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  1. BBQ Smoker wanted

    I bought a Charcoal BBQ when i first came here, the Charcoal here where i live is not good, not like you get overseas, im sure its made from Palm trees, 30 seconds and its gone, if there is no humidity in the air, if there is, you need a gallon of fuel to keep it going, so i have now bought a CharBroil gas one, the infra-heat, cant complain, very good, and with the amount of pork belly i cook, there is always plenty of smoke due to the fat catching fire in the bottom...... another tip, get a stainless steel one, the others rust very quickly due to the humidity and salt fog in the atmosphere, my Charcoal one fell apart after 2 years, this one i have had 3 years, and still like new
  2. LOL...... I'm from Sheffield but it ain't me
  3. Modular Kitchen Cupboards

    Cheers will have to go there, Web sites show nothing
  4. I'm looking for UK style Kitchen units in Manila, the 600x600 type, flat packed any idea where I can find
  5. Hi All, I'm looking for contacts in the telecoms, power, water industries, if anyone knows any, would be appreciated to pass on there mail address
  6. It must have worked firing them Friday i Ianded 5.40am Saturday and was finished and outside waiting for my Uber at 6.10 with all my luggage, but terminal 3 has always been better than terminal 1
  7. The Eagle has landed

    Both Sides
  8. The Eagle has landed

    Emirates, 3 seats to myself which seemed the same throughout the plane last flight of 3 that day maybe that was why
  9. The Eagle has landed

    Well after a very bumpy flight on a half full plane finally here for the new adventures...... Already side of pig on the bbq
  10. Hi Jolly............... from what im reading, im not actually earning income there, business meetings do not come under this or Business Development / Contract negotiations, i know its a mine field, and im sure everyone is right, it will come down to the person who gets involved from the government and there interpretation on the day, i will how ever seek advice from a lawyer once there to make sure everything is done correctly, as there will be a transition period for me, coming and going a few times a month. "Quote" "A foreign national who shall engage in gainful employment for three to six months"
  11. Red Red wine!!!

    Hi Paul I like a drop of the red stuff and I buy mine in Robinsons when I'm there I bought a couple of cheap ones last time I was there, and they were superb, nice and dry, from Australia can't remember the brand, but would recognise the bottle if i saw it, will let you know
  12. Hi Paul, May Thanks, we have the house as its in my soon to be wife's name, so any advice would be great, she has also just been to the Nissan Dealer, and they say she can buy the car in her name, i can be on the insurance, and drive for 90 days on my UK License, which will just about cover me to the wedding, from all the replies, and thanks for all the advice, it seems quite flexible there, and im not trying to fly under the radar, its just this move has happened sooner than i wanted, if we were already married, there would not be the issue, but hey ho, thats how it works, one good thing is one of the meetings i have is a partner of Duterte, so i will also grill him for advice as well, as we will be supporting there work.
  13. Hi Jack, many thanks, the below statement from the site, seems to cover it, i did give the full story to them, and they said no problem, as im not earning an income there, im entertaining existing clients and so forth, and as im using Manila as a launch pad to other countries, they did not see a problem, but told me to apply for the correct visa once married. Temporary Visitor’s Visa is available to foreign nationals who are traveling to the Philippines for these common purposes: Business – may be of commercial, industrial/professional character but must be temporary in nature e.g. those who are attending international conferences, here to negotiate contracts and attend business meetings
  14. Yeah I know what you mean, but 80% of my job is travelling, all counties I visit in Middle East, Africa and Asia is the same, I even do training and this comes in under a tourist visa in many countries some they give a business visa at the airport, they just charge more, I explained the full situation to the Embassy so I'm happy with the reply but once married then of course this will then be clear, so fingers crossed it all works out
  15. Hi, below is the mail from the embassy It is okay to have meetings as well in the Philippines. You may avail of the visa free entry for 30 days even if the purpose of travel is leisure/tourist or business/meetings/conference/seminars.