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  1. Brown outs

    Very rarely in Marikina and Pasig city.
  2. If anyone here is interested in teaching English online to Chinese students here's a link:
  3. I extended many times in Manila before I got a 13A. I never heard of that before.
  4. I have never met a Filipino that save's anything, my wife included. From everything I've seen the cultural mentality is spend everything as soon as you get it. Maybe, so that way when someone asks to borrow you can honestly say you don't have it? Then later as money problems arise either borrow money or pawn everything at half the original cost.
  5. Where To Stay In Manila

    I only stayed at the Sogo in Cainta once and I don't recommend them either. They advertise a really low rate but of course all of those rooms are full, so only the more expensive rooms are available. The internet was terrible and dropped constantly, the bed was uncomfortable, bathroom was dirty, shower had hardly any water pressure. TV was a piece of junk. Short of an emergency I wouldn't stay there again.
  6. Where To Stay In Manila

    And the Red planet's have the best showers with lots of hot water! The wife and I have stayed at the one in Ortigas many times. Always great, but the prices like everything else here have gone up recently. Good clean, no frills hotel though!
  7. I have a motorcycle here in metro Manila. Cars tend to just sit in traffic! But it is dangerous to ride here, sometimes bordering on anything goes Anarchy! I've had a lot of close calls because no one pays attention, and right of way is usually decided by which vehicle is bigger. The wife wants a car, and I'm starting to lean towards losing the bike.
  8. This is a very interesting topic, as I didn't know about this and my license expires early next year. If I'm reading this correctly I should not have a problem with renewal because I have a 13a perm visa and haven't left the country in a while? I also did not have to surrender my US license when I got my PI license, not that it matters much now because it's expired, but I still have it! I lucked out the last time and was issued an actual plastic license, but it sounds like they still have a supply shortage and I will probably get a stupid piece of paper on renewal.
  9. We have the Sky internet and cable package. 8 mb download speed and some useless TV stations. I don't watch TV very often so I don't mind. It's P 1,599 a month and the internet is steady averaging like 7.88 mb all the time. We use netflix/Amazon prime for entertainment and it works great for that. We also have the Globe prepay Tattoo LTE sims on our Iphones and the service is great all around metro manila with speeds sometimes reaching 12 mb download. I load GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080 for P 70. It's good for 7 days and includes unlimited all network texts and 1 GB for internet.
  10. After many trials and errors we finally got Sky cable here in Pasig city. It's great!
  11. Cooking hot dogs

    I really dislike the Filipino hotdogs! The only ones that I've had that are really good are from the S&R pizza shops. They are US quality hotdogs! Nice Garlicky taste, reminds me of a Nathans or Sabrett dog. They have decent pizza too!
  12. Greetings

    Thanks Mark!
  13. Greetings

    Thanks Hand!