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  1. Hawaii Beauties?

    I must admit give me casual beauty over bought beauty any time. There's a reason why some people rely on makeup.
  2. Changing Dollar's to Peso's

    I'll agree. Never exchange at the airports unless in an emergency. A lot of the decent hotels also exchange money and usually give at least 2 peso to the dollar more than you'll get at the airport.
  3. My money is on the World Banks getting together and regulating Cryptocurrency with Government help. They won't sit back and let technology cream off their profits. Short term there will be rises until they can figure out how to tax and control all exchanges.
  4. A Sex Robot

    They'll never work. You can't get a house, maintenance and half the pension from a robot.
  5. Some sound advice from those that have had years of experience. Definitely go ahead with the annulment asap. Things are changing in the UK with Brexit and immigration from outside of the EU could go both ways. Prepare for it to take at least 2 years though. Your age is against you for retiring in the Philippines but where I live there's a fair amount of guys who visit the Philippines for a few months then return home to their own countries to earn more money. Just ensure you maintain National Insurance contributions.
  6. As has been highlighted the UK is changing and visas are getting harder. Marriage is no guarantee of entry anymore and it has been like that for a few years. The last time I checked you had to have enough finances to support both of you. Add to this there's been too many marriages of convenience previously where women get married to enter the country and once they get citizenship they separate and take the husband to the cleaners. The usual saga where a few bad apples ruin it for the others. Even if married you will be interviewed by an individual who has seen it all before. I'd be expecting them to look at how long you've known each other and lived under the same roof. Proof of life time experiences together etc. My good friend has lived in the Philippines for about 35 years and married for almost 10 years. He visits the UK most years with his wife and has to jump through the usual hoops before she gets a visa stamp to leave the Philippines. I wish you luck in your venture but it's best to have all bases covered especially as she's already married. Remember adultery in the Philippines is a criminal offence so by proving you have a good past together you are admitting to adultery.
  7. The ugly embarrassing foreigner

    Sometimes you need forms to let people know that they are being judged by their counterparts. The clue was in the title " The ugly embarrassing foreigner". As opposed to " All foreigners are ugly and embarrassing." The term foreigner takes in a lot of countries and some of those countries have stereotypes. Fortunately so far from the ex pats that I know most blow those stereotypes out of the water. Sure there is the exception in every group and sometimes it takes others to highlight what they are like before they realise. Some have had sheltered upbringings or are used to being told they are the best by people to weak to tell them the truth. I've met one that other ex pats have warned me to stay away from due to his attitude yet when he started it with me I've put him in his place and pointed out he is being a dic@. The following day he's came into the bar and apologised. He'd been having issues and rather than facing them had bottled it up and let his frustration out on others. He's actually a good lad. I'd also hazard a guess that a lot of ex pats in the Philippines are ex forces or used to high pressure jobs and less used to pussy footing about subjects so say it as they see it. It's not being disloyal to other foreigners if anything it's showing that we recognise decent guys from idiots. I've also seen certain members of society sticking together when there's something beneficial to them but when there's nothing in it for them they wouldn't cross the street to help you out.
  8. I think their numbers might be in line with Filipino time in that they'll be nothing like the real figure. When I book online there are a good percentage of the hotels I like fully booked and if you've ever been to El Nido you'll realise there are literally hundreds of hotels and bed and breakfasts. Maybe they are recording one guest for the BIR and one for the owner . Just on the tours alone I'd hazard a guess that there are over 50 bancas holding between 14 to 35 people each that leave every morning from the beach. I've also seen queues forming outside some of the better restaurants and also take into consideration that Corong Corong used to be separate from El Nido but due to construction they now join up I'd say they have enough accommodation for over 10,000 people. Fitting them into a couple of main streets each only about 500m long is a push.
  9. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    The biggest change recently in the UK was to increase women's retirement ages to the same as that of men. It's came as a serious shock to some women who have found they need to work an additional 5 years before drawing it down. They have also released a report highlighting that by 2040 pension age could be over 70. They're obviously hoping most die before withdrawing it.
  10. opening bank account as a tourist

    From the experience I've had of lending in the Philippines it roughly translates as give me and you'll never see it again. I know of two people that lend money and one that sells clothing to friends etc. One that lends money is always moaning about non repayment the other lends to females and is like a wild cat. If she's not paid she will go after them and physically drag them outside for educating. The one that sells clothes has lost most of her close friends due to non payment. On top of this I don't know the legalities of lending money but I'm sure you'll have to be registered and pay the usual fees. Good luck with your adventure but if I never lived in the Philippines it would be the last thing I'd do. Its too easy for locals to disappear here and good luck trying to get your money back via the court system.
  11. Good news JGF f they enfirce it, but when I was there a couple of weeks back the roads were all being used 24/7 and the lagoons were overcrowded. To the extent that at one I just stayed on the boat.
  12. Hotel bookings online.

    Apparently they own Skyscanner and are one of the largest travel companies in China.
  13. I'm seen more than my fare share of girls hunting out new talent and also experienced Filipino jealousy at first hand. It's a proverbial mine field out there where even though you are the innocent party you're guilty by association. I've had everything from girlfriends trying to ban me from talking to her friends as she has had lots of experience of them steeling others partners to random strangers making up stories and telling my partner in Tagalog while I'm sitting at the same table. Even just playing pool I've had girls come onto me while my partner is watching me play. I was playing my friend at pool and a girl grabbed his hand looking for a wedding ring, when she never saw one she told him in a loud enough voice that his partner could hear " she's only your girlfriend then so you are still available". Needless to say there was the usual tears but it was so brazen. I've never experienced that in the West. It's taken a good 3 months in this location for my partner to now realise how much trouble the girls can be and for her to turn a blind eye to rumours.
  14. One issue I had on a shark tour was undergoing a wasted journey from which I never got my money back and just bit the bullet. I'd organised a boat to take me to Oslob from Panglao. The boat skipper said he'd leave at 5am and I asked for a 3am start as I knew there was limited tickets. He was adamant 5am was OK and as there was 8 other tourists I was pretty much out voted. On arrival at Oslob surprise surprise there were no tickets left. I could have kicked a stink up but I never fancied the swim back. I lost out on 4,000 peso but had a nice sail in the sun. Life is too short to get stressed out unless it's your last pesos.
  15. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    We are already seeing it in the UK where the age of retirement is increasing with the excuse that people are living longer. In the same study they are explaining we have an obesity epidemic and more people will die younger. Go figure. I think the biggest worry should be currency fluctuations more than the pension getting cut. I've not experienced it much but I've seen as far as the pound sterling is concerned the Peso fluctuating from about 67 to 59 back and forwards. Some old timers tell me at one time it was sitting just under 100 peso the the pound. Now if the peso dropped to 25 to the pound there would be tears before bed time. For this reason as others I've invested in somewhere to live as accommodation is my largest expenditure.