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  1. Monthly Costs

  2. opening bank account as a tourist

    Tried this today lol. Tried 4 banks, all want an ACR card. BPI said no BDO said I can on a tourist visa when I've lived here for a year. DBP said I can open one but need to get barangay clearance (don't have proof of address). PNB are phoning me back on Monday, think they'll need the same as above. That's in a small town though, think it would be easier where there's a lot of expats, my gf asked in BPI in Manila before when I first got here and they said to just bring my passport. Where are you finding guys to lend to out of interest?
  3. Bitcoin - Virtual Currencies and the future of Cash

    Bitcoin is junk as a payment processor, high fees, slow, can't process many transactions and it uses an obscene amount of electricity. Literally every other coin is better as a payment processor, it's just high because it was the first. Blockchain technology will definitely be used heavily though, banks are already investing in it. Crypto is obviously in a bubble but I think it will keep rising for a fair while yet. China banned it and at the same time the most well known banker in the world called it a fraud and that just caused a little blip in the price before it started to soar again. Can't really see what will stop it for a while if that didn't.
  4. Figuring out Siargao

    Well your comment insinuated that they didn't go well lol and there was a comment with: "Starting a restaurant business is tough enough to do even in the US - the Philippines will be even harder. " Just my opinion that its much easier here. But no worries, will do. I've read a lot of comments on other threads with people thinking that the locals will get annoyed with it too. I've not experienced any issues so far, most seem happy that I'm bringing money to their small town. Started an ice cube business 4-5 months ago too, something like that its easier to get started with than a resto.
  5. Figuring out Siargao

    We opened a small restaurant a month ago(40 seats) in a small town, population of 80k people. Going well so far. Not sure what Siargao is like but all the restos here suck lol. We got lucky with a good location, was a coffee shop who moved so we only pay 15k rent per month, most other places we enquired were charging around 20k and not in such a good area. Cost 300k to open all in. Sold 200k pesos this month with net profit of around 50k, haven't advertised atall yet as have just been making sure everything runs smoothly, marketing is my main job so confident we can make 100k pesos or so per month on auto pilot. Restos being out of stock is genuinely because the managers are planks. I disagree with people saying its harder to start a business here, people here just generally aren't as intelligent and they don't have the funds to start businesses which makes it easier. Also much lower cost so lower risk, would cost me about 3 million pesos to open a similar type of resto in the UK.
  6. Filipina trouble ahh help

    lol cheers for the help again. I had a chat with her and she said she won't go round there again other than to pick her daughter up. Like I said, its tough with her daughter still being there but will be over next year when she goes to UNI. I understand it sounds like shes cheating but she always has her phone out infront of me so I know they never talk. Also not really the typical situation as I'm younger than her etc, her ex is a alcoholic with no money who she just stayed with for her daughter and then left now her daughter is nearly grown up.
  7. Filipina trouble ahh help

    haha thanks
  8. Filipina trouble ahh help

    I pay for the food and rent etc but she pays for her own spending money for visiting her daughter and that. Ironically she has little money because she paid for hr ex's house on credit card lol. Thanks for the help again guys, I won't be splitting up with her but glad I'm not too crazy lol
  9. Filipina trouble ahh help

    Yeah to be fair she was mad about her daughter not doing the washing lol. I realize I sound deluded and it sounds like she's cheating but I have my reasons to know thats not the case but yeah even her going round there drives me mental. Thanks for the help everyone though, think I got my answer lol
  10. Filipina trouble ahh help

    Yeah I would do if it was always going to be like this but its less than a year until her daughter goes uni and then they'll be no reason to go there
  11. Filipina trouble ahh help

    Because of what though, what I'm annoyed about or because you'd be concerned she's cheating? I'm certain she's not cheating on me, I realize it might look like she is from my post.
  12. Filipina trouble ahh help

    haha not married but yeah trying to be careful lol
  13. Filipina trouble ahh help

    yeah, she's 17 needs to finish school there then going to uni next year
  14. Filipina trouble ahh help

    Normally hate people putting their private life on the internet but seeing as I don't know anyone well here I'll go for it lol. Situation: I started talking to the girl I'm with at the end of last year, we got close around December and had decided we wanted to be together by then. She'd only split up with her ex a few months before and was still living with him at weekends (working in Manila in the week), obviously sleeping in different beds as she didn't really have the money to move out. I moved here in March. All went well but she kept saying shes missed her old house and her daughter,friends etc. We moved away to Antique 2 months ago so now she's going back there (Luzon) once every 2 months to visit her daughter who's 17, she goes there for a week or 2 at a time and stays at her friends but she ends up round her ex's house doing laundry (supposedly her daughters) and shit like that and then I hear they've been talking about random stuff. I'm not actually worried about her cheating on me, I know she's not but its still driving me crazy that she ends up sat round her ex's house for half the day, he's not even with her there most of time but it still drives me crazy knowing she's round another mans house and doing laundry lol. She's only just told her daughter that she has a boyfreiend and won't post anything on her facebook about us yet as she says people will gossip and her daughter will hear. Her ex still has a picture of them together on his facebook, winds me up that a lot of people will assume they're still together, most of her friends and family know we're together atleast. Feels like shes living a 2nd life back in her hometown etc I'm not thinking of splitting up with her of anything but just interested if I'm crazy or would the situation annoy others? I don't mind her seeing her daughter but don't want her sat at her old house.
  15. Well the money is fine, I just have a small business back in the UK that a family member looks after so there isn't much for me to do. Started one here 2 months ago, I'm not going to do much work when I can pay someone here $100 to do it all for me lol