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  1. Broadband connection in condo

    it was furnished when we got it. we didn't need to do anything except install a hot shower. everything else was already there - including tv and dvd player
  2. Broadband connection in condo

    yeah, condo is only three years old. you'd think they would have factored it in. cheers
  3. Broadband connection in condo

    thanks steve. i have one of those already but not used for long periods. i need a stable connection as i will be doing some work now and again too. cheers
  4. Modular Homes

    Hi Onemore, did you ever invest in a kit home? I'm looking at Indigo's site but there are no prices. Do you have any more info you can share? Thanks
  5. Broadband connection in condo

    Thanks Dave. I guess I will try to get a power of attorney thing. The last few times I've been there, there's been a guy in the lobby trying to sell a cable/internet deal but I never paid any attention to him. I think he was from Globe. How long did it take to install once you signed up? Cheers
  6. Broadband connection in condo

    Hi, How easy is it to get a decent internet connection in a condo in Metro Manila? Also what do I need to apply for it? I read somewhere foreigners need to have some type of work ID or something but I don't have one as I live in Hong Kong. I will be moving there for a few months to work from my condo and right now don't have a connection. It needs to be fairly fast and obviously cheap as possible. How long does it take to install? Plus the flat is in my wife's name but she won't be with me, although the management know me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Dirk