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  1. The right fit

    Oh really? Wow they are so cool tho.lol Yes I know try to blend in as much as possible. Why become a statistic if can be avoided. Planning on bring mainly Polo type shirts, T-shirts, shorts, and a nice suit with me. Someone said before not to wear Jeans. Why is that? I was thinking of doing some hiking in a wooded or mountainous area and like the protection they provide.
  2. The right fit

    Thanks everyone for your advice. I guess for some clarification I am 5'10" (178cm) and weight 200lbs (90kg) the reason I asked was I like to travel light and do not want to be dragging luggage everywhere I go. I will not be staying in a hotel if possible but looking at Airbnb's for most of my stays so doing laundry might be a challenge. (plus doing laundry is not something I will be doing on vacation). So I guess my best option is to bring what I think I will need and find a laundry to do my clothes.
  3. The right fit

    I will be making my first trip to the Philippines in September and staying for 1 month. and I have searched the forum for an answer but they seem a a little outdated answers. So wondering is it any easier to find larger men's sizes in clothing now? I wear an X-large shirt and have a 38 inch waist but very short legs only 29 inches. So don't want to pack too much clothes for the trip and was hoping to be able to buy somethings there. I will be staying in and around Cebu and CDO for much of my trip. So any help would be appreciated.
  4. Sweating

    What we call undershirts here in the US
  5. Katy is 4!

    Like herding cats. Maybe easier to do that then kids sometimes.
  6. The other half

    I think this is good advice and I will surely be trying to follow this when the time comes.
  7. deportation of foreigners

    It seems to me that some don't like or want expats in their city. excerpt from the article: He noted that when Filipinos go abroad, they would try their best to behave and comply with laws of the foreign country. No they just overstay their visas.
  8. Jake, You are all just taxi drivers for us Marines.... Just kidding have a lot of respect for our sailors whether above or below the waves.
  9. Really? Would love to know some of these sites. But so far my experience has not been as fruitful.
  10. Budget help

    Yes the reason for low amount for rent is because the couple that I am renting to have been very good friends to me. They have been there for me and my daughter since before the death of my wife. I count them as very special people in my life and feel this is one small way of showing my appreciation for their love and support thru a very difficult period in my life. So the win for me is I get to keep a special couple as friends and not worry about the financial benefit that I could receive thru other avenues. The house is paid off and has been for a few years so anything I get is a windfall for me. What I am going to do with the amount that is going towards the mortgage will be placed into an interest bearing escrow account so at the end of contract they will receive that money as consideration a down payment towards the new mortgage excluding any interest incurred. Fortunately I have until August 2018 to figure out the logistics of all this, because that is when my daughter will be going to Boston University and they are locked into a lease on their current home until then. Thanks for all the good info and I will accept any assistance if and when questions arise.
  11. Budget help

    Yes I have already lined up a young couple who are friends of mine we are going to do a rent to own contract. So all maintenance and repairs will be covered by them. We are doing a 5 year plan with 60% percent of rent going towards the principal and other 40% going for rent. At the end of 5 years they can either convert to conventional mortgage or we can adopt a new RTO plan. It really is a good plan for both of us as they are locking in the sales price of the home at today's figures and hopefully get the benefits of a rising housing market. I am selling to them at $200,000 so at the end of the 5 year period they will only owe $161.300 for the remainder of the purchase price. Even at a increase of home value of 5% the house would then be valued at $210,000 so they would have equity of approximately $48,700. The way I look at it this is a win-win situation for both of us. Also if at the end of contract or default of terms they receive no money back from rent paid. So it really is in their best interest to keep the contract intact.
  12. Budget help

    No Jake that is correct $500/month it really should be more because I actually pay $3200 a year in school taxes and another $3150 in county taxes per year. I live in one of the highest taxed counties in the US. That is the biggest reason I am wanting to get out of this state and country. Sick of forking over almost 22% of my monthly income to the Government. Not including sales tax on goods and services of 8.75% also where I live with have some of the highest percent of fuel taxes in the country.
  13. Budget help

    Hello Everyone I am hoping someone or anyone can take a look at my budget plan and give me any advice on missing items or if my figures are really out of line with what I can expect expenses to be. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This budget is for 1 person with live in DH 2 bedroom condo either in Cebu area or other than Manila. Thanks in advance for all your help.
  14. Bluesmart Suitcase

    They are not a fire hazard once they are removed from the suitcase. If they are just in a separate bag they pose no hazard.
  15. Bluesmart Suitcase

    Here is the answer DH