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  1. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Hello again! I was away in London, so sorry for the late reply. Here, I can get a personal loan, no need to mortgage anything and the rates are not bad. And in terms of the numbers, I am in the process of budgeting and researching local fees, salaries and prices. I will base the business plan on a 30% occupancy to be on the safe side and will see how much more I need and whether I will manage to save it. Thank you for that question!
  2. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Very, very helpful advises you are giving me here! I will be seeing her in the end of the month there and I'll see what she says. Thank you once again, Dave!
  3. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Of course that there is a risk and I guess that is why many people do not take it. My main concern is that I won't be there to supervise everything since I will have to be working to pay off the loan. Another option that I have been thinking about is to start saving now the same amount that I'd have to pay monthly for the loan, without taking one and in 3 years to invest the money but they would not be more than 2 mill pesos. At the same time 3 years is a long time for me to start building. I am almost 34 now, have been paying for University and travelling till now, which is the reason why I could not put any money aside. No, my idea is for Siargao or Eastern Samar, I'm into surfing :) Thank you for the visa tip!
  4. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    I appreciate it! Will look into it. Salamat and all the best to you too :)
  5. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Thank you all!
  6. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    I think that visa will be the easiest to deal with but finding a good lawyer who will have my interest and a good construction company quite tough to deal with, especially since I am doing it alone. I am going back there in the end of the month to check on the spot of any lots which are not listed online and to talk to a friend living there if she'll be willing to help me out with supervision of the construction. Does anybody have an idea what would be the average time there to build a 80-100 m2 house that's not luxury?
  7. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Yes, I am planning to work elsewhere while I am building it, but once it is ready to be opened I will move out there and run it myself. I will apply for all the permits before starting anything. You shouldn't be sorry for being negative! I appreciate it as you are giving different points of view. You most likely have more experience and are based there so I value your feedback.
  8. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Dear Dave, I really appreciate your advice! This is what I have budgeted actually- a bit over 2 million pesos, which I will have to get from the bank here but I can repay within no more than 3 years while I am working and while the hostel is being build. I am not looking to get rich out of this. This amount should be enough for me to build about a 80 m2 hostel, shouldn't it? I am looking for long term lease about 500 m2 of land, where I could possibly expand on later on.
  9. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Those are some of the tips that I am looking for :)
  10. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    What I am trying to find out is if I will be running a hostel, I assume that I still need to set up a company although I won't be buying the land but just providing service and jobs?
  11. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    It would be wiser, but I could not afford to just spend time there a few months unfortunately. I've traveled all over the world and so far this place and its people have really attracted me. I am aware of the company set up requirements but I am not looking into buying the land, rather to long term lease it. And most definitely I want everything to be legal, I don't want to cut any corners.
  12. Whalewatcher

    Steps to build a Hostel

    Hey, I have been a couple of times and I am looking into Siargao and Eastern Samar. And there has to be another way, other than me marrying a local ...male or female haha
  13. Hello All, I am looking to long term lease a lot in the Philippines, where I'd like to build a small, cozy, hostel. My concerns are the steps that I need to take up until the actual start of building. Any advice on company set up, land purchase, buildling permits would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!