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  1. It was green. Just the salsa verde and beans. Vegetarian, if you will. It was cheap, nutritious and tasty and I was single. I used to make red chili with meat and beans, too. I went light on the chili powder but used to use a Mexican hot sauce I only recently found available here: Cholula. And shredded cheddar on top.
  2. I was shocked to look out the window on my last flight to SIngapore and see how jammed the waters are with tankers and cargo ships.
  3. Living in Seattle exposed me to many different foods. I was eating Filipino food way before there was a Filipina in my life. Having a wife that can cook has also taught me what good Filipino food is. I'm lucky, I guess. What I can't understand are those who move here with a professed disdain for Filipino food. My wife has a friend whose husband is like that. I have no idea what he eats.
  4. I was so happy back a couple of weeks ago, to find La Victoria salsa verde in the Gmall. I grabbed two bottles of it. When I was single, I used to make a chili with a bottle of that and several cans of drained beans. I got a dinner and two lunches out of a batch. My MIL made it twice, once with meat and once without like I used to make it. It was so darn good! Went back this week to get some more... No stock, sir.
  5. I haven't vetted this so read at your own risk, but New Scientist isn't total crap, they say. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2143499-ships-fooled-in-gps-spoofing-attack-suggest-russian-cyberweapon/
  6. Funny things they say

    Whenever my wife bites her lip or tongue while chewing she asks me for a number. She then figures out who has that day as a birthday and blames them for biting herself. Weird.
  7. Funny things they say

    Clownfish males change their sex. There's also a snake that pretends to be female when it comes out (ahem) in Spring. They think it does so to be kept warm by hungover males...
  8. We're trying to get a garden started with seeds from here and from the US designated for "hot climate". I miss tomatoes most of all. I'm originally from New Jersey, USA and grew up with big, fat, red tomatoes on the vine all summer long. I lived in Seattle for 15 years and the valleys just north and east of the city brought fantastic produce to the local stores and farmer's markets. I miss my veg! We have two types of tomato seeds that just arrived: one for the soil and one for hydroponic growing which we're going to try on a small scale. We also have some hot-climate Roma tomatoes that, if they grow, I will turn into tomato sauce. We made growing "boxes" from CHB and filled the boxes in with garden soil purchased from garden people. We have some string beans that started out looking great but, now that they're flowering a bit, are going yellow and dying. Some of the other things like eggplant and Chinese cabbage aren't looking too good, either. Our soil in this part of Davao at least, is ugly, heavy clay-like stuff.
  9. I like it. But I've never had another shawarma. I tend to try to like things for what they are and not what I want them to be, within reason. I wouldn't call Greenwich pizza back in the US but for what it is: stuff put on dough and baked, it's ok.
  10. I think my wife's mother uses a pressure cooker for her beef shank soup. It's always very tender. And if you find some nice shanks, you get beautiful marrow like what I had the other night:
  11. Service With A Grunt

    Oh, I dislike those! We were in a small, crowded pharmacy a while back with customers nearly cheek to jowl. There were four vendor girls in the fray as well, blocking the counter and slithering through the crowd: Vitamin C Girl, Nasal Congestion Pill Girl, Try My Chocolate Girl, and Sign Up For My Thing Girl. I stuck my hand in my wallet pocket and adopted a mean look, just in case I met I Like Your Wallet Better Girl.
  12. Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    For What It's Worth, we received our BB box two days ago from our Filipino friend in Lost Wages (Las Vegas). It was sent prior to the new rules via Atlas and addressed to my wife and myself. It arrived unopened with no extra monies due.
  13. Service With A Grunt

    And they all still use rubber stamps. Which is how I joke about having to wait now. I ask my wife, "Do they have to send to Manila for a new rubber stamp?"
  14. Service With A Grunt

    True dat.
  15. UK Beef back in the Philippines

    Indeed. At our S&R, the Aussie beef is very brown. I'd buy it in a NY minute if it looked better. Same with the lamb. I'm not sure where it comes from (can't remember) but the meat looks pathetic. I used to buy those all of the time! Tajima, I think but that's the type, not the brand. Or maybe it's both. Anyway, the quality went down at my SM and I stopped buying them.