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  1. Ok so in that case, 50% of her estate would go to her, and 25% to you. 25% will be the free portion. Siblings will have no claim to the estate unless included in her will as part of the free portion.
  2. Would have been very interested to see how the Peso would have reacted had the Brexit Vote gone the other way. Well above 70 would not have been out of the question me thinks!.
  3. I used to have one every year, but stopped a few years ago. Ive had fewer days off sick without the flu jab, than i did when I had it.
  4. I have a Breville 'Smart Oven' - nothing particularly smart about it other than its all digital, but is an excellent counter top oven. Whichever one you go for, I would say a fan oven is essential otherwise you will basically have an oversize toaster!
  5. Ok, so as you are not married then you would not be considered a 'compulsory heir'. Is her son legitimate or illegitimate? This makes a difference if you do eventually get married, however for the moment if she were to make a will then she could leave it all to her son, as siblings are not considered compulsory heirs. However If no will, then it could potentially be split between her son and he siblings (in the case of intestate succession, siblings are entitled to the same share that the parents would have received).
  6. No problem. If I do another one I will let everyone know As you are married and sssuming you have no children (you dont mention any), then you are entitled to 50% of the estate if she has a will. The balance would be the free portion which she can leave to anyone she likes, including you and/or her siblings. If she doesnt have a will then you are entitled to 100% of the estate.
  7. You are most welcome Unfortunately yes, but there will be another opportunity in the future No Worries Steve. Feel free to email or PM. Will be in your neck of the woods second week of May. Would be great to catch up. My pleasure, and please do.
  8. Thanks to everyone who attended the Webinar. Feel free to keep the questions coming here and am happy to answer them. Jamie
  9. We did this last year for a trip to France. If you are married then you can apply three months before you travel directly at the French Embassy without an appointment. If you are unmarried then she has to make an appointment at VFS Global who the French embassy use these guys as their processing agent. If you look at my other post about applying for a UK visa its essentially the same process. The only differences are: You need travel insurance which is specifically designed for schengen visa applications. Most importantly it needs to state you have coverage of up to EUR 30,000. Just google 'Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Philippines' then there are plenty of providers. I think we went with Malayan but cant recall. This is only applicable for France, but If you are staying with a friend/family you need to get them to go to their local mayors office and get some sort of official invitation from them. Its a total hassle for them and takes ages, so make sure its a good friend. Alternatively, you can just present a refundable hotel reservation which will do the same job without inconveniencing anyone. You should apply at the embassy of your first point of entry into the shengen area. Jamie
  10. Morning All, So ive had a few people register for this so its definitely happening. I will be sending out the webinar invites shortly. Anyone else who wants to join please PM me your email address (i need it for the webinar software to invite you). Jamie
  11. Sadly, the gentleman passed away this afternoon at 1.45pm. he managed to get some blood but there were alot of complications and nothing further could be done. RIP.
  12. Morning all, A friend of a friend is in urgent need of O negative blood. He is in St Lukes Hospital in Global City. Anyone who can help please let me know so I can put you in touch. Jamie
  13. Dont worry about the phone number field. Ive removed it now anyway .... not necessary for this webinar .
  14. Absolutely not Steve. I use my own personal autoresponder account so nothing to be concerned about. If you can just PM me your email address (i just need that to send the invite for the software so you can access the webinar) then thats absolutely fine. Same goes for everyone else here .... all i need is an email address to give you access.
  15. Morning All, So anyone who wants to join a webinar on this topic can do so next tuesday at 12 noon manila time. Drop me a PM with your name and email address on it and I will add you to the invite list. Or can register on the link below: www.estateplanning.com.ph Jamie