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Tom in Texas

List Of Doctors And Hospital

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The following information is pulled from other expat's posts from several forums, and just collected for my own use. This list is only for Cebu. I have some info for other areas and will add it if anyone is interested. My primary interest just happens to be Cebu.I update it occasionally and repost it on this same thread, and I will add anyones information or comments if they will post it here so I can find it without scouring the whole forum... so no need to quote this entire list if you post a reply here.Tom in Texasps - sorry for the lack of formatting... it "disappears" when I post it... so I added a few highlights and italics to make it a little more user friendly.



161 for the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF), based in Cebu City and Mandaue City with several ambulances, well- equiped, well-trained Paramedics. 340-2994 for the Lapu-Lapu ERUF in Mactan; 233-9300 for the Banilad ERUF in Mandaue or western Cebu City. 254-1461 for Chong Hua 253-7511 for Cebu Doc 233-8620 for Perpetual. Best way - rush patient to hospital in your own vehicle. Turn on hazard indicators, put headlights on high beam, keep hand pressed down on the horn, drive on the opposing lane if there's a traffic jam. The Cebuano driving public are used to this and will - to a degree - make way for you, and you will not get busted by the police.



Three large world-class hospitals in Cebu: Chong Hua, Cebu Doc, and Perpetual. CHONG HUA HOSPITAL ADDRESS Fuente Osmea, Cebu City PHONE 254-1461 FAX 253-5639 EMAIL info@chonghua.com.ph WEB SITE www.chonghua.com.ph REMARKS Hospitalization requires a credit card or a 5,000 peso deposit Chong Hua Hospital, located on Fuente Osmea, is a Chinese-owned modern complex. which started as a self-help organization for ethnic Chinese community, Association Benevola de Cebu. A new tower has just been completed, and the interior is impressively decorated with green glass and dark wood paneling. Chong Hua has recently been spending a lot of money on new equipment, such as the state-of-the-art ultrasound machines. Well organized and efficient; clean and up to standards of many US hospitals. Excellent cardiac care unit; have a sleep-disorder lab. Nice suites on the 11th floor of the new building. Doctors' offices are located in a separate building, the Medical Arts Center, half a kilometer to the back of the main hospital building. Expat reported cost of room with A/C and TV $26.00 a day. Deposit required and bill must be paid in full before you leave. Credit card ok.



ADDRESS Capitol Site, Cebu City PHONE 253-7511 Cebu Doctors Hospital, usually called Cebu Doc, is located near the Capitol. Has an emergency clinic. Many doctor's offices within the building. No parking within reasonable distance. Security is not good with respect to personal items being stolen. Otherwise, treatment is good. Cebu Doc has several new satellite hospitals, North General Hospital, South General Hospital (Minglanilla) and Mactan Doctors' Hospital.



ADDRESS Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City PHONE 233-8620, 232-2410 Perpetual Succor, operated by Catholic nuns. New cardiology center and eye clinic are some of best in the Philippines. Located at the end of a narrow alley off Gorordo Avenue, between Cebu Business Park and Redemptorist Church.



ADDRESS Ramos Street, Cebu City PHONE 253-1871 Velez, somewhat dilapidated, located on Ramos Street, near Fuente Osmena, is also good. Velez needs to start upgrading its facilities and renovating its buildings if it wants to stay in the competition with the big three. New and smaller suburban medical centers:

NORTH GENERAL HOSPITAL ADDRESS Kauswagan Road, Talamban, Cebu City PHONE 343-7777 North General Hospital, western part of the city, affiliated with Cebu Doc. MACTAN DOCTORS' HOSPITAL ADDRESS Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan PHONE 341-0000 Mactan Doctors' Hospital, affiliated with Cebu Doc.



South General Hospital, in Minglanilla, affiliated with Cebu Doc. LH PRIME MEDICAL CENTER ADDRESS A S Fortuna, Mandaue City PHONE 345-3481 FAX 344-3435 OPENING HOURS 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, MON-SAT GILLAMAC"S DIAGNOSTIC FACILITY Gillamac's Diagnostic Facility, located in Ayala. Government-run free hospitals, avoid these: Vicente Sotto aka Southern Island, Cebu City Medical Center (CMCC), DOCTORS Almost all doctors speak fluent English. Fees - typical consultation app. P200 at doctor's clinic, app. P1,000 at hospital. Professional services are billed separately from consultations and may cost much more. Appointments - Almost all cases, you can't make an appointment for a certain time. Standard system is first come, first served. You drop by and get in line; consultations start when the doctor shows up. Some doctors accept bookings by phone and assign you a number. Many doctors give out their home phone numbers and cell phone numbers.


