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    My girlfriend got barred from my condo building

    My run in with securiy was slighly more embarrasing. As I entered a hotel with my partner the guard asked to keep her ID. When my partner asked why he asked for that I pointed out if a foreigner enters a lot of hotels in Manila with a pretty female they think she's a bar girl. Talk about lighting a fuse.
  2. Snowy79

    Got burgled last night

    I'm in the process of picking out two dogs. For security but also companionship. I'm thinking a Jack Russel as an alarm as they are very territorial and bark at anyone including family members just through excitement, and a large and imposing dog like a Doberman to spoil an intruders weekend.
  3. Another side note. You have to be in the Philippines for 10 days before marriage. This will give you plenty of time to get to Mindanao, there's lots of safe areas there and I'm guessing it'll be cheaper there plus her family could be on hand to help out.
  4. Have a quick Google for rough ideas of how much a wedding costs over here in the Philippines to get an idea of what you will get for your money. Some things you have no choice but to pay for, like the cost of the actual certificates. Others you can adjust accordingly, food, drink, flowers etc. From a quick Google it would appear the documents cost between 3.5k and just over 6k. This should be a starting point for looking at a wedding venue if you've only 20k to play with. Out of curiosity are you limiting your budget for marriage as you wish to set up home in the Philippines or are you wishing to take your new wife home to the UK? If so read up on the other threads for more information. It could make you re-evaluate things.
  5. Snowy79

    Second visit

    Every day is a school day here. I'm still in the infancy of getting to recognise the cultural differences after about 1 1/2 years here. Some are great, others you'll just shake your head and think "WHY?" The main thing is you'll struggle to change any of them. It sounds like you're having a ball and you've got your head screwed on. Keep up the good work.
  6. Mine seams to log me in from all over the place. The dates and times are when I'm on it, so chances are it's just as has been said. Re-routing on the system.
  7. Having done the tour of Boracay I'm feeling a lot more comfortable about my apartment. The resort has repainted all the exteriors and are renovating their transport fleet. As for the rest it's going to take years as I say.
  8. Snowy79

    Easiest Excerise for Health

    My ex used to jump to conclusions and run her mouth off. She burnt lots of calories that way. I think it's a national sport here.
  9. Yes and this is the season when it is meant to be the worst when the wind changes direction. I just tried to walk the beach today and the sea is right up to the buildings. I've never seen it so high. Looks like with the 30m exclusion zone most properties should go.
  10. I'm on Boracay just now. I managed to talk my way past security. All I can say is it'll take a long time to sort out the damage done widening the roads. It looks like a war zone. A few km has been widened but the buildings have been left hanging and some made weather tight with bits of corrigated irom and spare wood giving a lovely shanty town look. The owners don't have the money to tidy it up. The roads are horrendous. Smashed up concrete, pot holes and gravel. The rubble from the demolition has blocked the drains leading to flooding. One good thing though is the green algae has gone from white beach. Local people said it was a natural phenomena and has happened since they were small children and had nothing to do with polution. Others blamed the polution and the algae feeding on it. Now the waste drains have been blocked and no tourists flushing presents out to sea the algae is no more so go figure. I'd give it years to complete the whole process if they ever complete it.
  11. At the end of the month I move into another property. To give those looking at moving here an idea of costs I'll list my experience. My first place was a 24 sqm apartment in Taguig, Manila on the 19th floor. Like a rabbit hutch with no daylight and no local market nearby. All shopping was done in Malls meaning taxi fares. Restaurants and bars were expensive by Filipino standards, I paid 19k peso per month rent and just over 3k per month electricity. My next place was in Sabang, Puerto Galera a one bed apartment with pool use and a small balcony. About 30 sqm all in. A local but very small market for fresh food within walking distance which is expensive by local standards. Bars and restaurants are also quite expensive due to it being a tourist town (sleezy) with a few girlie bars. I paid 15k per month rent and just under 4k peso for electricity. My next move was into a two bed apartment in the same complex, about 60 sqm which I share with a mate who does 6 weeks here, 6 weeks off shore. I'm paying 26k for that shared and getting ripped off for electricity at over 8k per month. My new place is a proverbial mansion in comparison. Only 2 bed still but each room is the size of my current apartment with a huge living room, kitchen, two massive balconies and a huge double garage in about an acre of land with loads of fruit trees. It's about 7km from Sabang on the way to Puerto Galera and 1 km from the main road on a decent side road. I'm paying 15k peso per month rent for that. The local market is 10 mins away by motorbike and about 1/10 th cheaper than Sabang market. Only a couple of bars and small restaurants but they are half the price of Sabang.
  12. Snowy79

