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Figuring out Siargao

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From my experience of the restaurant industry as a consumer the biggest issue for me is the staff. I've lost count of the times I enter a restaurant and have to call a waitress over. They then take your order and leave, returning 5 minutes later to tell you an item is out of stock. You order something else then wait another 5 minutes to be told that is also out of stock. I eventually ask them what they have and order that then the others persons meal arrives and is eaten before I even see mine. 

I usually order drinks with my meal and again they wait until the meal is ready before bringing you the drinks or if you order rice with a meal they bring the rice out and 5 minutes later the rest of the meal comes out to join the by now cold rice.

I've got a friend staying with me who has restaurant experience and his blood boils with the incompetence. I even jokingly suggested he tells them how it should be done just so I can hear the " Yes Sir" and nothing changing. :571c66d400c8c_1(103):

Out of a good few hundred places I've eaten over here only one or two do the staff pounce on you asking if you'd like to order a drink while selecting your meal. This tends to keep me happy as I can drink and chat with my friends without thinking when my meal is going to come out. I then find I order at least one more drink before my meal is finished. Multiply this by the amount of customers in an average restaurant and that's a serious amount of money to lose out on. Only one restaurant has even suggested a starter to accompany my drink which made me chuckle a little. I'd ordered a San Mig Light and he suggested I accompany that with Buffalo wings as it compliments the beer.

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Someone said "DO YOUR HOMEWORK." Better advice was never given. Research all the ways employees, landlords and everyone else can steal from you.

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