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  1. That part is right JGF, we're still going through the process of Permanent Residence, 3, 1/2 years on from first time the wife arrived here in Oz, rules, timeframes change from month to month, use their time frames as a guide only and expect to double up on paperwork you have already submitted. Used to be able to rattle off time frames, visa types but, just as confused to them as the Government is nowadays. I believe this is still the process, but like I said rules have been changing: This used to be the process, I believe it is still current, no use checking immigration website. Processing a Permanent Resident Visa, ( PR ) Lodge application, wait for confirmation of acceptance and a visa, ( usually within 28 days,) that will give her 12 months Visa to stay in Australia. In that twelve months she has to leave Australia every THREE months and return to Australia. She does not have to go back to the PI's, just out of Australia. In that 12 months, usually about seven months they will tell you to return to PI"s because they are ready to make a decision whether you are successful or not. Now the time frame you are asking as I understand, how long can she stay out of Australia during this process can be best answered by a registered migration agent ONLY , not a rely or any one by the likes of me. From the date she lodged her 309 Visa you have to wait 2 years before applying for her PR, then it can take another 22 to 32 months before you are granted a PR or not. Once the 2 year wait is done you will be put on a 100 Visa, PR , we travel at will on that and have had no trouble, but check with the agent about time frames she can stay outside of Australia at any one time. Not being rude but it seems like he wants to live in the PI's and get a PR for his wife at the same time. I think he is going about it wrong because these are areas they have tightened up on, too many government benefits down along the track that are associated with this type of process. Make sure she has plenty of notarized original, not photocopy important documents. Also make sure she sticks to her Visa requirements to the T, failure to do so, penalty banned from applying for another Visa, used to be 5 years, I think now 10 years. Hope this helps.
  2. The right fit

    Just had the stepson over here in Aussie from the PI's, 5' 11" 115 kg, he had a ball in the op shops, even bought a hand carry on luggage to take his new found cloths home. Yes bring plenty of big sized cloths if that is what you need, like they've said, big cloths are like hens teeth over their, very expensive. enjoy your stay.
  3. First Parking Ticket

    Only once I've had a small problem smoking away from the Jollibee main door. A guard walked out and told me I had to put my smoke out, no worries, not my country, follow the law, not known to me. We were staying in a hotel just down the road and a police officer that I'd become friends with, ( the wife supplied a kg of rice to the pillar box down the road each day to keep an eye on me at 3am PI time, 5am Aussie time, ) He walked up to the guard and had a bit of a chat and after that no worries, just don't smoke too close to the doors the guard told me. Even if the police officer hadn't of intervened I still didn't feel as though I'd been picked on, that is the law, he was doing his job. All the laws are there, and like one post said he was smoking, but a bloke nearby didn't get pinched because he couldn't pay, so be it, 500 peso isn't going to break the bank and I'll bet if you had of put it out straight away explaining you didn't know the law, there would have been a 50/50 chance of not getting lumbered with a fine. Saying all that, sometimes we are our worst enemies.
  4. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I see a lot of these urinals in airports + public restrooms nowadays, still got that smell to them. But they are a good idea, saves heaps water, sewage treatment and maintenance.
  5. Just a thought on sa Sunday night...

    And a happy Sunday to you, with the pictures posted below there are a lot of happy people in the world, thanks to all for sharing their wonderful memories with us. Still trying to work out how to posts links and photos.
  6. International Banks

    Yeah Scott, we overcome this with bank cheque, I think it was 250 Paso's per cheque, Landbank has a limit of 50000 Paso's at an ATM. Beats paying cheque account fees.
  7. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Must be an Aussie thing, I used to do that until I accidently wiped the bum on a patch of bindis, now I only use gumtree leaves.
  8. deportation of foreigners

    Sorry OnMyWay, you blokes have enough trouble without someone getting your Province mixed up with another. Thanks JGF, it was two years ago I saw the doc and I got the places mixed up, just goes to show, the grey matter ain't what it used to be. Dave all relevant info is in Wikipedia, to bloody long to post but good reading. Also most PI areas are covered in that site.
  9. deportation of foreigners

    Well Dave according to a history buff, way back Olongapo was in the province of Angeles. The Americans had a Navel bass in Olongapo and the town became a city because of its size. Mayor Dick Gordon was the insticator, he is now a Senator and he is the one that turned it into a tourist city. I'm sure if you go to the history of Olongapo you'll find all relevant information. Maybe I was wrong in calling it a suburb, but that is what some PI's call a town in their barangay even if it is a days ride away. I will scroll through relevant information and post links when I get the information.
  10. deportation of foreigners

    Splitting hairs doesn't work with me, Olongapo was a suburb of Angeles before it became a city by mayor Dick Gordon.
  11. deportation of foreigners

    Scully's case was aired on TV over here, the embassy gave him all the help he wanted and more, he was from Olongapo, the suburb of Angeles Pampanga. In the interview he DEMANDED that the Australian Government finance his case and get him back to Australia to face the Australian law for his crime. ( You still face the law here in Australia for these crimes, if you get out of the country before being charged. This law applies to Australians world wide now, ) Now it has been suggested that there are more needy cases than his that needs intervention, I agree, but the man was caught red handed and no doubt of guilt. What gets me riled is, we are visitors in their country and for such a horrendous crime he has committed and the PI's having all the evidence at hand to get a conviction, why should another country stick there beak into the PI legal system beyond giving him fair representation in court, is beyond me. The embassy did a good job in my books, making sure he was looked after and feed well, more than I would have done. I stick by my stance in the earlier post, two ganta's of rice is about all I'd fork out for him.
  12. deportation of foreigners

    Thanks for that Jack, I knew they funded court cases over seas, my understanding it was only $200 K, must be a typo. Thank god I'm not in charge of who gets what for their legal defense, A ganta of rice to his cell mates is about all I'd pay and another for the banquete at his funeral.
  13. Help

    Join the growing trend of us oldies, best advice if it's not a rude task, ask a neighboring kid and give him/her 10 paso's to show you how to do it. You'll be surprised at how computer literate they are.
  14. deportation of foreigners

    In Oz if you can't front up with the fare for your return ticket,( deportation, broke no-other means to borrow money,) the government won't let you rot in jail for years, they pay for the ticket and confiscate your passport, you MUST pay the fare back when you get back home. We have the DOLE over here for people that can't find work, ( the government pays a small wage called the DOLE, ) and the price of the ticket is deducted from these fortnightly payments at a set percentage. For those that think they can out maneuver the Government by not going on the DOLE, your name is flagged in the tax department and any tax returns you are hoping to receive at years end, the price of the ticket is deducted out of it until the fare is payed. I wouldn't mind betting other Western countries have similar schemes in place.
  15. Maid to order, but double ordered!

    I generally don't come in on a problem like this, but you have had experience over time with C and your word is your bond. You have told G she would be temporary and she was fine with this, so it is hard I know, but let G know that she is on the short list if C doesn't square up to your expectations. I have found most middle age PI women are better with teaching younger children respect and as Jake implied, watch out for the Green eyed monster.