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  1. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    I could rant on about all Western countries being tarred with the same brush when it comes to employing foreign workers, not only in the nursing profession, but I'll spare you. All I can say, thank's to the third world countries that have got the foresight to train their people in these services that the western civilization seem too demeaning to do. And yes I have an elderly mother in a nursing home, and yes her bum needs wiping and she needs showing too, who does this, foreign workers.
  2. I agree with the KISS method, when then wife makes spicy food it reacts with me during the night and I get a bellyache. Cure: bare the belly, lick her index finger and put a cross on the bare belly, then drag the two PI children out of bed ( doesn't matter what time of night it is,) and get them to do the same, embarrassment generally fixes it before they get into the room. Girl 19, boy 17, worth a try if the situation arises.
  3. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sad to hear Jack, but at least he had people around him that loved him until his end.
  4. Don't know what all the fuss is about, maybe after an early pay out. Then again, my wife carries my glasses in her bag when we're over there, even in Jolly Bee while we're eating, can't see the tender young drumsticks.
  5. Reliable philippine charities?

    Just a thought, maybe approach the school and ask for voluntary labor and approach businesses in the baragay for donations, that's about the only way your going to get the program off the ground.
  6. Our House Construction

    Thank you and all for the wonderful post and inputs.
  7. We always stayed at the (tune hotel ) Aseana now Red Planet, about 250 Peso ride from the airport, grab a metro taxi and make sure he puts his meter on, if he wont tell the guard controlling the taxi rank and they will move him on. They have cracked down rouge drivers at the airport and when you get there if he wants more, tell the bell boy on duty and he will tell the driver to move on. Very conscious of their guests being ripped off and a guard box 50 meters down the street, very safe and eateries next door, reasonable price. No waiting for taxi's, very clean.
  8. Austrailian Dollars

    Scot H, me of the underclass do not generally comment on misspelling, I generally leave the nit picking up to the learned few that go out of their way to try and belittle anyone that is not as smart as themselves with a typing error. My suggestion to them, is put a teaspoon full of cement powder in their coffey of a morning and start hardening up. By the amount of responses you received, I think the forum knew what you were after.
  9. Austrailian Dollars

    Scott H, like one post said, transfer money to an account over in Aussie, We use Worldremit, very reliable, not too bad on exchange rate, money in account same day, can be done electronically. Needs to be set up, just go to their website on line and fill in the form, pretty simple but a pain in the rear end. All this terrorist transfer of money has got everyone jittery, so that is why all the questions, but if you decide to go with them, do it soon as you will need BSB number ( Branch identification ) and bank account number of a person that has an account in Australia. If I can, I'd suggest your niece's account but be aware that your bank card has a limit on it and Worldremit has a limit of $5000, transfer per day. Important talk to your branch manager before leaving PI and tell him you might be electronically transferring money to Aussie and he will flag it on your account, if you don't they will block the transfer of money. Sounds a bit complicated but it isn't and once your account is set up you can transfer money all over the world even from American home account to your PI account electronically. Hope this helps
  10. Beer prices up ( Dang and Blast)

    Sin tax is what they call it, it's on alcohol, tobacco, and still working on how to metor the last plesure us working class have.
  11. Cost of living

    Thanks Ron, it's better than rice and fish for breaky .
  12. ECC Confusion

    No wonder they were nice to you 5870 Peso's, did you tip them too.
  13. Beer prices up ( Dang and Blast)

    In Aussie a middy, mid range glass of beer, costs $6.50, equivalent 260 Pesos, PI here I come.
  14. Wearing watches ( as a daily issue)

    When I first went to the PI a few years back I asked the wife if she wanted a watch, she took me into a store and haggled out a price for two watches, 300 peso's for the two."No i meant a good watch", why was her response someone while only snatch a good one. So in my observation of posts on watches, why set yourself up to be a target if it's only the time you're after. The watch lasted 6 months.
  15. Right to bear arms.

    Australia has the strictest gun laws in the world, still of a news morning someone has been shot or a house peppered with bullets, what's the answer?