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How to? Open 'Septic System' Treatment?

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Tukaram (Tim)    5,822

Hire someone to clean it out? 

I would use tons of water to wash it out and pour bleach to kill the smell.

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AlwaysRt    2,844
8 hours ago, jpbago said:

You might be able to run 4 inch pvc from the sinks and showers to the street. Not expensive. I keep ours clean by running a submersible pump discharging (one inch) from 3 five gallon pails every month or so. Our pipes are under the driveway. Other times, if we get a heavy rain and the catch basin is flooded, then I pump that water into the 4 inch pvc.


This might work, discharge pipes for the rain gutters go into the same ditch so I could "T" those in with the CR/kitchen discharge for 'auto' cleaning when it rains. 

3 hours ago, Bruce said:

For the grey water issues, have a friend in the real world look for an ENZYME that eats grease / oils / soaps. Not the same enzyme that eats septic tank sludge. Have it sent in your next box.

For the electrical issues, you have lost a neutral somewhere. hot and neutral screws to make sure there is a good connection.

 That Enzyme was what I had in mind to start with, preferably the Filipino name for it so I could get it 'now rather than later'.

The electrical I am insisting the landlord handles, a ditch is one thing but I will not be responsible for whatever electrical mess already exists. I refuse to touch electrical or plumbing in a rental to avoid any possibility of being the cause (and responsible for repair) of previous installation(s) and maintenance.

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