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  1. My obversation in Oz with divorce is mistreating by males towards their women. As we all know, provincial women are mostly loving and respectful towards their husband. I've seen the husband do some degrading things to their wife in front of his mates, for a laugh. I have left BQs telling the bloke/blokes to wake up and getting into trouble from my wife for making a scene. I'm from old school, but I was bought up to respect women. My mum used to always say, what would you do if you saw someone degrade your sister : response, job them. Money is another issue, I've seen blokes go over there throwing money around, big noteing themselves and inviting the girl home. When she arrives it's a different kettle of fish, she has to work and pay the bills, resentment by her husband if she wants to send any of her money home. Summing up, all you blokes out there that think just because their a different nationality and their just play things for your entertainment, laws are changing all this. If you bring them into Oz, you are financially resposable for them for TWO years , no if or buts, think before you bring a partner over, they are not a play thing nor a means for supporting you, SHE IS YOUR WIFE. Of the soap box, some people are just not compatible and are just another sad statistics.
  2. being an old sailor, I don't believe all 4 incident are human ere, 4 in twelve months, all high tec warships, all in the same area of the world. Can't explain why look outs didn't report other ships close proximity, maybe inexperienced look outs. As been explained, radars and other high tec equipment are in a darkened room with no visible contact out side their compartment. Maybe a new type of electronics warfare being tried, how many other near misses that we haven't heard about ?
  3. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    We only eat at home in PI so plenty of herbs and spices used + we transfer to jars to keep the humidity out, as I said, wife very tight with the peso, if they can make pesos out of selling food she can save it cooking is her argument. Never won an argument with her yet.
  4. Service With A Grunt

    Yeah Mogo 51 , but one of my best is if they ignore you, rearrange the product on the shelf about bum height and sit on the shelf, surpriseing how quick you get service. A lot of mungrel in me.
  5. Cooking issues that maybe there is a solution to ?

    My wife is a good cook, but when I first met her she would only buy little packets of herbs & spices. I understand pesos are tight to some, but it irked me to pay half the price for a little sachel 10 g to the full jar 200 g. I would always put the little satchels back and buy the big ones. Doing shopping here in Oz she still searches for little satchels of herbs, old habits never die.
  6. Back in the day

    I agree Jake, but I've never seen an ugly girl yet, no I'm not blind.
  7. Service With A Grunt

    Being a little bit straight forward: when someone grunts an answer at me, I generally go into a pig grunting response. You are sure to get attention from fellow customers and a few laughs. The next time I go into the store, I make it my business to single out the sales person that grunted at me first off, never had a grunt out of them since.
  8. Philippines - one month later

    After reading all the comments, does anyone know a good peddle car to buy, you've all scared the crap out of me from buying a car.
  9. Yes Steve, I quite agree with the part, let sleeping dogs lie, poking sticks at a volitiile situation only infuriates the problem. He himself said he wasn't the best husband, sometimes it takes a hard knock to bring a bloke to his senses, what I was saying in my old bushy way, learn from your mistake before you saddle up again, you've been thrown mate the rides over focus on the next ride. The kids will survive if that is your worry.
  10. I have lots of advice for you, but judging from what you have written, you aren't interested, but I will give you one little bit, fore get the kids, hard yes, they won't starve and keep going on the way you are, someone will top you, PI s hate being downed by foreigners. Go get on the p--s and hook up with another and learn your lesson. Sorry no punches pulled mate, heed the advise you asked for, many have warned you, or you'll only become a statistic. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  11. Browned off

    Hi Steve, yes we've talked before, I think the SSRV path is an unwarranted financial path, don't get me wrong, but I looked at that earlier and to have a PI department looking after my money, I don't think so. The 13 a process seems a lot more simpler, although you have to register each year and pay approx 350 peso per year, plus personally lodge the document. Yes we are financial enough to go down the SSRV path but my wife is PI and she worked in a administration position for nearly forty years, no way she will trust that path. Thanks for the link and just of late, visa rules have changed, 457 visas have been abolished and replaced with a 187 visa, this means that all them 457 visa holders are applying for the 187 visa, costing $9000 to proses, all other visas are on hold until the backlog is caught up. Just another money grab, our money was paid 2 years ago, and yes, because of our age our plans where to retire in PI while giving my wife the comfort of having Medicare here if the need arose. I have paid enough taxes to not feel guilty about that last couple of lines, so once sold up, PI here we come and we'll worry about medical, if a problem arrives.
  12. Browned off

    Hi hk blues, when we make it over there, we are heading to Panay Island to live, I see your over in Iloilo, my wife just about know everyone on the island, ha ha. When we get over there if your still around we might meet up, could even be related, ha ha, there all cousins.
  13. Yeah I spotted it once, honesty, while in a Jolly Bee an old PI women got up and left a parcel on the seat. With a prompt from his mother the little boy followed her before she got out of Jolly Bee and told her. With a little pat on the head and a gentle smile the old lady returned to pick up her parcel, no reward. Now here is my theory as to why PI s watch us foreigners, if we loose something and they return it, it means a reward. Now I know their are synical people out there but what else could it be.
  14. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Yeah beef exported from Aussie is grass fed then exported live, once in PI it is put into feed lots, personally I prefer grass fed beef. American beef is fed lot in the states then frozen and sent over, I'm sure this will be the practise of English meat. This lets them send over containers, and the meat could be frozen for months from abattoirs to plate.
  15. Holidays, vacations

    Yeah I liked to watch the living in Asia series too, but it was in Tagalog, then I'd get my wife to translate it to me. When we went and saw some of the places the translation wasn't the same as the documentation. " Simple " my wife would say, "they got the sound and the pictures mixed up", I don't speak Tagalog and I haven't won an argument with my wife yet, so if there is any budding photographers out their, get your bloody act together and don't mix your wording and scenery up, it buggers us poor Aussies up.