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  1. Cranberry sauced

    I enjoyed their music, sad to see yet another muso that I listen to is gone.
  2. Washer spin dryers

    SWMBO wanted last Christmas to buy her lola who had paid for her schooling a washing machine because she was getting old and finding it hard to do the washing by hand and she has always gone out of her way to help and has never asked for money. We ended up buying a very basic single tub washer which doesn't actually have a spin function, it only washes but it was only a few thousand peso, she was very very happy. I'm thinking now that I might have missed a bullet by buying one without a spin function!
  3. Another one bites the dust. (woman scorned)

    Keeping Red Horse around to throw on people instead of imported sounds like a plan
  4. I have a full (and more white than grey) beard... I've heard the Santa a few times LOL
  5. Bored?  Start a hobby!

    I am only a visual amateur astronomy hobbyist but I do remember reading that atmospheric transparency is adversely effected by increased humidity. Less light reaches the observer. Warm air (tropical) where it meets cold upper atmosphere is more turbulent which reduces the stability and hence definition of the image. And of course light pollution is a large issue in densely populated countries and in particular near large cities. Amateur astronomers doing photography can stack multiple images to reduce these effects but us visual astronomers have no other option but to wait for good ‘seeing’. Oh and I recently bought a proper planetary camera to use with my scope, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to use it... oh yes... my hobby... err amateur astronomy ;-)
  6. Dog laws

    There is a vaccine available for rabies for adults. I don't know about prices in other places but in Australia I was told it would cost between AUD $160 (PHP 6250) and roughly AUD $400 (15600 PHP), the lower prices are administered intradermally and the higher prices are for vaccine given into the muscle which requires more of the vaccine. I elected not to get the rabies vaccine as it is several shots and then a blood test and is more expensive. I have had the typhoid/hep A combination vaccine and the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis triple vaccine with adult boosters. I caught measles and chicken pox as a child (so didn't need those). Along with the Rabies vaccine, Japanese encephalitis is another vaccine that may be useful if you're in rural areas of the Philippines for extended periods of time but again it is a multi dose administration requiring 3 visits and is a similar cost to the rabies vaccine (the vaccinations I did get were less expensive and less visits). I am wondering now if I should reconsider the rabies vaccine... those dog bite figures are a lot higher than I expected.
  7. Cleanliness of restaurant staff.

    "We Specialise in Hygiene", said the sign at the bread shop. The customer was delighted when she saw the baker pick up her rolls with a pair of tongs and put them in a bag. "Untouched by human hands!" said the baker. "Very Good!" said the customer. "But tell me, what is that piece of string hanging out of your fly?" "Hygiene!" said the baker. "When I have a pee I pull it out with the string and my hand never touches it." "How do you put it back?" asked the customer curiously. "With the tongs..." replied the baker. (yes I know it's an old joke but it seemed to fit in this topic)
  8. Yes, yummy. I'm also very fond of BBQ chicken on sticks.
  9. Typhoon vintna

    There is knee deep water in parts of Ozamiz (or at least there was). Ozamiz had high winds but appear to have missed the worst of the storm. With the family living on higher ground on the inland side of the city the water ran past and down into the low lying areas. I find it interesting that the family dismissed the early warnings (and yes they were aware of them) (as per the comments on some news stories), "we don't get typhoons here" which appears to have been a contributing factor in people not evacuating in time. Everyone is ok which is the main thing (and I'm glad to hear your wife is ok also John).
  10. Was I right not to ?

    I read that martial law has been extended again so we won't know if that happens for a while yet.
  11. Was I right not to ?

    I spent 3 weeks in Ozamis about 5 months ago during martial law but before the troubles with the local Mayor when we were visiting some of my girlfriends family. I stayed at a local resort hotel between the city and the airport (which was comfortable and the rooms were well sized) and traveled around sometimes with the family and sometimes in a motorbike (no taxis or jeepnees in Ozamiz). When I was there the police check points were unmanned and everything was quiet (although the normal cautions about not flashing money or jewellery or expensive phones still apply) and I made a point of not making myself too obvious. I didn't feel unsafe in Ozamiz at any point but YMMV. We did drive to CDO one day and there were check points along the way and a big wait at one major check point (this was when Marawi was still under seige) and we were only about 80kms north of Marawai at one point. The major military check point was a bit intimidating but the army personal were nothing but polite (although they asked to check my passport at the larger check points) It was more 'well if this is needed should I really be in this part of Mindanao? thoughts'. CDO also felt fine (normal) but yes parts of the trip between Ozamiz and CDO made me a bit uncomfortable. One consideration is that some insurance companies won't cover you if you're in areas that are 'do not travel' zones so it's worth while checking that.
  12. If you're married and have taken on the family then the children of the family would be within the 4th degree of consanguinity in the majority of cases I would have thought? Unless they're not counting consanguinity granted by marriage?
  13. A Door in the Sky

    Impressive skills (crazy but impressive) . I wouldn't have liked to have been responsible for piloting the Pilatus either (not that I've flown that type). The whole slicing your inbound passenger to pieces with the prop would be a bit of a worry.
  14. Expat fight at McDonalds

    That is just about the saddest excuse for a fight I've ever seen LOL
  15. I couldn't believe the amount of chocolate that my girlfriend suggested I pack the 1st trip I visited LOL. I thought she was having me on but when we got there we ended up sitting down with little plastic bags and ribbons making up little gift bags of mixed chocolates for all the relatives. Took ages but it was appreciated so worth it for good will (and in the greater scheme of things it didn't really cost that much for the chocolate).