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  1. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    Ah .... dress code is smart casual unfortunately.
  2. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    Seats still available if you and your friend want to join?
  3. Manila 10s Rugby Lunch

    Morning All, Ive got a couple of tables at the Manila 10s Rugby Lunch tomorrow (Friday, March 23) at the Marriott Hotel. We have just had a couple of last minute cancellations. If anyone would like a ticket (no charge) pls PM me and I will let you know if still available. Its a great day, even if you are not a rugby fan. Most importantly ..... its free flow beer! Jamie
  4. speeding in uk returning to philippines

    This happened to someone i know. They follow the procedure of issuing the ticket to the registered owner. If no response then it goes to court. I no show at court then its an arrest warrant. It gets nasty and depends on what court is dealing with it. Best to try and resolve it before it gets serious
  5. Am i lucky or unlucky

    This sucks, Steve. Sounds like Emma's family just see you as a blank checkbook. Im very fortunate with our filipino side of the family. They really never expect anything from me, and if they do ask it is usually for the business (e.g. replace a part in the machine or something) and even then I ask for full details of the income and expenses and make a bit of an issue of it. The extended family on the other hand .... dont get me started. A few years ago Lola was sick blah blah blah and the uncle comes to my missus asking for 70K. She replies saying she doesnt have 70k and the response was to go and ask me. She replies why dont they ask your own children, only to be told that because she is with a foreigner I should be the one to pay. Uncle then tells her its her fault that Lola is partially blind now and my missus is no longer their family etc etc. I never knew about any of this until after it all unravelled. In the end they used the title to some land to get a loan from the bank (why they couldnt do that in the first place, i have no idea). I then find out about all of this, and uncle (along with the Sister for another reason) is now persona non grata to me. Every so often they try to sell the land and they keep coming to the missus about it. They wanted 80K. I told her to offer 60K, which infuriated them no end. Every few months we get the same request and we just keep offering 5-10K less each time. I think the latest counter offer we made was 30K. My point is, you need to be tough with the families (and Steve, it sounds like you are putting your foot down). They need us, more than we need them .... there is little risk on our side with a bit of tough love from time to time.
  6. Am i lucky or unlucky

    I tend to agree, Dave. My brother asked to borrow about GBP 3k from me about ten years ago. Im still waiting for it back. His solution was for me to take out a loan and he would service the repayments!! Rightly or wrongly, i feel too proud to ask borrow money. About 6 years ago i was on the bone of my ass and literally got down to my last USD 10. Fortunately, I had been working my ass off and that situation soon reversed itself and all was well and didn't borrow a cent of anyone. If someone had offered though, I would probably have accepted given the situation. On the flip side recently, I have had a couple of very close friends who were really struggling. They never asked me for help, but I could see they were in trouble and I offered what I could afford to not be repaid on. Both situations turned themselves around too and both debts repaid in full within 3 months. I guess it depends on the situation and the person you are helping.
  7. Items from your old life

    Its pretty rare nowadays and quite hard to even open an offshore account even if you are non resident. Previously, offshore banks sometimes used to offer very attractive rates of interest (better than what you would get in the UK). I remember ( some nationality ) Nationwide Isle of Man were offering over 7% back in 2006/2007 before the GFC. That is the main reason why a UK resident would open one, but there was still no tax benefit. The other reason was if you needed a Euro or Dollar account. These are now available onshore so that benefit is also no longer relevant.
  8. Items from your old life

    I second that. There is nothing wrong in having an offshore account even if you were UK resident .... as long as you declare the interest you receive. As you are non resident then there is no need to make any declaration (unless of course HMRC ask you to do a tax return in which case you would have to declare it, and then claim non residency so the tax would still be zero).
  9. Items from your old life

    Really? Thats good to know. Admittedly when I used the overseas renewal service was during the huge backlog they had in 2014. Fortunately I have two UK passports so was able to travel on the other. The problem was that I was the sole resident director of a company in Malaysia at the time and my visa was about to expire in the passport that I had sent off to be renewed 2 months before. Once expired then i would no longer be resident thus in breach of company law. So I ended up having to buy a last minute ticket to the UK for a 2 day trip to use the 4 hour fast track service (which in fact took 8 hours), to renew my other passport which was almost full anyway. It was an expensive process.
  10. Items from your old life

    Personally I never bothered converting my license. DVLA do kind of turn a blind eye to those who are overseas but still use a UK address, but they do expect you to convert it eventually. It becomes problematic if you ever want to hire a car back in the UK on a UK license as most car hire companies expect you to prove your address with a utility bill. If you dont have that then it causes all sorts of delays. Passport - yes you can apply from here BUT long gone are the days where you could pop down to the embassy, apply and pick up the new one within a week or so. Now you have to apply online, pay a more expensive fee than a UK resident, send it back to HMPO in the UK (at your own cost), hope it doesnt get lost and wait anywhere from 1-3 months to get it back. I usually fill up a 48 page passport probably within 2 years so I just to use the fast track service when im back in London and they will turn it around in 4 hours as I cant not travel for an extended period of time.
  11. Hi everyone -

    Welcome, Doug!
  12. We just started using Viber Out for when we are travelling for extended periods so the missus can keep in touch with the family back home. Its a great alternative to Skype and you can buy a package of minutes to anywhere in the world. Most importantly it works when calling the province (Bicol in this instance) which typically has awful mobile signal, especially for international calls. As long as you have a stable wifi or reliable 3g/4g connection its fine.
  13. Power and Freedom Brings Out Who We Really Are

    Completely agree, however I would go one step further and say that power and freedom lies in the ability to transfer that power to help others that need it and empower them to strive for the same. I suppose we could call that charity but I there is a bit more to it in my opinion.
  14. No problem, Wayne. The issue with warning others who may be in a similar position is that typically they are so blinded by love that they probably wouldn't believe it. I had the same issue with my ex. The amount of friends/family who told me how relieved they were for me when i broke up with her was astonishing. They could see through her and her games/tricks but didn't feel they could tell me. Of course I recognise it all now, but at the time i highly doubt I would have accepted it. The most important thing here is to learn from this and use your experience to better your future relationships.
  15. Stocks and shares

    These sorts of market corrections are quite normal and healthy for any stock market. In reality we are only back where we were two months ago. Its not about timing the market, its about how much time you are in the market. Personally i feel the US is overvalued, but Europe (ex UK) is well into recovery mode, and has lagged behind the US in terms of overall valuations (P/E ratio's to be precise) and that does present opportunity if you are of the opinion we will remain in a Bull market. Japan also looks attractive based on Abe's economic reforms and the fact its now coming out of recession and finally things are looking up.