General Surgery

Dr. Reynaldo M. Baclig 253-8653 (Velez Gen Hosp) - 253-8422 (Cebu Doctors Hosp) Neurosurgery Dr. Wyben R. Briones 254-9541 (Chong Hua Med Arts Center, Rm 202) Mon-Fri 10:00 - 12:00, closed Wed 253-3110 (Cebu Velez Gen Hospital, Rm208) Mon-Fri 15:00 - 16:00, closed Wed Dr. Jamie Rama (Chong Hua Med Arts Center) Expat reports P300 for a long consult, very impressed with him. Orhopedic Surgeon Dr. Miquel Morales Chong Hua - 254-3835 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Manuel Villamor Cebu Drs. - 255-2875 Cebu International School recommendation Cardiologist (Internist) Dr. Francisco Chio Chong Hua - 255-2492 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Geraldine Ebo LH Prime - 416-1933 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Gertrude Ong-Cordovez (Sub-specialty Electrophysiology) 233-3988 (Chong Hua Hospital) 254-9541 (Perpetural Succor Hospital) expat reports clean with professional staff. Dr. Elaine P. Lim-Gallardo Chung Hua Medical Arts - Basement expat report very satisfied Dr. Virgie Yap-King Chong Hua Hospital expat reports very satisfied Dr. Lerma Noval Chong Hua Hospital Expat reports sonogram & stress test, modern equip, professional. $130 DR. Inez S. Rama Chong Hua Medical Arts Center Expat reports consult fee P350, competent, kind and caring. Ear, Nose and Throat Dr. James Ferranren Chong Hua - 253-9408 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Arthur Dy (ear) Chong Hua - 253-6096 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Gary Rivera Diaz Bldg - 253-7229 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Paul R. Segura 256-2842 (Cebu Doctors Hospital, Rm A-111) Tues, Thur, Sat 10:00 - 12:00, 17:00 - 19:00 Mon, Wed, Fri - 17:00 - 19:00 Endocrinologist Dr. John Uy Chong Hua - 253-2555 Cebu International School recommendation DR. Imelda Bilocura Chong Hua Medical Arts Center, Rm 211 - 254-6179 Gastroenterologist Dr. Vincente B. Avanzado Perpetual Succor - 412-2473 Cebu International School recommendation General Practitioner Dr. Maria-Lourdes Pama 261-0966 (Tabuan, Cebu City) Neurologist Dr. Theresa Canete Chong Hua Medical Art Center - 253-8633 Ophthalmologist Dr. Teodoro Gonzales Perpetual Succor - 6F, New Building, Ob-Gyn Dr. Belinda Panares Chong Hua Hosp Med Arts Building - 253-6531 17:00 - 20:00 Pediatrics Dr. Anna Cabero Chong Hua - 253-3143 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Chky Caldelon Chong Hua - 412-4288 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Vivina Chui Cebu Doctors - 254-1237 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Corazon Mendezona 253-1043 Cebu International School recommendation Dr. Arturo C. Sy Chong Hua Medical Arts Center, Rm 207 - 253-9405 Mon - Sat 0900 - 1200 Pulmonologist (Allergist) Dr. Liza Sulay Chong Hua - 253-0336 Cebu International School recommendation D.r Vinci L Urgel Perpetual Succor - 231-9438 Cebu International School recommendation Urologist Dr. Melonil Cabahug Chong Hua Medical Arts - Basement expat reports very satisfied Dr. Rizalito Catipay Chong Hua Medical Arts, rm 301 - 253-9877 expat reports very satisfied


Most dentists take appointments for a specific time. Finding a dentist in Cebu is easy, but finding a good dentist is hard. Dr. Sucalit 253-2699 (307A Maria Cristina Bldg2 Osmena Blvd) mondentfil@yahoo.com; wife is dentist at same office; right above McDonalds off Osmena Circle, enter between McDonalds and Watsons drugs, take the elevator to the 3rd floor and turn left. Dr. Fernando expat reports two bridges, one crown and partial lower dentures $150; good reputation via word of mouth; clientel mostly expat or balikbayan, wants to examine after 10 days before you return to the US; wife also a dentist in same office. Dr. Deborah T. Go 231-5618 (369B. Molave St. Lahug) expat reports she recently returned from training in California, works quickly, does quality work and charges average PI rates. Dr. Arleen T. Lim (Dentistry & Oral Surgery) 412-5153 (Unit 221, Cocomall, Osmena Blvd) Dr. Cleofe Famadaor (Dentist & Orthodontist) 253-2571 (Sanciangko St, Cebu) Dr. Elvira Divina Gracia 467-8216 (Toledo Proper, Toledo City)

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Great info and pretty much right on, from my experience. You might want to edit out the pricing you quoted for Dr. Fernando, dentist. I have gone to Dra. Fernando for years and she charges about P4 to P5 thousand for a crown alone. A bridge can run you up to P20k. There's no way anyone got all that work done for $150.

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