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  1. It's a thing I discovered when looking for land to buy via a company in Palawan. There the Government own land 50m from the high tide mark (different areas it's 30m). As you say you can't construct a permanent dwelling there. I actually had an agent that took me to a lot that was facing the sea. It was a long thin lot running about 60m along the beach and coming back off of the beach about 30m. The high tide mark ran onto the lot by a good 10m and they were trying to sell it as tax declared. I was well pissed off as we'd drove a good hour to see it and I'd already told him I'd only look at titled land. There was even a Government notice board on the edge of the lot declaring it as a protected area.
  2. Correct and the bank probably wouldn't lend on tax declared only as it's too easy to scam. I figured as your friend bought land and property it was titled.
  3. Realistically as long as you get a certified copy of the title yourself you are as protected as you can be in this lovely country. One thing that amazed me when I bought my condo is that there is no third party holding the money until the sale goes through. You're expected to pay all the taxes etc right up until exchange of title.
  4. Basically every piece of land in the Philippines has a zonal value. A price per sqm. It can be found on the BIR website for the area you are looking at. In my instance I'm buying a condo where the zonal value is 200 php per sqm. You work out how large the area is and from that you make a calculation of how much property tax you will pay per year. 1% or 2% of the total depending on whether you live inside Metro Manila or not. Every one that in theory owns land will pay this tax prior to selling the land. Some families don't pay it for years so when you go to buy it, back taxes must be paid. The problem is you can pay tax on any land you want and with these receipts try to prove you own the land. You then find a mug and show him the land is tax declared but not titled and that you must own it as you've been paying the tax. The mug then buys the tax declared land and then 50 locals come out of the woodwork to say they own it and a whole load of trouble opens up. Basically don't touch tax declared but not titled land and even then do due diligence.
  5. I'm a different animal over here and tend to tolerate most people a lot more than I did in the UK. As such I pretty much bond with most people. Even the ones that need the odd slap now and again. I find I just keep my mouth shut when around idiots and so far they've not been an idiot to me. I've now got a decent little group of ex pats that I can mix with. I just restrict some conversations depending who I am with. I'm also happy to go into a bar on my own so maybe I've became more of a loner and less in need of others who have similar interests.
  6. I've got to admit as far a forums go this is the best. Friendly banter with plenty of sound information and fellow members who understand others feelings and experiences. I'm one of life's optimists and tend to see the positive in most things. If anything it's not my feelings that affects my posts it's the information in the posts that affect how I feel.
  7. My tipple is Mango shake as I'm not much of an alcohol drinker. I think my biggest risk is diabetes from the sugar they put in it.
  8. I think I'd be worried if I had an attractive, single, mother in law who was younger than me.
  9. I'm guessing it's what some people call thin skinned. They take offence over the slightest thing. Like calling a Canadian an American. OK a bad example I think.
  10. I'd still double check if it's open if anyone is panicking. I was informed they were closed during the ASEAN summit. They even emailed me to say they were closed and I phoned the main office who also said they were closed. As my visa was running out I took the chance of phoning the satellite office up on the morning and true to form they were open.
  11. At least that's clarified it.
  12. Yes. It's been on sale for a while. That's the reason I'm awaiting info from the VP and also looking at a decent lawyer. It's titled and inside DMCI so there shouldn't be too many issues. I've seen it for sale previously at 6m php. I've got a decent agent on the island who has already done some ground work. It's good to go in his eyes where as I've asked him to check out 7 other properties and he's advised me of the pitfalls with the others. Boracay property buying is a nightmare unless you buy from one of the big developers as they own the only titled land on Boracay. Almost 90% is only tax declared. I've also got a review of previous rentals and viewed current booking for the property. He averages a minimum of 10 days per month with some months fully booked. I also got a print out of management fees etc.
  13. I'm finally biting the bullet and putting my money into a condo. It's a titled condo on Boracay, part of the DMCI group and at a knock down price. I've done loads of research into the dealings for land management etc and very little into condo purchasing so I'd need some advice please on the expected time frame from purchasing to exchange of condo title. I have a good friend who is very close to the Vice President there so I should get some inside information as to any potential pitfalls. Management fees are extremely cheap and I've noticed there are additional insurance payments I have to make for the condo and public areas. The main info I need is how to go about the paperwork for the sale. I'll be meeting the sellers in Manila this Monday which is short notice as they fly back to the UK a couple of days later. Any advice on a lawyer and the time frame for handing over fees etc would be gratefully received.
  14. Id be concerned how an animal clears it's ears when pressure builds up. It's got to be painful for it. I think when they travel in cargo the pressure is different.
  15. As someone that lived in America for a little bit in Washington state I'm sitting here smiling to myself. I had the pleasure of dealing with locals there that had never been to the Ocean even though we were about 50 miles from it. They thought Scotland was part of England and weren't sure about Wales. One even commented on my Scottish accent saying "it was cool" and then he totally blew it by asking if I'd ever been to Scotland?