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  1. We did the same. We paid special attention to keeping our perimeter wall short of the dirt road we're on. My wife said if they ever decide to improve the road, we might lose our plants to a forced sidewalk, but not have to rebuild the wall like some of the people up and down the main road.
  2. That's terrible! They widened the road that goes past our place and chopped the fronts off of dozens of homes and businesses. It seems to me that part of the problem is caused by the generally small lots and lack of required setback. The sidewalks they left are barely 2 ft. wide in places and the city usually locates a utility pole in the middle of them. I just read your other post, brmpipes, so ignore the setback thing above.
  3. The headline should read: Two months after closure, gov't yet to start to solve Boracay woes... After closure, gov’t yet to solve Boracay woes
  4. JDDavao

    The Helpers

    What a set of solenoids on that one!
  5. JDDavao

    The Helpers

    I sympathize, Jack. The one I liked left and the one we have is family. And although she can communicate with any man who comes to the gate, be they plumber, coconut-cutter-offer, water deliveryman, what have you, she treats me like a leper. She will actually go into a room she hadn't intended to if we're walking down the same hallway. *sigh* It's good you found out before your house was left untended. I hope you can find a good one or two.
  6. No American needs to leave the US to marry young. According to the Wiki, in North Carolina, a bastion of those of a certain political and religious leanings, the legal age is 14. In other states that lean a certain way, like Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas, the lowest legal age is 16. In other states, there is no legal lowest age but the "norm" is to gain parental and/or judicial consent or both for those under 18. Again according to Wikipedia, no one seems sure what the age is in Massachusetts. Consent there is usually both parental and judicial but there exists a legal opinion that maintains the traditional common law age of 12 is the lowest legal limit. And in Vermont, the legal age to marry with parental consent is 13. Apparently, US Christians, Jews, Muslims, Satanists, and even Atheists can all marry youngsters without leaving home.
  7. JDDavao

    Philippines Toilet Etiquette

    We shipped a handheld bidet here ahead of us from the US in a BB box with our other chosen bath fixtures. Following the advice of a plumber we had who also worked for the city water company, we moved our meter to a new water district as we were right on the edge were two districts met. The pressure is so great in this district that some of our fittings leak at night when the pressure is highest. The pressure is also so great that using that handheld bidet will launch you ass-over-teacup into the tub.
  8. JDDavao

    Birds in my garden

    Yes! Those are exactly the plants I see the sun birds on.
  9. JDDavao

    Birds in my garden

    I think I remember reading that Filipinos call both the Eurasian Tree Sparrow and the Chestnut Munia "maya". The tree sparrow can be quite destructive - they tear apart some of my wife's plants for nesting material - but the Munia is much less so.
  10. JDDavao

    Birds in my garden

    We have Pied Fantails, which never seem to hold still and, here, constantly bow, counterbalanced on twigs by that beautiful tail. We also have the Chesnut Munias and hordes of Eurasian Tree Sparrows. My favorite is the tiny Olive Backed Sunbird.
  11. Not quite sure if this is news or scam or both but I'd never heard of this one before. https://news.mb.com.ph/2018/05/28/black-dollar-scam-swindlers-nabbed-by-pnp/ ‘Black dollar scam’ swindlers nabbed by PNP Three foreigners who were tagged as the leader and members of the notorious Angolan Budol-Budol Gang operating the “black dollar scam” in southern Metro Manila were apprehended by the police in Pasay City, the Philippine National Police (PNP) disclosed today. PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde identified the suspected swindlers as Gum Blanche Murphy, 28, from Angola; and Aroon James, 44, from Puerto Rico; and Brown Akwe Fonboh, 43, from United States of America. All three suspects were temporarily residing in a hotel on Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. ====================================== https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_money_scam The black money scam, sometimes also known as the "black dollar scam" or "wash wash scam", is a scam where con artists attempt to fraudulently obtain money from a victim by persuading him or her that piles of banknote-sized paper in a trunk or a safe are actually currency notes that have been dyed to avoid detection by authorities. The victim is persuaded to pay fees and purchase chemicals to remove the dye, with the promise of a share in the proceeds.
  12. JDDavao

    OH BOY! I wonder if he is trying to keep it QUIET?

    Happy Beerday, Tom!
  13. JDDavao


    I wrote a post about this on my blog. I'm cautious by nature and losing my hearing has meant that my head is on a permanent swivel. I read body language, faces, traffic, everything. It's part of the reason that going out is mentally exhausting for me sometimes. I go into a store like S&R and look up at the shelves with their stacks of inventory that have no safety rail in front of them and think: "What happens in an earthquake?" There are only three of four places to go on each side of the store to avoid being crushed by falling pallets of soup or mayo. As I shop in stores, I purposely look for fire exits. I am appalled by how many of them have padlocks on the doors to prevent someone fleeing the store with a package of underwear or a box of nails. I think about the thirty-odd people who perished in the NCCC Mall fire because they couldn't get out of the top floor call center (I'm betting the fire door was locked but the official word was "inadequate" or some such). Got to have a plan, man. Got to be aware of what's happening and what might happen around you.
  14. The reason I'm here is partly that I reached the end of my useful working life early. There is nowhere in the US where a profoundly hard-of-hearing man of 54 can earn a living comparable to the one I left without there being special circumstances or education to mitigate the physical problems. A couple of bad surprises, followed by a couple of good ones, and the sudden loss of half of my already poor hearing convinced me that we'd come here before we had planned to. I would go back for visits but I cannot afford to live there anymore.
  15. JDDavao

    Foreigner convicted.

    A Mom I kow here had a beautiful 17-year old daughter. She was "online dating" a 60-year old American with Mom's approval and encouragement. Trouble ensued when Mom constantly intercepted lover boy's phone calls and tried flirting with him herself. Fights, tears, exit lover boy, pretty little girl winds up pregnant and married by a Filipino within a year. Mom still has no one but her husband. Complete culture difference is right.