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  1. fillipino_wannabe

    Got burgled last night

    Cheers guys. It is strange how the dogs didn't bark as they normally do, the police think it must be someone in the local area. They're semi street dogs (girlfriends family's) so they go out on the road sometimes. Not much we can do about it though, hopefully they don't come back.
  2. fillipino_wannabe

    Got burgled last night

    They got in through a little window on our ensuite bathroom, all the others have metal bars. Only lost about 4k pesos in cash, nice of them to leave the $1k drone and $4k camera/lenses that were sat right there lol. Must of then opened the bedroom door and saw that we were still awake in the living room as we noticed the door was open, normally always close it so the dogs don't go in there. Girlfriend is turning our house into fortress now, CCTV ordered from Lazada, metal bars for the small windows and she's off out to get barbed wire for the fence shortly lol. We literally have 2 fairly big dogs outside that must of just sat there, ?????? useless. Atleast they'll be having a fun day on the shabu.
  3. fillipino_wannabe

    Working Remotely FROM the Philippines

    Definitely can't do that on a tourist visa. You can own 100% of a Filipino company if it's over 60% exporting, e.g selling your software to foreigners.
  4. fillipino_wannabe

    NBI Clearance with Canadian criminal record

    Pretty sure it will be fine. Just get the Balikbayan if you're worried about it. That's what I'm planning to do, just need to leave the country once per year and return with your wife.
  5. Can't see it happening for 20k. 100k will get you something decent for just 25 guests, probably do it for 50k at a push.
  6. Jesus, she'll be trying to divorce him by the end of the day. I doubt he meant his budget was that low lol.
  7. fillipino_wannabe

    Express lane fees

    Over 1.4 billion pesos per year, that's some serious 'overtime' pay when there's probably only around 60-70 offices, some of which only have about 5 employees.
  8. fillipino_wannabe

    New Rental

    Damn that house is a bargain, the locals would be wanting 30-40k per month for that where I am and I'm in one of the poorest provinces lol.
  9. Lol land on Boracay costs about 50 million pesos per hectare even for a shitty area, strong business sense.
  10. http://www.philembassy.no/consular-services/visa/special-resident-retirees-visa-srrv Who may apply for Special Retiree's Resident Visa (SRRV)? A retiree who applies for a Special Resident Retiree Visa (SRRV) has the option to enroll to the program based from his retirement status. Retirement Option and their Required Time Deposit 1. With Pension - 50 years old and above - the required time deposit is US$10,000.00 plus a monthly pension of US$800.00 for a single applicant and US$1,000 for couple.
  11. fillipino_wannabe

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    10k sounds cheap for 1 bed and furnished.
  12. fillipino_wannabe

    Peter Scully, GUILTY (as if we didn't know this) but

    Good to hear, doubt he'll have a nice time in jail
  13. Dating 16-17 year olds when you're in your 50s-60s is disgusting, women here look much younger and have childlike bodies as it is. I get paranoid people think I'm a pervert when I'm with my girlfriends 18 year old daughter alone and I'm only 28 lol. Girls here are much more immature than in the West aswell, don't have a problem with age gaps but you could atleast wait until they're an actual adult, e.g 18 or imo more like 21-25.
  14. fillipino_wannabe

    Rainy Season

    June- October is the real rainy season, with July- September being the worst. Rains pretty much every day for 2-3 hours, sometimes longer. Rains a lot harder than anything you get in the UK, thought the windows were going to smash the first time I experienced it lol.
  15. fillipino_wannabe

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Ridgewood towers had studio condos just outside BGC, had them for about 10k when I looked or you could buy them for 1.6 mil.