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Living to be a single mother

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A Christmas Wish And A Birthday Wish

Hello Everybody! 15 days more to go its christmas, how I wish my christmas will very much merry.... Though I am a single mother and a jobless mom, but I try very best to celebrate my christmas to be happy and meaningful.And aside that christmas is past approaching its also my sons birthdays this coming  Dec.21,2010   :flamebd: . Maybe I and my son will go to church attending mass and  light candles to be thankful to God for giving him another year to become a two years old. And how I wish I ca



Hard To Be A Single Mother

I was face this hard time in my life to be single parent, i am going to watch my son while doing part time job to have small income here and to survive with my son.....Its really really hard to find good income...I am also doing part time in realty here but not good it very slow if no client to buy house and lot or property here no income i just depend on commission....i try also to do buy and sell and wash clothes to my neighbor....for i can buy our food and need of my son...but im happy to h



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