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  1. Mactan dentist

    I assume you do then, or are you just chucking in your 2 cents worth.
  2. Hawaii Beauties?

    We vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago and went to a reception being put on by the travel company. Whilst there there was a photo opportunity to have a picture taken with a beautiful Hawaiian girl all dressed up in the grass skirt and flowers around her neck. Felt a bit let down when I turn around and the wife was talking to her in Tagalog.
  3. Mactan dentist

    You are obviously privy to more of the original post than me where the OP is talking about moving. As he is enquiring about a particular date it sounds like he is time restricted. Sorry but we can't all share you opinion, sometime we have a different one.
  4. Was I right not to ?

    Just a simple statement no sarcasm implied.
  5. Mactan dentist

    It is recommended that one should as arriving on vacation with a toothache is not conducive to having a good time. And as the OP is not travelling for a month he should have plenty of time to get any problems sorted beforehand.
  6. Mactan dentist

    Personally I get all of my dental work done before I go to the Philippines.
  7. Was I right not to ?

    Everywhere is safe until your number comes up. It's in some place the numbers come up more often.
  8. What on and who are you going to consult. If it's 100% overseas and you are not paid in the Philippines there's no one in the Philippines to pay tax to. Stop treating the Philippines like a first world country and fly under the radar like everyone else.
  9. Twice in two days

    I would bave though deportation would automatically follow a jail sentence, not left to roam the streets.
  10. Meeting all of the requirements is only half of the battle, you still have to get past their trying to limit immigration into the UK. As they have not opted to limit immigration from the EU they try to screw down non-EU immigration.
  11. A Sex Robot

    They have been running as season on tv here in the UK on robots, by coincidence one was about sex robots so your wishes are about to come true, all the femies were get very put out over it.
  12. opening bank account as a tourist

    I pushed into a corner a borrower will resort to the 25 cent fix.
  13. Running Out Of Money, is your pension secure?

    When they introduced the state pension back in the 1909 to people over 70 they didn't expect many take-ups as most people died before then or not much after. In 1925 the age was dropped to 65 and it became more what we are familier with, 1940 saw the 60-65 split. Basically the old age pension was just a prop to see you over the last few year between retirement and death. It is only in recent years with the rapid improvements in life expectancy that retirement has become a lifestyle and an expectation that you with see 25-30 more years. So yes you are expected to die shortly after retirement.
  14. Expat fight at McDonalds

    Which special forces was that. The guy doing the fighting didn't have a clue.
  15. opening bank account as a tourist

    As a tourist you may be limited to a savings account. Money lending can be very high risk, and not just to your money.