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  1. Sugar : 3 in one coffee

    When you add creamer and sugar it is no longer coffee IMHO - it is 'muck' I take mine black w/o sugar. The locals ask "How can you drink that?", and I point to theirs and ask 'How can you drink that!"
  2. Advice for a new expat in the Philippines

    It did me TWO hours to drive from ManTrade to Boni. Mentioned that to a pinay yesterday and she experienced 1.5 hours from ManTrade to Ayala. And I was driving a stick-shift - NOT fun. Back when I had an office near Makati Cinema Square I was asked to meet with some business owners near Makati Medical ASAP. When I arrived 10 minutes later they asked how I got there so fast. My answer was, "I walked."
  3. Bored?  Start a hobby!

    Also Reading - ebooks and BookSale keep me happy Gardening / vegetable plot For those who enjoy photography where do you post your work online? Flickr seems a good choice.
  4. Bored?  Start a hobby!

    While it has been withdrawn you can still download (works with Windows 10 as well) I forget the website where I got it (late last year) but try https://windows-movie-maker-vista.en.softonic.com/ or https://www.windows-movie-maker.org/
  5. Bored?  Start a hobby!

    Bored? Start a hobby! Painting – Arts&Crafts stores in the larger cities have supplies Photography Video – learn how to edit video – Microsoft Movie Maker is free! Woodwork – basic wood stock is widely available. Medium quality hand tools aren’t hard to find. Basic power tools abound in Quiapo/Binondo/Raon. Metalwork/Welding – as above Electronics – basic parts are available. Raon is a good place to shop. Computer Programming – get a tutor from a college, or take a course at a computer school. If anyone wants some guidance as to what to learn I am happy to help Mosaics / Stained Glass - ?? Raising pedigree dogs/cats - ?? What else? What is your hobby?
  6. Advice for a new expat in the Philippines

    Yep a co-worker insisted on driving to Makati - after 30 minutes he finally gave up looking for parking nearby. The only place was a really long walk - we ended up taking a taxi from the parking lot
  7. Advice for a new expat in the Philippines

    Totally agree. Driving is really bad idea....for a novice to the Philippines. It helps if you have a Death Wish
  8. Bedroom air con size

    Whatever you decide best to get the room insulated as best you can. After all its not cost of them that is the problem, it is the Mercalco robbery that occurs monthly
  9. ..............it is Jollibee (only 2 e's)
  10. Mine is Clover - the cheese flavour - with vitamins added as an excuse to enjoy!
  11. Only if the driver is also wearing lipstick
  12. After annulment can my Filipino gf remarry

    Seems that is rather common..............according to an ex-judge who did divorce cases the over-riding factor is how much the judge handling the case is given in incentives to rule in her favor I haven't seen the annulment issue discussed much here........that process can take 1 to 2 years.. I have heard the case starts at about 200,000 PHP
  13. If it just overnight then go for one of the 'love' hotels.....last I saw had a 12 hour special which was 500 per person There are several around Baclaran, and the Taft/EDSA area The chain motels are clean, comfortable, safe and have decent room service.
  14. Remote Control Cars

    maybe 87-93 Octane Gasoline ?
  15. Remote Control Cars

    You sail it in the rice paddies?!