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  1. Clermont I couldn't agree more. I also was raised to respect women and a marriage is a partnership built on mutual respect and love.
  2. Barcelona

    Oh I absolutely believe there has been an uptick in terrorism. But I also believe that some of the reasons for the increase is due to the media(whether Mass or social). IMHO I think if there was no publicity on the scale we see now and they knew the were not going to get the attention they would scale back some of the attacks. I think there are a lot of copycats that are committing this horrendous acts that really have no ties to terrorist organizations and are only trying to think they are part of it.
  3. Barcelona

    Unfortunately this isn't true terrorism has been around for much longer then we think. It is only in the last 60 years with the advent of mass media and the availability to report it sooner do we think it is more recent. I believe by the mass media reporting on every time an act of so called terrorism is committed we only feed the terrorist with publicity. And strengthen their resolve to commit more acts. But what we cannot do is restrict the media especially here in the US because of our constitution and the Bill of rights guaranteeing the right to free and open press. Maybe the answer is if we can get all governments to play on the same page then we might have a chance of eradicating this blight on our world. Just my 2 cents and opinion.
  4. Holidays, vacations

    Hey Gary send me a message when you are heading to Niagara live just 30 minutes and worked over 20 years up there> ca\n give you some cant miss places for food and what to see. Have fun and hope to hear from you.
  5. Unfortunately this dilemma is not restricted to the Philippines. Here we have a lot of young girls in urban poor areas and also rural poor areas that see these young "men" and think that the only way to keep them is too have sex and their babies. And then find out that he has 2 or 3 other baby mommas and he is not supporting any of them but actually takes even more from them when they start collecting for government programs. The only way to fix this problem as I see is we need as a society, to educate these young women and teach them that there are a lot of opportunities for them if they stay out of these types of situations and focus on their future. With this if they are not available to the these boys maybe it will force them to become more responsible and take charge of their own futures. ie: "no honey, no bears"
  6. Game of Thrones

    OnMyWay Keep watching a few more episodes one of my favorites. Wasn't sure I was going to like it either, but now it is a cant miss show for me the and college football( Roll Tide Roll).
  7. I have just read your story and all the follow-ups and I am truly sorry for your experience and wish nothing but good luck in the future. Any update on the status of your situation? Thank you for sharing and a gain good luck in the future.
  8. Yes it seems that there has been a lot of that going on lately and it is good info but wondering if some don't have agenda to try and keep us new guys from coming over to live? No nobody would do that, would they?
  9. safe way to carry funds

    After reading these and another thread about safety and security I was beginning to rethink my decision to move to the Philippines. But I think just as AlwaysRt says I too was A Marine and pretty hyper-vigilant i will just remind myself that there is sometimes a threat but not always.
  10. Tampo

    I don't need help getting confused I do well enough on my own
  11. Tampo

    That is basically what she did when we talked she did apologize for her actions and said it wont happen again. I will take her at her word for now... I usually give someone a pass the first time but never a second time. I have done my due diligence here and after meeting quite a few her friends thru cam on skype looking at her friends accounts on fb and finding out about her thru other means. She comes across as a nice girl who has a nice job (maybe even good job by Philippines standards) her family seems pretty stable and in more than 5 months has never even hinted or complained about money in any way. I think she is honest and has a good heart. So if she is playing me then she is one of the best con artist I have ever seen. Also we haven't told each other we love each other yet and we will meet later this year and really get to know each other and see where it goes. I am keeping my fingers crossed also but also not going in blindly to this. She is not the last Filipina there but hopefully my last. So thanks for all the advice it is greatly appreciated and I will remember it as I go forth.
  12. Tampo

    I got that a couple of weeks ago when fb one of her friends to ask A question about my gf but no Tampo that time. I feel for you brother.
  13. City Garden Grand Hotel Makati

    yup Jake that was me was with VMFA-115 out of MCAS Beaufort,SC was the first squadron to receive F-18's in 1985
  14. Tampo

    Well Tampo over we just finished Skpe-ing and all is well in the land of Mark. Yes she did admit that it is her way when she is upset she shuts down communications and we discussed that in the future we need to talk to resolve these types of things,Crisis averted. So i guess I will not need those distractions anymore....hahaha.
  15. Tampo

    Oh I am chuckling about most of this I was married before. I know it is not either of those she has a good job and usually she is close to wifi so this is definitely a pouting thing. Hopefully it will blow over and we will laugh about it in the future. Until then I am just going to roll with the punches and ride out the storm. The post was more of a blow off some steam sorta thing.