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  1. For the missing and injured sailors and their families: This is a French destroyer patrolling North Atlantic (taken from a French helo). A day in the life of a tin can sailor. My thoughts and prayers to all those affected. Respectfully Jake
  2. Funny things they say

    I guess these days, how the hell do you explain the birds and the bees to your young daughter? I wonder what kind of animals we could use to explain all the variables now?
  3. Big hole port side, 10 sailors missing, 5 injured. What the hell is going on?
  4. Pigs Blood

    Embarrassed, ashamed, frustrated and utterly disgusted. Let's make America hate again.....but I love his orange hair.
  5. Back in the day

    Below is how I met my wife at Playboy International in Manila 1983. Back then Hugh Hefner operated a string of International Clubs (Tokyo, London, Bahamas, Greece, etc). The topic was entitled AWKWARD MOMENTS: As I get older and perhaps less wiser, my thoughts often times go back to the moment I first met my wife Judy and shaking my head in total embarrassment, thinking how awkward I felt in presence of a beautiful woman. It was quite intimidating standing before me, a woman of exquisite charm with perfect poise on 4" high heels. It was my 5th year as a happily divorced man, promising myself never, ever go down that road again. I was a total introvert, a wall flower with a natural shyness growing up in the States as a minority. In fact as the only sophomore in the senior varsity baseball team, my shyness got the better of me, turning down invitations from a couple of cheer leaders. Yeah, that was me -- big man on campus with a lettered jacket who graduated from high school still a virgin. I was such a douche bag. And now the moment of truth whether this woman standing before me had any genuine interest towards me. She projected that sincere smile, along with her bedroom eyes that could melt an army. I was already melting away, unable to breath. I was looking for a way out, trying to get back to my comfort zone of isolated shyness. But then she held out her hand to touch my forearm, probably to give me a shock in order to start breathing again. And at that very moment, I fell in love with her. 31 years now and Judy still tolerates me and my farts.
  6. Back in the day

    Well, I guess "these days", one needs to check the "package" from now on.....he, he.
  7. Philippines - one month later

    Hmm......one month already Mogo? As a comparison, are the natives (females) more friendlier than in Thailand? Everybody knows that you're fresh meat......how often to you get "hit upon"? I'm looking forward for another field report about San Fernando, La Union. Sounds like fresh ocean breeze over a San Miguel sunset. Pretty good swimming area? Any windsurfing activities? Thanks for another boots on the ground report. Have fun and have another cold one! Respectfully Jake
  8. Power Boats

    Wow, nice RIB to take out the family on a leisurely cruise to Hong Kong?
  9. I don't know about you Dan but I begged until it was bleeding out of my heart. Yeah, I can "over acting" just like a typical Filipino. In the end Judy probably felt sorry for my sorry ass.....he, he.
  10. Wow Dan, already 6 pages of comments -- all very good thoughts, especially coming from a New England girl name Queenie. I gonna take a stab at this by trying to answer your question with more questions. As you may know, I haven't been back to my native land since 1997, where peso to the dollar was 24 to 1. Until Marcos was exiled in 1986, both denomination were strong and life was generally good (Subic Bay Naval base and Clark AFB was still active). I believe after that, the massive migration of OFW started to flood the middle east with Filipino college grads, teachers and engineers taking up as cooks, nannies, drivers and construction workers. The big black eye was the disparity between the rich and poor, the corruption machine getting more lubricated and the need to have "connections" was the only way to get a decent job. Throw in the illicit drug methamphetamine hydro chloride (shabu), exported from Japan and other Asian countries and you end up with a generation(s) of addicts and of course not gainfully employed, even with a college degree. This one drug alone (in my view) greatly affected the traditional family values where thousands of homeless and abandoned boys and girls populated the streets (the perpetual baby making). Just as horrendous is the govt sanctioned and lucrative flesh market of young and pretty girls that are "contracted" out to Japan -- the infamous Japayuki. Any signs of quality of life improving under the current administration? Do you see more homeless on the street (the future generation)? What is the poverty level these days? What about the OFW's -- do they still struggle to find a local job with decent wages, only to be forced to go elsewhere? Are the Filipino oligarchs still getting richer while the poor continues to fight for every bowl of rice? Respectfully Jake
  11. After awhile, you should tune in to the extended family tsismis about who are the lazy, good for nothing douche bags, drug addicts, gamblers and womanizers within the family. Let it be widely known, especially to your significant other or wife that you will refuse to take any responsibility about their welfare and their crocodile tears. You will be labeled as mayabang, suplada or just plain a$$hole but you'll sleep better at night, rather than realizing later that your money supported their bad behavior (again). Did I say that this can be applied to the Filipino culture as well?
  12. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Excellent counter punch Snowy! I'm using this for future reference, thank you!
  13. Trying to have the last say

    Salamat po Danny. It would be a lot less stressful if our wife/GF's are the first line of defense. Or better yet, first line of offense. But regarding medical emergency, they should attach a copy of their medical bill -- date, name of doctor and hospital, patient's name and the amount. And contact information for verification. Yeah, I know. Sometimes it affects our marriage when extended families ruin your monthly budget with debtors start calling you for late payments. I sometimes get my own form of tampo, steaming in my doghouse. We get no respect sometimes.......for our hard earned wages.
  14. As you may know, the US military call their utility boots "boondocks" -- I still have mine somewhere. Another tidbit or trivia item is the creation of the .45 cal pistol which directly relates to the Filipino/American war of 1898. Google it and you will find it very interesting.
  15. Trying to have the last say

    I will share this on FB a thousand times with a thousand amens (yeah right). Steve (the original poster).....we've been down this road before. What is wrong with being kuripot? Most extended families seem to think that if we are paid dollars/pounds, then we can afford to send cash every time they ask, often times with crocodile tears. They conveniently forget that our mountain of bills are paid in dollars and from month to month, we go deeper in the hole because of these requests. I would say, sorry......not in stock. Wait awhile. I am kuripot and proud of it!