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  1. Being agresive and knowing when to leave

    Only Mongo punch horse!
  2. Being agresive and knowing when to leave

    The gate is a metaphor for the internet, the dogs for Internet Tough Guys. Face to face, the fearsome barkers just back away.
  3. As I suspected when they were applying it, the "painters" subcontracted by our builder didn't use the correct amount of lime neutralizer-to-water ratio when they treated the walls prior to painting and now every room in the house has lime bloom (efflorescence) through the paint. Does anyone know of a cure for this? We were just going to paint over it but I believe it will just bloom anew.
  4. Caring for a very Poorly Dog

    Sad to hear, Jack. My condolences and a glass raised to your memory of a good boy.
  5. Opinion of Filipino Men??

    My wife accidentally bought me a bar of Kojic whitening soap. I told her to give it away because if I used it, I'd disappear!
  6. Life in paradise

    Paradise, like beauty, is in the eye of the beer holder. As a building maintenance "engineer", in Seattle, I worked at two renovated piers on the waterfront. Seven months each year were variations of cold and wet. The wind off of Puget Sound drove the rain sideways and eventually, through every high-end rain jacket I ever bought at REI. I dreamed of the hot sun. Now I have a fan on me all day and bitch about the heat.
  7. Panglao Island/Alona Beach

    We stayed at Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort on Alona Berach for three days last April. No real complaints except that the entry is down an unpaved road.
  8. Halloween Display

    We wish you would give us pesos We wish you would give us pesos...
  9. Halloween Display

    Halloween is on a slow creep (zombie shuffle?) here in Davao. The malls have "Spooktacular Savings" and "Treats Without Tricks" and so on. The toy store at SM carries a bit of decor. Last year, I think, it had available a baby skull decoration which spooked me (heh) badly. I noticed just the other day in the SM Supermarket they had a sign up for "Monster Deals" that included floss and toothbrushes. Not sure if it was specifically for Halloween but surely it matched the spirit of candy overdoses.
  10. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    Davao is still clean. I see people sweeping along the main thoroughfares. Off the mains, there has been some improvement in my area with added centralized garbage/recycling bins but littering is ingrained and has not abated. From your list, I believe only the new malls have been realized but I stick to just three or four and so can't tell you where the new ones might be. I will say that there has been a citywide push for widening roads and adding new drainage/sidewalks. This results in new water mains being added under the pavement and utility poles being replaced and relocated. Coming home in a downpour along some newly installed drainage on McCarthur, however, showed that a lot of the new drainage is nearly useless against flooding. At least as it is now. Maybe there's a final connection that needs to be made yet.
  11. Big Head

    Sweet day in the morning! If you find a straw fedora maker here, please share! I have 3 sort of crappy small fedoras that barely cover my behind-the-ear hearing aids. I got 2 of them in the Kultura section of SM and one (same exact hat, different color) from a fellow selling them on Panglao. I don't think they would fit you, though.
  12. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    I live in Davao City, not far from Toril. I'm (apparently ) nowhere near as knowledgeable about the area as the other members that have been helping you but I'll answer what I can, sure.
  13. Just gotta try these, anyone seen them about

    I'm pretty sure that this is just a can of air.
  14. Location ideas to recce for settling near Davao City?

    (Getting educated about where I live.)
  15. Are Filipinos Racists?

    I don't really have any discussion cooked up on this as of yet except to say that I don't mind being called, "Hey Joe!" I often call back, "Hey, Juan!" When I hear them, that is. I do have this story which might fit in well here: I was working as a daytime janitor or "porter" as they titled it, for one of Seattle's large cleaning companies. One fellow who came through as a helper was Filipino. One day we were talking and he suddenly asked me, "Why do you do this?" I said, "What do you mean?" "I know why I do this and why the black guys do this but why do you do it? "he asked. "You're white." I explained that color wasn't the only thing that dictated class in America.