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  1. You English gents got me googling again -- had to look up "tipple", thinking that Paul misspelled it and wanted the letter "n" instead. Especially when his photo of his lips was injured due to tipple and NOT nipple. Ah yes, Emperador is a local brandy that's gaining popularity throughout Asia. Normally consumed among young successful Filipinos who like to bring out the "good stuff". Yeah, it definitely kicked my ass on more than one occasion. By the way Paul, I would love to see your next video of your fighter piloting skills flying your drone while under the influence of your favorite brandy. That would be a Kodak moment......he, he.
  2. Come on Kevin, you can use this one for under the table respond to Jack P-P: It may even make him giggle.....he, he.
  3. Dang, I deserve that one. Good one JP!
  4. Born in Olongapo City, just outside the formal US Naval Station Subic Bay.
  5. If this question is reference to the Philippines vs the United States......I'm a true blue patriot of USA. I will probably get drafted back into the US Navy, swabbing the deck and cooking a mean chicken adobo for my fellow shipmates. And when we re-conquer Subic Bay again, I would love to hear the famous sound of.......hey sailor, buy me dreenk, lub you, no chit.
  6. OK, enough already.....ALL of you guys are really grossing me out! I'm busting my gut here, can't stop laughing. Anyway, I would love to see the instructions or pictures (hopefully in English) about this modern bathroom technology. Seriously, I'm curious to know the proper angle of bending over and the angle of the "gun". Is it pointing up or down? You know....the angle of the dangle? What happens if you get some "residue" behind your bayag. Hopefully, you reduce the pressure? By the way, if you guys need some of my personal video instructions about the old Filipino way (tabo-tabo method), please order right away. I even shaved my bayag to keep it a nice and clean presentation. The bonus Sound Eppects are only for my pellow members. Order soon, OK?
  7. Once a month? Then I would be a one beer type of guy -- cheap and easy during my PMS cycle.....he, he.
  8. Mirrors -- perhaps a subject of another topic (Anitos Love Motel in Pasay, Manila). Anyway, even if you are a professional survivalist which means you can readily live off the grid for months without any assistance, I'm afraid the local community and the local govt would be a hindrance anyway. You really have to be out in the sticks to be truly independent and not be dependent from your neighbors. Or worse, they would be depending on you.....he, he. Thinking back, did the local and govt officials learned their lesson during that super typhoon that hit Leyte several years ago? Or was it mostly photo ops and bickering among politicians -- the typical fraud, waste and abuse. Remember the relief packages from US military being sold in the local market in Manila? The unnecessary delay or red tape of international relief efforts was the status quo. Has southern Leyte fully recovered? Again, I think man-made calamities vs natural calamities are the worst killers.
  9. Hey Bows, Yes, you are absolutely correct that nothing is guaranteed in life, especially upon retirement. However, at 56 years old, you're still young enough to revert back to your comfort zone of work related stress (really?). As an engineer, you always set up contingency plans. You design and see whether the blueprints, programs or applications need more tweaking. Logic is one of your mindsets -- pass or fail, true or false. One of the most difficult aspect of transitioning to complete retirement is learning how to relax. It took me nearly one year after my retirement from 21 years of active service on various warships. I still wear my divers watch but I hardly care what time of day it is. Every day is nearly a Sunday for me, even though I still get up early, pig out on a hearty breakfast and then pursue my outdoor hobbies that were lost a long time ago. I challenge you to just chill for a few hours, reading a Tom Clancy novel on a deserted beach, sipping mango daiquiris and most important.....get rid of your smartphone for awhile. Get into photography with a long lens -- perfect way to make new friends with genuine relationships. Relax mode, zero state Slightly stressed out mode but no worries! Go for it -- stress free excitement is waiting for you! The hell with logic.....
  10. I usually tag along with Judy but keep my mouth shut. One time however, I made a side trip to the bakery section (my favorite hangout) without her and with confidence, I spoke in Tagalog to negotiate a tawad. The vendor looked at me strangely and nearly laughed at me. I guess my Tagalog had an "American accent" and charged me a balikbayan price for a bag full of pandesal. Hanging out in one of those open air breakfast cafe is a great place for people watching. With any kind of tapsilog, heavily sugared coffee and morning edition of PDI (Philippine Daily Inquirer), I'm in heaven staring at all the long hair beauties through my dark sunglasses. Then I feel the pull of the leash tied to my neck and it's time to go......
  11. Since there is no P sound in Tagalog dialect.....PINLAND, the land of the exotic pemales.
  12. This is an open question for anyone to conduct a deeper research -- who, what, where interpret martyrdom shall be rewarded with 70 virgins? It sounds facetious or flippant, especially coming from me......but I'm really curious, OK?
  13. In California, we're called colon-anals.
  14. I also tried to teach my family distance vs time travel. For example, if San Francisco is approx 800 miles from where we live (Moreno Valley, CA), how long will it take us if we drove on the average 70 miles per hour? I gave up when my college daughter asked me what is average?
  15. Just like the continuous road work, other utility infrastructures are in constant repair due to natural calamities, poor workmanship, lack of money or time -- all the above, take your pick. We understand and appreciate your comments.