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  1. Yip. Full receipt, yellow stamp in passport and a card. Mind you it was like a creche with kids running up and down behind the staff. I'm sure it was there kids.
  2. All I had was a stamp in my passport when I entered. My photo looks like my passport photo so the must have a scan of it. The web site said I had to fill the application form in, the women at reception once she started moving told me also but she never had any forms. Mind you they did tell me they were closed by messenger and when I phoned up they were open. They also sent me to the wrong window where I queued for ages before being told to take a ticket number which again never related to any of the windows that were open. When I finally got to the correct window I asked the guy for a form and explained I want to extend for 6 months on top of the initial 59 days. He just asked for the money and told me to hand it into another window, which again wasn't open. I just went up to a random window and handed the receipt over and he told me to come back in 45 mins. Job done.
  3. I've just applied for a six month extension having been in country allegedly for 58 days ( I've left once ) and just filled in the standard CGAF to extend up to six months. I paid 13,405.50php and was told to go for some food and come back in 45 mins. On return I was handed my ACR valid for one year and sent on my way. No application form, photocopies or anything. I figured it was going to be a nightmare as the day started off wrong with the Bureau messaging me telling me they were closed to start with and my tourist visa running out tomorrow which is a National holiday. If they made a mistake it won't surprise me as everything they told me was wrong.
  4. Yip. It looks like it's on the way up. I've got a tidy sum to exchange but it's a gamble. I'd been watching the market since the Brexit vote and had resigned myself to cashing in if it hit 63 php again. I've just looked and it's 64.14 php now. I only transferred £2,000 yesterday so here's hoping it's still high next week. I think the banks know something is happening as the HSBC has been pretty poor recently. About 62.10 php to the pound but when I asked they offered me 63.10 php.
  5. My previous partner is a senior manager in an old peoples care home. She has a good thirty years experience and she swore that after a lot of her residents got the flu jab death rates went through the roof. She was anti them for anyone in poor health as she had documented everyone's deaths as part of her remit. Her notes showed that people in poor health without the jag lasted longer with their underlying illnesses than those given the jag. She said it placed an added strain on their already weakened bodies. Older healthier people however benefited. They still got the flu but to a minor extent.
  6. I just got 63.4 php to the £1 today at Makati Square Mall. A good 1 php higher than most currency exchangers and about 3.5 higher than the banks. Now would be a good time to cash in before the French Elections.
  7. It certainly is. It's probably best used as bait to draw to your outlet then sell then something that makes a decent profit. Maybe tie cell loading to Jollibee.
  8. I just popped into a Foreign Exchange in Greenhills today and their rate is 63.35.php. Time for me to exchange some money. Or maybe wait until the two anti EU candidates in the French election go through and watch the pound hit over 65 php.
  9. For the UK individuals we currently have a triple lock on our pensions which is set at 2.5% but even that can be dropped like a hot potato by the Government. The main safety net that I can see is to buy a condo in a great tourist site. This way you can live in it and only pay for utilities and condo dues, and survive off of your pension. If inflation goes through the roof you've got a better chance of renting your condo out and using the surplus to pay cheaper rental elsewhere. I'm in the process of viewing a condo that rents out at 5,500 php per night or about 40,000 php per month. Re-sale values are also quite high. My plan B area I can rent a one bed apartment 100m from the beach for 10,000 php per month. I'm figuring from a mate who lives there currently for rents to only increase slightly.
  10. Another persons perspective. This is the full interview not cut and pasted by Western Media.
  11. At least once the termites and other wood boring insects have had their lunch the furniture will be a lot lighter
  12. I moved over here due to seeing the changes happening back in the UK and that's before I even left for here. I left from Scotland which although part of the UK has escaped a lot of the UK's problems, but for anyone from some of the large English cities I'm sure it'll be an eye opener if they've not been home for over 5yrs. I'm saying this as someone who spent a good few years in England and returning to some of my old haunts after a good five years was met with a whole new World.
  13. I also just realised that model VW is petrol and you can only buy diesel on the moon.
  14. Now that you mention it I just realised there was no wind on the moon that day either so the flag wouldn't have been flying either.
  15. Just saying