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  1. How to say it

    Just listen to what they say and tell them that you don't need it as for now, or tell them how much you want to go but you already have a schedule for that time. ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photographer at Petstreetmall "We are your pet supplies expert"
  2. Newbie introduction

    Hi Perla, welcome to the group. The Philippines is a nice place to stay. ;)
  3. 10 Best sights in Philippines

    I think I will check out Bantayan Island of Cebu. .
  4. Living in the city or the countryside has pros and cons, it's up to each individual how they will enjoy it. ;)
  5. Living away from the city for me is the better living in the city. You feel stress all the time and it seems time is too fast if you are in the city unlike in province the time moves slow and you can chill and relax. ;)
  6. Happy Undas!!!!

    I transferred in the Phil 5 years ago. ;)
  7. Happy Undas!!!!

    Once again, It's a long vacation in the Philippines! Happy Halloween!