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  1. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thanks Ken
  2. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thanks so much for the welcome, my girlfriend is from Laguilayan, its going to be quite a party when we both arrive there, we're meeting up in Manila when her Saudi contract ends, having a bonding holiday in Boracay then travel to her village...cant wait .
  3. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Maraming salamat po , ikinalulugod kong makilala ka....thanks for the warm welcome
  4. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thank you Kuya, yeah she's a great girl, I think I got lucky
  5. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thank's Old55 .
  6. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thank's jrlee .
  7. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Hi Steve, yes its ok here, 14 years now but since meeting my gf ...the Philippines looks appealing ;) Ive just hit 55 with a pension to burn...
  8. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Hello all, just joined the Forum, (thanks Tom for sorting my email problem) although I've been reading all the posts and learnt so much about the Philippines here, thanks to all the posters for their invaluble experience and sharing it. I currently live in rural France, but im English from Kent, I've met a wonderful girl who is from Sultan Kaldarat, Mindanao, we've known eachother for over a year, she is working in Saudi until 2019 and plan to meet in Manila and travel to her province there after. Ive not visited Phil yet, so that will be my first time. Im looking to further increse my knowledge of all things Philippine (ive seen hundreds of youtube videos..) on this forum, thanks for accepting me here! Doug B