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  1. Don't expect to find anyone here that can lay bricks and blocks like we do in the west.
  2. There are only one or two display manufactures in the world, LG being the biggest I believe. If the tele is that cheap it's likely a second grade screen, ie a couple of pixals already gone from new.
  3. One concern is hospital bills for the other party, a foreigner is always expected to be in the wrong and expected to pick up the tab. The MO for coach drivers is to always run over someone twice because a funeral is cheaper than a hospital.
  4. By Philippines standards proper insurance is expensive, probably western prices. Two pitfalls, you will likely pay up front for any claim then wait to be reimbursed, also there will be a good chance the agent has run off with your premium and your not covered.
  5. Taking an airport taxi you will be raped for 300-400 peso. The last time we used Grab, it was less than 200 peso.
  6. Am I older than my mother in law. No Im not Matandang, Mayaman, Madaling, Mamatay.
  7. And then resort to tirades on twitter.
  8. Cheap in a very expensive location, owners flying out soon, be very very careful.
  9. I think if you do the sums it probably would be cheaper. I personally wouldn't by a condo as an investment, only to live in. I've only been in a couple of condos, one in Manila and a friends in Subic and to be quite honest they were both nothing more than a wide corridor.
  10. Do we know the cause of death yet, many wouldn't survive a 3rd world jail.
  11. We did an airbnb in a high end condo by Mall of Asia last Oct, beautful swimming pools etc, it was no more than living in a cupboard. Philippines condo's you don't have any land so nothing to be gained there and a life expectancy of about 50 year before it has to be comdemed.
  12. Condo sales are agressively marketed to OFW as investments, off plan and overseas at the various filipino festivals etc. They'll tell them anything to get a sale, including over optomistic rental and resale values. We had a mother meter in the village some years age where a representitive was in charge reading the individual meters, of collecting and paying the electricity bill, worked ok until they run off with the money. The electricity company turned around and said pay again or we cut off the electricity until it's paid.
  13. My wife just has a normal green Philippines passport but uses her UK passport to travel, when she enters the Fils she shows both. Many countries do not give an exit stamp so enter on the most appropriate passport, nothing wrong leaving on one and entering on another unless you need to show a visa.
  14. What make it 10x worst in the Philippines is the 90-100% humidity. Here in the UK we may be seeing 30-32 but with about 40% humidity.
  15. Aldi chocolate is also my favourite