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  1. Katy is 4!

    She's adorable congratulations.
  2. Been dealing with rats myself. They discovered a bag of bird seed in the garage and they are making a mess of things! The traps go off but there's never a rat!
  3. Is this Normal

    To the OP, yes it sounds like you found yourself a good one! But you'll be under the microscope too. For me, it didn't start with dinner at a restaurant. It was dinner at her father's house. A table replete with Filipino delicacies, all freshly harvested catch. Then out came the big bottle of Red Horse and the glass to be passed around. Lots of levity among the menfolk, and they love my rendition of "My Way". As we all happily get drunk, I am the life of the party. Then the smiles came off, and in the best English they could muster: WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR MY DAUGHTER? I sit there surrounded by her brothers....three still armed off duty cops, and her ex military father, trying to explain myself....
  4. Is this Normal

    How do you locate that talent? I'd love to find some decent help. Some Filipinos can be excellent hires, I have a friend stateside who engages the services of a crack coder, but as I said, how to find?
  5. My sister in law's house is ruined. Apparently they opened some floodgates or something because it got too high and the water rose fast and flooded everything inside the house in minutes. Cantilan Surigao Del Sur. They blame miners for changing the way the land drains. Never happened before they say.
  6. Are prices rising a lot in the PH? We are getting news of inflation here in the US.
  7. BGC..I am slightly acquainted. I went there in 2016 as a side to when I visited the American Cemetary to pay my respects on all soul's day (too far away to visit my grandparents so this was next best). BGC appears to be top shelf even more than Makati. I would guess it is expensive.
  8. All you can eat buffet.

    I'll have to try a buffet joint next time I'm over there but only if the food is fresh.
  9. All you can eat buffet.

    Buffets don't sound like a good business im the Ph. The Filipinos...those people can eat!
  10. Stocks and shares

    That's my feel on the market also, for what little it's worth. However, I would not be surprised for it to pull back another 5-10%.
  11. Not Microsoft office.

    I have Office 2007. But I use LibreOffice. There's google docs for text editing also.
  12. I'm sorry for what happened to you. It seems you went into this with a good heart and intentions. But thanks for sharing with the rest of us. We can learn from each others mistakes. I think there's a simple lesson here that would save so many men grief and heartbreak. You can't turn a whore into a housewife.
  13. What motorcycle?

    I've got 1 of those 500cc Honda twins (2017 Rebel), it's been a great bike so far. They're available in the Ph too. A friend used a CB500 in Thailand for a few months and said it was great.
  14. Please welcome Myrtle Pia to the world

    Congratulations. We are expecting our own girl next month. Her middle name was going to be Pia for a time too! This will be my 3rd, her 1st. Enjoy.
  15. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    As a former Westie owner, I know the problem. The hunting instinct is irrepressible. Plus they are fearless. One of them I had, as he got older, thought he could still go after bears like he did in his youth. Only he wasn't that quick any more, and that was that.