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  1. Pigs Blood

    I see he's now sacked Bannon. It will be a sad day when Trump does leave the Whitehouse, best entertainment we've had for years. The punbits give him until Christmas.
  2. A friend of ours has a condo in Subic free port. I think there is only three of them in the whole building.
  3. Bird Flu Outbreak

    The BIL had a small flock of chickens, about 200, that went down with fowl pest. The whole lot were sold by the end of the day. The biggest suprise is that anyone noticed they had an outbreak of bird flu.
  4. Bird Flu Outbreak

    Lots of cheap chicken in the markets for a while
  5. Service With A Grunt

    Yes many of the staff are employed by the manufacturer not the retailer.
  6. The difference was that we had a brief disease outbreak. US beef is band because of the way it's reared. Growth hormones giving men breasts etc.
  7. Early Xmas Birds

    In the past all currencies have dropped leading up to Christmas I believe due to the OFWs sending their Christmas remittances.
  8. We though we had already sent all of our nutters to the new world, obviously we had missed one.
  9. It's nice to know you can get non US beef in the fils, US beef is banded in Europe over health issues.
  10. All of the rates usually drop a bit leading up to Christmas when the ofw's start send their Christmas money home.
  11. Philippines - one month later

    I'm talking the other way around. The mechanical will upgrade his or a mates parts by taking your good parts and substitute with their old parts.
  12. Browned off

    Extending the BB just reverts you to the visit visa path. You can then gain another 24 months giving 36 month in total.
  13. Philippines - one month later

    Take a photo of under the bonnet beforehand. You can then check if your new bits have been changed out for old, batteries are a classic.
  14. Early Xmas Birds

    And the dollar dipping for the coming festive season