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  1. Gary D

    Foreigner convicted.

    The daughter is only the tip of the iceburg, you are buying the whole family.
  2. Gary D

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    Having driven in both, inside the base is different but Olongapo proper is no different to Dumaguete.
  3. Gary D

    Dambusters 75th Anniversary

    I few years back we visited the dam and they were holding an open day, no not opening the dam, there was an exibition of Dambusters bits and peices with a guided tour into the tunnels that crossed beneath the dam.
  4. We used it to run the length of the garden from the well to the back of the house. We had to find a plumber who knew how the do it, he will usually have his own heater, if not I suspect he is BSing you. We just put up a 10m tower on our ajacent land and had to leave before it was plumbed up. Left strick instructions and a drawn plan. Completely ignored and had to pay the plumber to fix his shoddy work.
  5. It is possible but very expensive and many regulations. You would probably be required to opporate in an export zone.
  6. Yes the comment was made tounge in cheek. I'm surprised that if you are loosing a large amount of water you aren't seeing damp somewhere.
  7. Meter in neighbours dirty kitchen, do you really need of ask where your missing water has gone.
  8. Gary D

    Buying a used car

    One thing to be aware of when buying a used car there is a high chance that it has been clocked. Modern electronics doesn't seem to make a difference.
  9. Gary D

    Electrical appliances which make to buy.

    My problem with a foreign brand especially from a cooler climate is that the level of insulation may not be suitable for a tropical climate.
  10. Gary D


    If you stopped you would just hold up the traffic.
  11. Gary D

    Dangerous occupations

    What they don't realise is that the money they are being given is their own money. It's money that would have been spent in the their barungy.
  12. Gary D

    English Breakfast

    We have only been to Tenby the once, went camping for a week, we left by the Thursday, we were flooded out. Scotland is great, especially Edinburgh, but again you need the weather on your side. We haven't done the lakes yet, very beautiful but can get very crowded. Again you need the weather, there is a clue in the title.
  13. Gary D

    Philippines trip no2

    Surely it's all about the journey, we went from Ormoc to Manila by coach stopping off in Lagaspi for a couple of nights. Yes that's 24 hours on the coach but there's no better way to see the Philippines, the view from an aircraft window is not great.
  14. Gary D

    Why Do You Live Where You Live?

    I think later in life remoteness and availability of medical care become much more of an issue. We are currently thinking of Bataan where the mother, brothers and sisters live, we have a couple of lots, one is 400 sq m with a small house and on the opposite side of the road a second lot of 250 sq m. It is a rural barungy but 30 minutes from Subic or 2 hours from Manila with an expressay within a couple of kilometres, so access to goodish healthcare and amenities are good. We also have about 6 hectares or sugarcane land north of Dumaguete, is high up with a great view across to Bias and Cebu Island, but it is very remote. It would be an idyllic place to live but accessibility is poor. To go to anything more than a sari sari store you would need to drive for an hour into Dumaguete which is limited compared to Bataan and also very mediocre healthcare. I did see they are building a new hospital though. The other problem would be the extended family nearby. They would treat us as the classic atm. Another option, also family related would be Baybay on Leyte where the mother in law comes from, again a bit remote should an emergency happen. We haven't had any money pressures from the family in Bataan so it is looking like the favourite but if we did the wife would be the first to say lets live somewhere else. We have friends in Batangas so that has been mooted as a possibility. Our house on Negros we will use as a holiday home for the occasional visit.