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  1. After one of the younger family members had been riding around on the motorbike for a few months I said have you gotten your license yet, answer no. Her mother mildly scolded her and told her to get it soon. When I asked about studying for the test I got a puzzled look... 'no test, just pay' (of course this is down in Mindanao in a smaller city and things are probably different in larger cities).
  2. Busses, Jeepneys, Tricyclcle,..Oh My

    That is why we have a Yamaha Mio as well as the Avanza, and to be honest the motorcycle probably gets used just as much as the car. To be honest if people can afford a car, then they can probably afford a motorbike as well (either that or just get 2 motorbikes).
  3. Is this Normal

    Yes... Tanduay mixed with tea and squeezed lemons, tastes yummy, so you drink more... then it sneaks up on you and you go from sober to drunk in about 5 minutes.
  4. Australian NRL football

    I'd assume that it has similar bandwidth and data requirements to what the Netflix and AFL streaming video services do, and both of those will adjust the video quality to compensate (to some degree) for a slower (or less strong) internet connection. Netflix will work ok down to speeds of around 1 mbit in Standard definition and AFL will work in 'low quality' at the same speed. HD will require a faster connection of course. I'd be surprised if the NRL streaming service didn't also auto-adjust the quality for slower connections (but I concede the possibility that it might not).
  5. Australian NRL football

    I'd much rather watch AFL but this is the new official NRL overseas Streaming Video Service link with subscriber packages listed. NRL Overseas Streaming I have (as implied) only streamed AFL to the Philippines, I found the the video quality was generally ok to good when I was in Manila but it could buffer or even stall sometimes when I was down in Mindanao. The internet is so variable that I wouldn't even try and guess how well it will work for you so maybe trying a 1 week pass before paying for a season might be the way to go.
  6. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    I suspect some of that can be attributed to be a lack of dental hygiene, in my experience many Filipina's struggle with the cost of dental work (even simple extractions) and infected teeth often cause bad breath. Even tooth brushes and paste for cleaning is not in the budget of many.
  7. Honda make 2 hand carry inverter Generators, the EU10iS and the EU22i (you may still see the earlier EU20 ). If it was me, and you're going for a smaller inverter generator then I'd also consider the 22i model which has more than twice the capacity of the 10is for only about 50% more cost. It has been my experience that both of these generators are reliable and should provide years of reliable operation with only basic servicing. I have no experience with larger generators sorry.
  8. R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    I remember when his best seller 'A Brief History of Time' was released. I wasn't sure how far I'd get before I got stuck but whilst a few parts took a couple of re reads it was actually really interesting and surprisingly well written (despite it's reputation as the 'best selling book never read'). The guy was one of the great minds of the century, and from the stories told about him he had a wicked sense of humor. He certainly won't be forgotten in a hurry, RIP Professor Hawking .
  9. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    Unless it is a CR where you are charged to use the cr and there are attendants who will give you tissue and hand towel, but you won't find that outside a few major cities.
  10. What?? No Toilet Paper!??

    In many countries with bidets (or simpler hoses) or where they use something like the tabo water pail one hand is used for cleaning and the other hand is used for eating. To be honest I am not sure it's always that way here...
  11. Help

    You should be able to use a scanning program that has OCR to scan the words and produce an editable document with the words in it. The software doesn't work perfectly so you'd need to edit it after but it would save typing most of the page (assuming it's test blocks anyway)
  12. I've heard of Ratatouille but that's the first time I've seen rat-a-threey ;-)
  13. deportation of foreigners

    I don't think it would be unreasonable to put a cap on legal aid that is payable by the Australian government and hence taxpayer. Yes it would be unfair to deny a trial but on the other hand legal aid in Australia is under resourced and stretched to it's limits, using such a large amount of money for a single case, and a single case where it appears that the evidence is overwhelmingly supporting a guilty verdict doesn't seem a good use of available funding. I would suggest rather that Australian Legal Aid should be looking at the details of cases, determining if the case is realistically defensible and if not then using that funding for those cases where the defendant has a realistic chance of a not guilty verdict or where they are going to plead guilty and should be given aid in preparing that guilty plea. That would maximize the effectiveness of the limited funding. As for 'only those who can afford legal council'... well that's pretty much the case in most western jurisdictions, how good your defense council (or team) is depends largely upon how much budget you've got for legal costs. I'm not saying it's ideal, but why should people with indefensible cases get special treatment? NB I'm trying to make commentary about the issue of payment of legal aid in general, not the horrendous nature of the charges.
  14. We have had luck using peanut butter to bait traps, the mice ignored everything else but we have caught several since we started using it.
  15. The other half

    I find I have to be careful with humor of most forms (other than obvious slapstick). The words translate but the subtle meaning of the jokes often don't.