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  1. Looking into starting a rice mill aswell. Hows it going? Anyone know what the difference is between the smaller/cheaper mills compared to more expensive ones? Second one is 5 times more expensive. Been told it makes less broken rice but not sure to what extent?
  2. Sorry forgot to update. All going well. Renting a condo in bgc for a year as the girlfriend works here. need to get a visa by Monday, anything I need to know? Seems quite simple from what I've read. Thanks dan
  3. In 13 days time I'm giving up my nice quiet life in the UK to move to Manila. Met a nice young Fillipina online who I'll be living with Makati/BGC. Everything is going to plan so far other than I've heard that teabags are expensive there, what is this sorcery? I've also read that I need a flight out of the philippines booked even though I'll be staying there, is that right? Any I can just cancel and get refunded? Thanks Dan