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  1. I was having a discussion with a Filipino about the consequences of moving school mid term. I was putting across the point from a Western perspective as I have no idea about the system over here. My take on the subject is the child is only 7 years old. I thought the best thing you could do was to research the schools in the new area and compare private to public. I've been given a rough heads up on schools in the area ranging from : don't send your kids there to this school is highly recommended. I was on the side of picking the school that has a good reputation and provides the child with the best education for the future. The other persons take was that it's a big no no to move a child mid term as it could affect their grades for the future. I fail to see how a 7 year old changing schools would be that big an issue as they are still young and a 7 year old grades mean nothing in the big World, and indeed if they go to an even better school their grades may either improve or mean more. Are the school subjects here not universal at that age so a transfer should be straight forward or do schools make their own course work up? As a final note what school years are the most important for getting a child into a decent University ?
  2. The more I look into it the more I discover bought grades, teachers giving higher marks to make themselves look good and a serious lack of problem solving. Doing things the way they've always been done just because that's what others did and not because it's the best method. I've even had 3 people admit they just turned up for the exams and passed. I couldn't imagine that in a Western School as you'd have to show where your answer came from.
  3. Thanks for the input. I'm trying to get my head around the education system here as the only experience I have of public schools is imited. From casual observation the ones in the provinces tend to be a baby sitting service more than an educational facility. This is backed up bt the need for the majority of the locals using calculators for very simple arithmetic and their lack of ability to grasp things that should be common sense. The main point I'm trying to understand is : are the schools pretty much standardised and do the early grades really matter?
  4. Robert has hit on a very valid point as far as politics go. This is an area that is a red line for foreigners. Do not get involved in politics at any level. Also as has been said think twice before moving in together. If it goes pear shaped depending on her contacts it could end badly for you. I've learned the hard way about that but fortunately I had a good friend's wife who had words in her ear. By all means find a place nearby and have her stay over a few nights per week until you get to know her better. Good luck with your retirement here. It's a big learning curve.
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    Lets get to know.

    My partner loves me meeting up with young girls. It's fortunate that jealousy isn't in the Filipino nature so I can't see an issue with meeting up.
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    No but she did.
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    It could come in handy for kidnappers or people who dislike those that have served in the military. Not so sure as to what use it is in the Philippines as its free to anyone that applies for it and has served in the UK military even for a short time.
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    Boracay closure

    The information released via any media in the Philippines is only as accurate as the second it's published as things change in seconds here. I've been doing my fare share of investigating as I've a vested interest in what is going on as far as Boracay is concerned and so far there's 3 different scenarios and you can't even use common sense to calculate what route the Government will take. One thing they have got correct so far is they have dug holes at 5m intervals all the way along the current government rain drainage systems. At this time of the year the drains should be dry but so far they've found over 150 outlets from hotels etc plumbed into the rain water drainage system. This is sewage water and as such those hotels have been issued prohibition orders.
  9. I can't post a link as it's on another forum but it appears Boracay will close for 6 months as of the 26th of April. I have an apartment there that I rent out and guests are cancelling now as their flights have alsio been cancelled due to the closure. Moderator's note. Link added here
  10. I hate to disappoint you but I've also worked with the US and Canadian Military. I used to laugh at them thinking how lucky I was. I never took into consideration how quickly we could catch up and at times overtake.
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    Boracay closure

    Some have been sent on unpaid leave for between 3 and 6 months. That'll teach them.
  12. Sadly having spent 3 tours with the Commando Brigade involved in the Falklands and been on many operational tours I can safely say the British Military is being run into the ground. It's gone from a nation of warriors with strong leaders to a politically correct militia run by cowardly officers frightened of losing their Knighthood. I've still got friends working on defence procurement and have a little bit of experience in it also. We would trial various pieces of equipment and at times find some head and shoulders above the competitors. We would write our reports and send them to civil servants who in cahoots with politicians would do dodgy deals with suppliers or countries and we'd end up with pretty useless items. Just look at our aircrafts, ships and weapon system. Almost all not up to the role.
  13. I think in the West it's the defence companies dictating what we need rather than the guys on the ground. There was an interesting article I read during the Scottish Independence vote that pretty much highlighted one company working on the upgraded trident submarines also had close ties with the defence industry in Russia working on an anti intercontinental ballistic missile system. Pretty much me selling you a gun and your enemy a bullet proof jacket. A lot of the so called enemy states are now putting their money into electronic countermeasures. There's currently very effective weapon systems out there that pretty much disable all guidance systems and communication lines. In effect rendering super carriers pretty much obsolete. Over here in the UK our military is literally turning into a militia with cut backs while the defence industry line their pockets.
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    Boracay closure

