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  1. Hi, I am taking my family on a trip to Iloilo, Bacolod, and Palawan first week in April. Can anyone recommend a place to stay? Not too expensive but not too cheap either. Maybe $50 to $75 per night USD range. Thanks. Bo
  2. Everyone has their own strategy and if it works for you, life is good and you sleep at night then you are better than most in my book. why change. In a previous life I was a financial planer, well...Okay I sold life insurance. don't judge. The standard advice in retirement planning has always been you don't want to outlive your money. "Do you want a lower or higher standard of living when you stop working?" No one ever says lower so the advice is always to stock pile an enormous amount of money. If you make $100,000 per year then you will need at least that x 30 to enjoy the golden years right. I say forget mainstream financial commission motivated tactics. wall-street fiduciaries have sold us a dream, one that enslaves our soul during my hour long commute to a job I don't like so I can buy crap I don't need to impress people I don't know. There is a paradigm shift on the horizon, I think many of the folks on this forum are leading the way.
  3. Get Off Your Butts... Learn Tagalog!!!

    I live in the US still and have asking my wife to teach me Tagalog. But she is from Manila and only speaks Taglish. So every time I ask how to say this or that she doesn't know. She says "we just say that word in English". So maybe a better question is do you learn the Tagalog Mama and Papa speak or Taglish?
  4. You guys are making me hungry. Hey why is food so much better in the Pi than in the US? Is it the quality of the cook or was the cow just slaughtered that morning? All the times I have been to a wet market the meat just tasted better. And not just Filipino food, Best ham burger I've ever had was in Pasig.
  5. Wow, those numbers for SF are pretty accurate. The comparison city Dumaguete. Is that a typical city in terms of costs?
  6. HI Tim, thanks for the reply and help. My mom is a Texan. I happen to live in the most expensive city in the Country. My coworker was looking for a starter house and every weekend was out bid by at least 20 people. Nothing stays on the market past the first open house weekend. He finally found a fixer upper for just over one million. Yes wages are higher here but what a rat race. Hence our reason for frugal living. I love my country but consumerism and lifestyle inflation makes me want to vomit. Get me outta here! Anyway I have no idea how far 2k to 3k a month can go in pi.
  7. I was thinking $100,000 for the land and $300,000 for the house. 3,500 sf house
  8. Mike J and Old55. Thank you for asking specifics. I like the 4% rule because your nest egg never decreases. Although it requires a larger nest to start with. Although we are very frugal now during our investment phase. We hope to make up for that in our no work phase. The pic is old so daughter will be done with school. My wife is Native born so she will get duel citizenship for land purchase. We would like to live in the province on 1-2 hectares. Large house with ya-ya. Others have suggested to rent first just in case it does not work out although it seems to me paying cash for property makes more sense long term. I'd imagine our largest expense would be air con and ya-ya fees. We would travel in ph often but would look for lowest rates of course. We'd have a van and driver unless I am brave enough to drive my self. No need to support wifey family, they are mostly middle class in Manila. Although they are so cool I'm trying to convince all of them to build a house on the property. I'm closer to them than I am to my own extended fam. Other than a somewhat expensive home with live in help and occasional traveling we wouldn't spend much on fancy restaurants or shopping. Obviously more than $1200 per month but maybe less than $3000 USD? Hope that helps.
