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  1. Was I right not to ?

    Hello Kuya, Logically, you made a good decision. But throw in some emotional considerations (not accompanying her, missing her, fearing for her safety, etc).....you're way off base. A very difficult decision, but at least you made a command decision and not dilly dally about it. You should not worry too much about her safety. There will be a police or military presence at every corner as well as check points in and out of the city. Respectfully Jake
  2. A Door in the Sky

    I would love to see some video of their trial and error attempts to master their final re-entry. These guys are awesome with blood of pure Adrenalin. Well done Red Bull for another exciting advertisement.
  3. My courtship with Judy was strictly followed by her older sister as our constant chaperone. You know, the old school Filipino tradition. We checked into a hotel in Manila for my very early departure to go back to the States. I was sitting in the living room trying to doze off and these two sisters were struttin' around in their undies. I forcefully had to look the other way because I knew the game they were playing. Apparently I pass the test, not revealing my true nature of having a "sandwich" just before my departure. Judy's sister was a knockout, a beauty pageant contestant and a former airline stewardess for PAL. How I manage to control myself in that "target enriched" environment was a miracle. To this day, I somewhat regret controlling my urge.....he, he. It's still on my bucket list. I mean, how often do you get that kind of opportunity? Perhaps, once in two lifetimes? Life is full of adult games.......
  4. Subic Bay Condos

    This was the typical navy housing as I grew up in Subic Bay Naval Station and San Miguel CommSta in the mid 1960's:
  5. I'm a sugar daddy without the sugar. Mostly soy sauce and patis and my cologne called The Essence of Jake.....he, he.
  6. Did you forget your mighty hammer Dan?
  7. What is happening to the Forum?

    OK Kevin, it's that time of the month so I took my valium, vicodin, oxicondin and morphine to calm my PMS induced hyper-tension. I'm good to go now........reffestively Jak-Jak
  8. Marines to the rescue!

    Love it Don! A feel good story for the Christmas spirit. Thank you.
  9. Power Induced Sexual Misconduct

    WARNING RANT ALERT As a father, grandfather, uncle or older brother, many of us have nurtured our daughters, nieces or younger sister to be more affirmative or teach them to "take no shit" attitude against the long entrenched culture of sexual harassment as they grow up in this man's world. It is refreshing to see perverted douche bags finally making the news and hopefully some jail time to see their cell mate called "Bubba". If any perverted a$$h0le attempts to violate my grand daughter or any members of my family in any way, I would probably go to jail. I don't care if he's famous, rich or powerful, including the one that brags about "grabbing poochy", he is going to bleed to death. Enough said.......
  10. Subic Bay Documentary

    The series entitled "Rising Above the Storm" was about the severe hardship the Filipinos endured after Mt Pinatubo devastated central Luzon and both US military bases (Clark AFB and Subic Bay Naval Station) and of course my hometown of Olongapo. The Gordon dynasty (mayor, governor and congress) and being the first head of SBMA (Subic Bay Metro Authority) was the motivating force in the massive recovery effort. Unfortunately, the senators under Gloria Aquino voted to kick out the US Navy which affected the economy of the Olongapo while they were still digging up all the lahar and ashes from the eruption, located some 40 miles away. Clark AFB was severely damaged and was abandoned by the US air force. Those senators were labelled the "dirty dozen" and one of them later became president (Joseph Estrada). The Gordon family had a bit of a falling out from the central govt of Manila with subsequent SBMA's became more and more corrupt. Freeport could still be a deep harbor world class cruise ship and resort enterprise but the corruption machine in Manila has too many deep pockets. I would still consider living inside Freeport in spite of that. It is relatively safe and quiet with all the western amenities within the base. And once in awhile, I would have the opportunity to interface with my fellow US military personnel as they make a port visit. It has been awhile since I said "hey Joe, throw me coin" under the bridge that spans over Chit River......he, he.
  11. I think it's a nation wide-global problem. Yep, sounds like the Philippine way, alright.
  12. Don, you're such a Bo-Bo.....just like me. Perhaps they were missionaries, foreign service officers, international executives? I myself can completely corrupt my native tongue. I often times purposely say something backwards, just to hide my stupidity. For example -- your welcome (walang alamang instead of walang anuman). To announce your presence at the front gate (tae po instead of tao po). That 2nd example gave me a jab in the rib cage from Judy. I'm such a bastos sometimes.....he, he.
  13. Christmas is coming, what gifts

    The commercialization of the Christmas spirit is like my annual bankruptcy. Judy gets very upset when I don't have the spirit of giving or receiving. My argument was, what about the rest of the year when I offered a random gift of kindness or a spontaneous gift, like a dozen roses. Speaking of perfume however, she doesn't really appreciate that gift from me. It's called the Essence of Jake and I wonder why she cusses me out in Tagalog when it is given spontaneously......he, he.
  14. As you may know Queenie, I spent my HS junior and senior year in Rhode Island. My first time ever being mesmerized by the autumn colors and the chilly nights which brought on the white stuff the following morning. Thanks Giving in New England gave me an opportunity to learn and appreciate the history of it all and now, a bit of self reflection about the less fortunate that are still struggling for a bowl of rice today and everyday. For those in wet, muddy and cold foxholes......for those on deployment out in the middle of nowhere......and for those families still suffering from love ones recently killed in line of duty -- may they find peace in their hearts to share just a little smile on this special day. My warmest regards to you all. Respectfully Jake PS -- Queenie, since I'm on your list (assume it's the Christmas list).....all I want is a 65" smart TV with 4K ultra HD with 12 speaker surround system. You might as well throw in another turkey dinner, OK? And please, no baluts. Love ya mucho!
  15. OK, I get it........you're too busy making babies. But at least we all appreciate you checking in from time to time and letting us know that you are alive and well. From the sound of it Bob, you're living life to the fullest. Respectfully Jake