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  1. Jackdan67

    Why is it not considered rude to read over your shoulder?

    Dont care so many wankers cant pay a buck for a tele and do it and so tight buggers will steal ya paper for shit for a dollar use love cross words for some low life cant give a buck
  2. Dont care at all met a kano today in tacloban a white guy later i said to gf if i was a aussie living here i say mate just come back my bahay ..
  3. Thanks Jolly i know i gotta b married first srry just the girls 4 months pregnant and its a nightmare worst morning sickness and shes acting like a pork chop .mate if i look at any more blogs ggoogle.just gonna do what any flipino does wala..You get told so many different things like only could get 13a in manila cebu davao .far as found out in Tacloban can do it like my extensions thought i had to go far and calbayog does it ..anyways the sis inlaw seeing the judge here i think well half the town is related to each other.the simple life aint so simple sometimes .
  4. So i dont apply at a bi office for a 13a visa ? they dont give out requirements for the visa
  5. Just asking as bi calbayog the bloke i asked about cert of no marriage he said i only need nbi clearance.the check list he gave has nothing about it on it either ..
  6. Tim just looked in my passport wala.is it true dont need a cert of no marriage from my embassey thats what the dudes in bi office told if im here more than 6 months .
  7. Calboyog bi just gave me a second gold sticker no stamp about ecc first i heard of ecc was from you jack .well they where asleep mybe not fully awake at the time .
  8. Just a silly question Jack if bi give you the 36 why not first extension 6 months then 5 more after makes 36 right
  9. So when or if i get to 32 months just 2x 2 months .raining here thanks Jack looking every where. Jack have read can extend for 12 months is that a better option .
  10. Looking every place for a year extension all you extend every 6 months till 36 months but got me buggered like came on 21st nov 2016 then extend 29 days then a 6 month extension till 19th july.so if i extend another 5 × 6months that gives me 38 months or last extension is 4 months .am i missing something bi website is most understanding
  11. Jackdan67

    Learning Language

    Ano serbesa
  12. Jackdan67

    Brown out

    Dave i was just wondering cause ive asked many flipino with no answer ..i think its great they have their own words and way of life .thats why i love it here so much any time i was in Australia only thought of being here just a bit harder in province ..im sure a aussie dosnt speak english at all
  13. Why you gotta go to manila im in north samar got my extensions in calbaygon 2 hour bus ride ..
  14. Jackdan67

    Brown out

    Just remember first few visits i would be nah its a blackout a girl at time said blackout is whole city ?? thanks Jack its what it is a brownout probley right mogo 51 another reason i like being here .