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  1. ATM Networks

    I used the Maxbank in the town I live and my HSBC card was refused. I entered the bank and spoke to a cashier who took my card off of me and spent a few minutes making phone calls. She then told me to try again. It now worked so she must have added my card to the system somehow.
  2. Grab, Uber or just flagging a taxi down and ensuring it's on the meter is the way ahead. Driving somewhere then trying to park would be too stressful for most people and add to this, every now and again especially in the Makati, BGC area they close off roads and divert traffic.
  3. What happens when dogs inbreed

    I'd have a serious think over the Husky. They are great pets for about one year until their hormones kick in then they'll hunt and kill most things. They are also prone to running away for a few days at a time and add to this they cast more than any dog I know. I had one for just over a year and had to get another to keep it company as they are also very destructive when bored. Both came from the Husky Club and had traceable pedigree. The breader had been in the business for over 30 years and judged, raced and specialised in the breed. In her own words they were the most headstrong but intelligent breed she had worked with. She lost count of owners that were adamant they could train them as their puppies were great off of the lead. One year later they changed their mind lol. They are extremely loving dogs though. So much so that if you go to the toilet on your own they'll claw at the door and howl.
  4. I think I'd employ someone for the day just to tidy things away and pay for it out of their allowance. I'm sure they'll be happy with that.
  5. Still a very dodgy situation over here whilst on a tourist visa. Chances are you will get away with a few meetings but you must weigh up the pros and cons. You get away with it and everyone is happy. You get caught, face a possible blacklisting and kicked out of the Philippines never to return again. That might put a dampener on your wedding and the house you have here. Not to mention sticking your head above the radar with your employer. This is a very small risk but someone has to win the lottery as they say.
  6. Then way I see it the more this is publicised outside of these forums the more potential scammers will appear out of the woodwork and the more dangerous it will be for foreigners. I had the experience of something similar when serving in Canada. A local girl took a dislike to one of the lads as he put her in her place. She let slip to me she was going to put a sexual assault charge against him. She said her friend will back her up that he put his arm around her waist. I had to explain how serious a sexual assault charge would be to his career and the difference between how it's looked at in Canada compared to the UK.
  7. Safety for Pil-Am Kids?

    I've ot a spare organ I'm prepared to share with attractive Filipinas.
  8. Congratulations Notright on seeing sense. I like you get extremely infuriated with a few things over here but I've also had to bite my lip many a time. I'm now finding more and more that I'm advising others to put things down to experience and move along. If there's one things a lot of locals have in equal proportions to my frustration is their ability to dig their heals in, and sadly due to the nature of the beast foreigners very rarely come out looking good. Corruption and the crab mentality is rife here. For many if they can make money at the expense of others they will, whether it's a lawyer promising to sort legal issues out, real estate agent getting you a deal or some police helping you out of a tricky situation. Even simple things in life here when you ask to get them remedied you will get the answer "Yes Sir" then nothing changes. It gets to the stage where you realise you are one against an army. You may change one persons attitude but there's a thousand others ready to step in and replace that person. I don't have the link but there was an elderly New Zealander killed a couple of months ago after trying to treat a land dispute as if he was in a first World country. He bad mouthed a Mayor, the police and locals and was demanding people got fired for being unprofessional. A few bullets later in broad daylight and the issue was solved.
  9. I thought this must be a joke when I read it. It's hard enough getting a job here as a foreigner but who in their right mind would be happy for the locals to know their wage and address if they get the job? My apologies I've deleted the link as I never realised it was a blog site. In short the blog stated that DOLE had introduced a policy where any foreigner applying for a job should be aware the job was listed with their name, address, and wage. They then gave Filipinos time to apply and petition against the foreigner getting the job. The successful candidates details were meant to be published on the DOLE site and newspapers.
  10. Success or failure as an expat.

    I'm sure over here success and failure is certainly down to personal expectations. I've also had the pleasure of living in quite a few different countries and each have their own problems. The sooner we realise as has been said some things we will never change we just have to adapt to it. I came here for as stress free an environment as I could get and as I'm retired I counteract the negatives by allowing more time to get things done. If things get done quicker then to me it's a great day and an added bonus. If it doesn't then I was already prepared so don't get disappointed. I see too many of my counterparts getting stressed over the most trivial things. An extra hour at immigration, none of the food they want from the menu being available or waiting longer to get served. If they stepped outside of their bubble for a minute and had a good look around they should realise how blessed they are.
  11. Where to call home

    If I had to worry about where to live due to the family being a nightmare I'd be wondering what my wife or future wife was going to turn into. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say.
  12. Philippines Driving License

    I love how everything is standard in the Philippines (not). My licence consisted of filling a form in, colour blindness test and blood pressure. Pay the standard fee and receive a paper licence as no plastic available.
  13. A good reason why I would never recommend a partner to anyone. I'm sure we have all had partners that start off lovely then after a month or two the mask slips. Writting and skypeing to someone is a whole different ball game to living with someone and experiencing tampo, jealousy or annoying habits.
  14. Customer Service

