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  1. They had started when I first looked at the site. The land had been cleared and a start had been made on one of the buildings. It's taken a couple of years to finish one building and to start the foundations of the second. In their office I was shown the master plans and it looked like over 80% had been reserved. As I watched their website over the years I got the impression they were using peoples deposit money to travel the World trying to sell more properties and not spending any money building.
  2. I was there just over one month ago and it's definitely a very slow project. I went into the SM mall where they have a sales office. I pretended I had just found out about the project and asked for completion dates on the condo I had initially been interested in? 2019 was the reply, not bad considering the last time I was told it would complete in 2017. As for now I've bought a condo on Boracay. Fortunately it complies with all environmental and building regs but the potential cllsure for 6 months could bite in the short term.
  3. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    I struggle at the best of times to get t-shirts to fit as I've got pretty big shoulders and chest. I find even department stores here rarely go above 2 xl. There's always next year
  4. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    Is there set dress regulations as I'm travelling light? Combat shorts, t-shirt and flip flops I'm afraid.
  5. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    Arghhhh just saw this as I'm headiing to Manila to collect a friend who flies in tonight from Scotland or I'd have bought them or given the money to the forum.
  6. Time and the Filipino.

    I've been caught out by that when leaving Caticlan. Arrived at 1pm for a 2:30pm flight. Straight through security by 1:05pm and decided to buy a coffee. As I was paying I heard a last call for my name. Literaly paid for the coffee and left it. Jumped on the coach which takes you to the plane and sat on it for an hour before it moved. Finally got to the plane and the flight was delayed. I'm currently running at about 80% of my flights being delayed.
  7. Time and the Filipino.

    Filipino time has saved me a few times from others Filipino time. I'd say about 2 flights and half a dozen ferries I'd have missed if they departed on time. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  8. Why Bother Yourself With Internet Dating??

    Isn't that incest?
  9. speeding in uk returning to philippines

    For me a lot depends on the circumstances and location. Where I used to live in Scotland there's two notorious speed cameras. One fixed and one mobile. They are basically cash cows. Located on a dual carriageway where in all my years there's never been an accident and no pedestrian access. If it's in a town or built up area then fairs fair, but these one the speed is reduced from 70mph to 50 mph for a half mile stretch then it's back up to 70 mph. Definitely designed to trap people.
  10. The other half

    100%. I've had to de-escalate a few potential arguments with a partner that have been caused by throwing what I thought was a funny comment into a conversation. My girlfriend almost cancelled a trip to see me which would have meant money wasted on flights over one comment. I've been fighting a flu like bug for a few days and the girlfriend asked how I was. I told her I was that weak that I had to cancel the orgy I had planned for this evening. She went off on one about being embarrassed turning up knowing I've had sex with lots of girls. It took me the best part of 20 messages to convince her it was a joke. The orgy is actually tomorrow night.
  11. The other half

    I'm also finding it's not the understanding it's the interpretation of what you say. I've had partners that spoke very good English but when I've said something to them that in my mind is straight forward they get a nose bleed and take it a completely different way. They just don't get sarcasm regardless how obvious it is.
  12. Shopping and more shopping

    Any time my wife told me that women were better shoppers than men I'd remind her that all the returns of goods counters were in the women's section and usually the busiest counter in the store.
  13. The other half

    I'm wondering also if like the UK different areas are more known for their friendlines. West coast verses East. North verses South etc.
  14. speeding in uk returning to philippines

    Another thing to be aware if is you can ask for a calibration certificate for the camera and also photographic evidence. The photo will be from the rear and not show the driver. By law you must know who is the driving the vehicle and also that it is insured for the person driving. In the off chance that maybe you or your wife could have been driving it that day write a letter explaining this. Accept that it could have been either you or your wife and explain that you are now living in the Philippines and either one of you is prepared to plead guilty once you can confirm who was driving. My money is on the ticket being thrown in the bin.
  15. Parents selling land.

    I've also just read up that Duterte only a couple of days ago has pushed to put a freeze on the re-designation of Agricultural land to Residential land for up to 2 years.