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  1. Drinking in the Philippines and the risks?

    Just beer for me. 3-4 San Miguel light them on to the red horse until I fall asleep lol
  2. Grab/uber. I've not had a problem with the buses or train though. Taxis are a bit dodgy always trying to keep the full amount and pretend they have no change
  3. Are You Older than your Mother-in-Law?

    Haha definitely not, the girlfriend would literally kill me
  4. Are You Older than your Mother-in-Law?

    I'm doing it the wrong way round, I'm 27 and the girlfriend is 36. Has a 17 year old daughter too haha
  5. FOREX Currency Trading

    I trade crypto currency, much more volatile than forex and unregulated so there's a lot more pump and dumps but that can be advantageous if you know how to spot them early.
  6. Visa Renewal @ J.Center Mall, Cebu City

    No that was the 2 month one. 6 month this time was only 5940
  7. How about PG on a $1000/m?

    Should be fine, I pay $1000 for me and the girlfriend living in Manila (17k rent) not including our traveling. Think I could manage fine with 30-35k if I was by myself outside the city. Dont have health insurance though so not sure how much that is, only 27 I'll take my chances
  8. Visa Renewal @ J.Center Mall, Cebu City

    I paid 11k for the first one with acr card. Kept asking my girlfriend why it's so cheap this time haha. I was expecting over 20k
  9. Visa Renewal @ J.Center Mall, Cebu City

    Just paid 5940 for 6 months in makati with no express fee
  10. Start A Rice And Corn Milling Business

    Looking into starting a rice mill aswell. Hows it going? Anyone know what the difference is between the smaller/cheaper mills compared to more expensive ones? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/SB-10D-COMBINED-RICE-MILL-MACHINE_60116562275.html?spm=a2700.7724838.0.0.uBe3Of https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/No-04-full-automatic-rice-mill_60528534533.html Second one is 5 times more expensive. Been told it makes less broken rice but not sure to what extent?
  11. 13 days to go

    Sorry forgot to update. All going well. Renting a condo in bgc for a year as the girlfriend works here. need to get a visa by Monday, anything I need to know? Seems quite simple from what I've read. Thanks dan
  12. 13 days to go

    In 13 days time I'm giving up my nice quiet life in the UK to move to Manila. Met a nice young Fillipina online who I'll be living with Makati/BGC. Everything is going to plan so far other than I've heard that teabags are expensive there, what is this sorcery? I've also read that I need a flight out of the philippines booked even though I'll be staying there, is that right? Any I can just cancel and get refunded? Thanks Dan