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  1. lobojohn

    Am i lucky or unlucky

    money is cold and has no friends. money is a tool just like your hammer. if you take care of your tools, then they will last a long time and give you good service. every time i loan out one of my tools , if it comes back at all it is usually damaged. i take it very personal , so i stopped that generous habit. ive always lived with the policy of never doing any business or money loaning or lending with family or friends and certainly not with strangers. i have however broken from that policy at times of weakness. no partnerships in business. my only partner is the bank, but i havent needed them for years now. thank you bank. money i have loaned here out of pity for the sake of my wife has never returned 100%. money i have given freely with no expectations has all come back to me. its not just here in the filipins.. life is like this everywhere . people in the US owe me plenty more than the people here. everyday now i try to be a little generous to some one. it doesnt hurt and at this point it feels like im passing my whole life forward when i do it.
  2. lobojohn

    Bohol mayor killed

    good catch.. subtle to some and not relevant, BUT... actually a predictable MO and predictable sequence of events since we have to figure them out for ourselves anyway .
  3. Unidentified gunmen shot dead the mayor of Buenavista town in Bohol on Sunday afternoon. Chief Inspector Rolly Lauron of the Buenavista Police said town mayor Ronald Tirol was shot dead inside his cockpit arena in Clarin town at around 3 p.m. Lauron said the mayor's bodyguards were out on an errand when the two gunmen shot the local chief executive. The gunmen, whose identities have yet to be determine, escaped on a motorcycle. Lauron said the mayor had survived an attempt on his life two years ago at his cockpit arena. He said police are looking at politics as one of the possible angles in the mayor's slay. —Anna Felicia Bajo/ALG, GMA News The last sentence that is at the end of every crime article has gotten to be a running joke. Politics, drugs, land disputes, to name the usual reasons for murder here, id add that it might be the 'FREE THE COCKS FOUNDATION" or maybe their co-org. " JUST SAY NO TO COCK KILLERS" .. well anythings possible, but yes its still another sad murder that weve all become accustomed to. I do hope our own resident ROOSTER will shed some light on this tragic subject.. RIP MAYOR
  4. its hot here , but not in all places and i remember it being hotter in the US at times . i remember street tar bubbling up during the summer and sticking to our flip flops, so its not so bad to me . the danger is the proximity to the equator /sun. an all day American sunburn will only take about an hour here, so beware. odd thing is that pinoys here complain a lot about the heat.. go figure.
  5. lobojohn

    American arrested for drugs in Dumaguete

    its not just you.. just dont be caught doing it yourself .
  6. yes its very normal here and one of my pet peeves , but ive been pleased to see as many clerks push them back to their own places verbally. wheres theres room for one at a counter there will be 4-5 there with their arms stretched out in in front of you to be served? hahahahaaha if its in your local town and you are known to be a fair guy to all, then its quite ok to ask them to wait their turn. politely , but firmly.
  7. pinoys are always ready to show you just how important you really are no matter how special you think you are.
  8. lobojohn

    Survival Skills in The Philippines

    its the very 1st thing they question when entered as evidence. even if they know it is a true and accurate accounting and not tampered with it buys a lot of time and here by time i mean sometimes years. still.. not a bad idea just in case you actually get a fair and impartial .. uh oh well , never mind.. ;)
  9. lobojohn

    Survival Skills in The Philippines

    or.. let your wife do the waiting. shes very used to it . my wife never allows me to wait in any line. its doable believe me.
  10. lobojohn

    Survival Skills in The Philippines

    some of the best if not the best youll ever be given.
  11. lobojohn

    Rainy Season

    remember what forest gump said? one day it started raining ? and then the typhoons are nice too.. real tree trimmers and they run counter clockwise here..
  12. lobojohn


    SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. you either have it or you dont and if you dont have it in the fils , then you may want to keep your head very very low and not cause any problems with the locals and in doing business in general. i wrote this post after reading about the young man" Notright" who felt he was robbed and wronged on his way to see the whale sharks, i missed it and im happy i did. wherever he is right now i do hope he has managed to keep his head on his shoulders, though it doesnt appear that is his main concern. his rights seem to out way his appreciation for breathing and he obviously is devoid of any SITUATIONAL AWARENESS. I have seen this kind of behavior . its not as rare as one might imagine no matter what country you live in , but to behave this way in the fils is more along the lines of suicidal imo . SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is an instinct imo and not so easily learned until youve been dragged off and throttled or at least hopefully you learned it if you survived. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IS PARAMOUNT TO SURVIVAL.. ANYWHERE.
  13. lobojohn

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    we will try it and see . many people are praising it and its close by us , so why not trip up and see ? thanks kj
  14. lobojohn

    Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

    EXACTLY.. its all worth a try.. you never no until you try. we learn from our wives (at least i did) here to always ask for a discount no matter where you are or what it is.. then whip out your trusty senior discount card try to get even more. :) everything is nego as they say here.