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  1. ponching1986

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    Old 55. I showed my drivers license. No, I never itemized. General descriptions, used clothes, house hold items, can goods/groceries and personal effects. Been doing this for ages and no problem at all. My relatives are in Pasig, MM. Totally agreed, this is really stupid, just another way these A/H can demand kickbacks. LBC have been reliable for me here in NYC.
  2. ponching1986

    Recommend a place to live in PI??

    Subsky, welcome aboard. Best of luck on your house hunting, just be mindful of the security condition specially in Mindanao, they are still under Martial law. Parts of Mindanao is under siege by the militants. Think safety first.
  3. ponching1986

    Balikbayan Box Major Rule Changes

    I will keep you posted, I shipped 2 boxes from NYC last week, lets see what happens. We been using LBC and they have been reliable.
  4. Ann is that for you or your kids? I see that your location is in Dubai, do you plan on moving to PI? The reason I asked, PI is a 3rd world country and here in the US, they look down on you, It doesn't matter if you graduated from the most prestigious college in PI, they do not recognize that. 3rd world country 3rd rate education in their eyes. The employer will not spend their time researching your school, I am talking based from my own experience. Maybe its different in Dubai and UK how they view the schools in the Philippines. I have BS Chemical Engineering from Adamson University, Manila. BTW, I was based in Dubai in 1997 - 1998 when I was active duty in the US Navy.
  5. ponching1986

    Five (or Ten) Year Plan

    Reed. Living permanently and visiting for two weeks is night and day. I suggest that you started planning an extended vacation 1 - 3 months, this way you can have a feel on how to live in the Philippines, start looking for areas you want to settle. I've been away from the Philippines (Pasig) for more than 30 years. The longest I've been back is 1 week. Since you ask about education for your kids and looking for jobs after graduation from college, rather than advise I would like to share my experience as a Filipino looking for jobs in the US that was 30 years ago, now fast forward at the present time, it is very competitive. I have BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Adamson University in Manila. The first thing they asked was, have you had local experience, of course the response is "no", that is pretty much the end of my job application. After so many failed attempts in 1 year, I finally decided to enlist in the US Navy. I stayed for 20 years and 8 days and retired as CPO (E7). After the Navy, I work (still working) for the City/Town as director of purchasing. It is very hard to land a good job if you are a graduate from 3rd world like Philippines. It is what it is, people have their own prejudice. Let me ask you this, if you have 2 candidates, one is a graduate from a US university and the other is from the Philippines who would you hire? It is all about the local experience specially in the technical world - engineering and the like. I am close to my retirement myself and I'm looking forward to going back to the Philippines and enjoy my golden years, me and my wife, 2 kids are both out of the household and settled on their own.
  6. ponching1986

    Helping out a deceased American friend. Advise needed!

    Not sure if this conversation is still active. Do you still need to open this site (SS Eligibility).