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  1. One question about his employer: Was that an UAE company, an UK company or other countries company? Probably if it is an UK company there can be some pension available to him. I ask because in my case I was working for an international company which paid into my pension in Switzerland even if I was staying in a different country for working.
  2. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    Where is the rest of this thread? Was it accidentally deleted? I see a note that my post was moved into a new thread but where is the old thread?
  3. Are you all sure that the pensions from military or goverment are secured in the future? In many countries the amount of workers per pensioneers are shrinking constantly. In Switzerland will the pension pool being empty between year 2030 and year 2035. And I have some reasonable fears that they will cut down the pensions. And I believe that similar things will happens in other countries as well. I doubt that there will be better solutions around (ex: higher goverment taxes or pension funding will not work well. In the first it will eats the bigger pensions with bigger taxes and the second will lower the available salary while working. Edited into new topic. Great question from Dr S.
  4. Subic Bay Condos

    I noticed this also and not only in the SBMA area. There are many other cities (Davao, Dumaguete and so on) where the real estate prices are starting to hit the moon. But quite interesting is also that some areas like the NCR did not got that hit. A rule of thump would be calculating 22k to 32k per sqm for the house and probably 1k to 5k per sqm for the lot. A very good equipped and/or high quality house can costs more per sqm. A lot in a very good area can costs also more per sqm. Then do not forget to add the furnishing if included. But anyway most houses and/or lots are completely overrated.
  5. I Need A Good Domestic Helper

    Where is it stated that it is forbidden for foreigners to employ people?
  6. Subic Bay Condos

    You pay 17M for these units and do not even own the lot after buying. You have only 49 years leasehold rights. I can vaguely remember that the complete SBMA area is a sort of a lease and lease back. It seems that nobody (not even pinoys) can really own lot in that area. Worst thing is that your kids will not be able to inherit or will not get much out of such units after inheritage due the limited lease time. Calculating this unit as like being a rental it would be 28.8k per month for the complete 50 years. But with every year gone without selling these would increase the rental per month equivalence.
  7. SBMA ballpark rents

    And an additional note: In the SBMA area you will have to rely on own transportation because the available public transport is not dense (every 15 min in some areas in peak hours up to one ride every hour in off peak and no service except taxis in the night) or ridiculous expensive (taxis). Rentals are very high priced as already mentioned in the post above.
  8. Negotiating how much?

    That the condos in Metro Manila are becoming cheaper than the ones in Cebu or Davao. Ex: some decent condos with 2 BR and a floor area of around 60 sqm are available in Metro Manila for 3M to 5M. In Davao similar condos are starting at 5M and up. Or for a 120 sqm penthouse condo in Metro Manila for 9.8M. In Davao something with comparable costs is more in the 75 to 90 sqm area. Interesting that the condo prices especially in Davao are going so strong upward. I seems to get some bigger issues to find a place for us two in Davao in the future. I'm wondering if condos (and houses) are getting cheaper if they can not sell them over longer times. For houses it seems be possible to haggle them down but with condos?
  9. Negotiating how much?

    What to do against totally overrated condo prices? 100k to 150k PHP (and even more) per sqm is outright too much. 100 sqm condos are costing more in the Philippines than in many better standing countries. I know that they are targeting OFW and foreigners, but they forgot that many of them don't have or earn enough money to afford a condo. I noticed that in the last 3 years condo prices was exploding everywhere with the exception of the NCR area. In that area the condo prices are starting to shrink slowly.
  10. Negotiating how much?

    Is it possible to barter a brand new house down from 4.5M to 3M or is that span too big?
  11. Negotiating how much?

    Looks like a hard job to barther that amount down. Like starting with 2M on a 6M offer to bring it down to 4M. Anyway it looks good to use the sledgehammer method at bartering the prices down. And if it is not working, just walk away. It is good if having some other objects in the selection to play out in the barter. Condos are another case. Most time their prices are just ridiculous. Even after halving their prices are they still too expensive.
  12. When checking the real estate prices most time there are listed "price negotiable". How strong can be the negotiation in the Philippines? Only slightly or can be taken out the sledgehammer? One factor is if someone can pay spot cash at once which results quite often in a discount. A real discount seems to be between 5% and 20% with an average around 8% to 11% Examples: House and lot is listed as 6M PHP negotiable. A precalculation results in a more realistic price around 5M PHP. With slight negotiation a barter would probably be started around 4.8M to 5M PHP, and the meeting price will be around 5.3M to 5.5M PHP. With sledgehammer method starting at 4M PHP to meet at 5M PHP. But the seller can say that this 4M is far too low and he will no longer make any business with you. With rentals it looks similar to barter the rental per month down if staying longer time. Which negotiating method would be better in the Philippines?
  13. How To Plan For An Unexpected Medical Emergency

    Completely agree with you. Ok, in that catch 22 thing it would probably still be better to reach a subpar hospital on right time and survive there than dying in the traffic jam on the way to a superior hospital. What is also necessary is to check the availability of public transportation in direction of any hospital in the case of not being able to drive on your own and have no backup driver available. In bigger cities the most convenient way is to take a taxi to get to the hospital. In middle sized city with no taxis it is probably necessary to ride a tricycle or, if the hospital is on its route, a jeepney.
  14. How To Plan For An Unexpected Medical Emergency

    Even check also the density of the traffic between your location and the nearest suitable hospital. Even if the hospital is just a km away, it will be using too much time if the traffic is so terrible, that it takes more than one hour to get to the hospital. Check also if there are alternative routes to the hospital. If there is another less suitable hospital much nearer to your location, check it also, because for the case if you have to be admitted there in dire emergency to get first treatment. And also check if there are ambulances available and their quality. The issues in the provinces are more the very poorly equipped hospitals than the traffic.
  15. What's about living in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone? Low traffic and decent malls. Many attractions are in the area available as well. Beaches are just a short drive away. A car is necessary due low availability of public transport and ridiculous taxi fares. But with your budget you can easy afford a bigger nice house and a nice car.