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  1. My Wife wants to Drive the car!

    We have just hired a vios for a couple days, quite a nice car although basic. The wife drove it around without any problems. Got a bit close on the right side a few time which got me worried.
  2. Air filter or air purification unit?

    Never seem one, didn't know such a thing existed outside industrial use.
  3. Air filter or air purification unit?

    The Philippines is a very dusty country, you will be fighting a losing battle.
  4. The right fit

    I'm here on a 3 week vacation and the only long pants I've brought are the pair I landed in and will fly back in.
  5. Buy or Rent?

    An old boy who fiddles with himself for sexaul gratification, whatever floats your boat I guess.
  6. First Parking Ticket

    Urban planning, that's an interesting concept. Must be up there with driver ability and home maintenance.
  7. Time and the Filipino.

    I know not to move until the third lets go as I'd only end up standing around for the first two.
  8. Tough decision

    Well got up at 5am Saturday and yes it was snowing. Journey to the airport was uneventfull although getting 130kg of luggage and 3 passengers into the car was interesting, I was okay as I had the pilot's seat. We boarded on time and then waited 1.5 hrs whilst they de-iced the plane. Now the only problem is it's too hot.
  9. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Probably caries due to the large amounts of suger in their diet.
  10. Tough decision

    48 hrs and I'll be in Gatwick, just hope the snow doesn't stop the flights like it did 2 weeks ago.
  11. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    They often carry a small face flannel or towel. You can often see it on the back of their neck when sweeting or down the back of a childs shirt.
  12. deportation of foreigners

    Now if he had said Subic I would have been more likely to believe it. Angeles and Olongapo are in two different provinces.
  13. TRAIN Tax Reform

    But there's no sugar in diet coke. I thought this was a sugar tax.
  14. Cutting the 10 days short ccould be problematic. When I got married, at the time the UK embassy would use it as a reason from denial for a spouce visa.