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  1. I think the ant soon learn what to avoid. I took some of the super ant killer from the UK and they wouldn't go near it.
  2. They would charge you extra for taking them off of their hands.
  3. Will the money changers in the Philippines accept fivers?
  4. When they did ours they just did it live with plenty of insulating tape wrapped around their tools
  5. Probably the real reason for the hold up is that someone has trousered the fees they collect to pay for them.
  6. I guess you are more likely to be asked if it does come up on the computer in front of them.
  7. If you are only spending 3 months in the Philippines surely you will be travelling on a return ticket, so why the throw away.
  8. Yes got the insulation remove from ours where they welded the window bars. Even asked if I had any insulation tape to wrap there piers.
  9. Probably not targetting you personally just yours happened to be the nearest they could connect to. Don't forget nothing in the Philippines is private property, see it and help yourself.
  10. You must keep your vist visa current during the 13a process.
  11. I thought you were require to leave you ACR at the airport on exit.
  12. Or first come first served.
  13. If the wife enters on a foreign passport she also gets the 1 year balikibayan. If you are only staying a while it is best to enter on the foreign passport as you avoid the travel tax when leaving again. If you enter for a short stay on a Filipino pasport and live abroad you need to get an exemption cert for the travel tax which when we last did it involve a day out at the BI.
  14. Not sure the Oyster card is still available, it's pretty much been replaced by touch debit cards.
  15. Answers here are a bit muddled. Coming to the Philippines you need either a return ticket or onward ticket to somewhere outside of the Philippines. This onward ticket is often called a throw away ticket as you have no intention of using it, usually a cheap ticket to Malaysia or Hong Kong etc. Regarding visas, you have two choices. 30 day free on entry or get a 59 day in your home country before you depart. If you go the 30 day route you can add 29 days at the airport or before your 30 days run out. after the 59 days you can buy 2 months or 6 months at a time if available up to a maximum of 36 months at which point you must leave the Philippines, even for just one day, then start again.