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  1. fillipino_wannabe

    Tourist visa getting harder?

    Update: Went and got it renewed in Kalibo, no issues and was done in literally 5 minutes, small little office I was the only one there. Just read this article also, would give Iloilo a miss if you're on a tourist visa: The time before that I went when the express fee was banned they had a little guy from a 'tourist agent' sat outside charging the same fee as the express fee would be lol. Corrupt as fcuk.
  2. fillipino_wannabe

    Update on American hanging

    I'm always skeptical of any cases like this here unless there's video evidence. It only costs 10k or even 5k pesos to have someone killed here, I'm sure 'witnesses' can be had for even less. Piss off the wrong people and it won't end well here.
  3. Minimum of $1200 per month, a 2 bed condo in a decent area will be atleast $500+. Expect a tax manager would earn around $2,000 per month on average, around $1500 after tax. Health and security is fine if in a decent area. No idea about school costs.
  4. fillipino_wannabe

    Boracay closure

    That will be a lot of businesses going bankrupt. I looked into getting a small resto there and it was 300k pesos per month in a poor location. Expect the ones on the beach are paying well over 1 million, maybe 2 million pesos per month.
  5. fillipino_wannabe

    Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    We got a truck in January, only spending about 3,000 per month in diesel. Spent about 1,000 per month before on trikes. Still worth it though, we're a little out the way so used to have to wait about 10 minutes for a trike in the boiling sun, no thanks. Can go wherever we like at weekends now aswell without it always being a hassle having to get to the bus terminal etc.
  6. fillipino_wannabe

    Budget help

    Fairly big budget, me and my girlfriend only spend around 50k a month between us, 60-70k when holidays and birthdays are factored in. Wouldn't you be better off having a 1 bed condo and having your DH go home each day? 6k is a decent salary for a maid aswell, ours gets 3,500 lol.
  7. fillipino_wannabe

    Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    Not old enough, I'd use the line though. Doubt I'd use the discount though, a lot of businesses will be losing money if you pay with that. Doesn't seem fair seeing as we've not paid tax here etc.
  8. fillipino_wannabe

    TRAIN Tax Reform

    Pretty sure most people will be much better off. I don't really see how the few extra pesos here and there on gas etc will make up for the massive cuts in income tax for the government. Obviously not great for expats though
  9. fillipino_wannabe

    Foton Pickup?

    Looks alright, I know nothing about cars but the wheels look shocking lol. We just got a brand new Navarra before new year for 1,065,000. Happy with it and haven't had any problems with 2WD so far, been up in the mountains on some fairly shitty roads a couple of times.
  10. fillipino_wannabe

    Is this Normal

    That's probably about the average call center wage, my gf was earning about 35k per month for JP Morgan, now 50k as a Virtual Assistant. I've just hired a 22 year old for 33,000 per month for content writing. If a Filipino learns close to perfect English then they're pretty much guaranteed $500+. I think there's plenty of middle class Filipinas who would still like a foreigner, we generally have other things going for us over the men here than just money, from what I've heard anyway lol.
  11. fillipino_wannabe

    Is this Normal

    I wouldn't be giving her family any money the first time I met them. I recommend finding someone who has atleast some of their own money (25k+ per month). We do buy her family some food to be fair but not much, probably about 3k pesos per month and that's only because her Mum has alzheimer's and both her younger brothers are at uni. Not once have any of her family asked me for money. Not all women and their families are after your money.
  12. onlinejobs.ph and upwork you can find jobs. There's these guys aswell who train virtual assistants for real estate then they find you a job for $600-800 per month, they're obviously taking a chunk out of the pay though hence the lower rate: https://www.myoutdesk.com.ph
  13. I've not used them but most of the listings I see online are with these guys: https://linkbusiness.ph/businesses-for-sale
  14. My girlfriend works as a real estate VA for an American company, gets $1000 a month. You can easily find online jobs for $1000+ if you're a native speaker.
  15. fillipino_wannabe

    Growing Rice #2

    Most people are just clueless here, same with most businesses here. The Department of Agriculture is trying to get them to use hybrid types but most don't want to from what I've read. I think they only make about 50k pesos profit per hecatre per year, should be 100-200k if they know what they're doing.