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  1. Bluesmart Suitcase

    They are not a fire hazard once they are removed from the suitcase. If they are just in a separate bag they pose no hazard.
  2. Bluesmart Suitcase

    Here is the answer DH
  3. climbing frames and slides etc...

    There is a country song by Bucky Covington about us old guys LOL
  4. Gomer Pyle RIP

    Unfortunately we lost another great actor yesterday. He was also a pretty good singer too. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jim-nabors-gomer-pyle-andy-griffith-show-dead-87-honolulu/ Rest in Peace Gomer.
  5. SBMA ballpark rents

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with some ballpark prices on renting in or near SBMA area. I have tried searching on line with no such luck. I know it will be a boots on the ground type of thing but just looking to see if my budget will be enough for a simple life there. To give a little info about me I am retired collecting SSDI will be coming there next year to retire, I drink about 2 beers a month, eat a healthy diet have no health problems and will be living there with just my future wife. She is a RN from the PI and we met here in Canada recently. We have been chatting for over 6 months. So any help would be appreciated.
  6. Joko I think your best option is to find a lawyer from wherever you plan on filing the appeal process at. One reason is if it needs to go before an Administrative Law Judge for a Hearing I believe that you will also need to appear for that. or at the least have a lawyer appear on your behalf. Here is a link for that https://www.disability-benefits-help.org/faq/form-ssa-ha-4608. Good luck.
  7. Christmas is coming, what gifts

    That is so True Queenie. And hopefully this will be my last year of doing that.
  8. Nursing Shortage Again In USA.

    I have been researching this exact subject and it is not true that they cannot work in hospitals when they arrive. To gain entry to the US as a nurse you must first apply to a states Board of Nursing, who will then allow the prospect to take the NCLEX exam which the licensing exam , next is to take Ietls or Toefl which are English language proficiency test. Once they pass those they can then apply for H-1b visa to work in the US. It is a very long process which usually takes a year or more for the whole process. Also for the visa they need a sponsor who is willing to sponsor their visa. There are many companies who are offering OFW's this for a fee or some where they the nurse is required to work a specific contract with no pay back required. If anyone would like more info PM me and I can direct you to the right info.
  9. Beer prices up ( Dang and Blast)

    Here in US even a bottle of Bud will run you $6 or about 300 php. Good thing I don't drink too much here. Might change with those prices.
  10. Here is a link that details what most in US are like... http://family.findlaw.com/marriage/common-law-marriages-faq-s-what-states-recognize-common-law.html
  11. Tom Petty

    Sorry now they are saying he did not die. Guess another case of the media jumping the gun.
  12. Tom Petty

    We lost another great rocker today. Hope he is enjoying Mary Jane's Last Dance. RIP Tom http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-petty-rock-iconoclast-who-led-the-heartbreakers-dead-at-66-w506651
  13. Mass Exodus From Puerto Rico Feared

    yes true they do not have citizenship guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.
  14. Mass Exodus From Puerto Rico Feared

    They are US citizens with no rights to vote in Presidential elections but if they are living in a state as residents then they enjoy all rights. A new poll of 2,200 adults by Morning Consult found that only 54 percent of Americans know that people born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, are U.S. citizens. (Because Puerto Rico is not a state, they do not vote in presidential elections, but they send one nonvoting representative to Congress.)
  15. Safety First

    Do you think this will catch on?