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  1. GeoffH

    Streaming Sites?

    Have you tried downloading the Netflix show that you want to watch rather than streaming? It's slower but avoids buffering problems.
  2. F*ck isn't swearing... seriously, anymore than Frack in Battle Star Galactica was (or they wouldn't have been able to use it in prime time on TV with the rating they got). Words obfuscated by using punctuation are also permitted in prime time TV so again... same logic applies.
  3. Not everywhere, in Australia a Novated lease normally has a maintenance component added to it, you pay a weekly fee and the leasing company subcontracts all servicing and repairs out and you only pay 1 payment. There are still old style leases that don't include maintenance but they are less common than they used to be.
  4. Ummm... I'm not sure I understand what the difference is? I thought you had to renounce your existing citizenship to become a Filipino citizen if you weren't a former Filipino? Or are you implying that you can obtain a 2nd citizenship after you become a Philippines citizen (so you could get a Panama passport for example but only after you ceased to be a US citizen or an EU citizen or an Australia citizen)?
  5. GeoffH

    Buying a used car

    The Honda City is really quite spacious for a sub-compact sedan (and the Civic is again more spacious than many other compact sedans). It's a factor that should be taken into consideration for a lot of expats (we tend to be... larger). NB... there's NOT a lot of space in the back seat of an Alto :)
  6. GeoffH

    Buying a used car

    Difficulty in finding used cars (or at least ones in good condition with accurate descriptions) were why we eventually gave up and bought a new one.
  7. GeoffH

    Changes at NAIA

    Philippine Airlines also have a shuttle for inbound passengers with a connecting domestic PAL Express flight, I've used it a couple of times in the last year. Modern buses and weren't crowded.
  8. And it was a closer run thing last time than many people realise. *Just as a side note* The HMS Ocean (former flag ship of the UK navy and a helicopter carrier) has been sold to Argentinia. That seems... at least on the surface... a little unusual.
  9. The Liaoning is probably better compared in capability to the new British Queen Elizabeth class carriers than the larger US carriers and China will soon have 3 (all somewhat different) carriers which will give them a larger force projection capability than any country other than the US. That can’t be ignored from a strictly pacific viewpoint.
  10. As long as nothing goes nuclear then I agree NATO have Russia contained and China also are constrained in where they can currently expand. India and Japan (which you mentioned) but also South Korea, Australia, Singapore and others are all increasing their naval forces and the US are shifting forces towards the pacific. But China I suspect don't want to expand beyond the South Pacific sea area which they're attempting to claim, there are huge amounts of untapped resources there and it would be 'enough' to meet their needs (well the political ones at least). China has never been expansionist in the same way that the Soviet Union was and they seem content to play a longer game. And by moving slowly they avoid the flash trigger that would create a war situation. YMMV of course .
  11. That's basically why china are building infrastructure on those south china sea islets, they're trying to create an area where they can deny (if they choose) passage of other ships during a military conflict. And it costs less.
  12. The Pacific is certainly experiencing increased navel presence in recent years. Carrier groups, Amphibious groups and increased naval numbers across the entire area. But those US carriers are truly impressive 'a big stick' they certainly are!
  13. GeoffH

    Renewing Philippine Passport

    SWMBO just tried at CDO, she was told 'no slots anywhere in CDO' and they don't know when they will be available.
  14. The longest non-stop flight I've done was Melbourne to Dubai which was 13 and a half hours, then a 4 hour break in the airport which I spent in a bar talking to a brit and sipping on over priced beer and then on to the UK which was about another 8 hours. That 13 and a half hour leg in economy left me exhausted to be honest, and I was younger then. I think I'd want at least premium economy for a trip of 17 hours these days.
  15. I didn’t have that problem with a plastic bike cover but I left one on a bike and it was a windy day. Later when I took it off I found the the cover (which must have been flapping in the wind, despite the straps) had left obvious and unsightly rub marks on the motorbike. So yeah... not a fan either, good luck with getting the plastic off though.