    The only sea views will be a stretch near station one down towards Diniwid. This area you can see the beach through the open doors of a few restaurants. They are only about 5m deep. They will be losing 2m from the road side and depending if the beach side is 30m from high tide they may also lose some from the beach side. One scary thing for buyers is you have no protection even if you buy from a major developer. I've got a meeting with the Director of my apartment complex this morning. I've been assured that as the resort had been titled about 10 years I'm safe but there's a large complex by Movenpick nearby that has just been completed and it may get a demolition order. One Ocean View a massive hotel complex at Puka beach which is half finished has been told to stop building. Interesting times ahead.
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    Boracay closure

    Well first impressions there's going to be thousands of properties affected just on the new road. Currently a two lane road runs the length of the island and it's getting widened to 4 lanes. All the length there's red spray paint on building listing how much of the building they'll lose. It averages between one and just over 2m. For some this pretty much means total destruction.
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    Boracay closure

    I'll be on Boracay in the next few hours and shall try to get as good an answer as possible as to what's happening. At a rough educated guess the wetlands will be reclaimed regardless who or what is built on it. Over 1000 migrant workers homes built illegaly will also be torn down. The White beach area will also be tackled to ensure nothing encroaches within 30m of high tide and a new wider road will be ploughed through the island with a new sewage system going in at a similar time. After this I can see individual properties tackled on a case by case svenario. Some of the major resorts contravene building rules but I think tackling them just now would open a can of worms in the Government.
  17. I think the Big Stick works great against countries with a basic military presence but packing all your toys up on one ship doesn't cut much with most super powers. If I was the likes of China and this turned up on my doorstep threatening me the first thing I'd to is line up my conventional systems at it and have my nukes on standby. The first missile it fired would be classed as an act of war. At a rough guess the Big Stick may be able to stop 5% of incoming missiles before getting wiped out. It would then be up to the big boys to decide if they want to play the nuclear game. I'd hedge a bet, like North Korea no one would risk an attack as itt would only end one way with no winners.
  18. I think even tweets are manipulated and may not be coming from the actual person all the time. It's openly reported that a few VIPs and celebrities have media managers that do a lot of replying for them. It's not perfect but if it's left up to the media to pass the message on you're going to get seriously conflicting reports.
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    Boracay closure

    It's certainly going to open a can of worms as there's major resorts with titles issed to them that are open to interpretation as to being legal. Just because it was issued by a Government body with responsibilities for titling just doesn't mean it's legal in the Government's eyes. In short companies with clout may have had people with brown envelopes stuffed with cash lubricating those making decisions to get titles. Others have since bought condos in good faith and could now lose everything. I wonder where they stand as far as compensation goes.
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    Boracay closure

    I've been keeping a keen eye on the proceedings going on in Boracay and if some of the reports coming out of government offices are to believed it could be the largest government land grab in a while. My latest news is that only residents of Boracay with valid ID will be allowed on the island yet they stopped issuing ID yesterday due to demand. All tourist will be banned and media must apply for special permits to visit the island. Locals will only be allowed to swim at station 3 between 9am and 5pm, the remainder of beaches are strictly out of bounds. Foreigners who own property on Boracay are to have their immigration status re-assessed by immigration. No hotel or resort will receive even one centavo in compensation yet will still be paying very high rental fees. Who will buy out the bankrupt resorts, hotels and properties held by foreigners that don't fit in with immigration rules is any ones guess.
  21. The media in all forms have been controlling the thoughts of people for too long. I've lost count of the amount of headlines that highlight one point that strikes fear into people then when you read all the information it's riddled with: could, may, should, all options are still open etc. Going back to the person in the initial report he has been savaged by most of the liberal media as someone who is mentally deranged, yet when his predecessor actually carried out some of the things he has been accused of threatening he was a great President and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
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    Why Play Games?

    As in the West most young girls change over time. I'm sure I've said it before on here but if a guy is a di@k he tends to stay one all his life. It's inprinted in our DNA. Women however tend to go through phases in life. It's like their facination for changing clothes 5 times before going out. Being involved with anyone under 30 then you're risking the roll of a dice as to what character she is going to turn into next. Add into the mix poverty nd the education system over here then it's a mine field. My money says you're one of a few boyfriends and the others may be getting more of her attention as they are even more blinded by lust and opening their wallets further.
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    Boracay closure

    The calamity payments will bite those getting paid cash in hand. I'd hazzard a guess over 50% aren't on any official payroll.
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    Hypothetical Reproduction!

    I think that happened to one of my neighbours. He had a vasectomy and his wife still got pregnant. The doctor said it was what's called a grudge pregnancy. Apparently someone had it in for him.
  25. Speaking to a guy that is into cock fighting they spend more money on the cocks than their kids. He says they give them medicine ( aye right ) that improves their health but makes them unfit for eating but it doesn't stop some. Personally I don't get the thrill of cock fighting as most fights last seconds and ends in the death of the opposition. I've seen more excitement at cricket. ( rounders )