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RBM    1,881
21 hours ago, Eddie1 said:

Not sure I agree with that comment RBM, your trip reports have always been very interesting and this one was no different.  Like Mike B, I also used Google maps to follow your trip, I would certainly like to do a similar trip to that in the near future.  Out of interest what is it you dislike about Sipalay? I haven't had the pleasure of visiting it yet.

Anyway, a good report, seems that all that read it enjoyed it and health permitting hope that you manage to give some more road trip reports soon.


Probably just a personal view here, we do not like the dust  which seems to be ever present. The town  itself we find boring, lacking care, although not extremely dirty there is garage always present and a lot of stray sad dogs.

previous visit stayed at sugar beach,although the beach is OK for a swim we felt bored and were glad had bought good books. Walking the beach early am one would see local ex pat business owners swigging on their SM, always bad mouthing other establishments. Diving was mediocre t best.  Horses for courses I guess.

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