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  1. I'm with the HSBC and can withdraw up to 50k peso daily from my local PNB ATM in increments of 10k at no charge.
  2. I'm just off of the phone to immigration having requested figures of applicants against how many quota visas are still available. Lets just hope the personnel I spoke to don't have any input into who gets one and who doesn't. I spent just under 800 peso on calls and all I asked was: How many Quota Visas are still available for my country? I had every answer except for one with the figures I was looking for. Ranging from 100 applicants for every visa, can't you just apply for a different visa? It's a lot of trouble, you can't guarantee to get one etc. In the end I realised I was wasting my time and just said "I'll apply and just take a chance." I've had similar luck with a retirement visa even after going into their office. It never ceases to amaze me the levels of disorganization you come across here.
  3. Snowy79

    Planning my "scouting" trip

    2k per month to live on is very manageable in most places as long as you don't latch onto a Gold Digger, by that I mean a female who loves the Western lifestyle and wants to eat out and travel around a lot. I'm guessing you will end up with some female company and finding the right one is as important as finding somewhere to stay. Be wary of those with more than one Facebook account with lots of foreign friends, multiple names etc. Also pick an area where you like the view as you could spend a lot of time sitting outside watching the World go by or avoiding the rain in the wet season.
  4. Oops there goes another one. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/05/17/18/suspected-pedophile-nabbed-at-naia
  5. I see it sailing past Sabang, Puerto Galera a few times per year heading West.
  6. Any time I'm bunged up I find a trip to Jollibee sorts me out straight away.I think it's all the fibre in their beefburgers.
  7. Snowy79

    Oh to be young again lol

    You're pretty safe in the Philippines as most girls I know have no load or charge on their phones.
  8. Snowy79

    Making the move to the Philippines

    I think the secret is always to have enough money to cover yourself if you decide it's not for you and you have to return to your home country. I for one have certainly done my fair share of spending in the first year, travelling around exploring and buying a condo. I've spent more than I planned but have enough to survive over here. One thing I never foresaw was the closure of Boracay where my condo is, and the threats of returning the land to the locals, even though my property is titled. Hundreds will lose their properties even without Land Reform. One thing to be wary of here. The government can screw you overnight and as a foreigner you really don't have much protection over your financial interests
  9. Snowy79

    Oh to be young again lol

    When my 25yr old son and his partner lived with me for 8 months he would come in from work and sit himself in front of the TV most nights and play computer games. I used to point out to his partner what a good catch he was as he had a lovely back. So nice you could literally look at it all night. The sarcasm was lost on him so I tried the more subtle approach and pointed out how many of the guys in my unit were seeing other girls whose boyfriends were spending their spare time playing kids games on the computer. I said I could introduce his girlfriend to them if he wanted as obviously he's not bothered about her and at least she will get some attention. The computer was soon put away.
  10. It does sound like a blocked breather. Chances are with the water feed into the tank turned off the used water isn't getting replaced. If you have a pump on the delivery side it will be sucking out the water and creating a vacuum.
  11. I think if you're getting married you just need your head tested. ūü§£ Joking aside there is a medical form online but as has been highlighted it depends on who is checking your paperwork. When I looked at a retirement visa the medical form was pretty much bloods, chest xray, blood pressure etc. You are graded A, B or C. A being serious illness or being a contamination risk. B was general medical issues but not too serious and C was minor to no illnesses. Immigration had their chosen medical centre that you go to.
  12. Luckily this guy had 18 and 19yr old cousins of the minors with him or he could have got arrested. Oh wait a minute he did. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/158564/belgian-national-arrested-suspicion-child-trafficking
  13. Snowy79

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Taguig is nearer to BGC. Just Google the Venice Mall. No balcony but a swimming pool on the top floor. As an idea to the size it's about 3 double beds width with 3ft walkway in front of the beds and that includes the CR also. Basically a rabbit hutch. Pointless even opening the curtains as you look at another skyscraper built about 15ft away from you. A nice place to live but after a few months you get cabin fever looking at 4 walls all day with next to no day light. The Venice Mall has lots of restaurants though and a VIP Cinema with leather reclining seats. Not a great selection of shops though, mainly clothes shops.
  14. It looks like I'm staying here also unless my health decides otherwise. I'm from the UK and my Forces pension isn't enough to live on but just enough so that I don't qualify for any state assistance, and it's a good 14yrs before I qualify for my state pension which again even with my Forces pension isn't enough to live on in the UK. I couldn't imagine going home and working so that those that have never lifted a finger can live off of my taxes. It's time for me to get some of my hard earned cash back. Added to this the quality of life for me is so much higher. I'm practically a non drinker and don't smoke but enjoy fresh fish, fruit and exercising in warm temperatures. Made all that little better by having a stunning Filipino partner.
  15. Snowy79

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    I was renting in Stamford Executive Residences, Taguig at 19,000 peso per month for a 24 sqm rabbit hutch. Next door to the Venice Mall. Nice area with lots of restaurants but no real bars for nightlife.