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  1. Well that time starts very soon. 14 HRS from now I'll be headed that way and will be living the life of Riley with her on Monday. I'M stating to accually get excited about this adventure. I hope I get to meet some of you out there someday soon. Cheers and may the Swartz be with you.
  2. LOL, ya that would be my dumb luck. Her daughters don't come with the package. 1 is married into a wealthy family with a child. The other is 19 ,3 year university and has been given the Sari sari store and other things her mother has given her to finish school and put the 10 year old boy through school as well. The boy will spend vacations with us in Dipilog they live in Pagadian in the store. We have talked extensively on this very subject and she assures me we only meed to supprt our selves and her son when he is with us and she doesn't talk to mom because of her greed and lack of support for her growing up. She loves her dad and he only ask her for a bottle of wine from time to time. Now i do expect some bleeding from the pockets but am told that will not be the case. Agian time will tell.
  3. So, if i have the 28 day upon entry are they saying i can select any of those options after for a renewal? Should i also go for a renewal at day 22 to have it exstended ?
  4. I read this info on another board. They said new as of last week and it was just posted. That it could be your first renewal skipping they 59 day permit.
  5. I read that this is new as of last week but the cost is also new 13,000p up from the old price. So you don't need the 2 month option first it seems. I can't seem to find the government info confirming this.
  6. This link doesn't seem to work now. I have read that you can now extend your visa to 6 months after your 30 days. Cost is 13000p http://www.philembassy.no/news-item/long-stay-visitor-visa-extension-for-visitors-to-the-philippines
  7. Yes I had been aware of the 40 people that had died from the elections I had spoke to my girlfriend about it. She said yes that's is something you really have to watch over, fortunately she didn't go into the politics game herself this year. She gave her seat to the daughter. Unfortunately her daughter did not get elected and that was in a city far south of the island. She wants us to be in a place far away from her relatives and the people that she knows. I had just spent 3 years in the Caribbean in some little Banana Republic in the far south and had experienced many things of what you were talking about and learned a lot of life lessons especially about the gossip and the moment you open your mouth the whole town knows. I sure hope that I have learned those lessons well and will carry them forward. The crime and corruption seem to be about the same as well as the deep poverty and drug problems. I lost a great deal of my property and money to it. I realize that this is different in many ways but also see that it seems to be the same dog doung that you have to what out for. I intend to keep a much lower profile or at least try to than what i did before. I do hear what you all are saying and am not dismissing any of it, and thank you all for your honesty. Cheers
  8. blkJack

    Health insurance

    if I seemed snarky. blkJack Have a safe journey, sorry if we wasted your time, the advice came free, regards JB
  9. I join these groups and found out that her and her daughters are members already and they use them to sell all there online merch that they deal in. So I guess we have it covered. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Well that's what I intend to do, take my time and look around see if I happy with what I see and feel comfortable with. Shes the one that thinks we should keep it on the cheap, 7000P for this two bedroom that has a fridge an stove in a quite safe area. She did say that she would go where ever I decided. Only time and boots on the ground will prove it out. She seems real and is saying all the right things so far. Time will tell. Thanks for the thoughts.
  11. Well I'm back to Canada and doing the things I got to do for this trip on the 26th of May. All my friends and kids seem leary of my move as I had experienced misfortune living in the Caribbean for the last 3 years. Cost me a lot of money and many lessons learned, I hope I learned them well enough. All I have left is my back pack and two suit cases and willingness to go forward in search of some happiness in my life. Will keep you all posted. Cheers
  12. blkJack

    Health insurance

    Well thanks for all help and words of wisdom cheers. If you have any info on the area I'm going to that would also be very helpful
  13. blkJack

    Health insurance

    Hmmm, what makes everyone think that i haven't looked up, read every posting on several boards, been talking and youtubing many if not all the subjects that you have been kind enough to tell me to read about? I came to this board asking about Dipilog and Dapitan city and pf the expats that live there gor information since I am arriving there in 5 days. Ypu all have been offering me info pn eveything but what I asked for..... Thanks for your time.
  14. Thanks for the input, seems no one lives there or know anything about the area.
  15. blkJack

    Expat-to-be...A few questions

    Just like the Canadians do for their PTSD vets for free