  9. Hi, I am a member of the F.I.R.E. community in the States. For those that are unfamiliar this group is mostly made up of a husband and wife team who are sick of the rat race career latter and consumerism lifestyle. We follow blogs like "mr. money mustache" who teach us about frugality. In a nutshell, we tend to be younger (30's and 40's), educated, live in cities and have middle income careers. We live on less than 50% of our income so we can invest the rest . Usual in tax deferred buckets with low cost index funds. The goal is to save enough money to reach our Financial Independent number or FIN. Usually based on the 4% rule. That is to have enough money in the bank and live off of 4% withdrawal rate. Or simply figure out how much you need per year and multiply that number by 25. Same thing. Once we reach our FIN, quit job and enjoy life. The idea is since we are used to a frugal lifestyle during our working years we stay frugal during our early retirement years. This brings me to this forum. I figured my FIN can be smaller if we retire outside the US. It seems to me many folks here are living off a fixed pension. I wonder if anyone here is living off their savings instead and utilize the 4% rule? Maybe they can shed some light as to what a good FIN should look like in the PI? Bo
  10. Hi, My wife and I will be traveling to the Pi from the US in a few months. We are looking for a city to settle down in. I am attracted to Tagaytay because of the cooler weather. I understand that it is more expensive. Can anyone who has lived in this area comment? We are looking for land to build a house. My wife is a citizen. Must be a little secluded. Is it too touristy? etc. Thank you. Bo
  11. We plan on having one or two Ya Ya help who will live on the property along with a few German Shepherds. I would think the property will never be unattended. I think my main concern would be hostage situation. I'd prefer not to be in a gated community but not sure about safety.
  12. Mike B. Sounds like solid advise. I work as an MRI Tech in San Francisco. When I retire I could find traveling Positions. They are usually 2 month assignments and pay for lodging. I could do that during the summer to avoid the heat. If I did that twice per year then it's like working part time. Keeping a low profile with financial means will be a must. I figured on this forum It was okay but certainly don't want to paint a big target on my back around those whom have had less advantages in life. I have been watching this Vlog called "my PI dream". An american who builds a house near Lipa. His house is built in a gated community. Can anyone tell me if that is a must for security purposes? Bo
  13. Are you serious? The last time I was there every one thought I was local. But when I wore a tank top and exposed a small shoulder tattoo locals crossed the street. My wife's family told me only Filipino gansters have tats. I never saw anyone with tattoos in the city. That was 6 years ago so a lot must of changed. It's funny I would go to the flea market and buy super cheep clothes to blend in because the in laws were always so worried about me walking around by my self. I tried my best to blend in but every where I went people could just tell I wasn't local. Maybe the way I walk or the way I looked into peoples eyes on the street. Everyone starred but no one looked at me if you know what I mean.
  14. Hi, thanks for replying. Starting smaller, then upgrading later has always been sound advise. We will modify that. I think the heat will be our biggest obstacle. I grew up on a beach in Hawaii so perhaps my view of a tropical paradise is obscured by the perfect weather of my childhood memories. I once spent three weeks in Pasig Manila during Oct and I literally could not walk down the street do to the heat. Running from the air con house to the air con car then to the air con mall was what I remember most. I remember the province being tolerable or at least doable in terms of heat. But way cooler than Manila. I should define large city. Good medical services, necessary supplies, maybe a decent mall. That's all we need. thank you onmyway, you're right I don't even think we want a large city, just don't want to be isolated. The pic is a little old, sorry couldn't help it. Offspring should be in college when we move so school is not an issue. Man, I think I learn something new with every response. I had no idea there were so many foreigners in the pi. I swear I spent a month in Pasig and literally saw One white guy. I was so excited I ran over to introduce my self, although I had to convince him I wasn't Filipino. My wife and I are covered in tattoo's now so I don't think the locals will make that mistake anymore. ha ha
  15. Okay, thank you all for your different points of view. In terms of the language difference we don't need to live where locals speak Tagalog. My wife's family speak Taglish around me all day so I am used to being ignored. lol. We can learn the local dielect. Perhaps 10 acres is a bit on the grandious side. We just want enough space to build a few houses with an orchard and small farm. Enough space for the dogs to patrol. We plan on building a perimeter wall around the property hopefully keeping the squatters at bay and the animals from escaping. Our budget for the houses and land is 25,000,000p. This should be about $500,000 US dollars. the equivalent to the cost of my front door in California. Not really but close. Maybe someone can comment if this is a realistic cost. In terms of being 20 min from city I guess that is a bit convenient. Willing to stretch that to 45 min if doable. My Wife is a US citizen now but we can get her PI citizenship back now, which is how we plan on buying land. Anyone live near Iloilo, Bacolod or Cebu know if these parameters are doable? I really appreciate this awesome wealth of knowledge you guys are feeding me. We are buying our tickets soon so if anyone has a better suggestion for a city to look at suggestions are welcome. Bo