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  1. Jake

    Has rainy season for 2018 started?

    Hmm......I don't think I would like to wander around in your "jungle". Just like the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Queenie probably has many serpents. You don't have any mystical creatures like the Kapre lurking in your garden, do you? Well done Queenie!
  2. Jake

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    It took me awhile but I found another secret meeting of the Duma Gang.
  3. Jake

    Electrical appliances which make to buy.

    Excellent point Gerald! Hopefully there are other options to protect yourself besides boiling the water for possible pathogens and other bio hazards. Are there any inline purification filters in the local market, that can be easily installed? In reference to Kevin's OP, one of my preference in shopping around for big ticket items, is after sales service and parts support. Are high failure parts readily available? Is the item locally manufactured with export quality? What does the warranty contract say, especially in fine print? And finally, (and assuming you already done so)......what would be your typical renters' social and economic lifestyle or their position in the food chain? What would be the most economical size of the refrigerator if most of your renters are young and only making minimum wages? Will you limit occupancy per unit? Kevin, I wish you a relatively stress free investment and keep enjoying the good life. First round of MoJo is on me brother! Respectfully Jake
  4. Jake

    Another sad story

    Roger that Marine! A very timely and noteworthy warning about other cultures that preys on the naive and vulnerable Filipina. Thank you..........
  5. Jake

    Korean War Over

    Yes, I agree that a deal can be made, signed, sealed and delivered. However comma, due to Kimmy's past "agreements", he has the propensity to renege on the past, present and future deal(s). Nonetheless, this could be an historical moment in our modern times. The two leaders separated by the DMZ since the early 50's, are now face to face, shaking hands. That is a great start. But trust and verify should always be the SOP, especially being suspicious of national and foreign policies making headlines from daily tweets, which I might add, often times contradict themselves within 24 hrs of each other. A simple question........is there is no such thing as Gentlemen's Handshake anymore? "Motivated by rational self interest"? The quick and dirty argument against that is.......Kimmy is NOT rational. Basically, all dictators are extremely paranoid, trusting no one. Even within the most inner circles, everyone is out to save their own skin and will stab each other to blame mistakes or deflect suspicion. A case in point -- Kimmy executed his own uncle and half brother just because he heard a plot to overthrow him. And finally we seem to forget (conveniently) that his brainwashed people are either starving, held in prison work camps or paranoid of everything in their daily life. And yet, they will cry tears of joy when they see their "Dear Leader". We are talking about millions of people, right? Remind me to never drink the Kool Aid from NK. But.........at the end of the day, salvation is upon us. After all, our own dear leader just proclaim that Kimmy is a "very honorable man". HUH???
  6. Jake

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    As for me, I'm not allowed in. Banished to my dog house, bathe in the essence of Jake. My farts got me kicked out, might as well enjoy the aroma of freedom. To be able to let one go anytime is the price to pay for that freedom. I'll drink to that.........
  7. Jake

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    I don't know about you guys who recently arrived in PI, your first time sampling the local beer. My personal experience returning to PI during my multiple deployments was, I tend to get the "shits" for the 1st couple days drinking San Magoo. I would assume my gut needs time to adjust to the different bugs that are apparently in the local water. Sort of like Montezuma Revenge drinking the local water in Mexico. Nevertheless, I would love to join the DUMA GANG for my very first bottle of cold San Magoo. I must confess that I'm a "light weight" in handling booze like a British gentleman. At about 4.5 beers I tend to doze off and extremely bloated eating pulutan -- finger food and baluts. And be fartin' up a storm while I'm passed out snoring. Under the table of course. You guys can use, re-use and abuse me.......just as long as you respect me in the morning, OK?
  8. Jake

    Trump insults Kim once again

    If I may Boss, I'm gonna follow your lead......... one size fits all?
  9. Jake

    Best domestic beer Philippines

    This may not be new in the local market but it certainly entices your thirst or urge to grab another one.
  10. Jake


    Do you get extra privilege if you have multiple "short times"?
  11. Jake

    A Hounds Birthday

    May your horn dog days last forever. Happy B-Day Dave!
  12. It's politically CORRECT to call t-rump a twit in my opinion. Often times his "tweet storms" goes off the rails because he is angry again. Often times he will announce a major change in foreign or domestic policies without consulting the "adults" in the room. Often time he will backtrack his messages only just made 24 hours ago. The term "tweet storm" is his trade mark and eventually his undoing.
  13. Jake

    Massages with a happy ending

    Dang Boss Man, you got me there....... I learned so many American things as a young Filipino virgin in the United States Navy (remember, I graduated from high school as the only senior still a virgin). After a few weeks at sea, on my very first deployment to the Far East, these are some of the things I learned about American weirdness and their weird appetite for sex. Of course it doesn't help when one is out to sea for several years and never set foot on land. Well, that's an exaggeration but it sure feels like that when only out to sea just for several hours. I think we invented the term -- horn dogs. But I'm sure the Aussie sailor refined that practice throughout their many, many port visits in South East Asia. At no particular order, the following types of lubrication were well widely used: lube #2 from gas turbines, extra smooth boy butter, glow in the dark KY jelly and as Clermont alluded to -- squeeeel like a pig ointment. That last one we stole from the chief's mess off an Australian destroyer.....he, he.
  14. Jake

    Important announcement

    Hmmm.......I see that you have retained your skills and background as US Army communications specialist. Your "code wording" was impressive.
  15. Jake

    Massages with a happy ending

    During my foolish times as a young sailor, it was sometimes called "massage with sinse-say-scion" (sensation). How do I know this? A pretty bakla boy attempted to get me into his-her parlor. Thank god, I was sober enough to know better.