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  1. Hey Expats, To solve all your family problems, you need to separate yourself from the wife's family.
  2. My life

  3. High Cost of Construction, or Taken to the Cleaners?

    My brother in law was a collector of scrap metal, that was his addiction. And he did the counseling of my gated fence
  4. Trying to have the last say

    Class is beginning for a lot of you folks. And Jake and I'm the teacher.
  5. I have follow his video logs, what I character. I am sorry to hear he pass away
  6. When I decide to settle there, I can live the best of both worlds, city or the sticks
  7. High Cost of Construction, or Taken to the Cleaners?

    Hey, Max Go with a rehab fence. My gate at my place is a rehab sliding gate. Forget about the Jones in your neighborhood
  8. Filipino food in PNW

    Hey Olds, What other two places, that you eat Pinoy food at. Have you eaten at Nate Robinson's place. Ube waffles and chicken wings. Are the bomb
  9. mile marker #35

    old55, Have you been to Filcusine in Kent,
  10. mile marker #35

    Hey Bigfoot, It's great hearing from you, watch out what you're asking for. So you want to, go toe to toe with oldutot. up in the mountains, luv the buffet up there.It's a nice escape from the lowlands of now Federal Way for me. My wife has problems with the casino there with the poor ventilation it being a smoking and non smoking bldg. She's muckelshoot girl, the place don't pay nothing. funny thing olds I see at times some of mag-anak girls there. I think Ron's wife, George Karras friend. So how's George and Belinda doing. I will PM you sometime for a meet, this week alone I have the buffet table 3 times this week and casinos I'm burn out. It's nice when the brother-law keeps up the tab, while I take him to his harborview appointments. His fifty years of smoking is catching up to him
  11. mile marker #35

    Thanks for the reply Steve Boy, I need my wife as my secretary here. Her Facebook account keeps her busy.
  12. mile marker #35

    Hey Jake, I think about 3 years ago brother. On that trip to Chula- Juana I met you and your lovely wife at the marina there. To me it was a good meeting, and the boss enjoyed meeting you. Funny thing Jake, I also met another Master Chief that sits on the Planet love forum. Take care, shipmate
  13. mile marker #35

    http://www.snocasino.com I had dinner here last night with boss em. I play a little one arm bandit. sinners and saints. on the 50 cents bet, 80 dollars. first time playing that machine. good for my P.I. fund Oldutot
  14. mile marker #35

    Thanks Hounddriver, I am also on vacation this week from work, decided to drop by post a few. And I will post about the Planetlove forum. To explain about my comments I made over there. I was member there in the early stages of the forum, about fifteen years ago. Peace out Perpetual Tourist, Oldutot
  15. mile marker #35

    Hey Folks, Yes I don't post here much. or do I post any other forum. my last two posts here were reposts. The last post I made was on a international forum. It's a asian and latin forum. I told a white guy from the latin forum. to stop trolling asian side of the forum. And he ask me who I was, I told him I'm the troll that sits under your kilt. I am now on their watch list. . mile marker # 35 means, 35 years marriage today.