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  1. Any Filipino Restaurants In San Diego?

    There is a very large community of Filipinos in National City, which is south of downtown San Diego. Plaza Blvd (exit from 805 south) has many places to pig out on Filipino cuisine.
  2. Maid to order, but double ordered!

    Hmm.......in my deviant mind, you know my choice already. But getting back to reality, it is refreshing to learn that work ethics is readily demonstrated by both of them. I would figure one in ten would meet your criteria. Regarding breaking the news to "C", I would suggest having your wife handle that situation. I'm sure she will be diplomatic and handle it with grace. Your wife could also use a more stern approach, like -- take it or leave it, if the situation requires it. You shouldn't lose any sleep over this. As you may know, securing a written contract with explicit instructions both in English and Tagalog would be in order. I would also suggest a probationary period with a small raise if she meets your satisfaction. One more thing (and this is personal for me anyway) -- she must understand and follow strict rules about your privacy. For example, no tsimis (gossiping) about what color is your underwear or how bad your fart smells like. After all, it's your castle and it's your freedom to expel gas anytime, anywhere. As it turned out in my experience, word got out that Judy and I were having marital problems because she threaten to kill me if I fart in her presence again. I knew Judy was not serious but no matter -- a couple neighbors started to give me the snake eyes anyway. I get no respect sometimes.........
  3. Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    RAF pilot-navigator Jack P needs to explain this inverted flight of his Vulcan. May you live long and prosper Jack P! I'm still waiting for his story about his epic flight formation down to the Falkland Islands.
  4. Hmm.....you mean in less than 10 days, she's gonna pop a baby? Is that special circumstances? Rather than a "shotgun" wedding, perhaps a more dramatic measure would be like a bolo behind you, held by the father. Yeah, "jungle rules" apply here. Depending on which "jungle" you go through......he, he.
  5. Is this Normal

    Triple LIKE Bob!
  6. I didn't realize that AUSTAL AMERICA had its humble beginnings in Australia. You Aussie were the original designer and builder of our latest LCS class warships. Gotta love them Aussies! Speaking of which, I remember making a port visit to Perth, a year after Australian II beat the crap out of Dennis Conner's. That was the year 1983 when the AMERICA's CUP race down in Fremantle resulted in the Aussie 12 meter boat taking the CUP. Your secret -- that winged keel that made AUSTRALIA II faster downwind. Yeah, you guys know fluid dynamics especially catamaran and trimarans slipping through the water. Well done!
  7. Interesting looking vessel, so I googled it. I guess the US Navy consider this type of fast transport vessel as a quick all purpose pick up truck, although it can haul much more troops with their "toys". And get there real quick, about 40 knots (44mph). Too bad it doesn't appear to have any weapons to protect itself, like a couple of CIWS (close in weapons system):
  8. Earthdome is getting modest here. He also served on board a "boomer" as well as fast attack submarines. As a nuclear propulsion engineer, he wears that "dome" to keep out the negative waves. Having that dolphin pin is much more prestigious than a surface warfare pin, in my opinion. They are the true warriors of the sea. Us surface pukes are nothing but easy targets for them. Respectfully Jake, topside ETCM non-nuke
  9. I have read the BOI memo but doesn't list which foreigners are blacklisted. Any one has the scoop on the demographics on which group of visitors are prone to be a$$holes upon arrival? I suspect most are Asians like the Chinese, Koreans and the Japanese. Just saying........
  10. PI drivers

    Ooooh yeah......many years ago, corruption was alive and well, with no remorse (for late payments/utong) and many low level aristocrats with ill gotten wealth. Even down to the common folks, street to street corruption was alive and well. For example, a certain LTO official has final signature of your license or registration -- he is fairly well do to, fat like a Chinese Buddha. Usually you greet the official at the front of his desk. But I was led approaching the side of his desk. Yep, his side drawer was partially open with a few pesos being revealed. It took me a few minutes to figure it out and finally dropped a hundred -- it's called expedite or express service. I do hope that ALL LTO officials are afraid of President Duterte -- he's a big anti-corruption type of guy. And I believe it has drastically improved with less and less obvious corruption practices. But if you see a partially open drawer........it's in the Filipino culture. It's called the Under-the-Table deal. PS.....this is, by no means that I encourage "greasing the system" by slipping a 500 note into someone's palm. It's usually against the law, right?
  11. Is this Normal

    Roger that Clermont. Not only awkward or embarrassing questions, prepare yourself for being under the microscope -- literally. They will stare at you out of curiosity or just being intrigued. Usually not staring you down but "staring you up", for the lack of a better explanation. Well done Clermont! Respectfully Jake
  12. Is this Normal

    Miss Julia! Where have you been gurl? We miss you and when you do post a comment, it is really, really appreciated coming from a young Filipina business executive. Perhaps you should get together with the Duma Gang (David H, Jack P, BrettGC, Davewe, SonJack, AlwaysRT, Eddie1 and a few others) and teach them the way of the world. Your world of the beautiful and the mysterious Filipina. We miss you! Respectfully Kuya Jake
  13. Is this Normal

    Hmm......one has to wonder how you came to the conclusion that Filipino's average is 4.2"? Personally, I fall under the average. Mine is only 4"............... in diameter.....he, he.
  14. Good Morning

    Welcome aboard shipmate. Wow, 38 years in the Navy? I must commend you for surviving all that military chicken chit.....he, he. Respectfully Jake USN, E-9 retarded
  15. Is this Normal

    Yeah, prepare to be chaperoned and also be a Santa Claus every day. Completely overhaul your tolerance level and open your eyes to a new adventure.....your second chance to a new and wonderful life. Have fun and stay safe, OK?