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  1. Clermont

    Budget help

    Yes Dave a link is only as good as what you want to read and if you want to argue, do it with someone else. I posted a post and you tried to turn it around to humiliate me. If you don't like something don't read it, this is not the first time you've had a snip at me but rest a shored it's the last.
  2. Clermont

    Budget help

    Most links are PI government links with codes, this is not but it is accurate. What's in the approved TRAIN Tax Reform of 2018? - PinoyMoneyTalk.com https://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/philippine-tax-reform-list-of-new-taxes/ Feb 26, 2018 - Implementation of said new taxation has begun on January 1, 2018 ... Everything about TRAIN Law and BIR Tax Implementing Guidelines ... New Personal Income Tax Rates and Income Tax Tables in the Philippines (2018) ... (2018) Rent Control Law for "Houses for Rent" in the Philippines ...
  3. Clermont

    Tax Reform

  4. Clermont

    Budget help

    Yes Dave, read the link.
  5. Clermont

    Oh dear ( another little bump on the car)

    Personally, I'd go for the scratches, rubbing out the cat might mean cooking for yourself.
  6. Clermont

    Budget help

    I've seen a few posts quoting rent prices, do any off you know there is a law in the PI's that controls the amount of rent a landlord can charge? It's in the Browse section under : Often needed links, go to, Tax reform, then click: Rent control law. Now before I get a pile of rubbish about how it is not controlled, it is there for the reading. Barangay Captains have been warned about referring complaints to the right authorities if they receive one. I suspect it doesn't mean mansion, but the normal 2/3 bedroom house is what I think it targets.
  7. Clermont

    Uber-less Manila

    Notice to all long noses: when wanting a taxi, duck into a shop front and let your partner grab the taxi, they rarely try to rip a PI off, then let her haggle the price.
  8. Clermont

    Oh dear ( another little bump on the car)

    I'm pleased you accept your wife's words of wisdom.
  9. Being a Catholic country, personally I would go for the Priest.
  10. Back in the early 70's, Manila used to have communal toilets and it reminds me of one time I used one of them and a little old lady squatted down beside me to pee, (no partitions back then) and to a green 18 year old cherry boy it was a shock. The stem of pee was cut short and as I left, this little old lady jestered me to finish my pee, never did. Maybe that is why no communal toilets are left in the PI;s, they mightn't want to embarrass the tourists.
  11. Not only in Britain, world wide.
  12. Clermont

    Italian sausage - help!

    Hi are the casings pig gut or synthetic casings.
  13. I have been searching the net for a quote but have only come across blogs. I remember reading it in one of the gov web sites but that was months back now, but I will keep searching as not only you but other posts will be interested. I only posts Gov pages with codes attached and dates, some of the codes go back sixty years, but are just starting to be revised now because of modern building tecnics. I read your links and the only plausible explanation I can see, is the commercial buildings were either built on residential land without proper zoning or resident housing was built on commercial land not complying with the code. Either way you are in the PI's and they have their own code of ethics and I don't think a class action would get up. Have you driven through larger towns and seen empty little blocks next to highways, the reason most of them are vacant is because you can not build on them because of building codes and regulations. Believe it or not the PI's are coming to age. As for the squatters in the wetlands, I feel sorry for them but they came from somewhere, I guess they'll have to go back to where they came from. Not very sympathetic but all countries have their codes and before anyone buys/ builds a retirement house, read and understand the laws. Why bite your nose off to spite your face in saving some Peso's, get the proper blokes to do the job.
  14. There is a new section in the Browse section called Links, it is updated regularly for current requirements of all links posted in said topic. Over the next week or so I will add other countries concerning this topic. It is hard to keep up to requirements regarding each country in the neverending changes to immigration and visas so if an old requirement becomes obsolete, just PM me or Tom and we will look into it. This goes for other post, posted too, thanks and I hope it benefits all.
  15. This is an extract out of the building code of the PI's, widening roads you can not do much about, although it sounds as though you have complied to the code, it still doesn't help. (a) Dwelling Location and Lot Occupancy. The dwelling shall occupy not more than 90 per cent of a corner lot and 80 per cent of an inside lot, and subject to the provisions on easements of light and view of the Civil Code of the Philippines, shall be at least 2.00 meters (6 feet, inches) from the property line.