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  1. I think this is the best most informative thread I have ever read on any forum. Real boots on the ground experiences that are neither bitter expats or rose colored glasses new bees just honest "this is how it is" posts. Thanks
  2. Just came thru terminal 1 on Jan 23, painless experience. No waiting at immigration, baggage no problem. Clean and orderly.
  3. At this moment my wife is chatting about the health of her sister. The topic is how much is the sisters treatment for her cancer. The husband is a trycicle driver. If we send $500 dollars, will it really make a difference. I doubt if it will, what should we do?
  4. Just a question. Remember "lovestowinalot" a former member? Ask him how he is doing.
  5. Good luck on finding a noise free environment. The Philippines is all about noise and commotion.
  6. Ok, if I have this right. He is moving to a 3rd world country that he knows little about to marry a lady that he has been chatting to for the last 5yrs but has never had the opportunity to hold her hand. And to top it all off he will have no independent income but she has agreed to support him. Now that is what I call a plan. Doug
  7. What we have done and it has worked well for the last 6yrs. Twice a year we send a box or two of clothing , household items, school supplies etc. We picked out the young lady that seemed to have the most potential and hard working parents who didn't have the means, to pay for schooling. Other than that the only requests we have had for help has been emergencies that come up and that has only been a time or two. Just lucky I guess I think the key is to keep expectations low in the beginning and have a supportive wife. Doug
  8. Lots of guitar shops on Mactan. Here is the website for Alegre Guitars: If it is against the rules to post there website the mods should feel free to delete it. Doug
  9. Just another case of't buy. You just never know how the situation will change and bags will need to be packed. Sorry to here about your friend and his dashed dream. Doug
  10. The guy sounds like a narcissist to me, doesn't sound like he has any concept of what it takes to have a healthy relationship, only driven by basic instinct. Doug
  11. I'll share a few of my experiences from my dating days. I'm from Seattle USA and spent about 11yrs dating the local women and found out that they just weren't what I was looking for. Now mind you these are all ladies I met in the Seattle area not in the RP. I happened on a Thai gal and dated her for a while until she made the announcement that we would be getting married and because we loved each other there would be no pre-nup , seeing as she had nothing to bring to the party alarm bells sounded and that ended that. Next I met a Filipina gal, things were going great, thought I had the right one until she was asked to leave the country because she had too many husbands, I have to say that was a real shocker, back to the drawing board. Next I met another Filippina, gorgeous gal, was talking marriage until I started to sense that something was wrong, she seemed withdrawn somehow, found out she was cheating on me, sh&t, another one down the toilet. Finally one day I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger and this gal sent me a message, a Filipina gal, we chatted for awhile and decided to meet that evening for dinner. We agreed to meet at a local Fred Meyer store because she was of course leery of meeting a stranger she met online. As I was sitting there waiting I saw this Asian gal walking my way, I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she saw me, we made eye contact and that was we are been married 6yrs and couldn't be happier. I should mention we have an 11yr age difference. The point I am trying to make is even with one on one daily face to face contact is it extremely hard to find a compatible partner, I simply can't imagine how hard it would be to find the right lady with an almost exclusive online or phone relationship with perhaps a couple of 3 week visits thrown in. Combine that with all the cultural differences, you have a real task on your hands. Doug
  12. Thanks for the tip, I had no idea us old guys got a break. I downloaded the form and will be sending it in tomorrow. I noticed that at the top of the form it says "expires in 02/2014". Doug
  13. Like Paul Harvey used to say....."and now the rest of the story" :e3358: Doug
  14. You might want to consider Tagaytay, is located 60 km or I believe 37 miles SSE of Manila in Cavite. Is high enough to provide you with all the fresh air you need, as well as being a lot cooler weather. Lots of great dining, a large expat population and just a beautiful area in my opinion. Doug
  15. He may have had a complicated life....another news article Doug