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  1. But there are people around planning to retire with real age of 56 or even less. So dyslexic is that one not.
  2. Dr. Google is your friend. Reddit is also a quite useful platform. Stock market and especially currencies are very difficult to forecast. They are like playing in a casino. Even if you get more for a specific currency at time of the exchange it can be that you can buy much less stuff with that amount of cash than 10 years ago.
  3. For monitoring this there are many forums like this one we can check.
  4. As long the social welfare covers all basic expenses then it is ok. But in more countries it is not even enough for the most basic needs. Even in Switzerland they started to cut the social welfare because of sky rocketing costs from many incoming asylants and the strong growing number of people needing social welfare.
  5. A lot of these problems can be prevented by selecting the living place very carefully. Many people choose their living place only by how beautiful it is and forget to check the other points. And nearly no place will get a good check on all points. Therefore you have to check which points are more important. The worst thing that can happens if a place that was good suddenly change into a much worse one.
  6. According to the link above UK are third and Switzerland is first place. But both countries requires to have a lot of money for a decent living there. If you are a poor guy or family in Switzerland then you will have a really tough living. Especially if you are required to get social welfare or social aid because you have no or a far too low income.
  7. Wow it seems I had good luck with ATMs on the Philippines. Only twice got no money but on receipt it stood no money and never got that deducted also.
  8. This is why I do calculate my available income to an amount of 80k PHP per month even if the correct currency exchange will give around 90k PHP per month. I plan to retire to the Philippines in about 10 years at age 56 when my daughter will have finished school and apprenticeships. When she is finished with that, we will lose a lot of income while still having nearly the same fixed costs. Then we have to live with just CHF 1900.- per month in switzerland which is impossible. I hope that the costs on the Philippines are not exploding.
  9. Is it possible to live somewhat well in the Philippines with an income or pension of just around US$ 1000.- per month? Counting one person or second scenario two persons?
  10. When living in Manila it is really depending where exactly you want to live. Makati or Pasay are a big difference to Malabon or Caloocan. But even within same city are there many differences. Therefore we need to know which budget you have? Do you have/get a job? How old are the kids? Do you have some requirements? And much more.
  11. They are trying this now. Problem is now that the bill is still climbing. They have to pay more than 50 k php just to get the child out of the SUMC. Several donations are incoming, but the bill rises faster.
  12. Which sort of help can they get there? But I doubt that the public hospital can help in the case of Leukemia.
  13. How can she get additional help if she moves to a province hospital?
  14. Some more Infos: PCSO from Guihulngan City already paid 30k PHP for the provincial hospital in Guihulngan. Pointed them now also to the RedCross if that will work. Are there further possibilities for getting help? Child is still in child ICU of Silliman
  15. Thanks Jack to made it clear that there is really someone in need. Was you able to help somewhat? At least we know now that this case is really genuine. We send a bit money to them but it is only a drop on a hot stone.