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Internet in Luzon.

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Gratefuled    3,301

Funniest thing was we had more Males watching Miss Universe then we did when we watched Pacquiao fight Bradely!!! 


One would have been me. I don't watch Pacquaio fights anymore. 

Future Hall of Fame boxer but no appeal anymore.

Best upcoming fight in my opinion is Sept 16 (Las Vegas)  Sept 17 televised here Pay Per View.


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Gerald Glatt    1,973
On 5/11/2017 at 10:13 AM, PaulB said:

400 meters length and to install in total cost Php 8,000 and now monthly Php 1,100 with TV and cable channels.

Do you get a partial reimbursement if they tap you cable line for another customer?  

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expatuk2014    1,283

Funny thing happened to me and the little woman saturday, on our way to Robinsons

We were held up by 2 sales reps from PLDT who were working from a tent which was all covered in 

In PLDTS Fibre advert  priced from 1899php a month when i asked about installation and reliability

of service,  we were told " oh sorry Fibre is not in Los Banos yet, we are selling DSL and Family cams " !!

After Robinsons we went to Centro Malls Campus Blvd for food and me being a handsome white guy😂

We were soon haressed by two young ladies offering us prize tkts! They got a bit upset when we said

no thankyou and we already know about Greentop Marketing sales tactics.

Monday we are again going to Robinsons, so watch this dpace


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