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  1. Cell Phone Question.

    My phone is now out of contract so had it unkocked and just buy a phil sim when we land, Smart is good in our area but it varies from area to area so need to find the best for the area you are going to spend most of your time in. If your phone is single sim just carry the opposing sim and slip it in when needed.
  2. To their face nothing, behind their backs much gossip.
  3. Subic Bay Condos

    More empty condos for Subic.
  4. What Watts are What?

    Frequency will affect the phase angle hence the power factor, that's why VA is quoted in cases rather than Watts. A motor or transformer designed for 50Hz can run faster and hotter when given 60Hz
  5. Brown outs

    Just the normal day in the life of a filipino, probably not unusual enough to think of mentioning.
  6. What Watts are What?

    That meter looks like it will do the job and is giving you the running current, what it won't do is give you the surge current. It mentions max power, not sure what that means.
  7. Life in paradise

    Well we have been travelling in the northern states of the US this last two weeks with the idea of seeing the fall, been so warm here that the trees are confused and still green. Just finished a week in DC, New York for next week before flying back to the UK.
  8. I think a lot of it is that the peso has weaked since DU30 came to power as the peso has consistently weaked against a weakening £ since the announcement of Brexit.
  9. What Watts are What?

    I hp is 726 watts so should run both with no problem. I would expect a 6.5 kW generator to be able to supply 6.5kW continuously, unless Chinese watt are different to SI watts. The problem probably lays in the starting current of the aircon. The generstor can handle one but the second is too much for it. I assume you have tried starting one aircon at a time and not both together.
  10. There was talk about cruise ships going into Cebu about a year ago. Did anything happen?
  11. land

    I wouldn't dream of buying anything in a fiancee or gf name, even with a lease. But that's just cautious me.
  12. We have always taken a jeepnee from the Victory liner terminsl to the main gate and walked across the bridge to harbour point. There was a bus stop at the back of SM but I think that disappeared when they extended.
  13. Common law relationships are all set out the the Philippine family code. The only stipulation is to live exclusively with one another, there appears to be no time limit.
  14. Cost of living

    And also regain your sight
  15. Dignity in death

    As the wifes family got better off they dug the father in law up and moved him so he got two funerals.