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Dinosaurs Island

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We went to Dinosaurs Island in Clark Freeport Saturday.  If you have small kids, it is worth it.   Our 13 year old enjoyed it too.  Filipinos in general probably love it for the photo ops!

The setting is probably an old USAF park.  Actually there are two main sections, Dinosaurs Island and Insectlandia, on two tickets.  Dino Island mainly has robot dinos and insectlandia has robot giant insects.  Insectlandia did not seem as well kept as the dinos, and the live butterfly exhibit was closed.  We just took a quick look there as we already had the tickets.  I wouldn't bother next time unless they have the live butterfly exhibit open.  Additional, there is a smallish zip line (another ticket) and some fairly nice looking playground areas that I did not get close enough to inspect or for the kids to use.

We went late in the day, arriving at 3, and they close at 5.  That is enough to see the two main attractions which include a show in each venue.  Allow more time if you want to do other things.  I almost did not go when I saw the weather forecast:  35.5, feels like 47!  Extreme humidity and I was soaking wet in the first 10 minutes!  Luckily it did not rain until we were leaving, and there was one of the worst downpours I have ever driven in on the way back to Subic.

The setting is kind of nice.  Huge Acacia and other large trees give the whole area a lot of shade, and give the dino exhibit a nice jungle feel.  The entry fee includes a free guide (we tipped him) who happened to be the guy who sold us the tics in Subic.  We bought the tickets at Harbor Point mall several months ago when they were having a 50% off promo, so it was fairly cheap.  I think p175 each person for 3 of us and the small kids are free.

Here are some pictures and videos:

Katy was scared of them until she figured out they were not real!



My 3 girls


Katy holds a newly hatched dino


Leila sees a dino for the first time and says "What's dat?"


Here is an example of the rob-dinos:




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Just a reminder that images can be dragged into position in the editor so rather than make a long post best to place them in a horizontal row.  :thumbsup:

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