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  1. Brown outs

    Can you simply unplug it and time how long the output last? If it kicks out after only a couple minutes, kill it with a thermite grenade like a good Marine should.....he, he.
  2. Norton security warning

    Thank you for the heads up. Already changed my WiFi password.
  3. Life Starts Afresh as a New ExPat.

    Anticipation? Is that like a virgin teenager on his first date ready to blow his cookies? Well Eddie, you've come a long way to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It shouldn't be all about keeping up with the Jones now. Learn how to relax, enjoy the treasures of the family, spending quality time with no concern about time itself. Congrats Eddie!
  4. What Watts are What?

    I concur with Terry on this one. The device plugged into the wall to monitor power consumption for any load (AC unit, appliances, rice cooker, etc) will not affect the operation of the load. It's like a tachometer measuring RPM's will not affect the operation of the engine. It would be interesting to compare power consumption, say within a 24 hour period between your 3/4 HP AC unit and the 1 HP AC unit. The monitoring device's specs of 50Hz or 60Hz should not matter. It's all relative -- you're just using it for comparison.
  5. What Watts are What?

    I couldn't find any specs if this device is universal.....will it accept 220VAC? By the way, surge power is normally related to the initial current flow through a coil (at turn on). In this case, a coil in the fan motor of an AC unit. After it gets up to speed, the surge current is no longer needed. It's similar to the specs of a car battery where the action of cranking the starter (solenoid and starter motor with a big ass coil) requires that cranking power. If the engine doesn't catch and you're cranking and cranking, then the battery will drain more quickly. If your generator sounds like it's weak, probably the AC fan motor needs to be service, at least lubricated? It's not getting up to speed?
  6. Excellent advice Paul! I always said to consider your losses as a donation, otherwise you will have many sleepless nights and possibly stress related heart attacks.
  7. Hurricanes Irma and Maria hitting that area back to back was like a gigantic lawn mower devastating people and property like an apocalyptic war zone. Even though "Puerto Rico is an island. Surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water", the travesty of this whole mess should also be characterized by the actions from the white house (not capitalized). My thoughts and prayers goes out for those affected. Last time I check, the Puerto Ricans are also American citizens.
  8. Wow, I better inform my cousin, who is the master PADI coin diver on "Chit River" to gather all his gang to practice their synchronized swimming routine. That bridge at main gate needs to be renovated so that the rich tourists can stay and enjoy our welcome of "Hey Joe.....throw me coin".
  9. Let me see if I got this -- ECC (2000 peso per person), travel tax (1700 per person) and then departure tax (500 per person)? A total of 4200 pesos? About 80 US dollars per person? And then some tax on the airline ticket? Customs and immigration are making out like a rape ape. Do you pay extra to the airport terminal if you bring your own bullets? Yeah, remember the bullet scandal?
  10. Durian: Fruit or Chemical Weapon

    Such is the life of the Royal Australian Navy -- the whole South East Asia was your backyard! Well done Chief Warrant Officer Brett! Respectfully Jake, retired USN surface puke
  11. Durian: Fruit or Chemical Weapon

    Excellent, well written VirginPrune. I noticed your reasoning for edit was "afterthought". Do you mean "afterbirth"......he, he.
  12. Right to bear arms.

    That's it.....I'm taking my Apache helos, Abrams tank and my rapid fire AR-21 (70K rounds per second) and move to Canada. I'll keep my "bump-bump" stock a secret. I need that spring loaded action for butt thrust.
  13. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    I use to wear a self winding watch as long as you keep your wrist in motion. It's called a "sal-sal" watch.....he, haw.
  14. Right to bear arms.

    Exactly! You're always right.
  15. Right to bear arms.

    No Dan, I'm not aware of any laws pertaining to storage of large quantities of ammo. But if I did have the money to own guns and ammo of that amount, I would at least install a burglar and fire alarm for my garage. I would also hide it from public view. Nor will I advertise on social media.