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  1. Yeah, but she is queen bee.....
  2. Well 2 very large houses been built across from me, and they have raised the land more than a meter, hence they have built ramps extending to the road and taken the side walk , now if I park outside my house they call security as they cannot park outside there's, I park with 2 wheels on the curb, to give cars a chance to get through, these idiots can't do that, but im the onr security gets to move my car, only in the Philippines eh.....
  3. Mick


    Your lucky, my 5 x 1qm boxes from Iraq took 15 months to reach Manila, but at least it all arrived
  4. Mick


    Only me with the belly out.....
  5. Mick


    I was in Eastwood last week still the same and you can still smoke with a beer
  6. Mick

    Car bought

    It's a 2015 and paid 930,000 which seems fair with only 20.000k on it
  7. Mick

    Car bought

    More than i wanted too, but hopefully it will last a good few years if not more
  8. Mick

    Car bought

    I'm just sick of taxis and now to get a grab is impossible so I bit the bullet and forked out, only 3 years old with 20000km on it
  9. Mick

    Korean War Over

    Wow Where's my dictionary
  10. If you book on Emirates you can hold for 72 hours, they send you confirmation in pdf with a booking reference, just edit the date, done it 3 times now I'm a Yorkshire man, hate paying for something not required... ­čśĆ
  11. Well sick of sitting in non moving traffic in a taxi with no AC, now I can sit in traffic with AC..... Leap of faith..... Chevrolet trailblazer 2.8L
  12. Mick

    Spit Roast

    Ingredients; Pork.......... Sea Salt...... VID_36720303_085759_302.mp4
  13. The problem is old laws as you can book a ticket on line now not when these came out, its quite easy, go to a major airline site , which flies here, reserve a flight, but no payment for a date 30 days after your arriving , get the reservation printed, and if asked show the booking reference its worked the last 2 times for me, even though I am flying out, I just don't know the date until a few days before
  14. Hi all, my Mrs was still married when I met her, but separated for already 2 years, he was already living with another women and his new child, (the reason she left him) it took over 3 years for the anulment, I had to also do a deal with the ex husband that he would agree to accept a charge of physical and mental abuse, which speeds things up, but then also arrange for the paper work to disappear so he had no record, as this would go against him for work, my advice, talk to her, see if he is willing to file for divorce, pay the costs, as that seems to be the reason most stay married and get her to find a friend with a legal brain to do what's needed, and budget it for it, consider around $3000 to close it out.
  15. Mick

    My new exercise routine

    I bet if I kicked him in the nuts he would not be asking for more