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  1. Hawaii Beauties?

    I find very few beauty contestants to be appealing. Maybe it's the makeup. Maybe it's the clothing. I'd rather a morena SM cashier in boro-boros than most of the "beauties".
  2. Don't Answer That Question!

    I always try, "Do you need new shoes, honey?"
  3. Expat fight at McDonalds

    Medical equipment collector. "Special forceps".
  4. I just watched on Blue Planet II where a Father Puffin flew 30-miles to find a fish for his Baby Puffin. Just as he reached the end of the 30-mile return flight, he flew into a gang of Arctic Skua which were trying to steal the fish from returning Puffins. So I'd say it's pretty common, everywhere.
  5. Every single angle is covered, isn't it? I don't know whether to be envious or horrified.
  6. The Filipina and aircon (Filipino even)

    AC in the bedroom only, here. I spend a lot of time in here at the computer, running a fan. At night, the fan usually gets turned off and the AC is turned on. We usually leave it at 24 or 25. My wife uses a blanket no matter what the temp! The other evening, the power was out and we were running our little rechargeable fan set on Low to save the charge. I was sweating and she had the blanket on!
  7. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    I have no idea. I'm a NutraSweet Daddy. All of the Daddy, none of the Sugar.
  8. Expat Sugar Daddy’s, right or wrong?

    Talk about "Harem Scarem!" I'd be afraid a few of them would meet and decide on a "hostile takeover"!
  9. Small generator?

    Oh, man! Power has been going on and off here in Davao. My little niece can't sleep and has school in the AM, and the adults are all cranky. That was a very welcome belly laugh, Gator. Thank you!
  10. Small generator?

    We've all seen those little generators in Ace or Citi Hardware. Does anyone have any experience with buying one? I'm only looking to run a couple of fans and keep everyone's electronics charged up for now. Maybe a larger one later on. We seldom have long power outages (except for right now, which prompts this question: 4+ hours).
  11. Mindanao

    I live in Davao and have now for 3 years. I have walls and CCTV but then, even pastors buy insurance. I've never had a problem. I've gotten myself worked up about kidnapping a few times, especially after the incident on Samal Island, but then I looked at myself and asked, "Would I kidnap me?" And the answer was, "No way!" .
  12. Seasons Beatings

    You mean Baby Jesus doesn't need them TV's?
  13. Partridge has fallen out of his pear tree

    When I was young, parents watched TV and the kids watched what the parents did. I did not watch The Partridge Family in its first run but I was well aware of David Cassidy's pop fame (I had an AM radio of my own). Later, when the show was put into syndication and was on in the afternoon or even the mornings, I watched every Partridge episode over and over. Along with many, many shows, and many other stars (some dead, some living), David Cassidy was a friend who came to visit a boy cooped up in the house via the wonder of television. Goodbye, my old friend.
  14. A lot of people do get the holiday and the following Friday off. Of course, plenty of people don't even get the holiday off anymore.