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  1. Beer & Coca-Cola???

    When I was reviewing local beers for my blog, I bought bottles of both apple and the lemon San Migs. I couldn't finish either. I can't even put ice cubes in my beer. I don't think I could do the Coke and beer thing. But, if it boats your float... I do recall my cousin and I mixing orange juice and Coke when we were kids, trying to mimic the adults at the cookout and their cocktails. That was pretty good if disgusting-looking.
  2. Sweating

    Or "tank tops". True "wife beaters" must be wet with beer and stained with sauce from last week's tin of Spaghetti-Os (hoops).
  3. A burning question

    This came across my Facebook transom today. My neighbor, Smokey McSmokerson, needs to see this.
  4. Why do people buy SUVs they can't drive?

    And, because of the size, they're forced to creep through the narrow side streets. I was in one of those big King Cab 4x4 pickups with a guy once who inched along through a neighborhood "shortcut" with a half dozen other people driving land yachts of their own. Once back out on the highway, he lamented the heavy traffic "even in the neighborhoods, now".
  5. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I found this years ago. It's very compact. If you're careful with it and patient otherwise, you can "roll your own" once the original supply runs out.
  6. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Perhaps there's more ambidexterity here than I assume.
  7. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Go to the mall, hit the CR, wipe with your hand, walk to the food court, eat your food with your fingers...
  8. deportation of foreigners

    The quarry here would be full to the top if that type ever came to Davao.
  9. This. We had rats and mice even run around while we were sitting on the patio until sister-in-law's cats came to live with us.
  10. It's barley teabags in each armpit. Garlic in your pocket wards off Eat Bulaga hosts.
  11. There's a blurb at the bottom of one of the MICE pages that touts the site's expertise and says "Greetings from Singapore/Bangkok". Cursory searches lead to the same story on one more site that has Russian or Eastern European words on it and summarised on a "ghostbuster" site in English. I'm going to go with "fake news".
  12. Has anyone seen these in Manila? My Balikbayan box has been delayed and I'm going to run out. These help me sleep.
  13. I joked about my niece's school report card when I saw she had a 98 in English. I asked her if that was so, why did she never talk to me?She just turned red and got embarrassed.
  14. What is 'Available' here

    I'm surprised to see both Cholula hot (er, tepid) sauce and Sriracha hot sauce are available here in Davao. I bought bottles of each at one Gaisano supermarket that has a large "Imports" section. I giggled like a nut at finally finding them. Then the Giant Economy Size of Cholula and regular size of Sriracha turned up in S&R. Now I see Sriracha in a number of supermarkets. Cholula is still available only at a few stores.