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  1. TunaT


    The guy is areal wuss no doubt about that. Why he would even be in this country beats me. But I'd dump that gal and her family in a heartbeat. That relationship is going nowhere but downhill.
  2. TunaT


    Respect is a two-way street. When my wife's family comes to our house they seldom eat what I eat. I do not see that as disrespect. I respect that they have different tastes. When I go to their houses I do not eat everything they eat. They respect that. We have mutual respect. It works just fine for us. The days of peer pressure were over many moons ago.
  3. TunaT

    My new exercise routine

    Are there really that many stupid people in the world ? I can't believe the idiots they put on TV doing just plain idiotic things. I just turn the channel after watching just a couple. Is it boredom, or someone looking for 10 seconds of fame, or just plain stupidity ?
  4. TunaT

    7 Eleven

    It could be they are not using filtered water in that machine.
  5. What political overtones is that ? Rant ? What rant is that ?
  6. So it's like come visit my country and spend lots of money to feed our economy and tourism industry, but we will charge you to come and leave your money here. Sounds like a pretty stupid way to promote tourism. Free entry would make a whole lot more sense. But.............................
  7. Here is a reply from my cousin an American that has lived in Cebu for about 12 years. He's an American , his wife is a Filipina widow of a Norwegian. They just got back from a week in Vietnam for the Christmas holidays. Yes, everyone going to Vietnam needs to apply for a visa. You can do it by typing in "Vietnam visa" in the search box, then follow the instructions provided. It will cost $28 for the application. When you get to Vietnam all but a few exceptions have to pay another $25 entry fee to get into the country. However, Norwegians don't have to pay that extra fee, and since she ( a Filipina) was using her Norwegian passport, she was exempt. Americans like me and Filipinos are not exempt, so they get stuck for the extra amount. Those communists sure know how to rip off the tourists, don't they?
  8. TunaT

    Could You Live On Just $32,000 Per Year?

    My wife expressed her opinion on how much we could live on in the Philippines vs. the U.S. where she lived for 3 years before we retired to the Phils. I found out a Filipina's idea of living well and mine are two different worlds. Take a Filipino's opinion about living well with a grain of salt. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sort of thing. On any budget "how long is a piece of string" ? Research and then do more research. Best wishes,
  9. TunaT

    Success or failure as an expat.

    If that is all life is about for some then that is really sad, and they never will be happy anywhere.
  10. TunaT

    Budget help

    A slight correction to my memory. After checking I see that in Jan. 2011 the USD fell to 40.55. That's almost a 20% cut in pay from the 50-1 used to compute your budget. On the plus side in Aug. 2005 it hit 56.2 when my cousin first moved to Cebu. So all I am saying is be prepared for some pretty vast fluctuations. Build your budget on a low point and then you'll be happy anytime it is above that. Life's a roller coaster ride. Enjoy.
  11. TunaT

    Budget help

    Do not plan on always getting 50-1 on the USD exchange rate. I have lived here 8 years and at one point was only getting 42-1. That will take a chunk of your budget if and when it happens again.
  12. TunaT

    Dog laws

    Here ya go, this is Visayas only 19,382 bites in only the first 3 months of 2017. Anyone see a problem here ? Get involved. https://www.pressreader.com/philippines/manila-bulletin/20170804/281822873883451 Aug 4, 2017 - CEBU CITY – The number of animal bites cases in Central Visayas reached 19,382 in the first three months of this year, data released by the Department of Health (DOH) showed. DOH reported four persons died of rabies – three in Cebu province and one in Negros Oriental. Health officials were still ...
  13. TunaT

    Dog laws

    There seems to be considerable concern about all the loose dogs. Talk to your barangay captains, city counselors, mayors, and Congressmen about the problem. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. When they hear from enough people they will do something or be voted out of office. Don't wait for "someone else"to do it. This below is Dumaguete only. Google your town and I think you will be shocked at how many bites. www.visayandailystar.com/2017/August/07/negor1.htm Aug 7, 2017 - In lieu of this predicament, Socorro said the office has to simply campaign for dog leashing and extermination of stray dogs with the use of tranquilizers. An increase in dog bites were recorded in Dumaguete with 295 victims from January to March, and 298 from April to June this year, which Arbas said is ...
  14. TunaT

    Dog laws

    They have money for cell phones, load, Tandua, and motorbikes. Don't tell me they don't have money to pay a fine. Thtát just a cop out/excuse.
  15. TunaT

    The tin opener

    I have a Chef's Classic can opener that I bought here almost 8 years ago. I use it daily so I'd say we have used it over 1,000 times in that time period. It still works like new. We rinse it after ever use. No sign of rust what-so-ever. It has nice heavy rounded handles with rings on the ends, I suppose for hanging it up. There are no other identifying part numbers. It works great and I'd easily expect to get at least another 10 years out of it. You get what you pay for. ( most times anyhow). I bought it at Hypermart or perhaps Robinson's.