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  1. Foreigners and Filipino children act

    Yes, all them posts are a danger to us long noses. When I'm over there I have told the wife never leave me alone with any small child present. This forum is not only good for us to read, but also our partners. Seeing these posts, help them understand our feelings and bridges that language barrier that we can't translate. I like the children and their antics, but I'm always mindful of my presence around them, so is my wife now, thanks all.
  2. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Off topic a bit: but Big Pearl my post was only a guideline to entitlements that the writer needs to weigh up to make a better judgement for his future, remember advice was asked. Like most expats we have paid taxes and we have saved and lost fortunes during our lives only to end up with a pension at the end of our working life. Rants using a wheelbarrow of letters, trying to put them into some form of sophisticated wording only confuses what you are trying to say. In most countries where a pension is paid, it is for basic needs, food, accommodation, and the basic needs of life, not for holidaying, partying, boozing, ect. Like you have said, some people save, some don't and some through tragic circumstances experience hardships, but I have many a friend that lives comfortable on their pension and our old age homes are second to none if you need it. An entitlement is a prop up that if qualified you can get to bring your lifestyle up to a basic level. Good luck with your wealth and I hope you don't lose it, maybe instead of moving to a third world country to make ends meet, you could stay in Australia and live the life of Riley.
  3. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    After re-reading your posts and the answers and links, being married before 21 and no parental signatures won't wash, she consented to the marriage and lived with him in wedlock. Don't forget in the eyes of the law she is still married to him and she is over 21 now. I think your solicitor has eyed you up as being his next bankroll for his annual holiday, sorry for being blunt, but that is the way it is. Personally, If I was in your shoes I'd pay for another solicitor's advice without telling him you've already got advice, two heads are better than one and sometimes cheaper. If you haven't lost interest in her after all the mess is fixed up, take her home on a prospective marriage visa is what they call it here in Oz, wont be much different in Brit and marry her there. Less hassle if the wheels fall of the wagon down along the path they call life experiences. good luck.
  4. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Thirty odd is too young to retire and 21k is to little to support a future family. Don't forget what this forum is about, asking questions and getting answers. Sometimes the answers are a bit mixed but your circumstances and others vary, proper immigration agents can give you better legal advice and follow their advice not a relative or friend. Old 55's advice is sound, planning or not, accidents do happen, good luck.
  5. Twice in two days

    Scott h, wrong image, hair just over the collar and bird three inches long, two respectable tattoes, and a welcoming smile. If you see me I'll talk to you.
  6. Twice in two days

    Shore it wasn't me, I was squatting down, on the heel of my boot, (ozy way of sitting ) outside a department store having a smoke and this gent walked past and offered me 50 Peso's. Immediately I bounced up with both hands up in front of me in the gesture no, just as this was happening the wife walked out of the store. All hell broke loose, she was going crook on me in her lingo and me trying to calm her down, bought a bit of a crowd around. The good samaritan bolted only to be replaced by two cops talking to the wife in their own language and laughing, leaving me standing there like a stale bottle of beer, no-one was interested in me. Finally after the wife got a bit of composure back, one off the police got us a tryke and I was bundled into it by my wife, really embarrassed and still none the wiser at what I'd done wrong. Well on the way home she insisted (strongly ) my hair was to be cut and my beard ( bird ) was to be trimmed, I looked like a beggar and that was the cause of the commotion. Gee she was cranky and her son enlightened me on what I'd done, ( yes my fault again,). the good samaritan had thought I was a beggar and when the police became involved, she thought I'd be locked up and deported. Yes, they can be strict on beggars, they put them in jail and then deport them, a lot of hassle the wife tells me, front court, locked up until your case is heard, blacklisted, loss of passport, ( your embassy confiscates that ). The Moral of the story: If you don't want a haircut and beard trim don't squat down outside a store to smoke, and no more casual dress for me, dressed to the hilt from then on. I don't really mind, I let the wife know when I'm being eyed up and down by a pretty little girl. I think we need a green eyed Emoticon.
  7. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Yeah the whole world has gone down them last two posts track, bloody hard to get anyone into Oz now. Medical expenses still ok but you have to guarantee you will support them for two years. Pensions and ect, 10 years then only a percent until 30 years, no wonder there is so many expats.
  8. Commiserations Jake, but you passed the first test, I think I've read you've been married for quiet a few years. Honestly do you think we'd believe that, young and two beautiful girls alone, and a matlo as well, come on mate, pull the other leg.
  9. I hope your family come through this OK, we have big fires in Oz too, good luck.
  10. A Sex Robot

    Hijacked a little Jeff R Us, sorry. I know why she was laughing, she'd heard the news, robbers had broke into a sex shop and stole a sex doll worth $4000, ( didn't say whether batteries were included, ) but the police are trying to hunt down the culprits. Merry Christmas boys in blue and I hope you's have a merry Christmas party and the doll is returned in time, so it doesn't put a damper on the festive season.
  11. Use The Power Of The Forum

    JGF, I hope you weren't referring to my WHEATBIX. How about finding a Emoticon button for when some-one wants to push it.
  12. The ugly embarrassing foreigner

    ScottH: Whelp, that's a bit harsh don't forget you were young once and may have had blinkers on when you were young too. Nurture and teach him the ways of mature adolescents, he will come good, some of his posts are common sense, then again some are tripe. Patience ScottH, patience.
  13. I think this would make a wonderful poster to hang on your front door living in the PI's, but man is never happy with what he has. No disrespect Old55, but this poetic phase bring a to my eye this early in the morning. Facing another bloody hot windy day.
  14. Use The Power Of The Forum

    It was Microsoft, fast teachers, that time of the morning, WHEATBIX time.