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  1. Cost to Build a House

    my roof structure was discussed at length by my workers and they all thought i was crazy. after it took shape some are even using it in the mountain to rebuild their roofs after typhoon. just simple structure like you would find in USA. we used Dugiyan, which is double the wall thickness of regular bamboo. we only used 5 supporting frames and then the normal layered bamboo strips then anahaw with net. been thru a cat 4 typhoon so far and didnt loose a thing or leak. our bamboo fence hasnt held up as well unfrtunately mike
  2. Cost to Build a House

    i hired all the people to build our house and still employ them when doing more work. contractors tend to be too costly. one that we talked with wanted 750k peso to get started. that was more than my total budget. we fortunately got a bunch of good guys. our house and perimeter fence was up and done in 3 months time. so far in going on 3 years living in the house we have changed a few items and made structural changes to compensate for volcano, typhoons and the constant wetness. we should be about complete this year. total cost = possibly $ 30k USD
  3. Electrical outlet tax ?

    when we built our house we had an inspector come in and he didn't seem to even know what a circuit box was. APEC Charges per outlet but a negligible charge . not enough to worry about.
  4. i was going to go back to the usa next summer, but seeing this i may wait until after november when my perm is finished good info to know