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  1. Am i lucky or unlucky

    Charity is certainly ingrained in the culture. My Filipina wife has her finances and I have mine. Her family drags on her, not me. That is the only way that I have found to maintain a degree of sanity.
  2. All along the Watchtower

    Not wishing to be rude but once I put a naked female manikin in a hammock on the front porch. Worked great. No more JW. After a couple of months the wife wanted it moved,... Problem solved, put it in the back of my pickup and disposed of it early in the morning darkness on my way to work. On my home from work noticed two cop cars stopped where I had disposed of it. School bus had came by and reported at dead body in a ditch. Wouldn't have been so bad but they informed me it was in front of a registered sex offenders house.
  3. Foreigners murdered in Philippines

    Possibly Not. Moderators edit: I combined the 2 posts for you. Welcome to the forum
  4. US peace corps or were they?

    Ha, Maybe you misunderstood,... "Piece Corp" not "Peace Corp", A Piece of your wallet no less!
  5. Subservient behavior

    Royalty or, "Walking Eagles"?