8. It's very sad because it is preventable. In the US, many fire control features are mandatory in the building codes and are inspected during construction. Buildings like these must have sprinklers, for example. And there are other fire suppressing methods used in construction. Special fire walls, gaps in openings through which pipes and conduits pass must be sealed up with fire suppressing material, and doubtless more I don't know about personally.
  9. Apparently you know little about getting a USA gun license. Last I bought some bread, I didn't go through a Federal background check or have to endure a waiting period, etc.
  10. D30landia
  11. In the Ph I eat like a pig, don't exercise, drink as much as I like, and I don't gain an ounce. In fact, my clothes feel somewhat looser by the time I return. But in the US, if I don't go to the gym every day and hold off on what I eat it will go up. I don't know what it is.
  12. I just installed one of those built into the toilet seat type bum washers. It makes it much more polite for when I tell someone to kiss my a$$.
  13. On the other hand, you gotta love how these folks all look after each other.
  14. This old guy knew what to do:
  15. Deadly force is only legally justifiable in the event that it is reasonable for someone to be in fear of imminent severe bodily harm or death. And that applies regardless of means of defense..from bare hands to firearms.