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  1. Lee1154

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    In Nashville, we had White Castle & Krystals. I was blessed. Ha.
  2. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/156542/american-national-hangs-inside-nbi-jail http://globalnation.inquirer.net/165480/us-pathologist-doubts-americans-suicide-cebu-jail http://philippineslifestyle.com/hollywood-cameraman-hanged-cell-cebu/
  3. The ATM did not work so they shot it.
  4. Lee1154

    Doctors Waiting Room

    Love it
  5. Lee1154

    Magic Jack issues

    They may be blocking it. Mine is constantly dropping calls and has for a year. It does that using PLDT and Globe.
  6. Safari Lodge Baguio is a nice place to stay.
  7. Lee1154

    The realities of VERY low income living here

    Great link. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Lee1154


    Another app you can use is DocScan. It was free when I downloaded it.
  9. Lee1154

    Is this Normal

    No matter what your gf says, your reply should be "tama ka".