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  1. Gary D

    Got burgled last night

    Geese, geese are the best guard animals. The sister in law has a couple and they don't care who they chase, the geese that is. Mind you I wouldn't want to be chased by the sister in law either.
  2. Also getting your future wife to the UK later in the year is going to be a bit of a push and it's not a guaranteed pass either.
  3. Ah got the wrong quote, should have been hk blues. The 13a is the non-quota visa.
  4. Gary D

    Digital Multimeter

    LED light can produce quite a lot of heat so if in a ceiling void could fail prematurely.
  5. As your budget is so low are you hoping to take your future wife back to the UK and are you aware of the financial requirements to do so?
  6. Here is the section from the Philippines embassy London. The non-quota immigrant visa is initially a single entry visa, valid for one (1) year, which should be renewed in the Philippines for three (3) consecutive years. On the fourth year, the applicant may apply for permanent residence in the Philippines
  7. Just caught your note about your short amount of time in the Philippines, how short as there is a minimum number of days you need to be in the Philippines to get married. I believe it is 10 working days.
  8. Gary D

    Ukay Ukay!

    I though that cloths in BB boxes is supposed to be used and not new.
  9. So you wouldn't be allowed to park there either
  10. I would be caughtous investing in any financial institution in the Philippines. Many of them are here today gone tomorrow. My wife lost 100k+ a couple of years ago when Danvil went awol.
  11. If you entered on a 59 day visa it will be your 1st extention
  12. Or as we say in the UK to fart.
  13. Gary D

    How Safe is Philippines?

    Nobody will tell you they have safety issues in the Philippines and the one's that do can't tell you.
  14. Well it sounds like the OP is on a tourist visa so you experience is not relevent to him.