    New Rental

    31st of February. Lol
  13. I retired at 52 and most of my decision came about due to the changes I was seeing in society. It may have been going on a lot longer but with social media and a greater interaction with civilian life since leaving the forces I was seeing more attitudes that went against the values that I cared for. I've lived here just over one year and so far I have no regrets. I've moved a couple of times and had a couple of semi long term relationships. The old adage that you don't know someone rings true probably more so in the Philippines a sthey cetrtainly have a completely alien outlook to things as most people in the West. Some of it is great and other parts drive you crazy. If I was to change one thing it would be to have a larger bank balance to tide me by until my pensions fully kick in. They won't be great but if you are healthy you can survive pretty well on 80k peso per month, as long as you're not a party animal or subsidising an extended family or paying a bar girl for the compulsory hospital bill, sick caribou, travel fee, new phone or food for the children that haven't eaten in days.
  14. Snowy79

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    A McDonald wears two quarter pounders and a Big Mac. The rest let it hang freely.
  15. Snowy79

    The weather, shoul i be worried

    I live in Puerto Galera and my partner is from Moalboal South of Cebu. She says it's hotter here. The humidity for me is the killer. I sweat like crazy some days sitting around but can walk in the heat of the sun quite easily. Not bad for someone who was blessed to be Scottish.
  16. My partner had a formal gown that had been attacked by mice. Fortunately they had only chewed the hem at the bottom. I took it to a long time established tailors for repair rather than have to buy a new one as it appeared a straight forward repair. The dress consisted of a blue solid fabric to just above the knee, and the remainder was like a mosquito net material, still blue and it stopped about an inch from her ankles where it was finished off by a band of blue material running around the hem giving it weight to hold the dress down. It was this band that the mice had chewed. Fortunately it was only the very bottom of the hem that had been chewed so I suggested to the taileress to take the band off, cut away the chewed parts and to sew the good part back on. She suggested just rolling the hem over to hide the holes but it would have made the hem too thick. I collected the dress today and she had cut off the hem, removed the good part and sowed the chewed part back on.
  17. Snowy79

    Come One ENGLAND!

    We were saving our energy after beating England at rugby and cricket ( I know. What self respecting Scotsman plays cricket? )
  18. Snowy79

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Comfort room, toilet, ablutions, shi@ers.
  19. Snowy79

    Come One ENGLAND!

    That's rounders. A whole different game and only played in kindergarden in most schools.
  20. Snowy79

    Come One ENGLAND!

    I've got to admit the World Cup has kept me away from the bar so I think it's a great thing. Grown men tripping over blades of grass and rolling around in agony doesn't flick my switch.
  21. Snowy79

    Humour (or lack of it)

    Sarcasm and humour is great. Just don't try it if you have a Filipino partner. The hours I've spent in the dog house over jokes. ( was well worth it )
  22. Snowy79

    condos, a new trend?

    My money is on the saturation point of view. I lived in Taguig for 3 months directly next door to the Venice Mall. There was a good half a dozen apartment blocks with about 300 apartments in each one. They had been finished for a good year with new ones sprouting up yet on a good night you could see less than ten lights on in the whole block. I think the Filipinos working overseas have been targeted by salesmen and bought over the internet and are now no doubt realising they will have to ensure they are making the same wages for a good 15 years. As most are on 2 or 3 year contracts there could be some serious headaches around the corner.
  23. Snowy79

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    I've certainly spent a few years living in an area just larger than a single bed but fortunately I was getting paid to do it. I'm now at the stage of life where it is great to have a bit of space even just to sneak away for an hour or two. My apartment was in Manila and once you've lived somewhere for a few months you've pretty much seen the malls and walked the streets which leaves you sitting in your apartment a lot. On your own it's fine but once you move the enemy in it can get a bit claustrophobic. My partner is studying as a teacher, our apartment is probably about 40 sqm and if I breathe too heavily it can put her concentration off. I'm not a TV fan but I could imagine if the TV was on there was be a domestic incident. I'm fortunate in having a decent balcony with a view to chill out on but if I was in a city living in a rabbit hutch I'm afraid it would be back to single life after a few weeks. I'm old to enough to think I deserve a bit of comfort and pleasure. For me in the future I'll ensure my apartment is at least 40 sqm if not more.
  24. Snowy79


    Does it work the other way if your partner wakes up one morning wanting to be a muslim? It might be quicker and cheaper than lubricating some attorneys hands.
  25. Snowy79

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    A 15.65 sqm apartment would give most people cabin fever. You probably sit on the toilet while cooking your food. I can see those apartments staying empty for a while I lived in a 24 sqm apartment for 3 months and it was like a prison cell. It had a small CR combined shower room. A kitchen about 1.5m long then the bed. To get into the bed you climbed onto it from the foot of the bed as it was up against the wall and had a dividing wall only 3ft high separating it from the kitchen.