    I think it's got more to do with the trust issues in the Philippines through years of experience. As has been pointed out in other posts there's a reason there's security guards everywhere and many with guns. It's not unheard of people purchasing new items and replacing parts from their broken one then asking for a refund. They even test light bulbs and fuses here before selling them. In the West they'd be happy for you just to take them home and test yourself.
  15. There's obviously plenty of LDR working but I'm one of those that have my issues with them. Not from my side but from experience of some of the women I know that are involved in them. I've only been living here for about 10 months but I'm learning more every day. Prior to coming out here I used dating sites more as a way to gain information on the Philippines and to get a taste of the cultural differenes. I noticed a few women were on many different sites with different names. Many were just to keen to bag a partner without really knowing me, this obviously got me asking what their motives were. On arrival here I've met a few girls as partners and friends. Some are bar girls with different guys every day and most have long term boyfriends or fiancees in other countries. Many are keeping a few long term boyfriends on the go. I've also seen first hand how good some are at lying to get money out of people, from family members rushed into hospital needing instant funds to deaths in the family. My last two experiences was a friend giving a girl 6,000 peso for hospital tests. She even sent him copies of invoices. It turned out she was away for a week with another boyfriend and no where near any hospital. The other one wanted money from me ( loan lol ) as she was visiting her sister for a week and wanted to pay her way. She said she was going to Manila. I refused and after she left I was getting my usual Facebook updates and there she was on the beach in Boracay with some guy. It's a minefield out there. If you are put onto a partner via a friends family you may be in with more of a chance but in today's technological era I find a lot of women treat relationships like mobile phones. They want the latest and best model. I think the amount of guys getting ripped off compared to those with stable relationships is testament to how hard LDR are.
  16. Churches in the Philippines

    There's one on the way to Oslob up in the hills called the Simala Shrine or something similar. It looks like a tacky Disneyland castle and I was amazed how many visitors it had. All that was missing was the Lourdes type healing area but I'm sure it'll appear soon.
  17. X-Mas Member

    Welcome to the forum Eric A
  18. News reports are coming in about a boat sinking with 251 people on board off the coast of Quezon. True to form reports vary from 4 bodies recovered to an unconfirmed amount of survivors picked up. Having made many crossings from islands on bancas I'm not surprised there has been another sinking as health and safety goes right out the window here. I've had waves coming over the banca and my friend has been on one that caught fire in the middle of the sea between Batangas and Puerto Galera. In theory once there is a category one warning all sailings should stop. It'll be interesting what comes of this. Here's one report I found courtesy of the BBC. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-42438607
  19. Hi Raj as has been highlighted it's your money to do as you wish but speaking as someone who has been taken to the cleaners by someone I love as has many on here I think you need to give your head a shake. The majority of condos in the Philippines you can buy outright yourself as long as the building has a 60/40 split with Filipinos owning the 60%. There's nothing to stop you from letting her live there for free just make up a lease for 10yrs at a time. I'm sure as she loves you she won't mind as once married it'll become matrimonial property anyway and she will have a legal claim to her share. Once married the lease cancels as you can't lease to a partner. If she isn't happy with this arrangement run for the hills and thank whoever your god is that you had a lucky escape.
  20. How dangerous is a WW2 bomb now

    It would certainly spoil your weekend if it went off. I'd head the warning even if it's just the moise that's going to blow your ear drums out. A night in a hotel is cheaper than the hospital bill I think.
  21. International Banks

    It looks like he had a bank employee on his/her off day. I arrived in country with an HSBC account from the UK in March this year. I was only in country a couple of weeks and walked into the HSBC at the Enterprise Tower in Makati. All they asked for was proof of address. They wouldn't accept my rental agreement for the condo in Taguig but for some strange reason accepted my address back in Scotland as it was tied to my UK bank account. The set me up with a checking and savings account ( pounds and peso). Two weeks later I was the proud owner of two credit cards which enables me to make free withdrawals. The only criteria is I have to keep 100,000 peso in the account. I transfer my UK pension into the pound account which costs £5 per transaction then when the exchange rate is good I move the money into my peso account.
  22. Hotel bookings online.

    Having spent the last 3 weeks travelling I've done my fair share of hotel bookings and I've noticed that a lot of the websites have identical rooms at identical prices down to the peso. They also have the same amount of room vacancies. I think a few of the major websites are owned by the same companies or are into serious price fixing. The cat was let out of the bag when I phoned about one hotel and when mentioning the website they told me it was actually booked via a so called competitor. One hotel I booked even said they only had 2 rooms left. I was in a hurry as my flight was cancelled so booked it. On arrival it was a building site. I phoned to complain but they were adamant I was at the wrong place even though I took a photo of the sign on the building site, spoke to security and confirmed with the trike driver and some of the builders. It took me 1 1/2hrs of calls before they accepted their error. One website that promises to find you the best deal ( trevago) from over 100 websites even charged more than the original websites. In short if you're searching chances are the first 10 websites may have different names but could be the same company.
  23. Hawaii Beauties?

    I must admit give me casual beauty over bought beauty any time. There's a reason why some people rely on makeup.
  24. Changing Dollar's to Peso's

    I'll agree. Never exchange at the airports unless in an emergency. A lot of the decent hotels also exchange money and usually give at least 2 peso to the dollar more than you'll get at the airport.