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  1. Please don't select the one that features me, OK? I added some extras to enhance advanced techniques.....he, he.
  2. Sorry Bows, I could go into details here but I would be banned for good. May I suggest your future GF to show how it's done. In fact, you may have some fun and giggles.....he, he. It's also a lot of fun taking tabo-tabo showers together, you know just to save on water but you'll certainly maximize your play-sure.
  3. Hey Gratefuled, It really begs the question, how do you teach an adult in the use of toilet paper? Besides that, there are no large container of water in each stall to dip the tabo-tabo. In a public and crowded restroom like in Disneyland, you can't go to the wash sink to fill up the dipper with your pants down, can you? Good luck teacher!
  4. Hard to starboard at flank speed. Just another typical day at the office: Arleigh Burke class destroyer Nimitz, right full rudder
  5. Good counterpoint Snowy -- depending what we read or believe, we will always have another perspective. And I will respect your views or anyone's else. Pissing contest in this forum will be monitored. From time to time, I've been known to piss off the moderators....right Dave H?
  6. Of course the wife must stand besides her husband dictator. Otherwise, she might get 3 square meals a week in a torture chamber.
  7. Wow Davewe, awesome craftsmanship!
  8. Hey guys, thank for the obvious miss spell. It should have been spelled turdmites warheads -- I still think my fart bombs are more cost effective and will overcome any life forms. Just saying......
  9. Hello Lone Wolf, No wonder you were out of the loop. Too busy making a wolf pack? Have a safe flight back to PI and drink one for me, OK? Respectfully Jake
  10. How clever you are Dave HornDog to combine gas attack and Easter Mass. Triple LIKE, you have exceeded my own deviant qualities....he, he.
  11. Master Yoda, are farts suppose to be lumpy?
  12. He's making millions selling this stuff
  13. Yeah, I hear ya Snowy. I forgot the most underlying (hidden) motivation has always been petroleum, past and present. We invaded Iraq which had that conspiracy angle of US and coalitions grabbing the Iraqis oil fields. But in my opinion, that wasn't the case. Kicking out Saddam's army from Kuwait was successful but he still remained in power. Hence Desert Storm came to be, with Saddam hanged by his own people but that left a void for tens of thousands Iraqis soldiers out of a job. And depending which source we read, ISIS was born. Now why was this particular Syrian airfield selected to begin with? I tend to believe on military intelligence intercepting signals from command and control and satellite imagery. That aircraft(s) was monitored, delivered its chemical payload and tracked back to that same airfield. Why we didn't use a thermite warhead to vaporize nerve gas storage facilities with intense heat and pressure, is still a subject of debate. Did I mention there was no contingency plan after we launch those tomahawks as a symbolic gesture? We could have at least targeted 59 known or suspected sites of chemical weapons bunkers instead. The National enquirer magazine normally found near the grocery checkout line has all kinds of bizarre headlines. Just google David Pecker regarding his relationship with the president. Infowars and Breitbart news are also in that same pile of chit. Then again, that's just my humble opinion but I believe I'm slightly smarter than the average bear. Respectfully Jake PS -- forgot that global arms dealers also make megabucks selling their hardware to the highest bidder (aircraft, tanks, artillery, etc).
  14. Regarding a full face snorkeling mask, I would say its' design application is only for surface or just below the surface. Hey Paul, how's that breathing tube (especially the one way valve) and straps holding out? Do you have any problems with fogging? By the way, the last time I discharge, South China Sea had a massive fish kill....he, he.
  15. Cruising around the block -- Sea of Japan and other unknown patrol areas. I'm sure another carrier battle group is lurking around too. What a way to spend Easter and other upcoming holidays during their 7-9 months deployment, with a good probability they will remain on station if/when the bubble burst.