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  1. Rental accomodation sites for cebu

    When you are renting it out you can try airbnb.
  2. Rental accomodation sites for cebu

    Property24 , trovit and mitula are further sites with real estates.
  3. Rental accomodation sites for cebu

    There are the well known real estate sites where you can advertise your property.
  4. Subic Bay Condos

    I guess, the average condo price will be between 10M for a studio and 20M or even more for a 2 BR condo. Then you will probably to add 1M for the parking lot.
  5. The OP did not mentioned if he have to go to the Kabayan Hotel in Pasay or if he have to go to Town Kabayan in Benguet province. For the Kabayan Hotel in Pasay just use the hotel pick-up service. For the Kabayan in Benguet I assume to use buses to get to Baguio and then further to Kabayan.
  6. Brown outs

    Nice backup generator for freezer and fridges.
  7. Brown outs

    How many kW / kVA have this genny output?
  8. Brown outs

    Where did you got that genny? Would be interesting for other people here also.
  9. A tricycle is still better safety than a simple motorbike. And it depends on the model of the tricycle how well its safety is. Jeepneys are not very safe if they get hit from the side. At a frontal or rear hit it looks better.
  10. Reliable philippine charities?

    I did contacted the local Rotary club here in Zurich. I hope they can help.
  11. Due my small size I'm completely compatible with Philippine public transportation. Even the seats in the buses are no issue for me. Owning a car and still have to ride a public transport for a part of the travel just because the downtown area of the city is overparked sounds quite pricey solution but still is offering the flexibility of to have own car.
  12. Reliable philippine charities?

    Thanks for the links. I did contacted Rotary europe. I hope they will help.
  13. Reliable philippine charities?

    Thanks Jack. But as a swiss guy, I assume, it will be very difficult to contact an US rotary or lions club. This person was called to me being the responsible for that project.
  14. Reliable philippine charities?

    Yeah Jack you got it. She died several weeks later due lack of fund to keep her chemotherapy running. Approximately 30 charities in US, EU, Switzerland and Philippines was asked for help but we got none. Now the same with that kindergarten. Even an US based charity specialised on educations did not wanted to help (see posting more above).
  15. Reliable philippine charities?

    With oversea charities I had only bad experiences. As I was once looking for funds for helping a kid with Leukemia, I got either a denial of service or no response. No charity wanted to help that kid. And on the list was many renowned charities. Most did not help because they are not active on the Philippines. But the ones who are active, they point me to their Philippines offices. And those are not responding at all.